Flowers + Citrus With Parker Kennedy Living

One of the many, many, many benefits of being best friends with Lance Jackson is his floral talent. (And I say this with like 1,000 + many because he is wicked talented in every single way possible!!)  He swears he isn't a florist, yet creates so many stunning and jaw dropping arrangements and makes it look so very easy you would swear he was fibbing.  I love fresh flowers and shop for them each Monday to have in the house.  As I buy them I remember every single tip he has shared along with how to keep them fresh, and most of all, which ones to choose. I have always loved flowers, but he has taught me so much that my floral game has seen a major jump in the last few years.  I am a roses girl.  I love roses and almost every single color they come in.  I am partial to pale pink and hot pink, but I am just as happy with vases of orange, white, and or yellow all over the house.  As luck would have it Lance shared some of his tips in a live video on Instagram yesterday to show how he styles roses and how he incorporates citrus into arrangements. 


Weekly Wellness Week 2

Last week I started a Weekly Wellness journey with you and this week I am back with a second area of the home.  If you are just joining me you can read all about my Why and the changes we made in the self care + beauty areas in last weeks post.  Since I have already made our bathrooms clean it was time to tackle area number two. My goal is to end this year with our home and the things we consume being as close to 100% clean and green as possible.  With this weekly commitment I am hoping to make the changes easy for me and for our family and for you as you follow along.


Shopping With Amazon

We all love Amazon.  I don't think that is a news flash for anyone.  You get to shop from home, have it delivered in less than two days with a Prime membership, and its like shopping from a huge shop that carries every single thing from aspirin + Q-tips to luggage + luxury items.  I have shared many items I have bought from Amazon in the past but recently I started buying more that I have yet to share, and today I am sharing some of my favorite things I have purchased and truly think are fabulous.  And the best part ... most of them will show up at your door with Prime shipping.  That to me is just the icing on the cake. Get ready to make it an add to cart kind of day!


12 Happies du Jour

My friend Nicole sent this to me yesterday and it really spoke to me.  The fact that she thinks I may be the woman described here made all the difference in my day which was starting with me on the struggle bus.  If you know someone you feel like this applies to ... share it with her and let it speak to her heart the way it spoke to mine! ❤


Introducing Young Living

I have told you I am going green this year and every single week I am taking on one area of the house and our lives.  At the end of the year I will as close as we can to a green house and making green choices.  The first decision I made for the year to put us on the right track was to purchase a Premium Starter Kit from Young Living.  I jumped in with both feet and completely committed to the products.  They arrived 10 days ago and I haven't had one single regret.


Weekly Wellness Week 1

I didn't make resolutions this year but I did make some goals.  My first goal was to stick to my word of the year, but more coming on that soon.  My second goal was to go completely (or as close as I can) green in our home.  With every single visit at the oncologist office I learn more and more and you can't ever un-hear what they tell you.  As we have walked this path I have made steps to change the products we use in the home and on our bodies and so far its been an easy transition. Last year I traded out my makeup and skincare and the products in our shower.  This year it will be all about our home and rest of the products we use.  Some of it will require me to trade out products that are unsafe and some of it will require me to trade out products that are not earth friendly.  I will tackle it week by week and I would love for you to join me.  Any changes you make will make a big dent, and it does take time to make changes that stick.  I am really excited about this journey! 


What I Splurged On Last Year

As we all know last year was a rocky one and, honestly, I didn't buy that much for myself.  It was good in a lot of ways as I really need so little.  I did buy a number of things I needed (new pair of jeans, car seat for Millie, settee for my office) that were really useful and made a impact in my days. Anyone who buys a great pair of jeans knows how fabulous they are and how often you wear them. Am I right?  On top of the things I needed ... I bought a handful of things I wanted that I really am happy I purchased.  All these months later I am thrilled I have them and use them literally all the time.  I can't wait to share them with you today.  I would love to hear what you splurged on that you are really excited about so DM me and email me and share those purchases!


12 Happies du Jour

I have really missed this series.  I had to put it aside for all the Christmas and holiday content but I am so happy to bring it back. I make lists all week of things that catch my eye and I always save them for this post.  I always feel a little like it is a good phone call with a bestie where you get to catch up and share all the things you have been thinking about. I have so many things to share and I may not be able to keep it at 12 items, but I am completely fine with that.


It's Monday!!

Wow ... Christmas vacation is officially over and the kids are on their way to school for their first day of the new year.  We had the best weekend and I soaked up every single second of time with them since the schedule will officially ramp up this week for both them and me.  It is market week here in Atlanta and I have so many things on the schedule and so many friends to meet up with.  It is a lunch, dinner, meeting galore week and I love it! 


Word Of The Year

Last year I took the plunge and set a word for the year.  I knew I wanted to be intentional about the word I chose, as I wanted it to set the tone for the year.  When I chose it my son had recently hit a major crisis with his health and it just seemed fitting.  I wanted to lean completely into my faith and use the time to grow spiritually as I felt I clearly needed God to help me through the situation we were in.  I know I am summing it up here but honestly when I chose the word I knew I wanted to grow my faith but honestly I had no idea how powerful the word I chose would be for my year.  I was sure I would grow but ... I had zero idea of what it would all mean.


My Favorite Glass

I have told you before in this post that I love Opaline blue glass.  I think it is the most gorgeous blue and pairs with so many of my antique and vintage dishes.  This summer I added six glasses to my collection and yesterday I added another champagne glass. Little by little I am adding to my ever growing collection.  I really just love this glasses and my heart skips a beat when I spot one while I am out and about.


Happy 2019

Waking up this morning with the sun shining, the birds chirping and the most beautiful feeling in the air was just heavenly.  As I was walking Millie it just felt like the best day of the year, which quite possibly, it is since it is the first day of the year.   I am really focused on peace in the chaos this year and waking up this morning and being greeted by the lovely day was a major plus to feeling peaceful.


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