Saturday Scores Vol. 2

With the holiday weekend I have pulled out all of my favorite red, white and blue pieces to wear to show my support of why we celebrate this Memorial Day.  I remind my children and myself daily ... freedom isn't free.  And especially right now with everything going on, I have to remind myself how blessed we are!

I am a huge fan of a fun top and a statement earring, as you can tell by the photo above.  There is something so fun about a good top and earring pairing.  I have gathered my favorite tops and earrings for you today.  There are some seriously darling shirts in these gatherings!!

I mean right??

And a few more ... 

Oh, and I have to share this amazing bit of news.  Bauble Bar is having a fabulous 70% off sale this weekend and the prices are crazy good!  You must check it out!!  A few of the earrings above are included in the sale.  #fabulousnews

Hope y'all have a fabulous long weekend!


I Heart HomeGoods ...

Blue & White tray and Stools both from HomeGoods

It is no secret that I am a huge lover of all things HomeGoods.  I pop in about once a week or two, sometimes just to walk around and take in all of the goodness.  If I am knee deep in a project or a styling post I can be found there at least once a day, sometimes more.  HomeGoods is my favorite source for so many different items, it is truly the best location for all things home related. Sometimes it can be a treasure hunt ... and sometimes you truly hit pay dirt and find something you want or need at a fraction of the cost you had originally intended to spend.

Our home is filled with all kinds of HomeGoods happiness as I tend to find some fun pieces. Since I visit quite a bit I have the opportunity to find some fabulous things.  I have learned how to shop the aisles over the years and in that time I have gathered quite a few things.  If I need something for a space I head to HomeGoods, I need a fun gift quick I head to HomeGoods and most importantly if I am styling a space HomeGoods is my first stop.  

Without a doubt it can be said ... I heart HomeGoods!

Earlier this week I popped into my favorite location and walked around just to take pictures and share with you how I walk the store.  I have specific areas I visit and definitely certain things I shop for and others I skip.  Since I get a lot of emails and questions about how I find fabulous things at the store I thought this was the perfect idea for a post.

One of my favorite things to grab is pantry items.  They have the best collection of fun oils and dipping sauces along with vinegars, jams and jellies.  I find the most fun sodas for barcarts and jellies for styling.  The prices are amazing and the bottles are quite often so fun.  I always grab rootbeer when I see it, the kids love it and it is a great no caffeine alternative for parties and large gatherings.  Plus, who doesn't love a bottled soda.  They are so fun to pop into a pitcher of ice and to serve with paper straws!
I always check expiration dates for pantry items and have never found one out of date.  All of these items were good until 2019.

This time of year is ideal for stocking up on melamine plates and outdoor cushions.  The prices could not be better and the selection is like no other.  We use melamine plates like its our full time job so I am constantly looking for a plate that is not only cute but will hold up with our crazy crew.  I didn't add to our collection this year but I did find these adorable patterns that I would have easily snagged.  Those palm leaf plates were so darling.  

When I cleaned our porch this week I was unsure I would be able to save our cushions as they were super dirty and gross.  Luckily ours came clean, even more than I expected but I had a plan B already to go if ours didn't clean.  These amazing navy and white ones would have been perfect for our chairs and porch pieces.  I have my eye on the solid navy ones for our chairs at the table and quite possibly might snag those.  

They had such great options ... tons of navy, turquoise and green ones and even some darling palm leaf pillows that would be beyond cute to add in to our sofa area.  Aren't they fabulous.  The prices truly were so much cheaper than the custom route. 

Books are one of my favorite things to hunt for, I have found some fabulous titles to gift to others and to add to my ever growing collection.  These are the ones I found while I was walking the aisles this week.  I have all three of these books, but how fun would they be to give as a birthday happy?  They are all amazing titles and were priced to make them a true steal.  In the past I have found books on Audrey Hepburn, travel, amazing cocktail books and even a Slim Aarons book.  I even found the same Slim Aarons book twice.  Not all of the locations seem to carry books, but I know which ones do in my area and those are the ones I shop.  

HomeGoods is truly a home store and they are stocked full of rows and rows of amazing things for your home.  My favorite aisles to peruse are the ones with fun items for book shelves and coffee table styling.  I have found so many fun trays, jars, bowls and the like for both our home and for gifts.  At the moment the store is stocked with tons of white, gold and blue and white porcelain.  The images above are just a few things I found and pulled together.  The selection was incredible. 

Lamps and mirrors are one of my major scores.  If I need a mirror this is the first place I look.  With the exception of the vintage pieces we own, every single mirror in my home came from HomeGoods.  All the bathroom mirrors (except the vintage one in the half bath) was found at one or more locations.. Sometimes it takes me a few locations to find what I need but the prices are always worth the hunt!

In addition to lamps I find all my drum shades on the end aisle at HomeGoods.  I have a bunch of fabric covered shades in our house and I make them for others and I source all my shades here.  For under $20 I can find fabulous white drum shades ready to be dressed in fun fabrics.  As you can see I snagged a pair this week to use for the porch.  The shades we had on the porch just couldn't be saved and so I am ready to cover this set with some of the left over cabana stripe fabric.  It will be so nice to have shades made with fabric that I can clean when the inevitable dust arrives.  

The last images I have for you in this shopping trip are from the candle section.  I have purchased too many candles in my trips to count.  I didn't purchase anything else that day beyond the shades but I truly regret not grabbing all the Patina Vie candles they had.  They smelled so good and what fun bestie summer happies they would have made!  I may need to pop over tonight and get a few if they still have them.  I love the candle section.  As you can see I find so many good ones and candles with fun matches are by far my favorite thing to take as a hostess gift.  That blue marble glass candle would have been so fun for the porch.  Here's hoping it's still there ...

Oh, the table linens, this may be the best section especially this time of year.  Since I love to set a table it is always so fun to pop in and grab a fun new tablecloth or a set of napkins that just need a monogram!! These darling palm print place mats were hard to leave, but I managed to resist. They also had some amazing outdoor napkins to match. This fun Kate Spade tablecloth was hard to leave, how fun would it be all set up with different color plates for a summer dinner?  Hmmm ...

I am happy to write more posts on HomeGoods to share more of my favorite finds with you, maybe we should make it a regular thing.  Let me know your thoughts!!  As you can see it truly is my favorite store for so many reasons.  As a tip I will tell you if you can make it work shop mid day on any day other than the weekend or Monday as they have the best selection when they aren't the busiest.  I love a good Tuesday or Wednesday 11 am pop in, I have found that is the best for finding the most amazing pieces.

Happy shopping ... 


Memorial Day Planning

Is it just me or is it surprising to anyone else that this weekend is Memorial Day?  It completely sneaked up on me, but actually the entire month of May did. It was just Spring Break and now school is ending.  Say what?  I can't say I am sad to see summer coming, it is my favorite time of the year. I absolutely love Memorial Day because it is the official beginning of summer vacation!!

Cue the confetti!!


Introducing Madeline & Company

I will never forget the day I received an email from Madeline & Company, I had to read it twice. As I was reading my darling assistant was googling the company.  I remember hearing her gasp with excitement. What she discovered was the most adorable and fabulous backpacks I had ever seen. Stylish and large yet still so girly ... the perfect backpack for any girl and something my daughter and I needed immediately.


Saturday Scores Vol. 1

I am thrilled to introduce a new series and one I am super excited to launch, an ongoing series called Saturday Scores.  Each Saturday I will share my favorite picks of the week with you, things I either have purchased, want for myself or think are too good not to share!


Watermelon Mint Lemonade

Yes, you read that correctly ... Watermelon Mint Lemonade.  Can you think of anything more delicious when it is as hot as it is right now.  Somehow we went from mild weather to HOT in one short week.  I am hoping it cools off a smidge before it gets really hot or it will be one very long summer.


Dresses for Days ...

Dress (me) || Shoes (both of us)

ps ... Gotta love a good photo bomb!

It's the end of the year and tons of middle school and high school happenings and I found myself needing quite a few cute dresses.  For some reason my closet was lacking in cute options so I hit a few of my favorite stores to snag some cute dresses for all of the end of the school year events.


Happy Hour Nibbles ...

As you know one of my favorite things to host is happy hour.  It can be a quiet evening for myself and Lawyer or it can be a gathering of besties, I love to host my loved ones with food and drinks. I have perfected my choices for a smaller group of people vs a large group which requires a whole lot more thought.  Who doesn't love an intimate gathering?  It makes for a wonderful time of catching up and quality time.


Jack & Jill ... The Details

Good morning and Happy Monday to you all ... it is a blue skies and sun filled day here in Atlanta and I can't get enough.  I hope each of you had an incredible Mother's Day.  I must share mine was perfect.  More than I could ever have asked for ... being their mama is gift enough for me!


One Room Challenge ~ Spring 2017 (The Reveal)

I am truly so excited this day is here, I have been dying to share these photos all week long, and now I can! I am thrilled to be here at reveal day of the spring session of the One Room Challenge designed by Linda of Calling It Home. I truly did think there was a time I wouldn't finish.  I am not sure if I am more excited to be finished or to see my sweet girl's face light up when she talks about her new bathroom and completed bedroom. Her joy was truly worth all those weeks of work and stress and worry.  Honestly for that reaction I would take it on all again!


Introducing Dear Keaton ...

Christie Shepard and Chris Hutcheson aren't new to the home textiles industry so it was no surprise that they hit the scene with a loud bang with they launched their lifestyle brand Dear Keaton. Perfectly described as "resort living everyday" Dear Keaton is the perfect choice for giving your life and home that well traveled and relaxed feeling.


Blue & White Table Bliss ...

Have you seen Aerin Lauder's new table collection for Williams Sonoma?  It has been the talk of the internet but truly I wasn't surprised one bit when I spotted it, it was love at first site.  Classic blue and white paired with amazing woven pieces and incredible blue glass.

Simply put ... perfection!


Buried ...

Happy Monday! I am running around like my hair is on fire finishing the bathroom and Little Bit's bedroom for the One Room Challenge reveal on Thursday.  My amazing photographer comes tomorrow and I am down to the wire finishing my massive to do list.  


Crafted Cocktail Series ~ Spiced Pecan Spritz

Happy Friday Lovies!!!  As we all know it is my favorite day of the week and this cocktail series with the incredible Cathead Vodka has been the most fun.  Today I have a fun soirĂ©e to share with you, a Derby inspired cocktail hour with my friend Steve McKenzie.  Steve invited me to his charming condo to try out a fabulous recipe he created using the same vodka I was featuring. It was the perfect timing and I truly had such a lovely time.


One Room Challenge ~ Spring 2017 (week 5)

It's week 5 (yep!) of the One Room Challenge designed by Linda of Calling It Home and sponsored by House Beautiful Magazine. I am in the home stretch (hopefully) of creating a new Jack and Jill bathroom for our 12 year old daughter and her 16 year old brother.  It has been quite the week to say the least.  But, there is a huge light at the end of this dark tunnel and I am slowly making my way through it.  

Let me back up just for a minute. 

This is the goal for the space.  Something they will both love, something that is girly enough for her but remains boy enough for him.  Something that combines both of their styles and likes and still makes the mama happy.  As in, "there will be no bat signal painted on the wall to help balance out the gold palm chandy".  And, yes, I said that more than once last week!

This is the detail design board with all the details that will be included in the space.  We have changed up a few things but nothing major and for the most part I have stuck to the details above.  We swapped out the paint color for the Jack side painting it light blue instead of khaki and leaving the ceiling in the wet part the fabulous khaki color.  It looks fabulous!

contractor mess ... great sign

So much happened this week, both good and bad.  Both the trust contractor and Thomas arrived Friday am ready to get to work.  We had to juggle some space, but they worked together perfectly and all went well.  That is, until I found out that the tile we installed on Friday afternoon was recalled and it all had to be taken out and I had to chose a new tile.  This was the beginning of the end of me.  I sat in the tub calling around to find a suitable tile only to give up two hours later and just agree to start over.  I wasn't feeling completely me on Saturday while I was laying in the tub but I just chalked it up to being exhausted, dehydrated and not eating well.  Honestly, I beat myself up quite a bit thinking I knew better and to feel the way I did was completely my fault and so controllable.  If I had only known then ... 

ps ... a bathtub can be comfy if it is the only place to sit! 

new tile 

The walls Thomas created were nothing short of an incredible masterpiece.  He is magically to watch work.  He free hands almost everything and his vision for the space was beyond what I dreamed of.  I told him I wanted lattice walls in green and what he delivered was green lattice bamboo magic. Words do not do it justice and I can't wait to reveal the whole space to you!

After listening to my sweet boy share his heart about the girly feel to the space Thomas came up with the most amazing solution.  When he first shared it with me I thought he was a little tired as well, but when he walked me through his idea I was so excited.  He convinced me to let him paint only two of the four walls of the wet space.  From the Jill side the room looks one way and from the Jack side the room looks another.  Basically, they have their own views and the room in the middle looks completely different from both sides.  Girly to her and less girly to him.  Absolutely brilliant.  I may have cried tears just hearing him tell me how much he was concerned about our child's concerns.  It truly meant the world to me!

On my end I got a ton done.  Both blinds are installed and the trim is attached.  I ran out of the trim in the Jill space so I chose a different one for the wet space once again reminding myself to stay somewhat neutral in the shared space when I can.  The trims look fabulous together!

Brass faucets were installed and instantly brightened the sink areas ... 

All silver elements were gold leafed ...

The molding is done in the Jack space, just needs to be painted. The floor moldings will go in after the tile has been grouted.  I may be painting those at the 11th hour but I am perfectly ok with it. 

I ordered some super fun goodies to style the space from Waiting on Martha.  I shared with you my picks in this post and I am excited to show you what I ended up purchasing.

Megan Carn finished the painting for the space and it is sooo good.  I captured a video for Megan when I shared it with Little Bit. I let LB chose the painting she wanted and she chose this one because it reminded her of the two of us.  Yep, I teared up some and thinking of this reminds me why I bust my hump to create rooms for our family.  Their smiles and excitement are worth every single second!! And did I mention the piece is 30x40?  #hellolover

Checking in on my to do list ... 

1. Add in crown molding to all three spaces. (done, except floor molding)
2. Tile sink areas. (new tile goes in Friday am and grouted Saturday)
3. Paint vanities.
4. Replace mirrors.
5. Replace faucets.
6. Replace lights.
7. Paint all three spaces.
8. Wallpaper.
9. Replace chandelier in shower area.
10. New shower curtain.

11. New window treatments blinds for shower and MHM side. (blinds done, valances done Saturday)
12. Rugs for all three spaces. (in progress)
13. Artwork.
14. Style.

I know it isn't just me, crossing things off a to do list is truly the best feeling!!

I pick up the rug, last of the artwork and pillows for the hang out space in Little Bit's room on Sunday.  I will be cleared to drive I pray and all will be in my car and ready to install.  Towels arrive tomorrow and I can not wait to touch them!!!

A few more sneak peeks ...

These rooms will be fabulous!!!  

See you next Thursday for the reveal!!

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Have the best day!
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