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It's that time again, back to school and, per usual, I am fighting the fuzz to get back into the routine.  I love summer so much, not just the season, but also the unending time with my children and the free schedule.  Who doesn't love an easy morning followed by a day at the pool and then long evenings siting on the porch?  Does it get any better?  The one thing I do love about the kids going back to school is the back to school shopping.  I am such a nerd for a back to school outfit with brand new shiny shoes and a backpack filled with supplies. I love a new set of pens, new sharpened pencils and, most of all, new binders ready to be filled with all they learn.  They had so many items on their lists this year but the one thing we didn't need to hunt for, a new backpack for the youngest.  Once again we got our backpack for the rising eighth grader (say it isn't so) from my favorite backpack girl and I am not sure who is more excited, me or my girl.


My Readers Collection

From top left to bottom right
eyebobs Butch || Prada || eyebobs (similar) || Betsey Johnson ||  eyebobs || Betsey Johnson 
Coastal ||eyebobs Take A Stand || Chanel 

I can recall as a young girl wishing I needed glasses.  There was a darling girl in my elementary school who had them and she probably disliked them greatly, but I loved them.  When I got to college I thought the smart girls wore glasses, so I wanted them once again.  At the time I had perfect eyesight.  My mother had better than perfect eyesight so I thought I would never need them, and honestly for a number of years I think I was sad.  So silly, but most likely true.  They seemed so fun and I wanted to be able to sport them just like the cool girl in elementary school. 😎


12 Happies du Jour

Image by Christina Wedge

Happy Tuesday!  I hope your week is amazing so far!!  Sunday afternoon I spied this image on House Beautiful's Instagram account.  As you can imagine I was thrilled, as they have featured the image before but it is always incredible to see something you worked on featured by a magazine you love. It most definitely started my week off with a BANG!  House Beautiful is hands down one of my favorite three magazines and one that I subscribe to, I have loved it for years and I don't see that love affair changing any time soon.


On Saturdays We Brunch

Anyone else love brunch?  I love relaxing over a good, hot latte with amazing food and my sweet friends.  I was so happy to be able to host my friends Saturday morning for brunch.  My time has been limited as of late and I have wanted some serious time with a group of friends.  I have so many people that mean so much to me, from friends I have known almost 20 years and some I have known just a few months. I thought it was the perfect idea to gather them all together, share a yummy meal, and have a amazing time of fellowship.


Beautycounter Sale!!

Happy, happy Sunday to you!  I am not sure if I have posted on Sunday, other than a holiday, but today I need to post and let you know about the amazing Beautycounter sale happening.  In the past month I have grown to really love my BC products, so much so that I have started to throw away and replace more and more of the products I was previously using.  As I use them up, I am replacing them with safe products that I feel great about buying and wearing. 


The Perfect Sunglasses

I love glasses and most definitely sunglasses and have quite a few of both of them.  Recently while I was packing for a trip I found a pair of my absolute favorite glasses left in a wicker bag.  I immediately put them on and have been wearing them on repeat ever since.  I love all things tortoise and these sunnies are the perfect color and shape.  It has been so fun discovering a pair of sunnies I had long forgotten about.  Since the weather in Cashiers was beautiful and very sunny I wore them almost all day every single day we were there. 😎


Croquet Brunch

As I shared here Lance and I had the best time in Cashiers.  The Showhouse was incredible and the events and weekend festivities were so much fun.  One of the highlights for me was Sunday's Croquet Brunch.  I have been playing croquet since I was a small child and I love the opportunity to play.  Playing in white while enjoying mimosas + incredible food was truly fabulous.  I felt like I was in the midst of something spectacular while I was there and the truth is, I was.


Cashiers Designer Showhouse

As you know from Instagram and Stories I spent the weekend in Cashiers, North Carolina to visit the 2018 Cashiers Historical Society Showhouse and to attend the weekend activities. I was invited by Domino Media Group to attend the weekend full of festivities.  I have never toured a Showhouse in Cashiers and I was thrilled with the opportunity. My best friend Lance graciously attended with me since my forever plus one is not traveling at the moment.  We had so much fun, but I knew we would.  Cashiers is one of the best weekend locations and how can you beat lovely, crisp weather in the dead of summer.  I could not arrive quick enough to take in all that was planned for us. 


12 Happies du Jour

Happy Tuesday! Yesterday was crazy busy as I "came in hot" ~ Anna Grace from the wonderful weekend in Cashiers and our youngest started school.  It was our first busy morning of the school year where all of us are in the kitchen at the same time and the chaos has begun.  As hard as it was to be gone the weekend before school started for her I had the BEST time this weekend.  The showhouse is beautiful and I have so many details of the weekend to share with you tomorrow.  The weather was perfect, the events so much fun and, of course my stand in plus one was the best side kick!!


Bunny Williams Banded Napkins

Do you remember last month when I attended a brunch to celebrate the opening of the new Atlanta Ballard Designs store?  I truly loved going to the brunch and receiving a sneak peek of the store, which is truly beautiful.  I have been a Ballards shopper for many years, first as a catalog shopper and now in store at the stunning new location. What I love about Ballards is their consistently fabulous products, great prices, wonderful customer service, and timeless pieces. 


"on-the-go" Snack

As I have mentioned many times I have the pleasure of working alongside my darling assistant all summer.  I can't tell you how much I love and adore this girl.  She came into my life when she was just a young little girl and I have had the pleasure of watching her grow into a precious, godly, and darling young woman.  There are so many things I love about working with AG, but I think my favorite is hearing her come in the door bearing a beautiful smile and greeting me with a lovely "good morning".  I love this girl so much, her little notes of encouragement and prayers are so coveted by me and my family.  Everyone should have an AG in their life. 


Introducing Tempie Jane

I am blown away by the youth today, they are so strong, so smart and so very talented. I can recall being in high school and being creative, but nothing to the level and most definitely not with the drive or the passion that I see in some of the people I meet.  One perfect example would be Savannah Turner.  At thirteen she turned a school project she loved into a career and now two years later owns a blossoming business. 


Nordstrom Goodness + A Thank You

Happy, happy Thursday.  It is wet and rainy here and honestly quite icky, but I am finding the peace of sitting on my porch with the sound of the rain a welcome thing.  My yard, the bushes and the flowers are sure happy and I can hear a bird or two singing so that is an added plus to all the wet.


Ocean Air + Salty Hair

We are home!  We woke up early yesterday and headed home and I might have had a sad face and a grumpy attitude driving over the bridges to the interstate.  Luckily I rallied by the time we hit Gainesville and was well behaved the remainder of the way.  We had such a great time at the beach and I could not pick a favorite thing we did since every single thing was perfect.  We walked all the places we could, beached, ate ice cream, snacked, beached, hunted for shells, beached, took dips in the pool, watched the dolphins, and did I mention went to the beach?  I miss the beauty of the area this morning and I miss my morning walk hunting for shells but I am also happy to be home with my sweet husband and my pups.  ❤


12 Happies Du Jour

As you are reading this I am heading home from Sarasota and may or may not be in beach withdrawals.  We had such a wonderful time and I will miss the mornings with coffee on the patio and our long days playing in the waves and collecting shells.  I am sad our vacation was not longer, but since our middle child starts school tomorrow we needed to cut it to just five days.  As it is we will be coming in hot with one sleep before he starts the new school year.


Managing Stress

Personally I think managing stress is a very personal thing, as well as your stress triggers.  I know for our family what can stress me out doesn't necessarily stress anyone else out and visa versa.  Since we are entering a "new normal" my stress level has been all over the place but seems to stay at a pretty steady bottom level most of the time.  As in, it's much higher than it used to be and it doesn't ever seem to fall below that point.


Vitamin Sea

I woke up this morning had my coffee with a view of palm trees, blue skies and the sound of the ocean and it was truly perfect.  After a long drive yesterday we arrived mid afternoon, just in time to have lunch, get settled in, watch the sunset, and enjoy take out pizza before calling it a night.  As you know I am so happy at the beach and I am even happier here on the west coast of Florida since this is the coast we visited when I was a child and up until we added the second child. (Once we had two kids we felt like anything over six hours was hard to manage) Many Saturdays, summers and even weeks were spent here in Sarasota and on Long Boat Key, Lido Key, Anna Maria, Indian Rocks Beach, and Clearwater. These next five days before school starts will be spent soaking up time with the kids, lots of relaxation and some serious refreshing. 🌴


Pottery Barn x Sarah Bartholomew

I admire so many designers for the talent and incredible work and Sarah Bartholomew is definitely on that list.  I love her approach to classic Southern style with all of the warm and intentional details she adds into her work.  When her home graced the pages of the September 2016 Southern Living I know I was one of many who read it over and over trying to take in all of the incredible views and details.


catstudio Catalog

If you happened to spot a few posts and stories on Instagram then you know my living room is on the cover of the new catstudio catalog. This was such a fun project for me and I was so excited when the offer came to style my home for their catalog.  I can recall the phone call in early October of last year when I tried to understand all she was asking.  My house + their products for the catalog, I could barely take it all in. When the details were finalized and I was aware of all they needed the true fun began.  On a very cold two days in early December Christina Wedge and I worked together to create the images they needed.  We shot both inside the house and outside (in puffy jackets with a lot of hot coffee) and had the best time.  It had recently snowed and I recall being worried that the trees and greenery would look dead (because they were!) Christina just laughed at me and worked her magic and my house looks like it was shot on a warm day in spring instead of a freezing day in the middle of winter. We had the best time and it was absolutely the most fun I have ever had styling a project.


12 Happies du Jour

Happy Tuesday!  This is one of my favorite days of the week on the blog, but I think I may have mentioned that.  This week we are cramming in lots of meetings, doctor appointments and other school stuff so we can leave down on Friday for the beach!!!  It is a super busy week but all I can see at the end is a chair in the surf with books on repeat. I haven't started packing yet, but I do plan to pack my new Jacks, they will be making the cut for sure!  I am not going to Palm Beach, but they were darling in Winter Park so off to Sarasota they go!


Introducing Beautycounter

Happy Monday!  We had a perfect weekend full of both rest + relaxation and even though it ended up completely different than the way I planned it I would not change one single thing.  As usual, things happening the way they are supposed to is way better than the way I plan it.  😉


New Bathroom via Joss & Main

As you probably know I have been fluffing my guest bathroom.  I have posted a few sneak peeks along the way and this one is close is a sneak peek as we are nearing the finish line.  I didn't completely start over with the bathroom, but instead just made some changes that would match the new guest room since time and money were not with me when I started the project.  As I am finalizing the project I got to thinking what I would do with the space if I had gutted it and started over.  


Winter Park Travel Guide

(one of Ginny's amazing orchids)

I know it has been all Winter Park this week, but I am passionate about this lovely area of Orlando and I want to make sure to share every single detail.  As I have mentioned (many times) I have been visiting Winter Park for many, many years and lived there after college before moving to Georgia. It is a charming town with lovely people, incredible shopping and dining and with so much to do.  Simply put ... I love every single thing about it.  I have put together a travel guide for you to use for your visit it to the area.  Some of my tips are things I love and a few of them are collected from my friends that currently live there.


The Alfond Inn

During our stay in Winter Park we had the amazing opportunity to stay at The Alfond Inn.  I spotted it a few summers ago when I was in town for two weeks and I knew immediately it was something I wanted to check out.  Sitting on the edge of Park Avenue across the street from Rollins College it is not to be missed.  The stunning exterior is the first thing I noticed with its beautiful landscaping and amazing tile roof.  When I booked the trip I knew I wanted to book a stay at The Alfond and learn all about this luxury boutique hotel that was the perfect addition to a city I loved.


Winter Park In Photos

Oh we had the best time last weekend, but honestly it was the perfect set up.  One of my favorite cities + one of my favorite people + my favorite season ... what could go wrong.  From the moment we walked across the parking lot to the rental car and I got my first whiff of hot and humid Florida air I was instantly in the best place emotionally.  The opportunity for this trip could not have come at a better time for me and I was ready for some relaxation + discovery + inspiration in the best location.  I honestly could not have planned it better!


Amazon Prime Day (#yesplease)

Yes, I am aware that I am posting two big shopping posts back to back, but these are once in a while sales that need some focus.  Since I shop at Nordstrom and Amazon a lot I have a lot of things I get from both.  Amazon is like a personal assistant for me, I click on it and someone brings it to the house, sometimes in just one day.  It is crazy good and the perfect solution to a busy lifestyle. I am telling you, just like someone who runs your errands and does all the research first.  Win, win, don't you agree?


Nordstrom ... And On Sale!

As you probably know by now Nordstrom is currently having their Anniversary Sale.  It is the time of year to purchase things that you have had your eye on.  I snagged three things that I had hovering in my cart for a bit and I am super excited to get them.  Since I am currently in Winter Park and it is super warm (read HOT) I am not thinking about fall, but there are some things I have bookmarked for you that are perfect for fall.  Gotta plan ahead when a major sale is on, right?


Ballard Designs Atlanta

I have loved Ballard Designs for many years.  I can't tell you how many catalogs I have dogeared over the years.  I would sit down in the morning over coffee and take in every single page.  I am sure if you spent some time looking around my desk you would fine a copy, if not two, of the current catalog.  I am sure I am one of many people who would say the exact same thing ... Ballard Designs is a fabulous company and an Atlanta staple for sure.


Summer Playlist

I love music, like I really love it.  I think music is so good for so many things and for me it is definitely a major mood changer and the perfect pick me up when I need it.  I think music is like a photograph (also love pictures!) for me, I can listen to a song or an album (do you say that anymore?) and I am right back where I was when I listened to it the first time.  When I worked retail we always had music playing on a soundtrack that would come from corporate and we would get so attached to them.  I have one soundtrack that played in the summer of 1994 that I wish I could get and play it now.  I am sure all the memories and moments would flood back with each song that played.  I can even remember a new playlist coming in the biweekly box from corporate and all of us giving it the side eye wondering if it would be as good as the one we currently adored.


12 Happies du Jour

Happy Tuesday!  Did anyone else feel like they needed all weekend to recover from July 4th.  I loved having the holiday in the middle of the week but I can tell you I was getting confused not knowing what day it was.  After a good relaxing Saturday I was back on track Sunday and ready to tackle the week yesterday.

I am back with another edition of Tuesday's 12 happies ... and this week is a good one if I do say so myself.  😉


Vintage Matchbook Love

I love candles which means I like matchbooks.  I recall when restaurants had them at the hostess stands and most definitely in hotels.  I remember seeing them everywhere and not being of an age where I needed them.  As an adult I love a good matchbook and think they are definitely more of a lost art when it comes to marketing.  It is easier (and cheaper) to sell your business on social media than to print custom matchbooks, although I am always so impressed when I see people take the plunge to invest in them.

They instantly have my attention. 


Grownup Cherry Limeade

Anyone else a huge fan of Sonic's cherry limeade?  I can recall as a child going to Sonic with my parents and always ordering a grilled cheese, small tater tots and cherry limeade.  I think I loved it most when they would come out of the building and roller skate over to the car and hang the red tray on the window with our order.  To this day when I am traveling I keep my eye out for a Sonic for a travel treat and order my go to order.  It takes me right back to being in the backseat and taking my first sip of the delicious drink.


Our Fourth

As I mentioned yesterday we completely changed up how we celebrate the fourth of July this year.  I was honestly a little bummed when I first thought about it, but it turned out to be so sweet and so fun and I did not miss our old plans one single bit.



Happy Fourth!! I love this day of the year. I love to celebrate the birth of our country and I love a day that starts with all things red + white + blue and ends with fireworks. don't you?  When I was a little girl we spent many July 4 evenings watching the fireworks at Disney World with my grandparents, and even though the fireworks here in town are not as good, they instantly take me back to those amazing hot July nights. I am a girl who loves a fireworks show! 🎆


12 Happies du Jour

Happy Tuesday!  I love that this is a holiday week, any extra time I get with my family makes me very happy!!!  Can we start with amazing shot of Mary Kay Andrews fireplace all decked out for the 4th!  I love how she has added bunting to her mantle and her overuse of flags makes me very, very happy. 


Our "Brand New" Deck

I love outside spaces.  I love to spend time on the porch in the morning with my coffee and I love to end the day watching the sunset either on the porch or on our deck.  Our porch has been a wonderful place for us for a couple of years but the deck had taken a back seat due to the heat, the furniture choices and the lack of real places to sit and enjoy the space. 


Summer Dress Addict

This summer has been warm in Atlanta and I find myself wearing more dresses than I normally wear this time of year.  I usually have a uniform of about 25% dresses and 75% shorts and tunics or polos but this year it has been very dress heavy, and I definitely don't hate it.  With a few days of rain our temperatures dropped and I grabbed the dress above which is so cute and so cozy.  A perfect fit for yesterdays chilly temps.  I have been wearing this dress quite a bit, but at the moment it is sold out.  It is so very cute ... hopefully it will come back in stock.  I have picked some of my other favorites and some new ones for you (and for me) so we can both add some cute ones to the mix since I can't seem to quit the dress addiction.


Oh Fiddle Fig!

Well, I am sure you aren't going to be shocked when I tell you that my beautiful and luxurious fiddle leaf fig didn't make it.  It was so big and gorgeous when I brought it home and now it is sad and brownish and only have a handful of leaves left on it.  I can't say I am surprised but I really had hoped this stunner would make it and live a long, happy life.   I did listen to others when they gave me advice and I tried to stick with it, but it didn't work and I am left once again with a very sad and dying plant.


12 Happies du Jour

Happy Tuesday!  I have a fun filled holiday inspired post of happies for you today.  Everything from what to do, eat, sip and wear for July 4th which will be here by the time I blink. I know I was gone for a week and then sick for almost a week, but wow, June is FLYING by. I love that July 4th this year comes in the middle of the week.  I love a long weekend, but who doesn't love a week interrupted for a holiday.  Thank you, thank you very much July calendar!

Refill your coffee, sit back and let's discuss summer's best holiday.  Ps, how cute is Teggy French?  That dress, the fabulous truck, does it get any better??


Hi ... It's Me

Happy Monday ... I am starting off the week super early.  I was up before the sun, already had three cups of coffee and I am ready to tackle the day and the week. Last week was super interesting for me, I was trying to get back into a schedule after a week of service and I felt so bad with on and off fevers and a cough I couldn't shake.  I slept a lot, sat quietly a lot (so much to process) and spent a lot of time snuggled up with my sweet husband when I was fever free. At times it felt like a long week, and other times it flew by.  I am happy to say I am now cough free, fever free and very well rested.


Introducing The Wölffer Kitchen

Anyone else a huge fan of Wölffer wine?  I absolutely love Summer In A Bottle and it is hands down my choice for a glass of rosé if I can.  In my opinion it is the best rosé I have ever had.  I hear it is very hard to find but easy to spot in this very beautiful bottle.  I was a little surprised to notice it had a screw top but I very quickly learned it is ideal for having just a glass in the evening.  No worries of it changing flavor once the cork is popped and easy to have on hand for sharing a glass with a friend.  I truly can not recommend it enough. 

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