Mother's Day with Waiting on Martha

Happy Monday!  It is rainy and cold here so I am drinking coffee on repeat and working on my master to do list. I have already added fresh flowers to the house to add some color on this grey day. Since I am in the thick of another One Room Challenge I am sourcing fun art and happies for this bathroom and bedroom refresh like it is my full time job.  I have found some darling things and even picked out a few from my darling friend Mandy's online boutique.  I love shopping from friends, it is like having a tiny piece of them in our home.

How fun, right?

I found such fun things for Little Bit's space and now just need to narrow it down to a few happies. I definitely can't make her space look like she is hoarding.  That would be wrong, right?  But just look at all these goodies ...

Time to start making some serious decisions!!

While I was shopping at Waiting on Martha I found so many fabulous things I need to share.  Since Mother's Day is literally around the corner I figured you needed some gift ideas just like I did for my sweet little peeps.  I don't know about your people but mine ask for a list.  It makes it so much easier for all parties involved and then they get creative with their homemade cards and plans for the day.  I call that a win, win for all!

I definitely have a theme for my wish list, but I kind of always do.  It may in fact be the theme for my life; lots of relaxing, a cute pair of earrings, a new candle and some fun entertaining items.  Yep, not much of a shocker with that list. But it definitely isn't broken so I won't be fixing it!

I have such fun news for this Monday!!  I have partnered with the darling team at Waiting on Martha to give one lucky reader a $200 gift card which would make one lucky reader one happy camper. #canIenterplease??

Good luck and tell all your friends!

Happy Monday ... may it be short, sweet and super productive!!


Crafted Cocktail Series ~ Amalfi Lemonade

I am beyond excited today to launch a four week Crafted Cocktail series I have been working on for quite some time.  I have four amazing posts to share with you to celebrate the best day of the week, Friday!  As a girl who loves all things entertaining this series is perfect for me and I have partnered with the most amazing people to bring it to life.

Chin chin to the best day of the week! 

My darling friend Emily and I shared an afternoon cocktail in her studio a few weeks ago.  To know Emily is to truly love her with all of your heart.  She is the most joyful person I know and inspires me to find joy in all things.  Emily loves limoncello so this cocktail was crafted with her love of the incredible Italian lemon liqueur in mind.  Since she has such a strong signature style and I love every single second we spend together I could not wait to make this afternoon a reality.

Emily and her darling team styled her Society Social Madison Mixer barcart for our afternoon soirĂ©e. Filled with all sorts of incredible items from her Shoppe, it was a blue and white lovers dream come true. I was thrilled to see her newly released Lowcountry designs which showcase her love for the beautiful low country she resides in. For me a perfectly styled bar cart includes all the things I love along with all of the necessities to make a cocktail when I am entertaining.  As you can see Emily shares the same thoughts.

The Amalfi Lemonade recipe was created with my favorite vodka and some fabulous fresh ingredients.  I always use Cathead Vodka when I want a vodka based cocktail.  This Jackon, Mississippi distillery creates the most delicious vodka with their three flavors.  Since the limoncello has such a sweet and freshing flavor I chose the original variety.

Don't forget to add a monogrammed swizzle stick and a fabulous napkin to your freshly poured cocktail. Your guests will notice your attention to the details. Oh, and don't forget to showcase your personal swizzle sticks in an adorable container.  I love this cocktail candle glass, its the perfect vessel to show off Emily's incredible style.

Emily and I toasted to Spring, to our amazing friendship and to finding joy in all things.  What better way to celebrate a beautiful afternoon than with amazing friends and a yummy crafted cocktail?

Here is the recipe for this delicious cocktail drawn by the one and only Thomas Ard.  Only TomTom can create such a perfect rendition of this crafted cocktail. Don't forget to start with Cathead Original Vodka, your cocktail and your guests will thank you.

Make sure you add that slice of lemon as a garnish and don't forget the rosemary.  The smell and small added flavor makes this drink one of a kind.

Chin chin to an amazing weekend!  Come back next week for another yummy crafted cocktail, this one inspired by the incredible Sea Island!



One Room Challenge ~ Spring 2017 (Week 3)

Well hello week 3, I feel like you snuck up on me from out of no where.  I have been so busy freaking out about all the details and all of the things I was sure would never come together that I barely noticed a whole week had passed by. As I was looking at the calendar on Tuesday I had a slight panic attack that I had literally made no changes in the space.  It was time to get my bum into gear and get working on the room.

I might be breathing into the paper bag already ... 

I am speaking of my One Room Challenge Jack & Jill bathroom and I will admit this one has been quite tricky.  It is a rather simple space but designing something that will work for a 12 year old girl and a 16 year old boy to share is not easy at all.  Life was so easy to design when they were little and no one really had any opinions about their bedrooms and bathrooms.  Now they have very large opinions and I feel very led to make sure they love their spaces.  Luckily for me our son doesn't really care about his bathroom or the space their share so I am just juggling her thoughts at the moment. 

To catch you up on the progress let's take a little look back at the reason this whole transformation began.  Our daughter changed rooms and moved down the hall and found herself sharing a bathroom with her middle brother. After moving in she came to me and said it was a "boy bathroom and what could we do about it?"  I checked out the space from her view and had to agree.  It was outdated and very boy which doesn't really work when you are a girl.  We definitely want her to feel comfortable in her new room and her bathroom so some changes needed to be made.  To read all the details thus far read about week 1 and week 2.

The initial plan has been expanded to include all the little details.  I had originally envisioned the same color for each of the sink sides and then I realized that wasn't going to work.  Our daughter's room is navy, green and pink and our son's room is chocolate and orange.  There wasn't a good color that would work for both of them.  I spent a little too long trying to figure out how to make it work.  With a baby blue ceiling for all three spaces I finally decided that both sink areas didn't need to match, they just needed to coordinate well.  That was a whole lot harder than it sounded, especially when Little Bit spotted a wallpaper she absolutely adored.  #yikes

I fell in love with the wallpaper just as she did but I couldn't make it work with the soon to be handpainted lattice pattern for the shower area.  I am a girl who loves pattern and isn't afraid to mix them but these two just didn't mix.  Hence the reason I spent two days working on the walls and trying to not freak out.  

In my freak out I managed to run around and get every other thing the room needed.  I am a girl who works well under pressure and since I was completely avoiding painting two rooms it was easy to make long to do lists and gather every other thing I needed.  I am not kidding one single bit.  I have every single thing for the room either at the house or on the way.  We are talking about mirrors, lighting, hardware, light bulbs, art, tile, towels ... literally every single thing including the soap for the soap dispensers.  I am really good at being busy when I am avoiding things. 

At the eleventh hour it occurred to me that I had a solution and its a good one!!

Jack & Jill Bathroom The Details

Since all the details were nailed down and I had literally done everything else I could no longer avoid painting.  It was time to get my shiz done. 

This is the area that greeted me yesterday.  Her side is a L shaped space heading into the shower area.  I cleaned out all of the stuff that was in the way and immediately got to painting.  I went to bed last night with the cabinets painted and one wall tackled.  

It is already a 100% better.  I am once again excited about this project.  And as a bonus that is a sneak peek of the shower curtain which is hanging in the new space.  

Checking in on the to do list ...

1. Add in crown molding to all three spaces. (next week)
2. Decide on tile. (done)
3. Paint vanities. (done)
4. Replace mirrors. (week 4)
5. Replace faucets. (week 4)
6. Replace lights. (week 4)
7. Paint all three spaces. (in progress)
8. Wallpaper. (week 4)
9. Replace chandelier in shower area. (ordered)
10. New shower curtain. (done)
11. New window treatments for shower and MHM side. (ordered)
12. Rugs for all three spaces. (in progress)
13. Artwork. (done)
14. Style.

I am so excited to share I have partnered with three amazing people to help finish Little Bit's room.  It needed a few extra details and some fluff in the hang out area and they are taking care of all of those details. How blessed are we?  Woven in Vintage is managing the rug decision (amazing selections), Megan Carn is helping me with the art (she is so darling) and Elizabeth from Wheaton Whaley Designs is managing the fluff.  I can't wait to share the whole room and the hang out area at the reveal.  These three small businesses are rocking my world!! #dreamteamforsure

Oh, and how could I forget.  I handed over the towels to the darling Cynthia at the Monogram Merchant. She jumped right in and asked some questions and then ran with it.  I love a girl who takes charge, especially one from my old stomping grounds.  #thankyou!!

Now to tackle the rest of the painting and get ready for TomTom's visit next week.  I can't wait to watch him work his magic with some lattice and a few palm details.  It is going to be epic!!

See you next Thursday ...

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Make sure you follow along with the Wednesday group and with my fellow linking friends.

Have an amazing Thursday, back to painting!!


Introducing Creative Candles

As you know I am one who loves to set a table.  I have posted many photos of our tables both full views and snippets and one thing I never leave out are the candles.  In my opinion the candles almost make the table and should never be set without them.  They provide instant atmosphere and are sure to add incredible details to any table you set.


Easter at The Minear House

Happy Monday! I hope your holiday was amazing.  We had such a fabulous weekend starting with an incredible Good Friday service on Friday and ending with giggles and endless games of War last night.  It was the best weekend, my favorite kind spent with family and the dearest of friends.

My heart is very full today!

I have some photos of our Easter table from this weekend to share with you along with a few details from our Sunday.  It was a relaxing day and the best kind for this mama.  We made a last minute decision to scrap the dining room for the deck since the weather was ideal for alfresco dining.  I left it set and I will make some changes and use it for Mother's Day.  I call that a complete win, win.

Like I said we decided about 11 am on Sunday to eat outside so we grabbed another set of dishes and made it work.  It was the perfect weather and though a few of us need sunglasses it was perfect otherwise.

And the food was fabulous!  We will be having leftovers tonight and I could not be more excited for all these amazing foods again.  And yes, that is a big helping of Banana Pudding which I gave up my no sugar rule to completely enjoy!

Cheers cup || Straws (Target dollar spot)

To get the day started we had a few appetizers, way too many peanut butter eggs and some super yummy Bloody Marys.  The kids had bottled cokes and Arnold Palmers and everyone sat around giggling and catching up.  It was so fun.

Cheers cup || Straws (Target dollar spot)

Are you familiar with Coton Colors Happy Everything pieces?  I am completely in love with all of my pieces and I love how easily you can change them all up to fit your everyday life.  This platter was perfect for yesterday to be able to serve our Bloody Marys and the canister was all dressed with the cute bunny attachment to let the kids know I had hidden some treats in here for them.

Not that it takes my people five whole minutes to figure out I have treats in the house.

I love how simple these pieces are from the Happy Everything collection and how easy they are to mix into our blue and white pieces and into the kitchen.  I love using them, but who wouldn't?

I hope your Sunday was fabulous but most of all I hope you experience the peace and love set aside for all of us with the ultimate sacrifice.  We are all incredibly blessed!

Happy Monday~

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