Debuting Prints Charming

When I think of Madcap Cottage my head and heart are filled with thoughts of color, pattern, whimsy and fun.  Add in two fun loving incredibly talented designers, Jason Oliver Nixon and John Loecke, and you have pure design magic. I can not think of one single Madcap room that I have ever seen that doesn't make me smile.  Perfect layers with lots of color and pattern and you end up with happy rooms and, of course, happy clients.

The House of Bedlam, their home in Highpoint, North Carolina, has been the subject of many magazine articles, a One Kings Lane feature and on more blogs than I can count.  This feature by my favorite blog, The Glam Pad, is truly one to read and to add each of the photos to your Pinterest boards. Their home is warm and welcoming and layered with so many things they love. I had the honor of staying one night with them during this market and I can tell you I would have stayed forever. This story in the October 2016 issue of Traditional Home give you a full tour of their home and some inside information on their journey and renovation.

I am thrilled to share their highly anticipated first book, Prints Charming, is available for purchase.  This incredible 256 page guide to prints and patterns and beautiful rooms is one you will not be able to put down. I received my copy on Friday evening and have read it every single night since.  Not only is it beautiful to look at, but it is filled with so much information and knowledge and tips on creating incredible rooms.  I am telling you it will be your new favorite book.

I had the immense privilege of sitting down with Jason Oliver Nixon in the living room of the House of Bedlam to talk with him about Prints Charming, what it means to them and some of the special things they added to truly create a one of a kind "little black book" for pattern and color.

You will truly love this book and want to grab one for yourself and for gifts.  I can not imagine a better hostess gift or happy for the upcoming fall and winter season.  Take my advice and get four, you will be thankful you did!!

Have the best Thursday!  

Video by the amazingly talented Todd Morris


On The Way Home ...

I am so excited to say I am on the way home today!!  After four amazing days in High Point and a total of twelve days on the road this month I am thrilled to be heading home to my sweet family and my adorable pup.  I honestly can not wait to squeeze my children and have my pup jump up with sheer excitement when he spots me.  And my bed is truly calling my name. Traveling is always so much fun but there is truly no place like home!

Sigh ... 


Introducing Sweet Caroline Designs

I am completely confident if you were looking for the words "high energy + buffalo check + pink + small business owner" in any google search you would absolutely end up at Sweet Caroline Designs. Caroline Frierson is all of the words above plus so many more. A graphic designer by trade she recently launched the most darling wholesale business which has taken the market by storm.  I love seeing her goodies pop up in my favorite shops and even more I truly enjoy every single product I own.  It is safe to say I am a Sweet Caroline Designs fan!


Warby Parker Goes Archive

Remember this photo from this October 2015 post?  I had the pleasure of trying out five pairs of Warby Parker frames from their Home Try-On to debut their new fall frames.  I absolutely loved the company and the frames were fabulous.  I ended up purchasing the one in the image above, it was by far my favorite of the ones I chose to try on.  Since then my eye prescription has changed but the frames themselves are still timeless and perfect to carry to my eye doctor when my new appointment occurs. 


Pink All Month Please ...

Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and a cause that is near and dear to my heart I have definitely been thinking about how I can incorporate more pink into my life this month.  Is that even possible you wonder, but I am here to share with us that it is!

Pink all day everyday please!



Introducing THE GROVE

As I mentioned yesterday I had the absolute treat of being hosted at The Grove in Winter Park, Florida for two days last week.  If you are like me you have followed along with The Grove on Instagram since they opened and it was a huge treat for me to get to meet the girls (finally) and to spend some time in the magical shop in one of my favorite places in Florida.  It mas truly magical from the moment the Uber drive delivered me to the moment a second special Uber driver picked me up the evening of the second day.


Four Days In Winter Park

Where oh where do I begin?  Maybe at the very beginning a few months ago when I received a fun little email from Ginny Enstad asking if I would ever consider coming to Winter Park, Florida. Little did she know at the time she emailed me that not only was I willing but the response she got would be in all caps with an OMG ... YES PLEASE.


Front Door Decor

So the temps are cooling off just a bit and I am contemplating what to do for our front door for the new season.  I am seeing so many inspiring photos on social media with amazing pumpkins and wreaths and the wheels are beginning to turn in my head.  I am a girl who loves her Summer (as you well know because I haven't stopped going on about it) but the moment the air gets its first chill I am dressed head to toe in plaid and layers.  I get it ... enter eye roll here. 😳


Deep Breaths ...

It is incredibly hard to process all going on in our world at this moment.  So much heartache and so much loss.  Truly nothing short of shocking and devastating.  I find in times like this the only thing I can do is pray.  Pray for our people, pray for peace in the suffering, pray for healing. Just pray.

This image popped up in my feed on Facebook yesterday and I immediately knew it described all I felt and the feelings I have every single time I deal with anything that is more than I can handle.  Life is hard, sometimes completely unbearable.  And we have way more questions than we do answers.    But it is also full of joy and love and good times that truly do overcome in the bad. 

Breathe in the amazing, hold on through the awful and relax and exhale during the ordinary.

Much love and prayer!
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