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The battle of the Venus ...

About a year ago I caught Lawyer using my Venus razor. Totally busted him using the pink razor! He admitted he had been sneaking it for a while and that it was "the bomb". It took me a while but I finally moved past it and bought him a blue one. He was in love!

Fast forward to a business trip about six months ago and he leaves the blue Venus in the shower in a hotel. He came home Venus-less! But did he confess? That would be a NO! He just continued to use my pink razor and led me to believe I was running through those razor blades faster than ever. I know your hair changes when you get older ... so I was convinced my razor blades were dulling extra fast.

That was until I busted him again!

Fast forward again to the beach this summer. We are once again "sharing" a razor with our own blades. Do not ask me why ... I have no good answer! He was the last one to shower before we left and you guessed it ... he left it again. I swear the man would leave our kids behind if they did not talk!

Once we return home he goes out a purchases a new razor. Yes ... just one ... once again I have no idea why! He returns home with a purple one. Now ... I despise purple ... all my friends know of my dislike. Not only does he buy only one razor but he buys the ugly one with the nasty extra wide lotion edge on it!

I am left to purchase my own razor. I pick the blue/green stripe and I am loving my new choice! That is ...

... until today when I bust the youknowwhat using MY RAZOR again.

His comment ... "I thought this was mine. Why would I ever have bought a purple one for myself?"

I no longer have any comment!

His death is imminent and I will be completely vindicated once the female judge presiding over my case reads the facts!


Love a rainy day ...

Truly. I do. I adore a rainy day with nothing to do but stay in your pjs ... wash clothes ... watch too much TV ... eat left over pizza and ...


And you?



Prepping for Scott ...

The rumor on the streets is that my nephew will return home on September 9th. That is amazing to all of us who on July 22 were told he would not make it through the week!

A lot has to be done for him to come home. He is a junior at UGA so none of his life still exists here in Atlanta. Since my sister in law is still in Montana I was enlisted to help get the house ready.

I must admit when I arrived yesterday morning I really wanted to turn around and head home ... but a few hours later I was feeling more on top of it!!! The army of men and women showed up including SILs best friend. She is awesome! I thing we graduated from the same organizing school! We have so much to do ... but the first day was great and there is nothing left for us but organizing and cleaning.

It will get done and all in time for Scott's arrival. It will be so great to see him and hang with him and see him with all of his friends! We have so much to celebrate.

Oh ... and the upside of yesterday (besides the obvious excitement of prepping for his homecoming) ... my BIL fixed my laptop. Yes ... he fixed it, it cost me nothing and it works perfectly!!! I am so happy I could dance ...



Dancing in the streets ...

It is time to party! Babycakes will start full day pre-k on Friday. Full day friends ... she will leave here at 7:30 am and return at 3:30 pm with her oldest brother!

Yes ... that is me singing and dancing!

She was accepted today! We are shopping for supplies and uniforms tomorrow and then she will start first thing Friday morning!

And I will be partying all day!!! We are talking lunch with friends, pedi and magazines on the couch after lunch!

I might party all weekend ... because I am back to work early Monday morning!

And that is a whole post of its own!


To explain ...

I must say I feel I owe you an explanation ... of sorts. I know I have been different lately ... ok, very different!

Wednesday, July 22nd at 6:30 am my life instantly changed. I was faced with the ugly side of life. We had just received news that my nephew who was spending the summer in Montana on the mission field was seriously injured in a car accident and it was BAD! (If you got a call from me that morning you heard me tell you it was bad, bad!) There are those moments you will never forget. Those times in your life that mark it for you. I will forever remember that morning and waking up to that call.

We as a family are very close! My husband has two brothers who each have kids. We do not have the privilege of spending a ton of time together, but the time we have is filled with laughter and love. To be married to my husband is to have a support group that never goes away. We have each others' backs. You need prayer, time alone, a drink, a night out ... you name it, we will provide it for you! It is the single best thing about marriage for me. The unending love that never ceases to amaze me.

Getting that call broke my heart. For Scott, for his parents and for the rest of us. It shattered the idea for me that we are safe. Here were four boys driving along doing nothing wrong and instantly their lives were changed. They can never go back. The last three weeks have been filled with tears, fears, endless phone calls, tons of emails and prayers non stop. And it is not over yet!

I never expected to have my blog become so person for me. I never expected to feel connected to people whom I have never seen IRL. But ... it is what it is. This blog is my vent and right now I have shed more tears than laughs and my life is all about trust.

As he heals and gets stronger each and every day our lives are beginning to return to "normal". I am feeling more and more like me each day. But I am forever changed. I am a stronger person than I was three weeks ago. I trust more and worry less.

... or that's the plan anyway!



Just saw this today ... and it is even cuter in person! It retails for $78. Too bad for me ... Babycakes already has a hot pink Lands End backpack with monogram! So ... there is no returning that puppy!
The best part ... it is called the Smart Cookie!
Absolutely love it!


So sad ...

My laptop has a virus and is completely locked down ... it will not do anything! It is headed to the doctor first thing in the am!

The desktop is in the process of being moved and it is also acting up ... Comcast will be out to fix that one.

I am completely out of touch ...

I had to steal a moment on Lawyer's laptop to make an attempt at catching up. I have caught up on blogs and read the news. Or ... as Lawyer says "the trash". I read the newspaper and get all my scoop online. It is what it is!

I hope to be up online by midweek at the latest ... see you then!


Back to school ... or almost!

Got back in the routine this morning for another year at school. I love a new chapter! Summer, the new year, a new school year ... they all bring such possibilities!

Spent most of the morning in a fog ... which turned into a funk and then into depression! ... Could not quite put my finger on the problem. I mean, I know we have a lot of heavy stuff going on but it felt bigger than that.

And then it hit me. Pre K ... you know the school I sat in line at 5 am for in February??? The one who last week lost its funding and I lost my place in??? Well ... it too was to start this morning promptly at 8:30 am. And we all know how that turned out!

So ... why was I sad ?? I must admit ... it was the shadow following me around this morning asking a thousand and one questions. The one I have to watch 24/7. The one who is bright enough to figure out how to drive the car all by herself. The little cutie who gave herself her own haircut! The one who is not going to full day, free pre k this year but instead to an adorable preschool for another year of half days.

Yep ... its a bummer ...


Trust ...

We are ready and heading out to church with my in laws. (Scott is the son of Lawyers' middle brother.) We are headed to Roswell to church with my brother in law and the other two siblings. My sister in law will be appearing via skype from Montana. Hurrah! 2009!!!

I am very excited! They attend a small church where everyone knows you! (compared to our church of 4500+ where I meet new people each week!) The love in those walls will be so exciting to experience. This is the first time we have been together since the accident and we have so many great things to celebrate! This day the Lord has made will be more than great and I will be rejoicing all of it!

So many changes have happened over the last couple of weeks and there are many more to come. Trust is a hard one for me. I take so much peace in being in control of a situation which we all know can never truly be done! So much of my life right now is up in the air and makes me quite nervous! I will hold steady and fast to Proverbs 3:5 that recites over and over in my heart each day.

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your path."

My path is completely in his hands!


It's time to celebrate ... and dance in the streets!!!

We have been celebrating all day! We got a Caring Bridge update this morning that my nephew had been removed from the ventilator. He is breathing on his own!!! Let me say it again ... HE IS BREATHING ON HIS OWN!

I read the update ... pulled over the car ... and cried! They were such tears of joy and I was overwhelmed with my love for my family and my faith!!!

This is such great news ... I do not even know where to begin. Only two weeks ago he was pinned in a car and and had to be life flighted to the hospital. He was facing such deep bruises and damage to his lungs. We have prayed and prayed through the infections, collapsed lungs, clogged drainage tubes and more problems.

He is now on to healing other parts of his body that need so much prayer! One step at a time ...

For now he is talking (quietly) and breathing on his own ... and I am thrilled to tell you he enjoyed a vanilla milkshake with his mom!

I took the kids to Steak -n-Shake for burgers and shakes and we toasted our shakes to Scott!

It will be a great nights sleep for us all!


Just putting out fires ...

So far this week I have done nothing but extinguish fires.

That is all!

problem number 1 ... Babycakes pre K starts on Monday the 8th ... that is until they lost their funding and are no longer a pre K program ... and they waited until the 4th of August to inform me. Seriously??? Isn't there a special department at the local news station that deals with businesses who behave this way???

Spent all morning making calls ... she will not be going to pre K but another year of preschool in a great school four days a week. Not a great solution ... but definitely a great school!

problem number 2 ... Hosting a baby shower luncheon with some friends on Saturday for Hair Girl. Got the call today that the MIL and the 2 SILs have not received their invites we mailed two and 1/2 weeks ago. Why is it always the in laws who invites get misplaced???

problem number 3 ... Garage door died! I mean stone cold dead. I am left with opening and closing it all white trash and all every time we leave the house. I will deal that one next week.

problem number 4 ... Cracked the screen on the Blackberry Storm Lawyer gave me for Valentines Day ... we are so not telling him this week ...

Need I go on???

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