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Four more hours ...

... to shop!

Don't miss out!!!!


Last hours for Black Friday sale at Monogram Me!

There are only 15 1/2 hours left to grab up some amazing deals at Monogram Me

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You do not want to miss out on the deals at Monogram Me!

Post hits at 5 pm tomorrow ... read the rules and be ready!!!

Giveaways start Cyber Monday ... check back for that too!  I promise you ... these giveaway items are darling and the perfect way to save money this year!

This stuff is good ... and cute!!!

The big 13!!!

(With my Mom and Dad in Yellowstone last summer)

I wake up this morning feeling very different.  Yesterday I was the mother of three kids and this morning I am the mother of two kids and one teenager!!!!

My sweet boy turns 13 today!  He is very excited and we have a full day planned.

First stop ... breakfast!

He is very excited ... I am feeling like it may be a three cup of coffee morning.

Where does the time go ...


Love this website!!!

I love fashion!  I adore everything about it ...

I love to shop and new things make me immensely happy!!!

My new found love ... this website ...

And these fashion tips were the perfect happy for my day!



Healing and Busy!!!

Such a long week since surgery!  Lots of rest, lots of love from dear friends and family, lots of jello, juice and water ... time to work!!!

Monogram Me has its first open house tomorrow night and all day Tuesday and I am behind!!!

I have been working since yesterday morning (with only one nap and one 8 hour night rest) and it is still looking slow.  I usually can bust it out with my hair on fire.  But I am still low on energy and it is taking a lot longer than usual.  I keep having to remind myself that I do still have stitches and it has only been a week and the surgeon told me to give my energy level two weeks.  But I am ready to work!!!  Sheesh!

I think I will trade my morning glass of water and 1/2 cup of coffee for something with more energy.  Maybe a double shot from the Lucky Buck??? 

I will be setting up for the show tonight and tomorrow.  Lots of photos to come ...

Here is a preview of the products showing this week at Monogram Me ...

 Monogrammed Scarves, Team Koozies, Holiday Koozies, Bar sets, Monogrammed Umbrellas, Scallop magnetic boards with Preppy Magnets, Holiday Pillowcases, Monogrammed Pajama Sets, Applique Christmas T shirts, Applique Letter Shirts, Polka Dot Blankets, Slippers ... and much more!

It is all adorable and I can't wait to show it to you!!!

Have a great Sunday!


I know i pinky swore ... but

I did not get the Christmas items posted this week!  Call me a loser if you like ... but it has been an odd week to say the least!

Monday Little Mister was home from school (not planned) and Lawyer and I spent the day with him.  It was exhausting (too say the least) but we worked with him and got a lot accomplished.  We are working through some of the anxiety and your comments are very helpful!!!  I have printed most of them out and I am checking into each and every suggestion.  He and I will get through this ... just not sure how quickly it will happen! 

Tuesday I spent at the hospital with my SIL for her mom's biopsy.  Exhausting day ... but worth every minute.  They have some good news and how good it is remains to be seen.  But she is not a stage 4 yet and in that news lies a lot of hope!  Six weeks of radiation and she will have a better idea of what lies ahead.

So my SIL Tammy and I sat in the surgery waiting room for the family most of the day Tuesday and in a weird turn of events she found herself back in the same waiting room at 1 am on Thursday waiting for me to get out of surgery.  Feeling bad all day Wednesday turned into an emergency appendectomy early Thursday morning. 

Seriously ... WTH?

I am now home and Lawyer is watching me like a hawk.  He promised me if I drank my water and took a nap I could use his laptop so obviously I was a good girl.

I will be up and moving midweek and back to work. 

Until then ... rest, water and lots of trashy mags my sweet friends have brought by.  What would one do without their friends?  They swooped in and took care of the details and litterally made it all so much easier. 

And my poor SIL ... see is a saint!  She has been through so much lately I am waiting for her to collapse.  Maybe I should get her some monogrammed scrubs for Christmas.  While I am there I will order a set for me, they do look awfully comfy.

I am getting the evil eye ... so back to resting.

I shall return ... MPM


More info? That I can do ...

Preppy 101 (and others) have asked for more information on Little Mister.  I can not divulge it all ... not only for his privacy but because our story is long and detailed.  Here is what I can tell you ...

Little Mister suffers from (among other things) Sensory Integration.  In laymen terms that means that the information his five senses picks up from the environment is not properly processed by his brain.  It gets scrambled.  The therapists describe it as him being on the edge at all times.  The feeling you and I get when we have had too much stress or too much caffeine and we are ready to scream is the feeling he has each and every day.  This can be controlled by OT therapy, swimming, outside excersize, horse back riding, swinging and many other things.  In doing research I have learned it can be made worse with foods and other things.  I have done every single thing I have read to give him every opportunity to succeed.  And succeed he has! 

Two years of OT plus a strict regime of outside time plus diet restrictions plus 12 hours of sleep a night has made his life so much better.  However ... the anxiety remains and in my opionion has gotten worse.  Children with SI will face a situation with a negative response.  Trying new things makes him anxious ... how will it make him feel?  If you ask him to do something new he will respond in the negative and then process it and come back in a minute or so and say yes.  The bad part is the negative answer is not always a quiet, simple no ... sometimes its worse.  Of course his SpEd teacher knows him and just lets him work it out until he comes around and says yes.  Not everyone is this patient and kind.  His IQ is actually higher than my straight A student.  His anxiety along with his visual processing issues impede his performance.  If I can work through the anxiety and give him a smoother ride he will not only have much better days, he would probably be picked up for the gifted program.  He is that smart!  His photographic memory stuns me each and every day.  My point?  The ability is there ... we just have to tap into it! 

This year he has been experiencing panic attacks which have caused all sorts of problems at school.  He has now been labeled as "that kid".  "That kids" mom must act!  I would like to get the anxiety more under control.  I am not opposed to medicine but I want to make sure that is not my only route.  Medicine does not give us the tools to cope ... it simply makes the problems easier or go away.  My happy pills don't talk me off the edge they just make the edge farther away and less desirable.  See my point?

With that information ... what do you think?


Some advice please ...

Ok ... I am throwing this out to you!

Little Mister does have learning issues but his main struggle is anxiety!

He responds to almost every scenario in the negative because he lives in fear.  He will initially say yes to almost everything and then process it ... change his mind and complete the task in record time and most of the time without any errors.  If we could lose the anxiety we could gain so much ground.

Advice?  Thoughts ...

I will take it all!


I knew better ...

... than to press my luck with celebrating Little Mister's good track record at school!

But I did it anyway!

And our lucky streak is over!

Martha called on Friday ...


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