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Happies for the littles ...

Little Mister had a great week at school. Oh, this is good news. I mean don't think his struggles are over ... we just had a good week. We are just celebrating the week and living in the moment!

So, that said, it was a great week. So we decided to celebrate. He got to chose a happy. His choice ... Build A Bear. Ok, really? This is almost as bad for me as Chuck E Cheese ... but it wasn't about me, it was his happy.

Lawyer and I played rock, scissors, paper and he lost ... so he took him and Babycakes to the mall. My job ... laundry and straighten house. No biggie!

So, off to the mall he went ...

I will let him tell you the rest ...

As for the rock, scissors, paper contest - those hands were marked.
Anyway we get to the mall and proceed along the second level to find Build a Bear - only it is on the first level. Not such big deal except that Babycakes walks by the "little girl" store and becomes fixated. Call home, to ask Mommy are you sure this place is at this mall. Proceed directly to first level. True to the male hunter instinct, Little Mister walks in, surveys his surroundings and collects his kill. Elapsed time 90 seconds. Cool. Fill the bear, put a heart in it, give it a bath, give it a name, pay the cashier. Elapsed time 6 minutes. Awesome we're out of here. Then the eyes, the pout, the quivering lip - but Daddy what about the little girl stuff? SO CLOSE. Back to the second level and into the 20 x 30 coffin filled with little plastic crap that makes a 3 year old girl's eyes bug out. True to the female instinct - her shopping method is "experience the moment," so she circles the store not looking at the merchandise but examining the other shoppers and what they are doing. Elapsed time after first circle - 5 MINUTES. Next lap, Babycakes pretends to look at merchandise but still is checking out the other shoppers. Little Mister and I look at each other and try to make the best of it making suggestions hoping a selection will be made. Elapsed time after second circle - 10 MINUTES. The hunter instinct takes over both Little Mister and Daddy and we forcefully begin pointing out possible selections - OF COURSE none of them are "just right" - elapsed time - 15 MINUTES. Having watched at least 4 other mother daughter combos come into the store, make a selection and complete a purchase, Daddy lays down the law - you have two minutes left to make a selection or you are walking out of here empty handed. OK did I mention the eyes, the pout and the quivering lip? There you go - elapsed time 20 MINUTES. Are you kidding me? Did I mention the store is only 20 X 30? Finally, Babycakes selects a made in Taiwan change purse. I look at it making a mental not to myself that the store must be making at least a 10,000% profit. Do I care, no - here's the money keep the change and we're out. Elapsed time TWENTY-FIVE (25) MINUTES.
From now on, the hunters shop together and the wanderers can fend for themselves.
oh yeah ... sucker (hee hee)

Babycakes and her wallet ...

So ... Babycakes started preschool last week. New class, new teachers, some old kids, some new kids ... you know the drill.

Well, she has a new wallet. We got it last weekend at Walmart. Oh, its fancy! (not really ... but she loves it) And it is currently full. She keeps filling it with coins. I am not sure where the coins are coming from, but I can only imagine. She is probably robbing all of us blind right under our noses!

Well her best friend Curls has been complaining all week that Babycakes is not playing with her on the playground at school. They are in different classes but they share playground time. Curls' mommy (June Cleaver) explained to Curls that it was ok that they have other friends and that she should keep trying. You know all the sweet things you say to a child when you don't know why her best friend is dissing her on the playground at school.

So I asked Babycakes why she wasn't playing with Curls ... she is, ofcourse, your best friend and you are hurting her feelings. Babycakes said she has a lot of new kids in her class (not really) and they all want to play with her and she is trying to share. Ok, that is cute ... I was satisfied for the time being. I told her she needed to be sweeter to Curls and share her new friends with her best friend. Seemed like that situation was handled.

That is ... until I realized she had been sneaking her wallet to school. I asked her why she was taking it to school. She said she was sharing her money with her new friends on the playground. Well, of course she has a line of people wanting to play with her. She is paying them.

That will end fast. She will getting randomly searched before she leaves for preschool. There will be no wallets in our school bag. Or any other contraband for that matter. And I am thinking her "new" friends will be playing with others and she will be back to playing with Curls real soon!



By popular demand ... holiday koozies

Holiday koozies ...

Boo (two colors), Just a little wicked & Witches Brew

Christmas koozies ... Nice, Naughty, Jingle, Team Santa & Merry Merry

oh yes ... and we offer greek, too.

Just let me know your affiliation and I will work my majic!

Hope this helps ...



Koozies are BOGO!!! with a dash of free shipping!

Check out Monogram Me ... from now until September 15th all koozies are buy one get one free.

The perfect time to stock up ... and if you get a total of six or more ... FREE SHIPPING!

Make your list ... get their monograms and place your orders ...

it will be over before you can say Who invented BOGO?



Started the redecorating with this ...

Got this from Preppy Engineer today. Awesome ... I love it! And I will add it to my blog immediately.
Of course ... I do have to think about who to give it to ... there are so many awesome people out there. I am figuring people are gonna start to notice if I only give it to my friends.
Ya think?
Cuz ... this is way better! This chick makes me pee in my pants every. single. time!
Too bad she already has the award, because she deserves it! Just check this out ...


Redecorating ...

I am up too early today with Babycakes and I am tired of my blog colors!!! Don't get me wrong ... I love the pink, but I am wanting a fall look. Something grass, pink, chocolate and navy ... but when I try to play with the colors it becomes unreadable!

oh, but I do love the Kate Spade clutch ...

So ... any thoughts?



Fall swap ... my information

Preppy Mama is hosting a Fall swap ... I know old news! Well, we are supposed to exchange information via cutsie little questions ... so here are my answers! Maybe you will find out something interesting about me ...

Do you have any hobbies? Shopping, antiquing and of course ... monogramming everything in sight!

Do you enjoy crafting? I do not enjoy the word itself ... but I am sure I craft all kinds of things since I own a monogramming business.

5 Favorite things you can’t live without. Coffee, Driving with the windows down, Throws for snuggling, Lipgloss and Mixed Nuts

Do you collect anything? Antiques and all things vintage, shoes, tole trays, coffee mugs and apprently flip flops!

Do you have any Children or pets? Three kids, two boys (11 and 7) and one girl (almost 4) and two jack russells.

Favorite things to do in the fall. Eat outside, go apple picking, wear sweaters and driving mocs, drink cider, play in the leaves and read magazines on the sofa.

What makes you think of fall? The leaves falling, the crisp in the air, orange and brown and a new pair of jeans.

Favorite treats? Taffy and caramel creams!!!

Favorite color combo. I have so many ... but pink, grass green, navy and brown seems to be steady for me!

Any allergies? Not really unless you consider my aversion to messes!

Favorite autumn scent? Pumpkin!

Hope that helps!

Enjoy your day ... our weather is windy and a tiche chilly! I love it!!!



Wicked swap ... so far!

So far here is the list ... keep it coming! There is almost two weeks left to sign up ...
(8 am edit - please notice I am updating the list as you email me or comment!)

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Oh my goodness, look how many cuties we have now ... any one else?

Keep it coming!


Want a free sassy happy?

Then read Tahoe Girl's current post and leave her a comment.

Trust me ... she has some really cute things!

I should know ... I have most of them!



You will laugh so hard !!!

This totally made my night ... it is some funny shiot!!!

Check it out here ...


Thanks Preppy Straight Up ... this song was perfect for me tonight.

No, I have not been drinking and Yes, I know I am a little bit gay ... and your point?


Super Mommy ... here she comes!

Ok, after quite a long freak out (don't you think I am entitled) I have a much clearer head. The only thing worse than finding out your 7 year old is custody in house school suspension is to find it out when you are currently in route to Nashville, Tennessee. Because what the hell can you do for anyone when you are driving down the road. (I will say having some cosmos and singing Crazy Bitch at the top of your lungs does help!)

The biggest problem we are having is that Little Mister does not really think through what he is doing. He is impulsive and doesn't always understand how he got to the consequences. And to make matters worse the school response is too over his head and he doesn't completely understand the trouble he is in. He doesn't understand the meaning of the punishment he is receiving he just understands the vp is mad at him and he got in trouble for touching someone at school. So far we are all failing him!

I have a plan for this week at school for Little Mister and I am sure it will make for a better week than last week.

Here it is ...

Call OT - brainstorm with her
Call Psychiatrist - schedule appt for evaluation on my theories
Call an IEP meeting - change behavior management plan with OT present
Purchase TLP - neurological listening therapy
Purchase wine - have one glass each evening
Call Mary Poppins - schedule date night to escape stress
Call The Little Gym - sign up Little Mister for gymnastics class for anxiety outlet
Call Karate studio - sign up Little Mister for classes to help him with self control

I feel much better ... now let's see how it works!



Prisoner #040701

So ... Little Mister did not have a great day again today. He was back in custody after lunch. I almost vomited when they called to tell me. The worst part ... I was half way to Nashville when they called. What can I do whilst I am driving down the road? So ... apparently he had a conversation during lunch with another child who is not currently in his class. Little Mister was not done talking when Jordan (new kid - remember the last kid was Denver) was done and put his hands on either side of his head to make him focus on the conversation. (BTW ... I have NO idea where he learned this move!!) So, apparently the mother got upset and ratted him out to the lunch monitor. Blah, blah, blah he was walked to the office and spent the rest of the day there. Can you say in school "suspennsion"? WTH ... I was the straight A student who never crossed the line. Still don't ... the thought makes me itch. How did this all happen?

Ok peeps ... need some help here!!! Any thoughts on how to teach a child to properly think through his actions? Cuz on this path I might be homeschooling by the end of September. And I promise this is not my gift! Hospitality yes, homeschooling hell to the NO!!!!

I have discovered that the children he is currently "speaking with" this year are all bullies from last year. Hopefully we have encountered all of them now ... cuz mama can not take much more!!

At least not whilst I am still in Nashville ...



The update ...

Well ... the third day of school was a success! I say that because the school did not call me to tell me they had Little Mister in custody.

Out of nine happy faces he could have earned he earned eight. Not bad ... and the only one he missed was in math. Apparently he threw down his pencil in frustration. I asked him about it. His comment. "Well, she does not teach math fun like last year."

I have news for him. It isn't fun this year. Kindergarten is over. You can only do that year twice and then they begin to notice.

I am just saying ...



San Quentin

Oh yeah ... you read that right! We are now the home of San Quentin ...

Why you ask? Well ... here's the story!

Little Mister and a little boy named Denver (yes that is his real name!) got into a little altercation and instead of telling someone he needed assistance Little Mister decided to handle his problems by himself and punch Denver in the jaw.

Yes ... you heard me ... punch Denver!

He spent all of yesterday with the assistant principal and was threatened by Lawyer within inches of his life.

Let's hope today goes much better.

If not ... he will not be leaving his room ... EVER AGAIN.

But ... on a positive note ... all the kids in the neighborhood are lining up to be his friend. Apparently he takes care of business!

I am just saying ...



School 101 ...

So as you have noticed my posts have been sketchy lately. I have been working (tons) and getting the boys ready to go back to school. Oh yeah, it sounds easy ... but notsomuch!!!

I have one going into 1st grade and one starting 6th. That is really not the crazy part. It was the uniforms. Now let me start by telling you that Little Lawyer attended private school from K to 3rd and then we moved him to public school to help us support Little Mister. Oh yeah ... he was really happy!!! NOT!! He has been mad for about two years. But ... he pitched it and helped out and now he is going back to his favorite school.

So, obviously none of his previous clothes fit so we had to buy all new. Got online, bought the uniforms, all was going great. That is until it arrived!

Here is what I ordered (and the problems):

3 Navy polos (no issues)
2 White polos (no issues)
3 Khaki shorts (waist too small would not button)
1 Navy short (waist too large and slid off as he walked)
1 Navy pant (crotch hung down to knees which makes for a great look)
1 Tie (very used car salesman short)
1 SS Button down (would fit a 4 year old, maybe)
2 White pairs of tennis shoes (too narrow)
1 Pair of Bucks (no issues)
2 Belts (no issues)
Dozen white athletic socks
2 Pairs of Navy socks
2 Gym uniforms (need spanx)
1 Sweatshirt (perfect, finally!)

Totalling $1,000,000 (well, it felt like it)

So ... they arrived four days before school started and we had to fix it all. Three adults and three different lists and one million phone calls between us later and he was right as rain. That is until day lights savings time when I have to buy a vest, sweater and four more pants.

Good Lord!!

The good news ... he is so happy he can barely contain it. It does my heart good ... he earned it!!!



Swapping a little bit of wicked ...

photo courtesy of Martha Stewart

Ok ... get ready peeps! I am hosting a Halloween swap. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I would love to share it with you!

So ... get ready, tell your friends and sign up!!!

Here are the details ...
Sign up by: September 1st
Partners given on September 15th
Send out items by: September 30th
Budget: $25 (not including shipping)
To sign up please e-mail me at with your name and blog address. I will let the partners exchange their personal information to protect everyone’s privacy. I will randomly pick partners on September 15th and post partners and links on the blog. I will also send each of the partners an email confirming your partner and their blog address. You can then exchange addresses and any other personal information you wish to share.

Our theme is Preppy Halloween – polka dots, gingham and plaid. Please!! … nothing creepy. ‘Cuz that is not so preppy in my book!

You send your partner six (6) items in a Preppy Hallowen theme. The six items will represent the letters "W-I-C-K-E-D”. Please wrap your gifts and label them with the letter they respresent. (See below for an example set of gifts.)

Be Creative!
Have Fun!
Meet a new friend!!

If you have any questions please feel free to ask … just e-mail me at
W- Way fun black polka dot basket
I- Incredibly cute roll of orange & black plaid ribbon
C- Cookie cutters for preppy Halloween cookies
K-Kitchen towels monogrammed in orange
E- Exciting new orange notepad with a black gingham pen
D- Darling orange napkins for Halloween cocktails
Happy Swapping!


Shop for your teacher at Monogram Me ...

We have a new promotion and I think you will love it! I know your teachers will ...

Shop now until August 31st and add a personalized paper product to your Monogram Me order and take $10 off your monogramming order.

Yes ... you heard me ... add a paper product to your order and save $10 ...

You know you love it and you will quickly become a teacher's pet!



Is Google my friend?

So kind of a rough day. Okay ... let's just say it was more than rough!! Little Mister's genetic testing we did in April finally came in ... only 12 weeks later. So, I wanted the results ... but then I didn't. After waiting seven years to find out an answer to his developmental delays and struggles I was not really sure I wanted her to read what they had found.

Turns out it wasn't bad news ... it wasn't really any news at all. They found a difference in one of his chromosomes (#22) that needs more testing. Now they will test us and try to put the pieces all together to find an answer. It will be a long road. Not a bad one ... just long.

So what does this mean ... who really knows. As the darkness set in for the night I watched him sleep. He is still my sweet baby and I still love him. And as God proved to me one more day ... he is exactly the way he was made. Perfect!!!

But ... as I walked down stairs I fell into the old trap. You know the one ... look it up on Google. Arm yourself with knowledge. I am here to tell you ignorance is bliss ... and I chose to be ignorant. God will reveal to me in his perfect timing anything I need to know about him. But for right now I am going to let the last 12 weeks of stress wash over me and let it go. That and finally get a good nights peaceful sleep!

Because that is all I am called to do. That and kiss my babies and pray for them. That is the kind of knowledge I need ... not Mr. Google.

Good night and thanks for letting me share!



I promised you ... new happies!

New products in at Monogram Me ...

Check it out ... I would not neglect posting if it wasn't for a good reason ...


More happies to come ...

Free shipping at Monogram Me is over ...

But, don't fret, new products are rolling out. And they are fabulous ... I swear!

So, while I am busy enjoying kid free days (and nights) ... check out this blog! ... she is pee in your pants funny!

And, I should know ... cuz I did!!!


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