Vintage Style Luggage ... And In Pink!

It is no secret that I completely adore Elizabeth Wilson and her incredible clothes.  I wear them all the time and order them repeatedly.  She is not only darling, but so inspiring and one to keep your eye on for sure.  At her very young age she has accomplished so much and done it with grace and strength no matter what.  Elizabeth, I truly adore you! 😘


Barbara Bush

The world lost an amazing woman yesterday with the passing of Barbara Bush.  As a woman, wife, mother and someone we all looked up to ... she was incredible. Fiercely loyal to her husband of 74 years, her family, her country and her belief in all people she was someone I greatly admired. 💗


Spring Cleaning

I just adore y'all, like really truly adore you.  Thank you so much for all the love and prayers for our sweet pup.  We don't have any news and won't for a few more days, but we are home snuggling our sweet boy and enjoying him as much as we can.  It is apparent he has aged so much in the past few months and even if this episode isn't his last I am well aware he won't be with us much longer.  He is a sweet and loving pup and I adore him so.  I am so thankful for your messages, direct messages, texts, emails and love.  We all feel so much better about it no matter what the outcome.  ❤


Cocktail Accessories

I get a lot of questions from readers and followers and a lot of them are really good ones I want to share with all of you.  As you recall, I answered a bunch of them in this post and I hope to do it on a regular basis.  It was fun to answer them, it felt like I was sitting around and chatting over a cup of coffee and getting to know one another better.  One of my favorite questions recently came as a direct message on Instagram and it was so good I decided to answer it as a whole blog post.  Today's topic ... cocktail accessories.


Miles Dog Minear

My sweet pup, my side kick, my best friend ... he isn't feeling well at all and truly its been a really hard week.  I didn't think I could love and adore something with fur this much but I am very attached to my little guy and he doesn't seem to be doing well at all.


Shop Bopping

I am a new customer to Shop Bop and I would definitely say a satisfied one for sure.  I have purchased six different things from this fabulous site and have been super impressed and satisfied with each one of them.  Most recently I snagged these sneaks which I have worn every single day since they arrived.  But can you blame me, gingham + Tretorns, it might be the perfect combination.


Blue Opaline, Yes Please!

Opaline glass ... I absolutely love it and especially in blue.  It may be the perfect shade of turquoise, don't you think?  I spotted some opaline blue in an antique store and immediately recalled seeing the same glasses in a relative's home as a child.  I loved it then in its home in her beautiful china cabinet and I think I may adore it even more now. 


Music City

How can Spring Break be over?  How it can it be that there is only a small number of weeks left in this school year?  I am truly a little shocked that the week flew by as fast as it did considering it was packed with so much.  We began the vacation with Easter and finished it with two solid days of celebrating, first the Hubs and then the middle child.  I am sad to say another vacation week is gone and we are counting down to the end of school.  Can we please, pretty please, slow down just a bit?


Espadrille Crazy

Big shocker I love espadrilles, I think I have mentioned it one million times.  This spring (can it just be spring for good please?) I have been wearing them on repeat and I love it.  They are perfect with shorts, jeans, white jeans, and cute spring dresses.  Basically they are the perfect shoe, right?


Passionate For Gingham

As we know I am gingham obsessed.  I am not sure exactly when the love affair began but I do know one of my favorite memories is of my grandmother's yellow gingham wallpaper in her kitchen. I think gingham is a pattern that just exudes happiness.  I definitely always buy the gingham if it is an option and I think it is a pattern that honestly goes with anything at all.  Gingham + Camo ... sure, why not?


Random Thoughts #04022018

Happy Monday ... can you believe it is April?  What the heck happened to March? I have said it before and it is completely true ... and I am not sure I like it.  We had a wonderful weekend and truly enjoyed some family time and celebrating Easter.  It was a beautiful day and we soaked up every second of it.


Easter On The Table

Happy Friday and most importantly ... Happy Good Friday!  The kids are home from school (yay!), the birds are chirping, the music is playing in the house and I am feeling fabulous about the weekend plans.  I absolutely love Easter for so many reasons, but most importantly to be able to celebrate the most amazing love story ever told.  I celebrate each and every day for the love and grace that has been given to me, and that it was given based on nothing I have done or will ever do.  Is there anything more important that we can celebrate?

Amen ... 


Mother's Day Radar

I must say I am completely in shock that Easter is this Sunday ... time is flying faster than it normally seems to and that is fast enough.  Before we know it Mother's Day will be here and then the beginning of summer and how cow, another school year will be behind us.  Can time please just slow down a tiny bit?  Pretty please?


Chambray + White

I am on a huge blue and white kick at the moment and I have been wearing it almost every single day in one way or another.  So much so that when I wore a green sweater a few days ago my family took notice ... and it occurred to me that I have been clinging to blue more than normal.  With the abnormally cold winter we had this year I wore more black and grey than I am used to and for whatever reason I have felt blue seemed like a good color to embrace for the spring.  It has most definitely been blue, blue and more blue for quite a few weeks.


The Inn At Patrick Square

What a fun weekend!  The Hubs and I traveled to Clemson, South Carolina on Friday afternoon to spend some time in Clemson and to be guests at the darling Inn at Patrick Square.  This was the first visit for him to Clemson and I had only been to town briefly a few years ago, so we were both excited to check out the area, visit the university and to take it all in.  Any time we can squeeze into our schedule to have some time just for the two of us is always a blessing and this weekend could not have come at a better time.  I am starting the week relaxed, refreshed and ready to tackle another week. 


You Asked ... Volume 1

I love my readers and followers so very much.  I honestly feel like a lucky girl every single time you send me a sweet message, a word of encouragement or even a question.  I get a lot of questions that I have noticed tend to either be the same or are basically similar so I decided to let you send some questions that you would love to have answered.  After putting it out to you on Monday and sorting through your questions (you sent some good ones!) I have a number of them to answer for you today.  I am excited about this post and hope to make it a regular thing ... if it is something you would like to see more of, you ask and I am happy to answer!

Here we go ... 


Brie + Prosciutto Crostini

I love partnering with other bloggers and do it as often as I can.  As a person who works alone most of the time it is always fun to partner with others and I am super excited about today's blog post.  I am part of a Spring Progressive Dinner hosted by the darling Heather of Southern State of Mind.  Heather has a darling blog and a beautiful home.  I love following and reading her blog and enjoy seeing her when we have the chance to meet up in the city for events.  I am thrilled to share my part of this wonderful group of bloggers for her virtual progressive dinner.

You will absolutely love this post today and all of the amazing links.  These women write amazing blogs and have incredible ideas ... it is like being invited over to nine different homes at once.  Can you think of a better way to spend a Thursday?  I know I can't!!


Introducing Audrey Durden

I love small businesses and I love finding new businesses to share and support.  The internet is filled with amazing small businesses with wonderful owners and fabulous products and I love when I discover a new one with unique products.  One of my new favorites is the darling shop of Audrey Durden.


Skin Care Update ...

As I shared in this post I am very focused on taking care of my skin this year.  I have been using a combination of products for almost three solid months and I can already notice real changes in how my skin looks and feels.  I am confident that my new routine will make a big difference in my skin and I am so happy about that fact.  I am very aware that I am at an age where how I take care of me makes all the difference in how I look and feel and I feel confident in the decisions I am making.

Good skin is always a good idea!


Brown Sugar Flank Steak

Happy Monday!  I hope your St. Patrick's Day was amazing and left you with just the right amount of celebration and sipping!  💚 Our weekend was fabulous, with just the right amount of busy and relaxing!  The kids all had fun things to do + church events and I had a security training meeting for Haiti that left me with very wide eyes but very prepared to travel outside the country.  I have a long to do list for today to get us ready for a successful week and I am ready to hit the ground fully caffeinated and ready to tackle the day.


25 St. Patrick's Days

I am pretty sure I have mentioned it before, but just in case I didn't St Patrick's Day is special to our family.  Lawyer asked me out for a green beer 25 years ago, and the rest, as they say, is history.  I truly love St. Patrick's Day, as I have come to learn, very special for so many people. For us it always signifies another year we are a family and another year to stop and be thankful for the gift we have in each other.  A green beer that turned into a "do you want to walk over and listen to the pianos play" and lastly with a sweet kiss. 

It is one day I shall never forget!  💚


Spring (& Summer) Bags

I am sure I am not the only one stalking the weather to see when the warmer temps are here to stay.  I really have no ground to stand on to complain since so many people just got snow again, but I am ready for the warm to stick around longer.  My last few weekend trips to Thomasville, Georgia and Winter Park, Florida have also sparked my excitement for spring. In both locations the trees were in bloom and the flowers filled the yards. Can spring hurry along, maybe even just a little? Maybe we can bribe a specific ground hog to change his prediction?  

Just maybe ...


Crock Pot White Chicken Chili

The weather dropped quickly here when the north got its most recent storm and I quickly turned on the heat and searched for something warm to make.  Am I the only one who wants something warm to eat when it gets chilly?  The second I feel a chill I am craving soup and chili thinking it will be perfect for lunches and dinner.


All My Favorite Spring Shoes

I have shared with you that I have purchased some new shoes for spring, mostly in the espadrille and sandal department.  Of course as soon as I round up a bunch of cute spring shoes it gets cold in Atlanta again, but I am not letting the chill in the air deter me, it will warm up again as quick as it got chilly!

Thinking warm thoughts ... 🌞


When Your Coffee Needs Coffee

I don't think I could imagine a morning where I needed coffee more. Anyone else not a fan of Daylight Savings time when you have to spring forward?  I don't think anything could make a Monday appear worse ... it was dark during carpool +  it was 37 + it was raining.  No one was excited about greeting the week this morning, and most definitely not me. I dropped them off and then headed for the nearest Starbucks to make sure my coffee had extra coffee to battle the crazy day. 

Dark + Cold + Rain = the trifecta of blech ... 


A Host's Guide To Cocktail Hour

As I shared in this post I was treated to an amazing evening at the home of Lee Cox and his incredible hosting skills.  His bar was perfectly stocked, it was styled perfectly and the entire cocktail hour was truly magical.  One of my favorite things about having cocktail hour at his house before dinner was the combination of the music, the wonderful drink and the yummy cheese tray and popcorn.


We Are Going To ... Haiti!!

I can't believe I am typing this ... it almost feels unreal but it is and I am thrilled to announce that my youngest child and I are headed to Haiti for a week this summer.  We are going with a team that is headed to Haiti for a week in partnership with Buckhead Church and global(x).  Our mission is to pour love on the people, help them anyway we can, teach them about the love of Jesus and to basically take all our love to them.  This will be our first mission trip together and my child is literally the most excited I have ever seen her. She talks about it non stop, she asks a million questions and she already has plans of what she wants to take and some things she is leaving behind (her phone). I am just hoping I can resist the want to bring everyone we meet home.  I could not be more proud of her attitude about sharing her love for Jesus and others with people who truly need our love and support.  My heart may burst with pride!

So ... the second week of June we are headed to HAITI!!!


Weekend Musings ...

We had a really great weekend.  Having a full plate at the moment means the need for quite a bit of true down time.  We honestly had just a few things that needed to be done and the rest of the time we either watched a movie, went for a walk, slept in or ate amazing food.  I really was ready for a weekend with nothing to do and I truly think I will be planning more of these in the future.  The weekend is made to relax and regroup to be successful during the week and not for my usual go 90 miles an hour and run around with my hair on fire to do lists.  I mean, that might be the worst plan ever now that I really think about it.  This weekend was used for deep breaths, relaxing and lots of refreshing and today I feel better than I do most Mondays.

I call that a major win. 


Silk Scarf Obsession

I love silk scarves.  I love so many things about a scarf, they are so easy to wear and make such an impact in your outfit.  Honestly, a scarf may be one of my favorite accessories with all you can do with it.  It is the perfect belt, necklace, light jacket and even a hat when you need to maintain good hair while riding in a convertible.  😉 Am I wrong?  Truly, a scarf can add so much to any wardrobe selection.


Introducing ... The Ladies Who Lunch Tote

The darling Leslie Dasch is at it again with a brand new bag!  If you are like me and absolutely love your Cocktail Clutch you are in for a major treat with the release of Dress for Cocktails new The Ladies Who Lunch Tote.  I am all about accessories and for me the bag makes the outfit and this tote is truly so fabulous.  Think style + function + versatility.  My review ... outstanding! 


Shopping The Shop Bog Sale

The sale currently happening at Shopbop is out of control!  I save my Shopbop purchases for basics that never go out of style and fun special items and this sale has allowed me to do both and snag a few things from my long wish list.  I love so many things they sell and narrowing it down to just a few things was not easy at all.  I love that anything I purchase from them shows up quick like a bunny and returns are easy peasy.  Shopping online can be tricky and you definitely need to be able to swap sizes and ship anything back with no hassles.  Shopbop makes all of those things a breeze and now that the site is having a major sale I encourage you to check them out, the sale is only on until Sunday, and make sure you use GOBIG18 when you check out.  The more you purchase, the more you save.  A major win, win!


Thomasville Antiques Show

As we all know I love antiques, the older the better honestly.  I have so many things I love and have collected over the years and a stroll through an antique store or an antique show always makes me so very happy.  Since my early years antiquing with my grandparents I have had a love for the hunt, the score and the fun when you come home and get to put your new pieces away in their new homes.


One Magical Evening With Mallards Nest Design

Oh, Thomasville, Georgia you have captured my heart.  What a wonderful small town that is truly anything but.  Eddie Ross described it perfectly in his presentation at the Thomasville Antique Show when he said it was a perfect untouched small town.  It is quaint, charming and full of incredible, warm people and one thriving business after another.  Home to more southern brands than I can count I was treated to an exceptional weekend filled with wonderful food, many trips to the antique show, a charming brick street downtown and a wonderful stay at 1884 Paxton House Inn all put together by the incredible Lee Cox.


Spring Shopping 101

The weather is starting to change ... I can feel it.  I think Old Man Winter might actually be packing his bags and heading home. Can I get an Amen ... that was a cold and hard winter and I live in the deep south, I can not imagine how the people in the north feel.  I have so many friends still getting so much snow, it is crazy!!  I am ready for spring, for blooms galore and lunches alfresco with white jeans and sandals with a light jacket.  I am ready for windows open and car rides without the heated seat.  Bring on the warm please ... and thank you! 🌞


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