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We all know I am a huge fan of summer.  I need to admit I mourn a little when summer ends. I feel like summer means lots of quality time, new adventures without busy schedules, wonderful alfresco meals and long nights of movies and games.  Fall is so busy and you have to hit the ground running when a new school year begins and it takes me a while to get into it.  I will admit I have a smidge of a bad attitude while I am adjusting.

Deep breath ... 

The things I love about fall, once I adjust, are many.  I love fires, wearing plaid and boots, drinking cocoa, snuggling on the porch and of course the crisp mornings that come with the changing temperatures.  I am not a pumpkin spice girl and don't love some of the traditional fall things. No fall candles and the only pumpkin we eat is in the form of bread and pie. However, sign me up for apple picking and pumpkin carving and crock pot meals on repeat. I also love bourbon cocktails and taco soup for days!  

When it comes to decorating the house I struggle.  Other than the large collection of plaid items I don't really excel in this area.  I am not a fan of some of the colors typically associated with fall and so I struggle to feel like my decor is up to par.  This year I am focusing on using what I have and adding a few things that are more me to create my version of a fall home.

I see so many of my friends and fellow bloggers begin decorating their homes for fall and I get anxious.  They do it so well and I feel like I just don't put the time and energy into it for us.  For whatever reason it isn't as easy for me as the other seasons.  I may be fall challenged! Last year I spent a whole weekend decorating the front door for Halloween and the kids were over the moon.  I need to make this easier on myself so that my family can enjoy the season inside our home as well as outside.  And as my little one says ... "Can we do more than just a wreath?"

I am on it sister!

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This year I am committed to making our home reflect the fall season! I will be mixing all of my blue and white with white and orange flowers and pieces to keep with the decor of our home.  I spotted a few cotton pieces this weekend that I think may work if I do it right.  I also want to add in some magnolia leaves and will most likely make my own wreath.  I have a collection of deer antlers that I may pull out. I don't see me adding any pumpkins inside for now, but that could change without warning. Last year I spotted blue pumpkins at Kroger so I will be stalking them until they appear.

For the porch and the sofa in the den it will be plaid for days.  Since the decor on the porch is blue and white the plaid is an easy mix and the green sofa in the den will get a pair of plaid pillows and some fun throws.  Last year I set up a fun hot cocoa bar and the kids enjoyed every second of it.  That is on the to do list as well!

How do you decorate for fall?  Anything that I am missing?  I would love your thoughts!  Am I the only one in this slump?  

Bueller ... Bueller. 

Happy Monday!!

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