Stockings & Apple Watches & Tips ... Oh My

When I threw out the question asking if you needed shopping help you answered and in a big way.  As I mentioned before you asked for Mothers + Mothers in Law, Boys of all ages + more Stocking ideas.  I have already posted about the first two and today I am updating my Stocking suggestions.  For me stockings are the most fun, its like a little snippet of happy celebration in a small area.  I shared before that I fill our stockings with a mixture of sweet treats + some fun travel size things + a few wrapped happies at the top.  I also always add in a few scratch off lottery tickets.  We don't play the lottery on any regular basis so this is a fun little add in they always get excited about.


Shopping At Walmart

Have you shopped at Walmart recently? Not in the store, but online?  If you haven't I am about to blow your mind.  Walmart has upped their game in a major way with the customer winning all day long.  They have so much amazing inventory and at prices that are hard to beat.  I have rounded up my favorite things I saw on the site today for either your family or any gift you may need.  It is a shopping day at Walmart today on the blog so get ready with your pen and list and let's see who we can cross off.


Those Hard To Buy For Males

Why, oh why are those cute boys in our life so hard to buy for?  I know mine make it a little tricky to find them unique gifts that I know they will love that doesn't include a gift card or another hoodie, which mine seem to love more than anything.  When I put the question out on stories Saturday asking if there was any help you needed with gift giving so many of you responded with either Teens, Boys or Teenage Boys.  I have some helpful hints for you today for boys of most ages, the teens and up that is, and I hope you will find a few great gifts in this mix to help you out.  I answered one of the most other asked for groups in yesterday's post and I hope you scored some great gifts for the Mothers + Mothers in Law in your life.  I really loved the suggestions I made, and even snagged one more small gift for my mother out of the mix.


Gift Guides ... Shopping For Your Mom + MIL

my inlaws on their honeymoon in The Bahamas

Happy Sunday!  I threw out some questions yesterday on Stories and learned a lot of you are still in need of some shopping ideas.  I asked what you needed and so many of you responded in one of three categories ... Mother In Laws, boys of all ages, + stocking stuffers.  I am happy to accommodate you guys in all three areas.  I am working on the male category ... really trying hard to gather up a lot of ideas for you with the help of my cute sidekick since this was the area that people asked for the most assistance.  I will have that for you tomorrow ... I am working this morning from home with Hallmark playing in the background.  Anna Grace had some great ideas and I am gathering all I can find.

Ask and you shall receive!! 🎁


The Most Amazing Wreaths

As we all know I love a wreath.  Whether its a simple boxwood wreath tied with a satin bow or an elaborate detailed version (these are my favorite), there is just something about that perfect circle of goodness that makes me very happy.  Imagine my sheer excitement when one of my dearest friends began to create the most stunning wreaths I have ever seen. Layered and colorful, with touches of new and lots and lots of shiny pieces of old, these wreaths are truly one of a kind.


It's A Colorful Life ... Our Den At Christmas

Happy Thursday!!  I have such a treat for you today ... a second home tour I have joined that I know you will love, it is all about color, Christmas and all things twinkle lights.  What could be more fun? 

Since a lot of you are coming from Pencil Shaving Studio (isn't her blue + red sooo good!) you may be new readers for me.  I hope you stay a while, or forever, I love gathering new readers.  A little about me ... I love color and patterns and mixing old and new to create a home for my family.  I love my home the most this time of year!  After reading this post you must check out the others in the tour.  Each of them loves color as much as I do and have really gone all out decorating their beautiful homes for Christmas!  You will really enjoy it all so pour a cup of cocoa and enjoy!


More Gifting Ideas + Current Sales

The goodness just keeps coming in the way of sales.  Wow, if I wasn't done I think I would have no trouble at all choosing gifts pretty quickly with the good stuff that just keeps popping up in my inbox.  I have added some fun things to each category of Gift Guides and I have all the additions to share with you today.  I also have been checking out some daily sales (I can't keep stop myself) just in case something inspires me to snag just one more thing for a gift that always seems to be forgotten.  Monday I snagged two of these party buckets for teachers.  How oh how could I forget my children's teachers??  😁 I will be sharing how I am filling them when then arrive this week.  I already picked up some cocoa, marshmallows and some other treats to spoil those who take care of my kids all week.


Cultivating Meaniningful Gatherings

I found so much inspiration on line and most definitely with those I follow on Instagram.  I take care to follow those I adore and who provide inspiration to me at all times.  I have carefully cultivated a list of people I really enjoy and who teach me and share so many wonderful things.  One of those would be my friend Alison of Cattlebaron In Cashmere.  If you are not following Alison you must immediately.  She has been sharing such incredible things lately and her great gift ideas + appetizer recipes are incredible.  (Her post yesterday for the "World's Best Brownies" sound like complete heaven!!)  I can't tell you how many I have written down for later use.  She is spot on every single time and you should be following her for all the goodness she shares!


Introducing Mille Minear

Happy Monday to you all.  I have been keeping a little secret, but it was a good one so I know you will forgive me.  Remember last Monday when I set off on a secret mission to Columbus, Georgia?  Well ... I took my girl and we set out to see if the darling pup on the internet was in fact what we were supposed to adopt.  And turns out ... she was!  I remember the first thing she did when we met was rub her head repeatedly on my leg and I just knew we had found the dog we were meant to adopt.

So we did!!


12 Days of Gifting

Happy Sunday to you all.  I hope your day is spent snuggling with your loved ones and for some much needed quality time for you.  I love Sundays, they provide me with such restoration and relaxation for the week ahead. ❤

I started a fun series yesterday ... the 12 Days of Gifting where I will showcase one small business every single day for 12 days.  These are just any small business, but those I adore and support.  I love small businesses and the amazing people who run them.  Yesterday I showcased Ginny's Orchids and her amazing ship-able holiday greenery and today I am back with another great business.


Stuffing Those Stockings ...

I am so close to my December 1 deadline for being done with my shopping and I can see the deadline, I will have it all done by the end of the day.  I am so glad I made the decision to make this goal for the year because it is really helping me feel organized and since Lawyer has another scan in a few weeks I need to be prepped for whatever comes our way.  One of my favorite things to shop for is stockings, anyone else love these little sock shaped bags filled with little goodies?


Gingerbread Tea In The Dining Room

Happy Friday to you all ... our home is bustling with the sounds and smells of Christmas and I am thrilled to be able to share a piece of it with you today.  If you are coming to me via the incredible Holiday Homes Tour hosted by 11 Magnolia Lane + Evolution Of Style then you just had the incredible blessing of visiting both CitrineLiving and Setting For Four which I know was a huge treat.  I love visiting homes decorated for the holidays and participating in home tours is by far the best way to do so, there are so many darling and inspiration ideas in beautiful homes.


Christmas Pajamas ... Yes Please

It is no secret that I love pajamas.  I know you shouldn't love things, only people ... but I really, really like them so very much it might really be a love affair.  I am not sure when my adoration for pajamas began but it is very strong and I don't see it ending honestly, really ever.  This time of year when it is chilly and even down right cold I cling to them more than usual as we are snuggled up with a fire, cocoa and lazy mornings over coffee.  I think they provide comfort for me which makes me very, very happy. 


Pink + Green Christmas

While I am busy working on my house decorations I have some fun for you today.  My sweet friend Taylor and her darling Hazen & Co. girls had the most darling photo shoot a couple of weeks ago and I am completely smitten with it all.  Pink, green, cocoa, a bar cart, cute clothes, and darling jewelry ... what else could be more fun? 🎄🎉


Holiday Homes Tour

Happy Tuesday to you all ... I am here with an amazing and beautiful post today, a holiday home tour that I am a part of with the amazing girls from 11 Magnolia Lane + Evolution Of Style.  My home will be added on Saturday but until then I have such a treat for you ... some beautiful homes to tour all decorated for Christmas.  


What I Would Buy Today

Holy Monday.  I will say the early am alarm + the wet and cold weather was not my friend this morning.  I woke up and stepped outside and it was like the day slapped me in the face.  Not kind Monday, not kind at all.


Small Business Saturday Celebration

Small business Saturday!  What an amazing day!!!  Since as a blogger I am a small business and I specialize in working with small businesses I could not be more excited for today.  I have the incredible opportunity to work with so many amazing companies and each of them mean so very much to me. Not only do these businesses provide income to my business, but they are owned by people I really do love to spend time with which makes it feel like a blessing and nothing at all like work at all. 


Black Friday Shopping ... The Scoop

Hey guys!!  I hope you are having the best evening and getting ready for an amazing dinner tomorrow where ever you are eating.  We are resting tonight after a long day, but I have my alarm set for early tomorrow to get started on my side dishes ... mashed potatoes + green bean bundles.  The table is set, the coffee is stocked and I am ready for some pumpkin french toast in the morning.  Anyone else go to bed thinking about their coffee in the morning.  I literally dream of it ... 🛌

Gift Guide For Teens + Early Sales

Is it really Wednesday and is my Thanksgiving holiday week already have over?  How does time seem to go so fast when its vacation?? We are completely in table setting and cooking mode at my house and I have already started shopping some of the Black Friday sales.  I have listed all the current sales and codes at the end of this post for any of you that are just like me and need to stay on top of the sales to get what you want for those on your list.  I am so excited to finish my shopping in the next week.  This goal of mine to be done by December 1 is really going to happen!


Merrily Minear With Hazen & Co.

This day is finally here and I am literally bubbling over with excitement.  I wish I could pop the pink champagne with each of you to celebrate this super fun collaboration.  I have partnered with my darling friend Taylor who owns Hazen & Co. for a limited edition bracelet stack. Taylor is truly one of my favorite people and if you know her personally you immediately know why.  She is truly a powerhouse of a business owner and one of the kindest and most faithful people I know.  I am inspired by her daily in her personal and professional lives and having the opportunity to work on this project with her was a joy and a dream come true.  I am very excited and extremely proud to introduce to you the Merrily Minear Trio. 🎉


Wreaths + Bows, Oh My

When it comes to decorating the outside of our house, and definitely the inside, I start with a good wreath.  I love how a simple wreath can make so much of a difference.  When I posted our Halloween wreath you guys flooded by emails and DMs about a full post on my thoughts on wreaths and bows.  I really do think a bow on a wreath is such a fabulous look and doesn't have to be hard or complicated.  Since this is Thanksgiving week I think it is the perfect time to publish this piece as this is the time of the year I buy the most wreaths and most definitely the most ribbon.  I hope to inspire you to make easy wreaths that you will love for weeks to come. 🎀 


Gift Guide ... Gifts By Price Point

Happy Saturday!  I hope your weekend is bright, sunny, and full of something fun. I was supposed to be in Thomasville this weekend for the Wild Life Arts Festival but the Hubs isn't feeling well and I am happy to stay home and be with him.  So instead of my original plans I am getting ahead on work, organizing for the week ahead and taking advantage of the extra time at home.  So far this morning I have enjoyed two wonderful cups of coffee with the Hubs in bed and we just watched the new Netflix release The Princess Switch.  It was so sweet.  I consider the cancelled plans to be a blessing and I will never be sad about being given a blessing.  ❤


Punch For Thanksgiving

Anyone else thinking of how amazing next Thursday's meal will be?  Since we are staying home this year and avoiding traveling (and germs) we are all about the meal, the family time, and how we spend the day.  I was group texting the family earlier this week about what everyone wanted as their favorites and when I was adding in mine I decided that one of the things I was most interested in would be an evening movie (any recommendations?) with a big charcuterie board and some yummy punch.  Well, that is after a lunch of turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes + cranberry sauce which is my favorite part of the meal.  🦃


Gift Guide ... Shopping For Him

Oh, the men in our life.  We love them so.  Whether they are our spouses, fathers, brothers, sons, best friends or family they mean everything to us. I know for me I have such a special place in my heart for all the males in my life.  Just like this Gift Guide For Her I have taken great care to choose some amazing gifts you will want to purchase for that special set of males in your life.


Bows, Tassels + Bees

Anyone else super excited about celebrating the holidays in all its glorious fashion?  I love getting dressed up and doing things like coffee with friends, attending parties, and sitting fireside with holiday cocktails with those I love.  I have been very into the classics lately ... as in classic music, classic movies and wearing classic pieces, even more than usual.  I have found myself craving more loafers, more classic sweaters, and an all black outfit with a twist.

ps ... how amazing are those shoes?  All the details of how to create them are here in this blog post!


Gift Guide ... Shopping For Her

The days of me being done with all my shopping by December 1 are rolling along perfectly and I am doing really well getting things crossed off my list.  There are some things I have purchased and others I have marked to make sure I snag on Black Friday knowing for sure they will be on the best sale.  Last week I attended a local Holiday Gift show and knocked off four gifts.  I love buying some personal for those closest to me and I got a darling bunch of things at the booth of an artist.  She was darling and helped me choose a few things that are perfect for a few friends.  I am super excited.


The Perfect Fall Table

Happy Monday!! I hope your weekend was amazing.  It is pouring rain in Atlanta and is quite chilly, but the weekend was a stunning one with blue skies and a wonderful breeze.  I have been dying to set a table on the deck and eat outside.  I love alfresco dining, it just makes the meal and time so much better for me.  It was quite chilly on Saturday so I waited until Sunday to plan an outside meal.  We have such pretty falls in Atlanta and I wanted to make sure we took advantage of the beautiful days.  I will say I had to pick quite a few leaves off the table when the wind blew, but it was worth every second to enjoy the incredible weather.  I don't know about you, but for me eating outside just makes the food taste even better!  🍊


Gift Giving With Beautycounter

In keeping with my "all shopping done by December 1" I have had to stay on top of my long list.  This week I ordered all my monogram gifts I needed for my shopping and now I am ready to tackle all of those people on the list that I am gifting beauty products.  I am so excited to show you what I am buying and how I am pairing it to take six gifts off my lists.  I can't tell you who I bought it for ... because some of those people actually read this daily and I need to keep the surprise of the day under the radar.  😘


Thanksgiving Vibes

I can't believe that Thanksgiving in mere weeks away, wasn't I just whining about the end of summer just days ago?  We usually eat at my brother in laws house for Thursday and then spend the rest of the weekend at home eating left overs and soaking up the first Christmas feels but this year I think we will be here.  With all the flu germs it is just better to keep the exposure at a minimum for the Hubs.  We shall see, those plans are subject to change. 


My Favorite Items For Our Home Vol. 2

Remember this post?  You guys loved the first installment and I have been meaning to add volume 2 for so many weeks and then it just kept getting pushed back.  I am so sorry for that little detail, my life has been crazy and sometimes just keeping the regularly scheduled posts up and running is harder than it should be.  I have so many things I get excited about sharing and then I look at my editorial calendar and realize I missed something big I meant to share.  But, I am here today to fix that detail and get the post I promised to you off the books today.


Sweater Weather

Our weekend weather here was simply perfect.  Crisp, cool air with lots of breeze and a gorgeous blue sky.  On Saturday after lunch with my father in law for his birthday my youngest and I headed to one of our favorite spots to see a slew of perfectly colored fall trees.  They are the most stunning grouping of red, orange, yellow, and green.  I can't tell you how stunning it was and how much fun we had.  We played in the leaves, threw them, blew them, and just enjoyed the incredible backdrop of color.


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