Croquet Love!

My love for the game of croquet started as a very young child.  My grandparents gifted my mother and I a set when I was about 3 and I distinctly remember being taught how to play immediately.  I will find that photo of me in cute plaid pants and blue clogs with a mallet I am sure was as big as I was learning to play.  My mother was wearing amazing flare pants in an incredible pattern with her beloved Dr. Scholl's sandals.

Sweet memories. 

We currently own a vintage croquet set but I will confess I have never taught my kids to play.  This will be rectified immediately.  Along with cards, dominoes and scrabble this is a game that we will all love. Family time and some good ole fashioned competition is good for the soul.

I am working on our first croquet time together for this coming weekend, stay tuned.  I am sure it will be a classic post for Insta stories, these Minears are funny!!!  Oh, and did I mention competitive?

Croquet is not a new game, it was first played around 1856 with the first all-comers game recorded in England in 1868.  A game classified as one of "ground billiards" it is played with a mallet and a ball, the purpose being to hit the ball through wickets on a grass playing field.  Easy to play and a perfect game for all ages, it has become an iconic preppy game over the years with a bevy of fabulous photos to be found.

Have I inspired you to invest in a set? I got my set from Etsy and I marked the search page for you in case you need a set too! I know I have sparked true excitement in me to teach my children and the Hubs a game I loved so much as a child.  Also, I am thinking a date night with a few other couples wearing blue and white and the perfect late summer evening sounds amazing, don't you think?

Hmm, just maybe ...

Happy Monday to you all!!
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