Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

It's that time again, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!  I am sure you have heard the buzz this week as a lot of people are super excited about the selection and the darling pieces for fall and winter.  For me I am only shopping a few things, and all of them are favorites and go tos, staples for sure. I honestly do not need anything but I do love to check out the shoes, the pajamas (comfort clothes for me), the candle selection and all the UGGS.  It is so easy to be excited about the sale and then purchase things I do not need or won't wear more than once so I try to be extra picky during this sale.  I love Nordstrom as much as everyone and their sales and customer service are truly top notch. This year I needed so little, but did find a few things I either needed to replace, would be amazing as a gift for Christmas (yes, I just said that) or are truly a great deal.


Introducing The Palm Beach Collection

I said it this morning on Instagram and I think its so true.  One of my favorite thing about my collaborations with Caroline + Mary are the custom paper suites that Caroline creates.  For our Palm Beach table Caroline captured the way I see Palm Beach perfectly.  With all the pink stripes, cabanas, the addition of a beach buggy and chinoiserie + bamboo details I think she truly nailed the design.  I am thrilled to share the collection in full with you, and offer you a one day discount for shopping.


All The Lilly Please + Thank You

Can you even go to Palm Beach without wearing Lilly Pulitzer?  Is that even allowed?  I know I can't do it and I feel the need to wear a lot of it, buy a piece or two, and make sure I pack all of my favorite older Lilly pieces.  Since this was the first time exploring Palm Beach for my friends I immediately told them to "Pack your Lilly + add "Shop at Lilly" to the agenda. There really isn't any other way to do it.


Perfectly Palm Beach

We are back at it and I could not be more excited to share this table and this weeks content with you.  My girls (Sweet Caroline Designs + Mrs. Southern Social) and I headed to Palm Beach for a few days, some quality girl time and all the creativity we could make happen.  I was so excited for this trip for a couple of weeks and when it finally came down to the day we were leaving it could not have come at a more perfect time.  The kids were off to camp, Lawyer was busy with work and I needed some girl time and creativity on the road.

And oh did we create.  


Pink Luggage ... Yes Please!

I am literally bursting at the seams to share all of our Palm Beach trip with you, it is literally the best trip I have taken in quite some time.  Of course, no trip can compare to a family trip, but work trips can be hard and not the most fun at times.  Luckily, I am super picky about who I work with, who I travel with and where I go.  This trip for the four of us (Caroline, Mary, Andrea + me) was hands down the best trip I have taken this year.  The combination of my favorite state + my favorite city + the best hotel + an amazing photographer + a fun group made it simply perfection.  Like I said, I can't wait to share it all with you.


Americana Collection

One of the best things about working with Sweet Caroline Designs has been the introduction to her incredible paper designs.  Caroline is gifted in creating paper goods and not only can she create your exact vision, she over delivers every single time.  From our Charleston Collection to our Palm Beach selections coming soon, you can quickly tell how why I am over the moon with every single thing she creates. 


Red, White + Gingham, Yes Please!

We had the best day yesterday.  💙🎇 The funny thing about our cancer journey is that I have learned to set aside my expectations for something so much better and every single time I am met with this decision I have found the something better is always better. For years we had the same plans ... Marietta Square parade with donuts + pool with sandwiches + grilling with friends + Fireworks.  Last year we did all but the parade and this year we did none of the plan.  But ... it was still good, like really good and ended up perfect.  This is the second holiday we have been able to be just the five of us and the laughter at the table is by far my favorite part.


Lilly, White + Blue

Anyone else super excited about a three day work week?  Yes please, especially after my fabulous trip last week.  With the Palm Beach trip still replaying in my memories I am sporting all my Lilly on repeat.  There is nothing I can wear that makes me feel more like a Florida girl than anything from Lilly Pulitzer and, since I picked up a bunch of pieces from Worth Avenue, it makes me feel like I am still very much on vacation. I call that a major win, win, don't you think?


Old Navy ... Tried and True

I have always been pleasantly shocked by how good Old Navy's collection is time and time again. I have found everything from the cutest pajama shorts to pair with a good graphic tee, fur lined loafer slides, the best sweaters, and velvet pants. If you need a cute dress, its the best place to start.  When we needed some one piece swim suits last week for church camp, we hit the jack pot with a few, especially this one. I love that you can find the basics at Old Navy but also some fun and not expensive trendy pieces as well. I was so happy to find these darling espadrilles a few months ago, perfect style plus under $30, oh yes! Old Navy just doesn't disappoint. 


Blueberry Pie Perfection

Two weeks ago I received a fabulous box from Southern Baked Pie shipping me this gorgeous and incredibly delicious blueberry pie. Even though I knew the box was coming I was over the moon to find it on my doorstep. I have spoken about Amanda's pies before and I am happy to share them many, many times.  Amanda makes an incredible pie complete with an all butter crust.  These delicious works of art are not only incredible, but so beautiful and will make you the belle of the ball for sure when you serve them.


Introducing Classic Prep Monograms

I had the lovely privilege of discovering the incredible work of Michelle Brinker when she reached out to me and asked if she could send me a monogrammed gift.  I never say no to anything with a monogram, especially those pieces that are incredible as is the selection available from Classic Prep Monograms.  Since I owned a monogram business for a little more than four years I am very picky when it comes to monogram gifts and monograms in general.  I have seen and used many monogram styles and I like things that are different and traditional and when the amazing gift arrived I literally gasped with excitement. It was sooooo good.


Happy Day of Sunnies!

I can't think of a better place to be celebrating National Sunglasses Day than Palm Beach.  We donned our swim suits and headed for some quality time by the pool with all the cute drinks.  I love my sunnies and I have so many pairs that I change out for all the fun adventures.  This darling pair are one of my go tos for the pool, the beach and all the cute adventures in between.


12 Happies du Jour

So, I have been a little vague when so many of you have asked about our scan results from last week.  We had our appointment on Friday and it wasn't the news we were hoping for so we are gathering our intel and trying to use our team to make the best decision.  To say I am turned upside down would be an understatement, but I have faith in our team and complete faith in God to make this the best it can be, and even better than that!!!  I will share when I understand more and when I can.  I know it is a lot to ask of those of you who are so good and faithful to pray for us, but at this time it is all I can give you.  Thank you for loving on us the way you do. 


Summer Dessert Soirée

Happy first Monday of summer!  Anyone else love summer as much as I do?  I don't think I am ever happier than I am during the summer months. Every single thing about summer makes me so very happy and reminds me of every single thing Florida and I am just giddy. I am sure I have told you this once (or thousands) before.  This year to celebrate the official first day of summer I partnered with my amazing friend Steve McKenzie to create some amazing desserts for a dessert party using our favorite china company + some delicious Jackson Morgan Southern Cream flavors + some candles from my Summer Collection with Creative Candles.

We were both really excited to try some new things and have some creative time together.  I always love my time with Steve, he brings his A game every single time and I always learn a thing or three from him.  That is always a win, win. 


12 Happies du Jour

The last week or so I have been off my game.  Part of it is because we had a scan this week and those always put me in a weird head space.  The other part is due to a number of things.  Life is so complicated at times and messy and it is hard to navigate.  Our girl is a rising high schooler (is that even a word?) and that comes with its own set of emotions for all of us.  I am working this summer more than I like and I am doing my best to be very present.  Also, some life changes have been going on and they have had me all up in my head.  They are really good changes, thank you Jesus, but trusting when you don't want to is so very hard.  I have never trusted more or been more grounded in my faith and at the same time walked through a harder season of life, and its not going anywhere any time soon.  Lots of feelings, lots of emotion, so many blessings and so much love.  We will be victorious.


All The Aldo Goodness

I mentioned last week that I had found a great new source for some great bags and shoes and I was not kidding.  I popped in for one clutch and ended up leaving with three pairs of shoes, two bags and the most epic shoe clips.  I was completely clueless that Aldo's selection was so good, but now I know which means you must know as well.


Starfish And Stripes

As you know I am a huge fan of all things Giddy Paperie.  Leslie Chalfont has been the focus of a number of blog posts and honestly I just adore her.  Leslie is a great supporter of mine and the admiration is mutual.  She is a darling friend, lovely hostess and a fabulous wife and mother.  Can you tell I think a lot of her??  I think one of my favorite things about Leslie is that she is a true artist.  She is always creating and if you follow along with her Instagram stories you will see her sketching and painting all the time.  I love to watch her create and see the inspiration behind her drawings and paintings.  As someone who doesn't even draw a heart that well I think it is pretty magical.


Entertaining For July Fourth

The goal for my time at Hazen & Co. was to speak on entertaining and, more specifically, for July 4th.  When Taylor and I set up the event I pulled together three different things I could share to make entertaining for one of my favorite holidays easier.  I shared three different things, how to create a red, white + blue charcuterie board, a fun punch to serve, and two ideas for a centerpiece.  I love all three of these things since I am the one who is responsible for these things when we have people over.  My husband is a master at the grill and loves to cook so he delegates the table, the drinks and the decor to me.  It works out perfectly and we consider it a win, win.


August Morgan In Dallas

I am home from Dallas but the memories and the adventure are still swirling in my head.  We had such a fabulous time and, even though it was just two days, we filled it with all the events, amazing people, fabulous food + sips, and all the giggles.  It was such a fabulous two days and I can't wait to share more of it with you tomorrow.  Just envision all the red, white + blue plus amazing people and an incredible event and you pretty much hit the nail on the head.


All The Love For Flag Day

It's Flag Day and I have all things red, white and blue for you today!!  Flag Day celebrates the anniversary of the Flag Resolution which was signed in 1777.  On May 30, 1916 President Woodrow Wilson set aside a day to celebrate the anniversary and President Truman signed an act of Congress proclaiming June 14 would be known as Flag Day.  The American Flag is so special and truly does deserve its own day.  I love displaying our flag hanging to the left side of the entrance to our home.  While today's post does not celebrate the Flag with all the items included, it does allow you to dress the part to celebrate the Flag the way it was meant to be celebrated.  Let us all fly our flags today with pride to be a American. 

Americana Love

So many amazing pieces that are perfect for your summer celebrations and are full of all the red, white + blue goodness ... 

Happy Friday! 🎇


Millie Anne ... Six Months Later

I can't even believe it has been a full six months since we adopted our sweet Millie.  I have to remember that this is the same dog I was sure I would not want, that I was sure I would never love another pet the way I did Miles and that no pup would be my best friend again.  I was so wrong on so many levels.  My friend Libbie encouraged me to do it, not think about it, but just do it.  Lawyer had been telling me for weeks we needed to do it and I just couldn't ... I was so heartbroken over the loss of Miles and yet the minute I got out of the car in Columbus to meet her I was a goner. 


Our New Guest Room + $500 For You

Our guest room got a fluff, not a major one, but it made some major and fabulous changes to the space we had and I am so happy to get to share it with you today.  I love it so much and I have been feeling strange about this space for so long. It is done and I could not love it more!

So many of the elements of our guest room came together over time but when I partnered with my sweet friend Ashley Brooke (one of my favorite bloggers, like ever) + Frontgate (one of my favorite companies on the planet) things happened pretty quickly.  We both had a room in our house that we felt was in need of a little attention.  She tackled her dining room, you must see it!!, and for me it was this room. We both love Frontgate and teamed up to tackle these rooms + give you $500 to do your own refresh, keep reading!!


Introducing The Summer Style Collection

It's here, it's really here.  You know when you work on a project for months and then the day comes when you can finally tell the world, well today is that day.  I relate a launch to Christmas morning, so much excitement!!  I have paired up with two of my favorite brands and friends to collaborate on a fun summer pairing. Hazen & Co. (I 💙 Taylor) + Elizabeth Wilson Designs (Elizabeth is the sweetest!!) and I have created two pairings for you I know you will love and are perfect for all your summer outfits.  Introducing ... the Summer Style Collection. 


Frosé Popsicles ... Yes Please!

It might just be the best day of the year ... it's National Rosé Day.  I love rosé and drink it all times of the year, but summer really is just the best time to enjoy it. It is light, fruity and the pink color makes it even better. How can you say no to the perfect pale pink wine?   On Tuesday I shared a recipe in 12 Happies for a fabulous popsicle recipe and made some for myself to enjoy today. I have never made popsicles before but it was easy and fun and I will be adding homemade popsicles to the summer bucket list just as I have already added ice cream.  It seems silly to say I have never made either before now, but it is true and I will be making up for lost time in the next few months.  It is homemade popsicles + ice cream on repeat at our house for the near future. 


Shopping For Father's Day

It's almost Father's Day and showering our Daddy with love is at the top of our to do list. So many think that the Mother is the heart of the home, and she is, but for us our Daddy is pretty special and deserves all the love and pampering we can manage.  He is just the best and works harder than anyone I know.  He is balancing his life like a master and I could not be more proud he chose me to walk this life together.  I absolutely love the photo above taken by my best friend at our rehearsal dinner ... we were so young and so excited about our new life.


The Perfect Garden Room

Eddie Ross and I have been friends for about seven years.  Having first met at a shopping date at Scott Antique Market we have see each other at various events over the years.  We share a love for thrifting and shopping antique shops and estate sales.  We are both collectors of things we love and have chatted about our obsessions many times.  Eddie introduced me to the best candles, the source for the best silver polish and taught me how about the art of collecting silver flatware pieces.  He has incredible talent and is quite funny, as you can tell from his Instagram stories.  I was thrilled when he and long time partner Jaithan bought their dream house a few years ago in Pennsylvania.  Watching them transform their incredible home, Edgewood Hall, has been so amazing.  The ups and downs of renovating are many and its not for the faint of heart, but what results is a fabulous work of love.


I'm Heading to Dallas!

Sips & Summer Styles with Paige Minear

I am heading to Dallas, Texas next week and I am super excited about it.  I haven't traveled in two months and it's time to make some fun out of town memories.  I get to hang out with some of my favorite girls, Hazen & Co and August Morgan and I know it will be simply amazing! Do you recall the fabulous Merrily Minear trio Hazen & Co and I worked on in December?  Well, we have a new fabulous collaboration for you and this one is just as amazing, if not more!!  I can't wait to share it with you next week!!


12 Happies du Jour

Happy Tuesday ... anyone else kind of in shock that it is June 4?  The kids have been out of school for just a couple of weeks and it already seems to by flying by.  I am doing my best to make sure we really soak in this summer, as it will be gone in a blink if I don't.   I have been taking a moment each day to stop and celebrate the summer, make a memory and make it last.  It has been so fun already and I can't wait to see it all come together at the end of summer, which we are currently not discussing.  At all.  Every morning last week I sat on the front steps and just enjoyed the incredible gardenias blooming. The scent was fabulous and my coffee just seemed to taste even better, if that is even possible. 


Blush + Navy For Mother's Day

Immediately after my big box of Creative Candles from the Summer Collection arrived I wanted to use them.  As in immediately.  I pulled the candles out and started setting them in piles to use them for different places and different tables, I was so excited.  As I shared Creative Candles are incredible and the colors are so very pretty and I was thrilled to have so many colors, sizes and options at my fingertips.  The box arrived the week of Mother's Day and I was tasked with setting the table for the weekend while the Hubs + kids did the cooking and the rest of the preparations.  When my husband asked me to manage the table I was thrilled, and so prepared. 


The Perfect Lantern

As some of you may have seen on stories, I have been searching high and low for candle holders for these fabulous white 4x6 pillar candles.  My vision was to be able to light them on the porch, the front door steps and all over the deck when we needed them.  Since it is porch season we spend so much time outside and candle light just makes it even more magical.  Looking for holders turned into a Goldilocks moment ... some too short, too fat, too tall, too weird, I couldn't find anything at all that would work. 


Creative Candles Summer Collection

I am so very excited to announce a super fun collaboration I have been working on for a few months. As you know I absolutely love Creative Candles.  I love their tapers and absolutely love using them on tables, on our porch, and in every single candle holder in my home.  Their color selections are fabulous and you can choose everything from a 9 inch taper to a 24 inch taper, votives, pillars and every single thing in between.  Their selection is crazy good!!  I was asked by Creative Candles to be the ambassador of their Summer Collection and I have the curated collection to share with you today.  All of the candle in the colors that feel like summer to me and a variety of sizes for you to use all summer long. The Summer Collection includes candles in a showcase of cool blues, vibrant oranges and neutral pinks to match perfectly with all your summer entertaining needs. 

Have I mentioned I work at my dream job lately? 


Prepping For Sunny Days

The sun is out and summer is on and I could not love it more.  With the return of summer comes the responsibility of sun protection for all those days of summer adventures.  I love the sun just as much as I always have, but I take the damage the sun can do seriously, honestly more seriously than ever before.  When my husband was diagnosed with cancer last April we had to make our rounds for all the checks for his whole body and one of those appointments was to a dermatologist to check out some spots on his chest.  According to the American Cancer Society more people are diagnosed with skin cancer than all other cancers combined. One in five people will be diagnosed with some sort of skin cancer by the age of 70 which makes all of us vulnerable and all of us responsible for safe skin care.  Having spent so much time in an oncologists office I am passionate about helping you in any way I can.  The word cancer in any form is frightening and any tips + tricks I can share to help you never hear that word for you or anyone you love.


The Perfect Summer Dress

I have told you before and I am happy to share again and again, Walmart Fashion is one of my go tos when I need something fabulous.  Our recent eighth grade graduate needed a white dress for her ceremony and we ordered two of them, this one and another one.  Although I loved both of them, she decided the other one was more her style.  This one, however, was way more me and most definitely my assistant's style.  Isn't it so cute?


12 Happies du Jour

Happy Tuesday!  I hope your long weekend was incredible and you are really excited about the short week ahead.  I love a short week, but this one is going to be so full so I am thinking it may feel a little long.  That's alright ... lots of coffee, lots of good stuff and lots of happies to share with you today.

We had the best weekend.  Just the perfect mix of planned things and nothing at all.  Friday night we did nothing at all (my current favorite Friday evening plans) and then Saturday started the day with a trip to the Farmer's Market.  It was hot and we got their late, but it was still the best.  Millie was exhausted when we got home after her marathon smelling excursionThe kids spent most of Saturday at the pool with all of their friends and we just kept running snacks and drinks up like waiters.  It was so fun to see them having a blast.  Sunday was a mix of relaxing and some house chores including some pot gardening, which I am super excited about.  I love growing herbs and all the mint I can get my hands on.  Yesterday we had friends over for lunch and they stayed until late in the afternoon. We sat around chatting on the porch forever and it was ... the best.  We all gathered for movies last night and just some down time to end the perfect long weekend.  I crossed every single thing off my list this weekend ... read a book, hit the pool, farmers market, after dinner ice cream trip, house chores, have friends over, eat BBQ, sleep in and sneak in a nap (or two).  I call this weekend a huge success!  🙌


Happy Memorial Day 2019!

Today is the unofficial first day of summer and I think I am officially ready.  It always takes me a few days to adjust to the new schedule and, most importantly, the kids being done with another year of school.  I am always super excited for them to be home, just not so happy about them being another year older.  #sniff.


Memorial Day Sales

I hope your long weekend is off to an amazing start!  We are spending it with a mix of planned events mixed in with some relaxation and spur of the moment ideas which I think will be so much fun! 🎆 There are so many amazing sales happening this weekend and I had to share them all with you.  I hope you find some fabulous items among all the goodness, I know I did!


Cheers With A Charleston Cocktail

As you well know I love to create a crafted cocktail.  The moment I invite people over or am asked to put something together I begin researching and thinking of the drink I would like to make.  I think it is just stays on the to do list along with hostess gift, grab flowers, and run to market. My go to for a while is to make a punch of some sort and then set it beside a selection of spirits to let the guests choose whether they would like something in their beverage or to keep it as is.  For the trip to Charleston I was inspired by both our darling pink + orange table and learning that Ocean Spray had created a pink cranberry juice.  I spotted it while shopping at the market and instantly knew it would be perfect for the drink I was asked to create. 

The Charleston Collection

I am so excited about this post today ... this is something that I have been working on for almost a month so I am thrilled to be able to share it with you today.  The moment Mary Huddleston and I finished working together on our Easter collaboration we immediately started talking about what we wanted to do next.  It was a conversation over coffee before I left town and the last thing we said was ... so what are we doing next?  The moment the trip to Charleston came together the first thing on the list was a second tablescape. I knew we wanted to pull together a stunning table, but we wanted to do something more than set an incredible table to inspire others and show off amazing brands, we wanted to create something.


Breakfast On The Balcony

As I type this for you now I find myself craving an amazing breakfast just like the one we had while in Charleston.  Isn't is always that way when you have something so good, you crave it again and again?  Wednesday morning of our trip we were up early and ready for the day and most definitely the doorbell when our breakfast arrived.  Coffee in hand + cute pajamas on we were hungry and more than dying for some Callie's biscuits and grits


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