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Halloween 2008 ... the party pics

Hugh's new bunny and Jane Fonda

Jane, Medusa, Playboy bunny and Snow White ...
(looks like I may have already had some Swamp Water ... or at least my ears did)

Hugh Hefner and his new bunny ...
(you are missing the best part ... he is wearing silk boxers)

Jnae Fonda and Richard Simmons

Our hosts ... Medusa and Officer Dangle
(his shorts were so tight and so short ... and hysterical!!!)
We all had a blast ... thanks for a great evening and lots of laughs ... and a terrible headache!


Everclear = poison

Clemsongirl and I totally agree ... everclear is poison. We drank a little too much of the fabulous Swamp Water at the party last night and today we are 17 shades of yuck. I am super tired, fuzzy and sporting a headache like no other and Clemsongirl is also feeling the yuck.

We had a great time last night. Friends, laughter lots of Swamp Water ... who could ask for more? Maybe seeing two friends dressed so well you do not even recognize them ... or going to a party with Lawyer dressed in boxers ... oh the good times were a plenty ...

As soon as Hair Girl awakens from her long nap I will post photos ...

That will make your day ... pinky swear ....



Holly Madison here I come ...

We are attending a Halloween party tonight. We have never been to a costume party as a couple and the last time I dressed in costume I was a dwarf (as in the seven). It sucked!!! But you will do a lot for your best friend on her wedding day. The costume contained a hula-hoop and I will leave it at that.

Lawyer is dressing as Hugh Hefner and I am Holly. We are pysched. I am glamming it up and not wearing a bunny tail. I do, however, have bunny ears and fish nets.

Thats all I am saying for now ...


Oh ... I am feeling the vapors ...

Seriously ... today Concrete Hottie showed up in shorts. Lawyer was dressing to go outside and discuss the color of the apron and then he says to me ...

"Oh, you are done for ... he is in shorts today!"

Even he thinks he is hot ... I mean, seriously ... how often does a former Navy Seal come to your house as a Concrete guy?


And now he is gone. For good. The job is basically done and he has given his men all of thier instructions. I mean I have his number, but it is not the same thing as our morning chats over concrete. Shouldn't we have weened off our morning relationship? Was cold turkey the way to go?

I am thinking notsomuch and maybe I will be worried about cracks late next week and he will have to pop in to check on the status ...

Hee, hee, hee.

My week with concrete ....

So remember that I told you we were getting a new driveway and retaining wall? And remember that I told you the contractor was a hottie? They arrived promptly at o-crack thirty on Monday morning and have been here all week ... rain or shine!

Monday they started on the retaining wall in the back yard. We have a very long wall separating our yard from the play set area. It is very long and is divided in the middle by steps. One side had begun to slide. As in down ... not safe. So Lawyer made some calls, hot men showed up and you are now caught up.

They (the amigos) got working, took down the one side and began to fix the problem. The problem ... the ground under the wall was not good and needed to rebuilt with dirt, rocks and you guessed it ... concrete. So they make some calls and sit around and wait for a truck to bring the concrete. Sitting turned into laying and before I knew it they were all sound asleep in the back yard on the slide and in the tree house. No lie, they all slept for two hours until the truck showed up. Every time I passed the window I giggled ... the one on the slide was my favorite!

Wednesday they moved on to the driveway. Every morning my little cutie showed up in his hotness and I appeared from my house in pj pants, long sleeved t, flip flops and coffee. We stared at the work, made small talk and I acted like I was completely enthralled with the whole process. Oh, do not miss understand me ... I was enthralled ... just not by the concrete. Bright and early every morning same story. Me and the navy seal staring at my driveway. He thinks I am now an expert on the whole process. The only thing I am an expert on is every single blond beautiful hair on his head. Hee hee ...

So one day I am headed out for the day. Since I can not park in my garage, or on my driveway or anywhere near my house I must hike to my car. That part totally bites. But remember a little walking is worth the morning routine! I am walking past all of the Amigos cars and the last one in the bunch always has his trunk open. Every morning like clockwork he drives up, puts his car in park, gets out and opens his trunk. Clearly it is just his thing.

So, nosy little me just peeks into his trunk as I am walking by ...

Hard hats, rubber boots for walking in the new concrete, scrapers of various sizes, trowels and ... a foot spa?

What the hell ... not at all what I was expecting to find!!! But ... I guess concrete work must be hard on the feet.

I sure busted out in laughter ... and in fact, I am still laughing!!!!

(driveway is still drying ... but I will post photos! It is fabulous with the stamped apron and all !!!)


A very long two weeks ...

Boy it has been a very long two weeks. Look at all we have done ...

Overnight Sleep study - check
Renal scan - check
Developmental Optometrist - check
Mom and Dad came to help and Hazel kicked ass - check, check!!
Burn left palm and sleep the better part of three days - check, double check, triple check
3 hour IEP meeting where they cracked and Lawyer kicked arse - hell to the yes!!!!
Sell at Junior League Mistletoe Market - check (made tons of money!!!)
Fall up the stairs at the Market and bust 2" blister bubble and make an arse out of myself -
hell to the oh NO I didn't !!!
Take two sickies to the doctor last night (one with strep and one infected toe) - check
Pick up free antibiotics at Publix - check
Hand finally healing - working on that check
Put the house back together - also working on that check ... finished with three rooms only 100 left ... please tell me again why we live in this big house?

Oh my ... no wonder I am tired ... I promise to be back to my spunky self in a day or two ... as soon as Babycakes' fever breaks and she stops crying all day and snoring all night ...



I can not type with one hand ...

I am so sorry to have left you out in the cold for the last couple of days. I was busy prepping for Mistletoe Market and I burnt my left palm. No ... not just burnt ... I mean BURNT, totally second degree singed. I was using my high temp hot glue gun ... read burn your skin off ... and I got a two inch circle button full of hot glue stuck to my hand.

Bla, bla, bla ... ER, strong pain killers, days of sleeping, Clemson Girl calling me "Lefty" and finally I am back to the real world. My hand is still blistered and it hurts a lot, but I am now back to using both hands.

I know ... you missed me, right?



And it just keeps getting better...

The boys went to the movies with Granna tonight. They came home all excited and sharing all the cute parts of the movie.

After the movie Little Mister went to the restroom with his older brother and was treated to a tattoo out of the vending machine. It was a quarter and Little Mister is so excited to be treated. Thank God he can not really read yet ...

The container says ...

Body Play Tattoos
The Ultimate in Fun & Fantasy
1 Each His & Hers Tattoos
Do not be frightened ... inside was one seahorse and one tiger ...
Not so bad!!

For real?

Babycakes falls asleep each night to music. She has a routine ... bath, pajamas, warm milk, blanket , books and then music. She has a small library to chose from ... Disney music, Shout to the Lord or Steve Green's bible songs. It is super sweet and she loves it!!

But not tonight ... as I laid down to read to her Pinkalicious Lawyer turned on her music for us.

I am sorry??? Is that Pink in her CD player?

For real? ... obviously she has been shopping in my music library. She is all about her mergers and acquisitions!!!


Get in line and be jealous!!!

You should be ... the concrete contractors start Monday and the supervisor (hot boy) will be here all day. Maybe even longer ...

And yes ... fell free to line up outside and drink all of Lawyer's mint sweet tea.

Cuz that is definitely my plan!!!



He is not so much worried about me ...

I have mentioned before that I take medicine for anxiety. You would take it too if your sweet baby had special ed issues. I take it every night unless I pass out from exhaustion and forget to take it!

Last night I fell asleep and forgot to take it. Apparently it was noticeable to Lawyer who asked me about it. It could have been because I snapped at him once or twice this morning. But I assure you it was his fault.

So, his says to me ... "Did you forget to take your medicine last night?"
Me ... "Yes, why?"
Jack Ass ... "I was just worried about you ... that's all!"

He is worried about losing his head and various other parts of his body if he does not behave!
And he should ...


What a week ...

Seriously ... I just made my to do list and it is scary!!! This has got to be one of the busiest weeks I have had in a long time!

1. Junior League Mistletoe Market prep (only one week left!!!)
2. Mom and Dad arrive Tuesday pm (that is a whole other post)
3. Little Lawyer goes on overnight trip Wed and Thurs with school (Thank you Chickfila)
4. Little Mister sleep study on Wednesday night 7:30 pm - 6:00 am ... oh, that will be so much fun!
5. Little Mister has renal scan Thursday morning 8:00 am - no school for him to reward him for how mad he will be after spending all night at the hospital!
6. IEP meeting Friday morning 7 am (and I am not leaving until they crack)
7. Two kids with no school on Friday - WTH??
8. Listen to Lawyer bitch every single day before meeting at how mad he is at the public school

Junior League show, IEP, overnight trip, sleep study, renal scan ... oh my!!!

I will definitely be posting all week and they will be split your side funny ... how do I know? Because if I do not laugh my ass off all week I might start drinking tonight and stop Saturday morning!!!

Stay tuned ... MPM


Little Mister ... bank robber!

Little Mister loves hoodies. Any climate, hot or cold ... he will be sporting a hoodie. And not only is he wearing it but the hood is on. Why wear a hoodie if you don't wear the hood?

This morning before breakfast he headed out into the backyard wearing his pj pants, t shirt and ... a hoodie. I asked Lawyer ... "Do you think he will grow up to be a gangster or bank robber?"

Lawyer giggles ... looks at me and says ... "Can't you just hear him? May I please have all your money?"

No lie. He is that polite!



Friends ...

And that is one super cute photo!!!
Smooches Clemsongirl ... thanks for being there for me!!

um, excuse me, Mrs. Smith ...

Our bus stop is outside of our house. Very convenient for us!!! Every morning we get to catch up with dear friends and neighbors. One of the friends in my village, Lefty, is there every morning with her son and her three year old. Every morning Babycakes asks her if she can have a play date with her younger son. Lefty is an attorney and works Monday - Thursday. They have a standing playdate on Friday mornings. Lefty reminds her every day that it isn't Friday and everyday Babycakes counts down until Friday morning.

So, it is Friday morning and Babycakes is packed up and ready for the playdate. We get to the bus stop and Lefty is not there. She is still at the house. Lefty's husband is there with their son and Babycakes is ready to go, toys and all.

The bus comes and goes and we are all splitting up for the day. Lefty's husband is headed home and I am headed back inside the house.

Babycakes giggles and says ...

"Um, excuse me ... Mrs. Smith ... aren't you forgetting me?"

I am sure that he will be thinking of that all day.

Because it happens all the time ... she calls him Mrs. Smith.

I know I giggle!!!


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