Introducing The Wölffer Kitchen

Anyone else a huge fan of Wölffer wine?  I absolutely love Summer In A Bottle and it is hands down my choice for a glass of rosé if I can.  In my opinion it is the best rosé I have ever had.  I hear it is very hard to find but easy to spot in this very beautiful bottle.  I was a little surprised to notice it had a screw top but I very quickly learned it is ideal for having just a glass in the evening.  No worries of it changing flavor once the cork is popped and easy to have on hand for sharing a glass with a friend.  I truly can not recommend it enough. 


12 Happies du Jour

Happy Tuesday!  It was so fun to scour so many sites and blogs to find some fun things to share with you today.  After being unplugged for more than a week it was fun to see what was new and exciting and to find some things that caught my eye.  Some of them are things I used while we were in Haiti which were lifesavers and some of them are brand new to me today.


Au Revior Haiti

We are home, catching up on our rest with overflowing hearts from our incredible week in Haiti.  I don't really have words for everything I feel and every single thing we experienced and as I am told that may take a while to completely process.  What I can tell you is how filled up I feel after spending seven days serving, way more than I could have ever expected.  We may be tired but we are most definitely not one single bit drained, truly the complete opposite.  Even after two long days of traveling home both my sweet girl and I wanted to turn right around and go back for more time with the precious community of Figuier and all of the lovely people who we instantly captured our hearts.  They have so little and love so much which is most definitely the biggest lesson we learned.


Introducing Barbara Cobb Sun Hats

I have such respect for a woman who takes charge of a situation that isn't working and makes it into a huge success which is exactly what my sweet friend Barbara Cobb did.  Unable to find a sunhat that fit her properly she designed one.  Not only did she design a sun hat for herself, but she made the world a better place by starting a company that sells stylish, custom sun hats that are quite possibly the cutest hats I have ever seen.  Oprah thinks so, recently adding them to her favorites list.


Pimm's Cup

To watch the Royal Wedding I planned a morning of tea, biscuits and fruit for my family to enjoy while I was drinking tea on repeat and taking in all the coverage of the magical day.  I set it up in the kitchen pretty fancy (it was a special day 😉) and the boys all wanted to know who was coming over.  No one silly ... we are celebrating the wedding of the year!!  Of course they thought I was worth the eye roll but they snatched up the yummy blueberry biscuits in no time flat. 


Father's Day Shopping Ideas

Wow, Father's Day is just around the corner and will come super quickly for me since I will be in Haiti the week before.  I needed to get my ducks in a row since I had to ship my Dad's and have Lawyer's ready for the day after we return.  😳


The Most Perfect Collaboration

I have such a treat for you today, I am introducing to quite possibly the most adorable collaboration of all time. Two of my favorite brands have partnered up to create the most amazing and beautiful pieces for both moms and littles. What results is a collection of the cutest clothes and the most precious photos, you will love each piece as much as I do.


12 Happies du Jour

Happy Tuesday! I have so many fun things to share today ... starting with our deck which we have been working on, along with the porch, for a while now.  This new rug (on sale!)  and these fabulous chairs (also on sale!) just took our table to the next level.  If only I could figure out how to add some cafe lights above.  I see us eating dinner here more often than inside ... don't you?


Orangery Love

On a walk in Thomasville, Georgia in February I spotted an old house with this amazing room. I could not stop staring at its beauty.  It was old and stunning and so full of character. I had no idea what the room was for, what it would have been used for but I knew I truly loved it.  I took this photo so that I could remember it in every detail.


The Best Mask

As you know this year is all about taking care of my skin.  More water, less refined sugar, products that actually take care of my skin and truly feeling like I have control over my skin.  I don't have bad skin, it isn't over dry or too oily, it doesn't suffer from chronic breakouts, it is just skin I have been wearing for more than 40 years and it was high time I took control of taking care of it.


12 Happies du Jour

I am back today with my current 12 Happies.  Y'all loved last weeks post so we will be making this a permanent piece for a while. You are correct it is Wednesday and not Tuesday, but I didn't want to miss this weekly post so it is out of schedule this week.  I am excited about writing this post each week, make sure you let me know what you love most and what you would like to see more of.  Currently I would love to see this plate in front of me for tonight's dinner ... I love grilled dinners and these sundried tomato burgers and this caprese pasta salad would be perfect right about now!


Memorial Day At The Lake

Happy Tuesday!  I hope you loved your weekend as much as we did ... honestly the family time was good I never wanted it to end.  Lazy mornings, endless card games + games of pool, alternating between the pool and the lake repeatedly, grilled dinners and so much laughter, I am not sure I could have planned it better!

Have I mentioned I love my sweet family?


Punch On The Porch

To kick off summer vacation my sweet friends and I gathered on our newly restyled porch. We are still waiting on a few things to call the porch complete but that doesn't mean we can't use it while we wait! I love to have a house full of people and I can't think of a better reason to celebrate than another school year said and done.  This one was a doozie and I can't say I am sad to see it go for our middle child but for our youngest I have loved every second.  I love her school, her precious teachers and most of all the darling little friends she chooses to share her days with while she is there.  End of school + punch on the porch was the best idea I have had in a while. 🎉


Red, White + Blue For The Weekend

I shared earlier that the kids last day of school is today ... officially at 12:30 ... so we are taking off tomorrow morning for the lake for a super long weekend.  I am so excited I can almost not stand it.  Family time + lake + relaxation for days = yes, yes please!  The younger kids and I leave in the am and then the Hubs and our oldest leave later in the day.  By the time we all head for bed we will be together and already enjoying the weekend.  I truly am so very ready for some serious down time!



12 Happies du Jour

Hi guys!!  I have swapped up my usual Random Thoughts posts a bit and now will be sharing 12 things I am super excited about each Tuesday.  With summer coming it is easier to corral all the things I am loving into one post per week.  These posts always do so well with you guys so I decided to make them a regular thing!

Today will be the first ... so welcome to 12 Happies du Jour!


The Duke & Duchess of Sussex

Just like so many others I was up while it was still dark on Saturday morning with a large cup of tea ready to take in every single moment of the royal wedding.  I was beyond excited and for so many reasons.  Harry has always been my favorite, the younger and almost rebellious son of the incredible Diana.  I love his zest for life, his fierce love which is so apparent for his darling Meghan and most of all that shy but darling smile.  The way Harry bites his lip just as his mother used to is absolutely precious.


Harry + Meghan ... Wedded Bliss

I am definitely over the moon excited for tomorrow's royal wedding.  I have biscuits ready for their lemon curd and jam, tea ready to brew and Pimm's Cup ingredients ready to toast mid day.  I have my alarm set for 4 am and I am hoping I can convince my girl to get up with me.  She watched most of the last wedding with me and I am hoping she wants to watch once again.  Now that she is a teenager getting up her early is like trying to wake a hibernating bear.  Bless her, mornings are not her thing!


The Best Scarves

I wrote this post about the most darling woven bags the other day and then posted the image above on Instagram and got a flood of questions about the scarf I tied to the bag.  As I have shared before I love to wear a scarf and have such a fun selection of them that I rotate between.  Most of my collection are vintage so it is hard to share a source, but I have in many posts shared some great sources for finding vintage Hermes, Gucci and Burberry scarves. Today I have the best source for new scarves with just as much character as a vintage one.  


Royal Wedding

As an 11 year old I watched every moment of the live coverage of Charles and Diana's wedding with eyes larger than me and completely enamored of the brand new princess.  I am not the only one who grew up dreaming of being a princess and watching the wedding from beginning to end was nothing less than a dream come true for my young self.  I did the same with my girl seven years ago in 2011 when Prince William married Kate Middleton.  I watched as she sat with the same wide eyes and open mouth as she watched the coverage of this next amazing royal wedding. We will do it again this Saturday as Prince Harry marries his beloved and I could not be more excited.  In America we don't have a prince or princess and watching these incredible royal weddings is the closest thing we get to living out the iconic fairy tale. 


Carolyne Roehm

Anyone else a huge admirer of Carolyn Roehm?  I have so much admiration for this amazing woman with such incredible designs. She is the best kind of classy, traditional and classic.  I truly do love every single thing she designs and creates.  This master hostess is the true definition of taste maker with an amazing attention to detail and design.  I can spot a photo I am sure is her work even before I see the credits.  She is pure magic, but what else do you say about someone who was mentored by Oscar de la Renta?


Woven Bag Goodness

Dress || Bag (similar) || Sandals || Sunnies (similar) 

Anyone else think a straw or woven bag automatically makes any outfit feel like spring and summer?  I love a straw bag and have for so many years.  I think I started carrying one during college when I would head to the beach.  From my dorm room at UCF it would only take me 60 minutes to get to the beach and we went quite often.  I had a large straw bag which I would fill with my towel, my sunglasses and I am sure some unsafe tanning oil.  From that time straw and woven bags immediately make me think of warm weather and relaxing days. 🌞


Summer Packing

You guys know I love to travel.  Whether it be for work or for play ... I love exploring new places, revisiting some of my favorites and always, always the experience of the adventure.  Summer is coming so fast, the kids only have two more weeks of school, and we are officially starting summer with a trip.  I can't wait to be sitting at the lake, cocktail in hand watching the first sunset thinking I get to spend all summer with the people who make my whole life so much better.  Although I don't want this school year to end for our girl (it has been the best, ever!!) I am thrilled for the summer we have planned!


Willow Park Boutique Styling Studio

I having been working on a project for about a week or so that I haven't really chatted about until today.  One of my favorite online shops, Willow Park Boutique, is opening a brick and mortar styling shop.  I love this darling shop and the amazing girls who run it.  They have the best clothes, darling accessories and the best recommendations.  Since Willow Park Boutique is a local shop I have had the pleasure of meeting and becoming friends with these sweet ladies. 


Gingham Obsession Vol. 2

Y'all know I have a major gingham obsession and I definitely don't see it going away any time soon.  It is such a fun pattern that I feel like makes anything happier.  Last month I posted this fun round up of my favorite gingham things currently on the market and today I am back with even more fun things! 


The Best Mint Julep

I hope your weekend was amazing, ours was jam packed!  With both the Kentucky Derby and Cinco de Mayo I am sure a lot of you celebrated one, or both, which made for a fun weekend for sure. I really like both events and we managed to squeeze in some celebrating for both, so it was definitely super fun!!  But what isn't to love ... friends, fun with added in eats and sips.



Cinco de Mayo ... yes please!

What a fun weekend this is ... with both Derby and my favorite taco day it quite possibly doesn't get more fun, don't you think?  Whether your plans include going out for dinner or staying in and inviting some friends to pop over you most definitely need some margarita recipes at your disposal.  I love a good margarita!  My go to is a Skinny, but I am quite the sucker for a flavored fun version, especially if someone else is doing the shaking!


Running For The Roses

Wow, we have a huge weekend ahead with two super fun days to celebrate, Cinco de Mayo and the Kentucky Derby.  Since I love both of these fabulous events I have had to get creative to see how I can make the most of both, yet giving each its own celebration.  I think I have the perfect plan for us that includes both adults and kids and allows us to enjoy each of them in a relaxed setting!


Upping My Makeup Game

Happy Wednesday, I hope your week is going well!  We are enjoying some amazing spring weather and longer evenings sitting outside enjoying the porch and family time.  I found myself noticing it was late the other night and having to stop playing cards to send the kids to bed.  I am getting more and more ready for summer ... anyone else?


The Journey

The other day I posted a Instagram story right before heading to an IEP planning meeting.  I was weary, sad and not ready to face another meeting where we have to decide what we think is the best plan for our child's education.  I am a mother, not a teacher, and definitely not an special education specialist and these meetings always drain me and leave me feeling defeated even if I get every single item I ask for.  They leave me with more questions, more concerns and more worry.  Did we make the right choices, will it work, will he be happy and peaceful ... will it give him every single opportunity he needs to achieve success.


Breakfast With Iris

Anyone else completely obsessed with Iris Apfel?  Like, level 10 obsessed??  I love everything about her.  I love her style, her attitude toward life, her marriage, her confidence and her thoughts on just about any subject.  She is a true lady and one who does not care one single bit what others think of her, and its both refreshing and inspiring.  As a woman who wasn't very sure of herself as a teen and young woman I find Iris' view on life and herself to be life changing.  We should all have the confidence she has and we should lift each other up with that same amount of confidence.  It is absolutely energizing.


Let's Go Shopping

Top || Jeans || Sandals

First of all ... THANK YOU for your incredible support of my girl and our trip to Haiti.  We sold so many TPC + Willa Heart Love & Kindness mugs yesterday and when the shipping is complete I will be able to make a huge contribution to our fundraising account.  I am completely overwhelmed in the best way possible and can't wait to see each of you using your mugs.  I think they are truly just so fabulous!!


Love + Kindness For Haiti

Happy Monday ... I am thrilled to be starting another week, especially when I have such a fabulous thing to share with you today.  Monday's aren't usually my favorite days, so I am super excited to share something I have been working on for a while with someone I respect and adore so very much!  There is no better time to start something fun but a Monday ... and I will be training myself to do just that in the future. 😘


Vintage Style Luggage ... And In Pink!

It is no secret that I completely adore Elizabeth Wilson and her incredible clothes.  I wear them all the time and order them repeatedly.  She is not only darling, but so inspiring and one to keep your eye on for sure.  At her very young age she has accomplished so much and done it with grace and strength no matter what.  Elizabeth, I truly adore you! 😘


Barbara Bush

The world lost an amazing woman yesterday with the passing of Barbara Bush.  As a woman, wife, mother and someone we all looked up to ... she was incredible. Fiercely loyal to her husband of 74 years, her family, her country and her belief in all people she was someone I greatly admired. 💗


Spring Cleaning

I just adore y'all, like really truly adore you.  Thank you so much for all the love and prayers for our sweet pup.  We don't have any news and won't for a few more days, but we are home snuggling our sweet boy and enjoying him as much as we can.  It is apparent he has aged so much in the past few months and even if this episode isn't his last I am well aware he won't be with us much longer.  He is a sweet and loving pup and I adore him so.  I am so thankful for your messages, direct messages, texts, emails and love.  We all feel so much better about it no matter what the outcome.  ❤


Cocktail Accessories

I get a lot of questions from readers and followers and a lot of them are really good ones I want to share with all of you.  As you recall, I answered a bunch of them in this post and I hope to do it on a regular basis.  It was fun to answer them, it felt like I was sitting around and chatting over a cup of coffee and getting to know one another better.  One of my favorite questions recently came as a direct message on Instagram and it was so good I decided to answer it as a whole blog post.  Today's topic ... cocktail accessories.


Miles Dog Minear

My sweet pup, my side kick, my best friend ... he isn't feeling well at all and truly its been a really hard week.  I didn't think I could love and adore something with fur this much but I am very attached to my little guy and he doesn't seem to be doing well at all.


Shop Bopping

I am a new customer to Shop Bop and I would definitely say a satisfied one for sure.  I have purchased six different things from this fabulous site and have been super impressed and satisfied with each one of them.  Most recently I snagged these sneaks which I have worn every single day since they arrived.  But can you blame me, gingham + Tretorns, it might be the perfect combination.


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