Oh Happy Spring!

I am literally giddy this morning knowing that spring is here.  There may be a little nip in the air, but the blue sky and the sun shining has me filled with inspiration and dreaming of so many things that I want to do this spring.  Even though Winter isn't my favorite season it usually doesn't make me sad like this one did. It was grey so many of the days and the rain was literally unending.  I can not tell you how much moss we have in our yard and it almost felt as if it was growing on me as well.  I love a good rain storm, especially at night, but rain all day every day is honestly just awful.  The upside to the rain is all the beautiful green (even moss) that we have now and the trees in bloom and the tulips which are just beginning to show their pretty little blooms.  I can not say it enough ... happy spring!


12 Happies du Jour

I hope you are having the most amazing signs of spring that we are in Atlanta.  I am truly so inspired by the sun, the blooming trees and I am even embracing the pollen because I know it means the yards and trees will be gorgeous in just weeks.  Here's to the end of the bitter cold, snow and ice!


Amazing Sale At Frontgate

With warmer temperatures finally showing up along with the blooming trees and the sun shining I am very ready for outdoor soirees.  I absolutely love anything alfresco and our screened porch allows us time in the morning over coffee, lazy afternoons reading and playing games, and evenings spent watching sunsets and enjoying happy hour.  I partnered with Frontgate last year to freshen up the space and the pieces we chose together are perfect, and look brand new even almost a year later. I love working with the amazing people at Frontgate who always have the best options and most incredible selection for both inside and out. 💙


Weekly Wellness ... Spring Cleaning

Anyone else getting really excited about the longer days and slightly warmer temperatures?  The sun shining the last few days for way longer than normal is just life giving.  As the warmer temperatures are starting to stay in Atlanta I am becoming more and more excited about spring.  For some reason it has rained on repeat in Georgia resulting in record rainfall and it, along with winter, has brought on my first ever slight case of winter blues.  The onset of spring is so welcome and I intend to celebrate it with some spring cleaning, fluffing, and more than one spring dinner.


A Great Source For Blue + White

We all love blue and white porcelain and I am sure I am not the only one hunting great pieces to add to my collection.  I find so many great pieces when I am antiquing but I am asked quite a lot about great sources for finding blue and white pieces.  I have found a source you will love, and the prices are truly insane. I found jars, kitchen pieces, lamps, and even a fabulous book. Get ready to add to cart + stock up, these pieces and prices are fabulous.


12 Happies du Jour

Happy Tuesday to you all ... I am heading home this morning from Nashville and a super fun project that I am sure you spotted on Instastories yesterday.  I love being with creative and fabulous people and this collaboration was just that. You must follow my sweet friend Mary Huddleston who is not only so very talented but also so very funny. 💗


The Best Jeans To Add To Your Life

Happy Friday to you!  I am so ready for this weekend I can almost not even handle it.  A little down time + some extra good family time + wearing my new favorite jeans on repeat.  Does it get any better?  I am so excited to share with you that I have purchased and am wearing my second favorite pair of jeans I have bought in a few months time.  I am pretty picky when it comes to jeans and these babies (although I was pretty skeptical they could beat the last pair) are truly fabulous.  They are soft, just the perfect amount of stretch, and the worn spots + the ankle detail make them honestly my new favorites.


Weekly Wellness ... Beautycounter

Happy Thursday to you all ... I am sitting in the office with the sun pouring in and I don't think I could have asked for a prettier day.  Maybe it could be in the 60s, but I will not complain.  Sunny days always make me so very happy.  I decided today was a great day to answer so many questions I have gotten over the past week or so once I posted about Beautycounter and the offer to sign up as a consultant for half price.  My DM was filled with questions as a number of you reached out asking about my experience, what it entails and all the details.  I would have loved to get this up to you before, since it is the last day for the half price deal, but with the week we had I am thrilled that I have the time to do it for you now.


Introducing Weezie Towels

I will be very honest, when Weezie Towels first emailed me I was oblivious that this company selling these luxury monogram towels existed.  After finding their website I immediately spend more time than I should admit to researching the company and reading about every single product they sell.  I can easily do that, go down a rabbit hole of something I like and then have spent so much time learning all I can.  After emailing back with way too many exclamation points and most likely my message in all caps I was set.


12 Happies du Jour

Happy, happy Tuesday!!  I hope your week is going well.  We are hunkering down for what the weather says will be a rainy week and I am wearing all the color I can find, buying all the pretty flowers and focusing on the sun I can create since Mother Nature is grey and cloudy.  Don't you love this amazing hand painted wall?  My sweet friend Evelyn Henson painted it and you can stop by if you are local to Charlotte or are visiting.  Make sure you snag a photo and tag it #confettiheartswall.  I just love it so much!


Candlemaking with Candlefish


Are you a candle lover just as much as I am?  I have such a love for a lit candle and how it makes my house smell and feel.  After deciding to go clean and green in the house this year I have had a hard time choosing safe candles.  I am thrilled to learn that Candlefish has so many options available that allow me to still burn candles ... and be safe.  I am a huge fan of all things Candlefish and have attended two classes to make my own candles which is so much fun and I recommend it to all. 


Shopbop Sale-ing!

Happy Sunday to you!  Today's blog post will be super short because this is the last day of the Shopbop sale and there is so much goodness to be had.  The sale has been extended until midnight tonight and I would hop over and check it out immediately. I love Shopbop for so many reasons and the quick shipping + incredible selection is two of those reasons. This sale is sooo good and always is.  The more you spend the more you save, which means this is the best time to stock up on some things you have had your eye on and a few things for Spring Break which will be here before we all know it.


Weekly Wellness ... Cotton Towels

Hey Friends!  I am so happy to see all the lovely messages regarding our newly finished upstairs hallway, we are so very thrilled.  Yesterday afternoon I had to check in on the rest of the house and found it to be a smidge less than tidy (read messy!!).  I picked up things I had neglected, ran a few loads of laundry and cleaned the heck out of my kitchen.  Why, oh why do the counters gets so crazy??


Adventure Refresh || Stairs + Hallway Reveal

It is here ... I honestly can't even believe I finished.  My upstairs hall + stairwell is complete and looks so much better than I even thought it would. I honestly have no idea why I waited so long to make this happen but I am so thankful it is complete and looks so good.  I am just as happy as I can be.  I am so thankful Jewel of Jewel Interiors put together an amazing blog hop to get me motivated to make a change that I had wanted to get started on for so very long.  Why oh why do we wait for blog hops + company??


Enduring Southern Homes

I remember the day Eric Ross and I "met".  It was about four or so years ago while I was working on my kitchen.  I remember asking a question on my Instagram (and yes it was a silly one) about replacing white plantation blinds (not shutters) in my kitchen with bamboo blinds instead.  I already knew I was replacing them but I threw it out there for thoughts.  One comment will forever stick in my mind.  Eric Ross said to me "you and I both know those blinds need to go", I laughed out loud, followed him immediately and the relationship began.  It was an online only at first and then a year or so later we met in person at a conference and have been real life friends ever since.  Two things stand out to me when I think of Eric.  First, he has an incredible book of business that he adds to all the time with new clients.  He loves traditional design and adores layers, proper drapery and the details which he never skimps on.  The second thing I know to be true is his honesty.  He is brutally honest and has at times caught me off guard with his comments and responses, but he remains true to himself no matter what.  We laugh about it all the time and I have come to cherish that honesty as our friendship continues to grow.


12 Happies du Jour

Happy, happy Tuesday to you.  I am up super early fueled by extra coffee + a project deadline.  I have stuff literally stacked everywhere to be hung + all kinds of things stacked (carpet cleaning and painter for doors) to be finished by a certain time and its all sorts of crazy town. Can you tell I am caffeinated?!  I am so close to be finished with our upstairs hall which has now spilled into a stair well + a foyer.  I know, its crazy town and I am all in for every second of it! 


Oil Addict Party of 1

I remember seeing people using Young Living oils and just sort of dismissing it as a "new thing" and never diving any further into them.  As I look back now I realize how very silly I was.  The first time I chatted with someone about using essential oils it was using Frankincense for my husband and I immediately ordered a set of organic oils + a diffuser in August of last year.  I spoke to our oncologist who told me a lot of people love them and for good reasons so I began to research more, but it wasn't until December that Young Living was introduced to me.  I honestly need to send my friend Mandy flowers + a case of wine and most likely something more for opening up my eyes and truly changing our days and most likely our lives.


Adventure Refresh || Sponsors + Plan

Happy Thursday to you.  Why oh why is it when I am working on a project does the time seem to fly right by?  When you begin you think ... oh two weeks is more than enough to transform a hallway and then on week 1 you are all 😳 and sucking down the coffee like its a full time job.  It happens every single time I work on something.  I think it is more than enough time and then the reality hits of all the things that have to be done and then panic sets in. It always works out and this time is no different.  I am prepared and it will be fabulous and the stress will not even be something I remember when it is all done.  She says as she pours more coffee. 



image by Christina Wedge

I have had this weeks posts complete for a few days but today was sitting empty with no inspiration on my part.  It was baffling to me that I couldn't pull together something for today until I woke up this morning and I could think of was peace. 


12 Happies du Jour

Oh happy Tuesday!  We are currently on winter break so the days are not scheduled and we have been enjoying some low key time.  I don't love the short summers, but I do love the week off with the kids every other month and the February break is one of my favorites!  💗  I have some fabulous things to share with you today ... some things to see, some to buy, and a few things I have on my mind!


Cape Cod In Sea Island

I may have mentioned once (or many times) that I love wearing August Morgan dresses.  There is just something about Kate's designs that make me feel so good about putting them on.  When I packed up for this year's Summit I knew I would be taking this darling dress and it most definitely did not disappoint. 💗


Weekly Wellness ... Healthy Hair

I have been so excited to share this post with you as it has truly changed my days and most definitely my hair.  As part of my work I read a lot of posts and am always researching something and one day last fall I stumbled onto an article about how to wash your hair.  I was a little skeptical since we all wash our hair, but after reading and trying their tips I realized I was seriously lacking in the washing department.  I was doing it all wrong leaving me with clean hair but needing to wash every few days.  What I am about to share with you seems simple but yet isn't and will most definitely also change your days ... and your hair.


Adventure Refresh

Happy Thursday to you!!  ❤ I am so very excited to share a project with you that begins today.  I have partnered with some fabulous bloggers as we all share a little project refresh in our homes.  Nothing too big but something we all felt needed some love and attention.   What I love about these amazing bloggers is that they all inspire me and they write incredible blogs, ones you should all read.  I am blown away by the level of talent and inspiration they bring and I am so very blessed to be among this incredibly creative group.


12 Happies du Jour

Hi lovies!!  I am full of energy this week which means you will see me bopping all over Stories with so many fun things to share. As I have told y'all, I love February and Valentines Day is one of my favorite holidays so the extra energy is fulled by both of those amazing details.  I am wearing all the pink, all the hearts and filling my friends texts with love notes to show them how special they are to me!!  I hope to inspire you to do the same.  We all crave to hear we are loved, adored, wanted and treasured and this month is the best time to get started with sharing those details with the ones who mean the very most to us. 💗

So many great things to share today ... so let's do this!!


TSC Summit 2019

Happiest of Mondays to you!  I had such a fabulous week in Sea Island with The Southern C and now I am home filled with inspiration and a pile of business cards representing amazing new relationships.  This was, by far, the best Summit I have attended from the people there to the presenters to the incredible weather.  I just can't say enough things about it.  I am one happy girl filled with so much knowledge, armed with a long to do list and ready to take on the year. 🎉


Hazen + Barrington

What happens when two of your favorite brands work together to make something incredible?  Well ... you end up with something amazing and oh so fabulous, and just in time to celebrate the holiday of love!!  By now I hope you have spotted the new collaboration between Hazen & Co. + Barrington Gifts resulting in this darling little clutch and the precious trio of bracelets.  I just love the blush pink and animal print and how versatile the set is, and how it translates way beyond Valentines Day! 💗


Weekly Wellness ... Breaking Up With Plastic

Visiting Haiti last summer really opened my eyes to the extreme plastic issue in our country.  Riding in the city and seeing piles of trash on the side of the road.  Staying in our hotel and seeing the discarded water bottles floating in the ocean and piled under bushes really just broke me.  They do not have a garbage collection service of any kind and they have to discard the bottles the only way they know how.  A few of the homes we spotted had strung them up as doors and gates and to my surprise it was a fantastic idea.  It is not as though their doors + fences would be breaking down any time soon. As we drove the streets and visited the villages I could not shake the feeling that I had been so selfish and wasteful at home.  If I could only help them with their situation to make it somehow better.    When I came home we changed our mindset, and have kept it ever since! ❤


12 Happies Du Jour

Happy Tuesday!!  I am heading to Summit today and I am literally skipping on air I am so ready to have the inspiration flow thorough me!!  I have so many things packed to share with you while I am gone so make sure you are following along on Instagram and most definitely with Stories.  I will be over-gramming for sure!! The image above is from my first Summit and I will be missing Krystine this trip so much as I have never attended without her.  She will be home loving on that amazing new baby boy, so I completely understand.  Doesn't mean I won't be texting and face timing her like mad. I am rooming with my dear friend Emily McCarthy and we are staying at the King & Prince which is a first time for me.  I usually stay at a Sea Island property but we are switching it up for some new content!! 

Stay tuned ...


What I Pack In My Tote For Travel

A few trips back I discovered that the best way for me to pack for a trip is to pack a large tote as my carry on and to carry my purse separately.  I can pack my laptop easily, add in a book, a baseball hat or a scarf, some snacks and a water bottle + so much more.  It just makes so much sense. My favorite bag to take as a tote is my Louie Vuitton Neverfull (the large one) which truly holds so very much.  I can use Louie as a back up for my purse and pack it with so many things that are extra and don't fit in my purse but I need with me on a trip.  I purchased an organizer to fit inside and now packing for a trip has never been easier.


Happy February!!

Have I mentioned I love February?  Like, really love it??  I love every single day of it.  The weather is starting to warm just a little bit and I wear all the pink all the days and it just makes me happy.  I may have mentioned at some point that I do not like odd numbers.  They make me feel sort of off ... and the fact that February only has 28 days just seems so very perfect.  Yep, a little odd I know, but it is what it is.  ❤


Weekly Wellness ... Cleaning Products

Happy Thursday!  I am so excited about the post today, I have so much to share and so much great information I hope helps you as much as it has helped us.  When I embarked on this journey my goal was to go as green as I could in the house, never thinking it would save us money.  I have only been working on the green journey for a few weeks and I have already found I was spending crazy amounts on laundry and cleaning products that I didn't need to.  Not only am I switching out our products to make them green, but I have cut down on the number of products I am using by a shocking amount. Every single step I make I learn so much and with every single thing I uncover I am more and more convinced I have made the right decision, both financially and for our health + well being.


Book Recs + A Book Club

A few weeks ago when I was heading to Arlington, Virginia for the weekend I asked for a great recommendation for a book to read.  I wanted something light, uplifting and just enjoyable.  I got so many amazing recommendations which I promised to share with you, and today I have those recommendations for you along with the book club I will be joining on February 1.  I am really excited because by joining I will be guaranteed to have read 12 books by the end of the year which is more books in one year than I have read in the last three.  (As I type that I realize how sad that really is!) I call that a major goal buster, and I am really excited about it.


12 Happies Du Jour

Happiest of Tuesdays to you!!   I hope your week is off to an amazing start and you are starting this day fully caffeinated and ready to take on the world. The weather has been super cloudy as we are preparing for some winter weather, but it was gorgeous and sunny on Saturday and we loved every single second!  It was super cold so I wore my favorite pale pink sweater + white jeans + my new loafers.  The perfect outfit for a sunny day!


All The Pink Please

February 1 is inching closer and closer and I must share that I absolutely love February.  I think I have mentioned it before over the years, but it is one of my favorite months.  It is nice and short, the weather is beginning to show signs of spring, and of course, I feel like it is the month of love.  We all need more love in our lives, don't you agree?


A Tale of Two Sweaters + My Favorite Necklace

 As I told you a few weeks ago I found that I had a sweater problem, as in I had a large number of grey, black, navy, and cream with a tiny sprinkling of pink and light blue.  It was a shock to me when I was looking to add a colorful sweater to my outfit on a gloomy day.  I also noticed I had a lot of sweaters and most of them I had not worn for quite some time.  I hang my sweaters on wood hangers since my folded space in my closet is next to nil and the sweater section was taking up a good four feet which, honestly, is embarrassing.


Starting With Young Living Oils

Happy Thursday to you all!  I had to make a break in the regularly scheduled Weekly Wellness schedule to bring you a post that so many of you asked for regarding purchasing and using essential oils.  So to sum up, I am new to the essential oil + clean living journey as I just began about two weeks ago.  This year we have committed as a family to living as clean as we can.  Why?  Well after last year and our journey with mental health + cancer life just isn't the same.  We aren't the same and to support our family as best as we can, in any way possible, it is time to examine what we expose our bodies and minds to and so the journey to clean living has begun. 


Introducing Pippa Goetz

I am not sure when I started following Pippa Goetz on Instagram, I just know recently that I realized that her feed was more than just pretty + inspiration, it was fabulous.  Pippa fills her feed with incredible styling mixed in with incredible wit.  It was late in the fall that I spotted some pumpkins she had painted and my hand literally did a double take as my fingers scrolled back to her photo so I could read all about them.  Fast forward to a post announcing she was selling some hand painted oyster shells and I could not order them fast enough.  This was just the tip of the iceberg of her talents beginning to show themselves and I could not have be happier. 


12 Happies Du Jour

Oh I have so many fun things to share today, but traveling always inspires me, so I am truly not surprised at all.  I may have mentioned on Instagram (in excess) I had a wonderful weekend having some girl time in DC.  I have never been to DC or to Virginia and will be going back as a tourist with the kids, so this was just a best friend bonding, soak up time weekend and it was perfect for both of us.  Holly and I met our senior year at UCF and have been completely attached at the heart ever since.  One of my children is named after her, she is that close to family for us.  She moved to Arlington last year but since I have not had the time to just go and be with her this was a way overdue visit.


Do You Swipe Up?

Shopping links have become an every day occurrence in our lives.  I remember the first time I wanted to know what someone was wearing and had to swipe up to get the details. I was a little overwhelmed.  It was something I had to register for, then like the photo, and then wait until the email came to get the details.  It was a multi step process and I was very late to the game to understand it all and to be able to how to use it. 


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