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Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year to you and yours!!!

I wish you a safe evening and a blessed new year!!!


Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas!!!
I hope your holiday is filled with joy!


Merry Christmas from the Lawyer house!

I love this photo!!!  I love her excitement and the way that Santa looked at her letter!  She practiced writing for days what she wanted to ask for ... I must have spelled American Girl Doll a million and one times!

As we all take one million photos looking for just the right one this one made me laugh so hard!  She is giggling her heart out as I am sure they don't think she is any where near as funny as she's sure she is ...

And lastly the card photo!

I adore it as much as I adore each of these little cuties!!!

Merry Christmas from our house to yours!!!

Sweet times ...

This has been the craziest fall!!!  I have never been so swamped with work (thanks to my sweet and loyal customers!!!) and the kids have been keeping quite busy schedules!  It has been a blur since September 27th!!! 

My last day of work I shipped the last boxes (all 30 of them), tidied up the studio and shut the door behind me before heading out to grab some cake squares at the bakery for a party I was attending the next night!  I was so excited!  I was done and could now focus on my own gifts and my sweet kids ...

As I was driving back from Vinings the roads were getting slick ... it was sleeting and the temperatures were dropping!  It took forever but Baby Cakes and I made it home safely and were just sitting down to dinner.  A client called and said she had misspelled her gift and could I quickly re cut another vinyl for her to swing by and grab out of my mailbox.  Easy peasy ... run downstairs ... cut the vinyl ... grab the fake uggs and run out the front door to stick it in the mailbox.  Record timing and I would be back at the table for dinner.  Or not!

I stepped on the metal doormat and slid on the frozen mat and complete icy front brick steps and landed three steps down on the sidewalk.  HOLY CRAP!  One minute I was standing up and the next minute I was in serious pain on the sidewalk in the sleet!  I bruised the heck out of my rump and suffered one broken tail bone!  Lovely ...

I have been quite the grump since last Wednesday night.  I have cried many tears and felt so incredibly sad that I was missing out on the most exciting times ahead.  I was stuck at home (minus the carpool runs) and feeling like crud!  I had not put up our Christmas tree and the Christmas cards were still sitting in the fed ex box.  The shopping wasn't done and I was feeling so overwhelmed!  I had to miss out on the fabulous party thrown every year by my friend Charlotte, drinks and dinner at the W with the gays, a weekend trip to Kentucky and so many other fun times I had planned out in my head!  I was quite the unhappy elf!!!

But I am all done with that!!!  I still hurt!  I still feel sad however ... I am moving on!  Bruised bum, bright red donut and all!  I am blaring the Christmas music and celebrating the days to come.  I am planning a girls night out and shopping with Preppy Paper Girl tomorrow!  I awoke to a partially decorated tree this morning and a free day at home to finish it.  I have a sweet family and great friends!  I am blessed and I am thankful! 

So there will be more quite time on the couch in front of the fire then running around ... so what?  That actually sounds amazing and I need to be thankful for the gifts I have been given.  I fell the night I completed all of my orders ... not the week before.  I have met some adorable and really kind customers this year and I am thankful for each and every one of them.  I have received calls and texts and such an outpouring of love.  One sweet friend showed up at my door with a pan of homemade mac and cheese and cookies!  I am lucky and so thankful for it!  My kids are so helpful and so considerate and are more than willing to sit with me instead of begging to go out and do. 

It will be a quiet Christmas and I will enjoy each and every minute of it!  I had been wishing for a Silent Night ... and I have been given one!

I am thankful!!


Where does December go?

I love the month of December!  But the time flies way too fast!!!  One day I am presenting the kids with their advent calendar and the next time I look at it there are only 12 more days!!!  The down side to owning a business with a busy fall!

Every night I try to sit and enjoy time with my kids and reflect on how sweet this month is meant to be.  I am so thankful to be able to say Merry Christmas and celebrate the upcoming birth of Jesus!  But the time still flies by and before you know it another year will be here ...

Last week I was catching up on my blog reading before bed and I stumbled onto such a sweet post by the Blue Eyed Bride.  I immediately listened to the song she was sharing by Amy Grant and now I find myself listening to it all the time.  It is such a sweet song and one I will share with you tonight. 

We all need a silent night ... and here, thanks to the Blue Eyed Bride is my new favorite song!

Enjoy ...


12 days of gifts ... starts tomorrow!

MPM Designs is hosting 12 days of gifts!  Each day a different product will be on ridiculous sale!  Really on sale!  Like $10 sale!!!

Each day the product will be different and quantities will be limited to whatever is in the studio. 

New day, new product!

Stayed tuned!  But make sure you are following MPM Designs ... you don't want to miss these prices!



Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hope your day is full of family, friends and love!

I am thankful for my family, my dear friends and the the presence of all I love in my life!!!

p.s.  I didn't make that turkey!  The only one cooking for us this year is my sweet aunt!
(photo courtesy of


Boy soap ...

Babycakes takes her own showers.  I start the water and she takes care of the rest.  She is a very independent six year old.  If she needs something she beckons me (read screams) and I deliver the needed goods.  She even washes her own hair and uses conditioner!  I love that she can take care of it all herself!!!

Yesterday as we were preparing for church she called for me.  "There is no body wash in my shower."  I hunt around and produce a rather full bottle on the shelf in the shower.  She looks and me and states ... "I can not use that one.  Its for boys!"  I examine the bottle of lavendar scented body wash next to the Old Spice body wash and inform her that the lavendar is indeed her body wash.  She looks at me and gets quite upset!  "But right here on the bottle it says BOY WASH.  And I am not using boy soap!"  (Her Aunt Clemson would be so proud of her!!!)

Or it reads "BODY WASH" ... but great reading skills babe!!!


The path ... continued!

Apparently I answered all the questions with the exception of one.  Lawyer grew up in Jupiter, Florida.  He comes from three generations living in Jupiter and when we visit he still shares so many stories.  I can't imagine what it would be like to have my parents and my grandparents living on the same street.  I love the stories he shares and the strong sense of family he comes from.  His grandmother's house is located on the point of Jupiter inlet and we can see it when you fly in from Orlando. 

He settled in Orlando after law school and we met at a law office.

And that is a story for a whole separate post!!!


The path ...

To answer a comment I get a lot ... I grew up in Lakeland, Florida.  I am a beach loving Florida girl at heart.  I wear flip flops more than nine months of the year and I am currently sporting them with a turtleneck and yoga pants.  I went to college in Orlando and loved my time in Winter Park during those years.  I still feel extremely connected to this quaint community.  Shopping on Park Avenue and brunches at Briar Patch are my favorite things to do in town.  Winter Park gave me my first home (many darling apartments), a life long best friend and eventually the man I would marry.

I moved to Atlanta on a whim after breaking up with a boy I was madly in love with and who was sure he would never marry again.  I literally gave notice at my place of employment, took a job I had always wanted and moved the next week.  I didn't know a single person in Atlanta or Georgia for that matter.  It was the bravest thing I had ever done.  Thinking back I am still shocked some days I really did it.  Something inside of me just said GO.  My BFF and I were sure the move would only be for a year or two until I was sure he and I had both moved on.  Oh I was madly in love!!!

I arrived in Atlanta in October of 1993 and watched the Georgia-Florida game on my tiny tv with aluminum foil since the cable was yet to be hooked up.  I will never forget the first time I sat on the ice cold seat in my loft apartment.  It was freezing and I was in shock.  Cold in October in Florida ... never!  I had a standing order at the coffee shop behind my house every morning.   A large coffee and a toasted everything bagel.  I was 23 and discovering who I was.  It was a time I would never replace.
Oh ... the good ole days!!! 

What happened to that boy who was sure he would never get married?  He got the shock of his life watching me pack and move.  We both needed that time to grow and change and make sure it was the right relationship.  He flew into town on a stopover during trial and proposed a year later.  We were married on August 26, 1995 and as they say, the rest is history.  

I hoped and prayed he would come around ...

A royal wedding!!!

Am I the only one filled with excitement today over the announcement of Prince William's engagement?  With all going wrong in the world today it feels magical to me.  A royal wedding ... oh how very exciting!!!

Who doesn't remeber Princess Diana's wedding?  It was the most amazing event I had ever witnessed.  I remember thinking as a child that fairy tales did exist and she was the luckiest girl in the entire world.  Of course I was completely wrong on the magically happy part ... but I still think she was the most amazing bride I have ever seen!!!  I promise you I will be planning a party to celebrate the upcoming nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton.  That is of course if my invitation to the royal event gets lost in the mail ...

As a mother it makes me proud that he is remembering his mother in such an amazing way.  Proposing with his mother's engagement ring is so incredibly touching!  His mother would be proud!!!

Oh ... so many months of exciting details to read about ... so many fun posts!!


A fabulous fall day!

Lawyer took the kids on a hike yesterday through the National Forest next to the neighborhood!  The kids love to hike to the creek and Lawyer loves to take photos.  It was a win win for all involved!  He brought home these fabulous photos ...

I love fall in Georgia!  I will never forget moving to Atlanta in October of 1993 and really enjoying fall for the first time in my life.  Growing up in Florida the only glimpse we ever had of fall was not sweating to death in September and October.

The photos are fabulous and I just told Lawyer I love them so much he needs to take all three kids back today and capture our Christmas card photo! 

I will keep you posted!!


The new me ...

Hope you love the new header ... I am madly in love with it!!!  And I absolutely adore its designer ... Ashley Brooke of Ashley Brooke Designs!  She is so talented and so incredibly fast!!!  She had to wait longer for me to get started than it took her to twinkle her nose and create my new header.  The whole process is so incredibly easy.  You literally email her with a request, fill out a simple questionnaire and attach photos and ... poof ... you have a new design!

She uploaded it to my blog and fixed all the errors I seemed to make yesterday prepping for the install all while I was antiquing this morning with a client.

I am telling you it was as easy as pie and just as sweet too!!!

I have prepared a little box of happies to thank her for all her hard work!  I hope she loves it!!!

xoxo to you Ashley!
You are simply the best!!!



Under construction ...

Please excuse the blah of the blog today ...

I was getting ready for my fabulous blog header to be installed tomorrow and I completely messed up my current blog ...

So we are stuck with the blah today and the fabulous Ashley from Ashley Brooke Designs will be making it fabulous tomorrow!!!

Pinky swear!


What is my baby girl made of ...

As I was working tonight I was catching up on my blog reading!  One of the design blogs I read had this post about grown up girls!

And I got to thinking ... what is Babycakes made of?  She is very sweet but by far the toughest child I have ever known.  She is absolutely beautiful and gracefully thanks others when they compliment her.  She is fearless and has yet to meet a stranger.  She is confident and thinks that she is fabulous (well, she is!).  She inspires me to be a better woman!!!

This is Lawyer's favorite photo from our recent trip to Florida for fall break ... (and yes, they are my sunglasses!)

I told you ... she is definitely something else!!!


eta ... I just found Babycakes drawing on one of my extra pads from my office.  She wasn't drawing pictures of flowers and people like she usually does.  No ... tonight she was practicing my signature she had seen on an invoice from earlier today.  And the scary thing is ... her copy is pretty close to mine and shes only 6!  Nice!!!  :(

Changes are a coming ....

As I mentioned in the last post this chick is making some changes!!!  One of which is an update to my blog!  It needs a face list ...

So, in the meantime I have left you with one of the photos I submitted to her for design of what my life looks like.  It was so much fun filling out her questionnaire and talking about my life.  Another thing I am doing more of ... oh there are so many changes going on over here!

For now you are left with a snap shot of my life as a header and I am sitting back enjoying my decorated house and a calmer day!!!



What happened?

I have been sooo busy lately!  I stay busy but this time of year is always super crazy with shows and orders and the like ... sheesh!  School starts and its all smooth and then mid September hits and the next thing I know its Christmas.  It is a complete blur! 

Babycakes wakes up Saturday morning all upset!  Our house doesn't look like Halloween ... it doesn't feel like fall and how will we ever celebrate when we are lacking decorations and the blow up yard stuff all the neighbors have???  After reassuring her that we would never have anything blow up in our yard I started thinking.  What has happened to me ... I used to be so on top of things.  Now I am the last minute ... pull it together mom who is constantly stressed out and doesn't enjoy the decorating.  Who am I???

When I first quit work in 1996 and had our first child I was supermom.  I loved being home ... I cooked every night, made home made bark for each holiday, made my own valentines and decorated the house to the nth degree.  Every night I washed the days laundry and had it put away before bed and just before heading off to bed I vacummed my way into our room.  Ok ... so I was a freak with the house but it was spotless, my kid was spoiled with my time and we were living in a cottage trimmed with love.  I was stress free and full of joy!

In August 2001 I had baby #2 and we made the transition smoothly.  Now ... don't get me wrong.  My husband worked day and night and most weekends and that sucked ... but for the most part life was easy and I was happy. 

Two boys ... smiling ... cute and tons of fun!

July 2001 my life changed.  I took my baby to the doctor for a regular visit and everything changed.  They spoke of genetic testing, developmental delays, therapy and our lives changing.  And over the past nine years they did ... in so many ways. Some good, some hard and some unbearable.  Statistics say that 85% of couples with a special ed child break up.  We have stayed together.  Its a daily decision and one I chose.  Its taken its toll ... but we are aware of it and working to make it easier on us.

I got caught up in laundry, doctor visits, grocery store, swimming, baseball, school, anxiety, family, play dates ... oh crap did I make the Bert and Ernie pumpkins ... shoot I forgot to make bark for Valentines day and I hope the teachers from last year don't rat me out ... vacations, more laundry, snacks and life.  Therapy ending at 5pm ended the home cooked meals and I started to feel like I was living out of my car.     

Baby #3 came along and I started a business.  And now it is 2010 and I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off stressing out about getting it all done.  The last thing on my mind is decorating for Halloween.

Sheesh ... WTH? 

Well ... I have taken a lesson from my children and possibly a professional and I have made some changes.   I am pairing down and taking control of my schedule any chance I can.  Life doesn't get any easier or simplier but I can chose to make it as simple as possible.  I still have to drive two carpools and take the kids to swimming three to five days a week but there's a lot I don't have to do.  And for those items I am getting out the sharpie and crossing things off.

Sunday after the Pumpkin Patch I decorated the house for Halloween.  I made bark for all the teachers and wrapped them in cello and tied them with ribbon.  I set the table with pumpkin plates, polka dot napkins and black wicker chargers.  And went to bed at 1 am with a smile.

And when Babycakes came down for breakfast this morning she looked at the kitchen and the table and then looked at me.  She smiled.  And she said sweetly ... "Good job Mom!"



Happy Birthday Babycakes!!!

This is my sweet baby on her first birthday ... 9/21/05

... and this is my sweet girl yesterday as she turned 6!

Where in the world does the time go?


Fall Break ...

We have been on vacation in Florida since Saturday.  The weather is amazing and the resort is over the top!  Its like a cruise ship on land.  When I checked in I was in line for about an hour listening to all the things available to us.  They gave me a pile of paperwork.  I received a map, coupons for the resort and surrounding areas, menus for all 7 restaurants on property and a list of happenings by day of the week and hour of the day.  Are you kidding me?  No ... they were serious.

So far since checking in on Sunday afternoon we have been to four different pools, played 45 holes of putt putt, slid down a three story water slide, floated in the lazy river, been to a gator show and watched a movie in the theatre.  And that is in addition to visiting family and friends and two trips to Downtown Disney.  I fall into bed at 8 each night and sleep like a baby!

Next week will be a rude awakening!  Tons of work and a major show to prepare for!!!

But for now I will enjoy the lazy river and the breath taking weather!

Happy Fall!


Lefty ... aka the husband formally known as Lawyer!

As I promised you ... here is the update from our summer vacation to Colorado ...

We spent a glorious, beautiful and completely life changing week in Walden, Colorado in July.  All five of us flew to Denver and made the three hour drive to Lawyer's BFFs working cattle ranch.  It was nothing short of fabulous.  The weather is to die for ... the scenery is amazing and the ranch itself was so incredible.  We stayed in one of the ranch houses on the property with the BFF, her family and some friends both new and old.  I will never forget each and every minute of the trip.

I am a city girl at heart but there is a small part of me that loves the ranch.  My aunt has owned a cattle ranch for years and I have always enjoyed my visits. The calves, the horses, the bonfires and the endless peace.  Dinner always tastes so much better with a long day working on the ranch.  It is nothing short of heaven to me.  I must admit I have found I am split into thirds.  A third of me belongs in the big city, one third on the beach and the last third on the ranch.  I knew Lawyer would love it ... but I was a little unsure about the kids, especially the teenager.  However ... I was thrilled to learn they all have ranch in their blood!  My oldest has even requested to work on the ranch in two years for his summer vacation and I can think of nothing better.

We spent our days riding horses, rounding up calves, riding ATVs, seeing amazing scenery and amazing animals.  We spent the evenings with bonfires, making smores, playing cards and Apples to Apples and laughing until I literally ached.  I have never had so much fun.  I also have never pushed myself so hard and outside the box.  On one ride up the mountain we found ourselves in a thunderstorm.  The ranch manager told us that if the lighting got too close we were to tie our horses to a tree and run for cover.  Ummm ... notsomuch.  I could not even think of leaving my horse.  Thank goodness it never came to that.  Anyway ... we got lost and ended up on the mountain for three hours as the storm passed over and it got very cold.  I do not like heights or being lost and I haven't been that afraid in a very long time.  But we worked together and it turned out to be an amazing evening.  I have no desire to repeat it but I am stronger for it!

All in all we had five amazing days and five glorious nights.  That is ... until Lawyer decided one night he would interrupt our game of Scrabble to grab some shots of the setting sun.  Great idea ... not!

He spent about ten minutes outside and then realized he wanted to switch out his lens for the smaller one.  He came back into the house to get the new lens and as he was rushing out to catch the setting sun he stepped out of the house and completely missed the steps.  All. of. them!

Yep ... you guessed it.  One set of bruised ribs, one cut up foot (oh yes he was barefoot), one skinned up knee and one broken hand in three places) requiring surgery.


And here we are nine weeks later.  He has had surgery which required five pins.  He has not one but five casts.  He has used three slings.  He has not been able to drive his Jeep or do much of anything for himself.  He has been less than desirable!  But it is his dominant hand and he does write for a living!  All in all I would have been frustrated and a huge pain in the arse! 

I did LOVE the morning he woke up and noticed the cast had been decorated in his sleep.  Babycakes had grabbed her markers and sat next to him while he slept.  She drew hearts and butterflies and, of course, signed her name.  It was too freaking cute!  And ... he was a good sport about it!  I'm sure all of the contractors he works for got a good laugh out of his hearts and butterflies.  Hee hee!

He is now cast free and just started hand therapy.  He is gaining movement and flexibility in his last two fingers and his wrist and by Christmas hopefully all of this will be a faint memory.

We still had an amazing trip.  I would not trade it.  I would however insist he finish the game we started and put off the sunset maybe for another night.  But then he wouldn't have been doing what he loves to do when he got hurt and I would have been denying him that happiness.

But ... can you blame me?  I mean ... I was winning!


A moment in time that stays forever ...

Nine years ago at 9:30 am I can tell you exactly where I was.  I am sure we all can.  Its one of the life experiences that never leaves you.  I know where I was when the Challenger shuttle exploded, when Princess Diana was killed and when JFKjr went missing.  Of course these do not compare to 9-11-01 but it is the same feeling.

I have no way of knowing what it was like to experience that tragedy as a New Yorker, as a survivor, as a family member or as anyone else directly involved.

I do know, however, what it was like as an American.

And I, as we all, will never forget.


The moving sickness ...

To update you on my week ... the kids have all gone back to school ... and I have taken to my bed!  And ... oh my ... I feel notsogood! 

I took the boys to the doctor on Tuesday and heard the worst five letters any mother can hear with sick children ... VIRUS.  I despise that word.  Basically the doctor takes your copay and tells you that for x number of days your kids will be home resting and drinking tons of fluids.  It stinks for all involved.  I am all for the kids taking meds and feeling right as rain in 24 to 36 hours.  Don't we all love healthy and happy kids?

So the boys were home Tuesday and Wednesday and returned to school yesterday.  I lysoled and washed clothes and linens and tried to stay healthy.  We all rested, ate well and drank lots of water.  All was going well ... until 8 am on Thursday when Babycakes' teacher called and asked that she be picked up from school. Um ...are you kidding me?  Slight misunderstanding between the difference of spitting out water and throwing up and she is back at school today.

I, on the other hand, did not make it thru.  And I am not a happy camper.  I do not like being sick ... laying in my bed or watching my house go to pot.  But I am doing my best to keep my bad attitude to myself and drink lots and rest.  I will need the rest to crack the house back together hopefully tomorrow.  Until then I have caught up on Mad Men (season 2), Rachel Zoe, Flipping Out and the season finale of White Collar.  And that is some fabulous TV!!



The joys of motherhood ...

I apologize for not being more on top of posting lately.  We have had a lot going on in the Lawyer house and some of which deserves a blog post.  Namely ... the reason we are now calling the hubs Lefty.  But on to that later ...

I love the start of the week ... the weekend has brought relaxation and rejuvenation and I am always ready to kiss by babies goodbye and send them off for a successful week at school.  To do list for the week has been made and I am ready to hit the ground running!

That is until you hear someone throwing up down at the end of the hall at 5 am.  Shut the front door!  Really?  This is how my week starts? 

So I am getting Babycakes ready for school and the oldest pads down the back stairs.  He looks all beat up and says to me ... "Is it bad to cough up colors?".  Great!  Lovely!  Two down!!!

So today's to do list has been revised ...

(original list in black, revisions in red)

Coffee with friends Drive thru Starbucks and make it a venti
Pediatrician appt for 2
Post office and leave kids in car
Good will easy to do since its a drive thru
Consignment store drop off
Court house for Lawyer oh frick!  I'll plan that out on the way
Market make that drive thru Walgreen's for meds
Swim Team that will work since one sick child is old enough to babysit other sick child
Dinner on patio
Bath/bed for kids
Work for me all the stuff I couldn't get done during the day and probably most of tomorrows to do list too!!

Like I said the joys of motherhood!!


A fresh new year ...

School started here in Georgia way tooooo early!  I am still struggling to send my babies to school each morning before the end of August! 

They, on the other hand, are thrilled ...

As Babycakes boarded the bus that morning I was so proud of her!!  She was excited and ready to take on the world as a kindergartener!  No tears for me and certainly no worries!  Girl can take care of herself and many others in the process.  She is strong!!!

And so was I ... until Ms Diane sweetly asked ... "Is this your last baby to go to school?"

And I was a wreck ... and probably still am!

But she loves it ... thrives on learning and continues to surprise me every single day.  So I am wearing my big girl panties and letting my baby go.

As you can see there are no photos of the 8th grader.  As I got ready to take a photo of him ... he tilted his head to the side and said simply ... "Mom ... please!"

And there we go ...


Where did July go ...

These eight weeks of summer have flown by!!!  (I completely disagree with only have two months off but that is a whole post on its own)  We have spent our days poolside, driving back and forth to camp, VBS, swim team, hanging out in Colorado (photos to come), Lexington and the kids spent a week at my parents in Alabama.  We are currently taking care of our Daddy (story to follow, pinky swear) and prepping for school to start in six short days!  With the help of Netflix I have watched movies I missed in the theatre and caught up on Glee, Lie to Me and am now working on Mad Men.  I have inhaled Steig Larsson's books and am now reading the last in the series.  Highly recommend!

It has been an amazing summer!!!  I have adopted a new lease on life and I am enjoying every minute of it!  I vow to be 40 and fabulous!!!

We are off to Firehouse for dinner and then home to play Apples to Apples (love it) ...

What have you done this summer?


So accurate I had to repost ...

So in my persuing of Google reader today I found this post from Puttin on the Grits!  I do love her!  She is darling and truly very honest about herself and her life!!!  Growing up in the exact center of the state of Florida, more namely Lakeland, I can agree with every single thing on this list!  You wear shorts 12 months of the year.  You only own jeans just to "change it up" at night!  You eat lunch at the lake and feed the ducks.  You know an alligator named "Blinky".  Your closet consists of 3/4 flip flops and the rest church and school shoes.  The only hill you can talk about is the one filled with ants in the back yard.  You are never more than 35 minutes from Disney and a half and 1/2 from the beach!  I can remember going to college in Orlando and leaving my last class early on Friday to be beachside in Cocoa by lunch.  Oh ... the good life!  I truly miss it at times and wish my kids had the surf in their blood as much as I do!  There is nothing better than heat lightning at dinner, staying up late to catch lightning bugs, eating oranges off the trees in the groves and falling asleep at night feeling like you are still laying in the surf at the beach.

I do love the seasons we have in Atlanta ... although I could do without the traffic and the smog!

I am just saying ...


Happy 4th!!!!

(thank you Martha Stewart for the photo!)

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!!!


The long lazy days of summer vacation ...

Swim team, paper plates, flip flops, sundresses, tank tops, endless washes of pool towels, watermelon, the ice cream truck, vacation bible school, summer reading, painted toe nails, ice cold beer ...


Who doesn't love the summer?

I know I am in heaven! 



One Week sale at MPM Designs ... don't miss out!

Watch & Bangle special!!!
One week only ... Don't miss out!!!
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If you have recently bought a watch or bangle you are eligible to purchase the second at the discounted price!!!

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Working ... soccer ... swimming ... took a trip ... kids last week of school ... oh my!

There's a lot going on in the Lawyer house this time of year.  Sports ending ... others beginning ... end of the year gifts, parties, good byes ... working day and night ... It's been a busy couple of weeks!!!  Not that I am complaining, I love the business ... but it does not leave a lot of time for blogging!

Things are good and we are almost ready for summer.  By almost I mean me ... I am not quite ready.  I have organizing, shopping and binders to finish all by Friday.  I need to work tonight, tomorrow, tomorrow night and Wednesday until noon and then I am free to pull my summer together in two short days.  I know it sounds impossible but I promise you with a couple of Starbucks double shots and some good tunes on the ipod and I will pull it together in the nick of time!  I must feel organized before summer can begin.  The kids and Lawyer know it and it has been that way since I became a mother of school aged kids.  The first morning of summer means trading out backpacks and tennis shoes for goggles, shorts and a bucket full of flip flops.

I have listed out camps and Lawyer has booked our vacation and now I must pull the rest together.  Once Friday comes I will be ready and excited for summer!!! 

And you ...


Empowered and now current ...

I just joined Twitter.  I have zero idea what I am doing and I still do not know the difference between @ # and * ... so I will probably screw it all up and tell someone off by using the wrong symbol.  But just like everything else I will sort it out!

Kind of excited but mostly nervous ...

Follow me on twitter to find out all the new and happening things at Monogram Me ... my user name is monogramgirls ...

I will keep you posted on how it all works out ...


I feel empowered ...

First of all you must check out Suzy Said the Atlanta edition!!!  It is fabulous and I would say that even if a BF didn't own it! You all know and love Clemsongirl .. and you know she rocks!  And if you forget she will remind you ... pinky swear! 

As I was perusing it this morning with my coffee I stumbled onto a how to for self tanner.  I have never successfully used self tanner although I have made numerous attempts.  I love the idea, I love the look but I have never mastered it.  And it comes off looking like I have zero idea at what I am doing. 

So imagine my surprise and delight when I stumbled onto a how to make it perfect on Suzy Said.  I have bookmarked it, printed it out and will be working on it this week.  I am headed to LA on Thursday and now I will not appear as if I have spent hours and weeks in hospice and hiding from the sun!  I am so excited and I must say quite empowered!!!

Here is the link to the article .. enjoy!!!



Keeping green ...

Keep the comments coming ... I am not up to five resolutions as of yet.  And I am not giving in to the lightbulbs although I may try a new kind.  We shall see.

Little Mister came home from school with a great idea.  A basket for computer paper that we use for scraps.  So once the paper we do not need (and we all have these random pages) comes out of the printer it goes into a basket to be used on the other side again.  Great idea.  I would put the paper right back into the printer but then I envisioned Lawyer printing off a pleading on these "used" sheets and skinning me alive.  Not a good plan!

I am happy to report that I purchased two more reusable Lilly Pulitzer tote bags yesterday and I recommend you do the same.  They are to die for ... super cute and Lilly to boot!  I purchased the strawberry print but here are the photos of both of them ...

(photos courtesy of

I have only picked one winner ... keep the comments coming!


Going green ...

Every year on Earth day I attempt to do more for the environment.  We are conscious at home in some areas but I feel like we completely miss the boat in others.  I do not use paper napkins we use cloth ones.  I do not buy water bottles we use glass or acceptable plastic ones.  My husband has a love affair with his cast iron skillet, although I am not sure we have removed the teflon pans from the house.  I buy organic almost everything.  Although expensive it is well worth the trade.  When running errands I am very careful to do so in a circle route to save gas.  I will say that even though I own a Yukon XL I do only need to fill up about once every 10-14 days.  We wash most of our clothes in cold water and I do own a energy efficient washing machine.  Our thermostat is set at 78 in the summer and 68 in the winter.  I own green shopping bags although I forget to use them all the time and then I have to recycle the plastic ones.  We recycle anything we can at the house.  My kids are very focused on recycling and they do a great job in public remembering to bring bottles and cans home.  I will never forget the summer my oldest brought home all of his water bottles from camp to recycle.  And why do I worry about that kid?  Although I did draw the line at bringing home a beer bottle from Willy's a couple of weeks ago.  My middle child was completely appalled at my "bad" behavior.

I still feel like there is so much more I can easily take on ... and I am asking for suggestions.  But I will warn you ... do not suggest I buy energy efficient light bulbs ... I draw the line on that one!

And as a reward to you ... I will send out five green prizes ... and adopt five of the suggestions you make!

Suggest away ... 


She is at peace ...

Yesterday at noon our sweet grandma passed away.
She was with her husband of 51 years and they were holding hands when she passed.

She is now at peace.


The end is here ...

The end of spring break is here and I must say I am sad!  I love having my kids home and getting to do fun things with them.  Since my MIL is still in hospice we went the route of the staycation.  Not my first choice but we quickly got into a routine of fun things!  I must say they are sick of me and ... shh ... me of them!  hee hee!  Back to the grind for all tomorrow morning!  At the crack of 6:30 am ... ugg!

In preparation for summer I have been cleaning out!  Oh ... so many bags stuffed with things to go so many places.  Donations, Library ... and Ebay!

Check out the listings here ...

And if you see something you want ... let me know!!!

Happy Sunday to all of you!
Smooches ... MPM


Happy Birthday Little Mister!!!

Nine years ago I was holding a new baby in my arms as he was born at 11:52 am.  My husband got the best present ever for his 40th birthday ... a baby!

The sweetest baby who has turned into such a sweet boy.  He struggles more than I do each and every day.  On most days he never even complains. 

He is strong, creative, funny, charming, thoughtful, sensitive, perceptive, adorable and stubborn!!!

I love you dearly!!!


Happy Birthday Lawyer !!!!

It's a special week for us ... and today we celebrate our Daddy!!!

and here are the 49 (OMG!) reasons I love him ...

1.  He is the smartest person I know.
2.  He is loyal.
3.  He tells me No.
4.  He is funny.
5.  His impressions make the kids giggle!
6.  He loves babies.
7.  He is an amazing cook!
8.  He has the prettiest blue eyes.
9.  He is very preppy and loves to wear pink.
10.  He was Alex P. Keaton in his last life.
11.  He fights for the little guy and wins.
12.  He can clean my house better than me.
13.  He's an amazing photographer.
14.  He makes coffee for me every morning.
15.  His ass is bigger than mine.
16.  He has pretty feet.
17.  He can sing and did every night to the kids when they were babies.
18.  He loves antiques just as much as I do.
19.  My head fits perfectly into his neck.
20.  He likes both chick flicks and action films.
21.  He likes Harry Connick Jr.
22.  He likes to vacation both at the beach and in Colorado skiing.
23.  He wants to learn to fly fish when he grows up.
24.  He stays away from me when I'm bitchy. 
25.  He puts up with my very anal side.
26.  He doesn't try to use the pretty towels and pillows.
27.  He looks great in his Jeep.
28.  He loves his parents.
29.  He comes from good people.
30.  He let me break our family only rule when naming our children to use my BFF's name for Babycakes.
31.  He has cool family names and wouldn't make me name our children horrible names like Thankful or Herman.
32.  He laughs at me when I send the kids "untradeables" for lunch.
33.  He's a softie.
34.  He likes to nap on rainy days just like me.
35.  He doesn't make me iron his shirts.
36.  He loves to have a house full of people.
37.  He adores my best friends as much as I do.
38.  He looks amazing in a tie and suspenders.
39.  He keeps everything.
40.  He knows when he loses his crap I know exactly where he left it all.
41.  He likes clothes more than me.  (and I am completely addicted!!)
42.  He was wearing Lilly Pulitzer when I was just a babe.
43.  He loves to eat outside.
44.  He is fine with the fact that meat makes me nauseous.
45.  He doesn't hunt and expect me to cook the meat he brings home.
46.  He has always accepted our children for exactly who they are.
47.  He doesn't judge anyone.
48.  He rarely gets angry.
49.  He adores me!

He's a keeper ... xoxo


Happy Easter!!!

Happy Easter to all of you!!!

The Lawyer family is celebrating today with church, a family lunch and a late afternoon movie!!

Hope your day is filled with love and hope!!!



Wishing you the most amazing day!!!

Happy, Happy Birthday to a bestie!!!

She is simply put ... the best! 
 A great mom, a patient wife, a fabulous friend, hysterical, smarter than me, and absolutely adorable!!! 
Who else do you know who makes lip gloss and a barbie flip look better?

I love her dearly!

Skip on over to her blog and wish her the best day! 
Pinky swear ... she is simply the BEST!!!

xoxo ... MPM


Spring makes me happy!!!

I have been spending most of my time at the Hospice Center but did mention to steal away twice this week for some alone time.  Every second was like pure heaven.  I completed some laundry .. finished your orders and popped into Target ...

Oh happy day!!!

I am in love with the Liberty of London!!!

I am the proud owner of the Blue Grand Royal maxi dress and I am trying to talk myself out of purchasing the Pink Mark!!!  It is fabulous and super comfortable ...

I may or may not have bought something out of each section of the collection ... or as Clemsongirl says all of aisle 13 ... but that is just between you and me!!!

Check it out ... you will love it!!!


Sigh ...

Two days ago we were referred to Hospice for dear MIL ...

Yesterday she was transferred ...

It is now just a matter of time!



Pinky swear ... I am still here!

Oh how I have missed blogging!  The last couple of months have been really hard!  It has been one medical issue after another for family, dear friends and loved ones!  The Lawyer family is all healthy and happy but so many of our loved ones are really sick!  My heart has been so heavy and my time has been stretched so thin!  Blogging had to move down the list ... pretty far down actually!  Where oh where do I begin ...

November 15 ... my mother suffers a stroke while visiting my grandmother.  Unfortunately she does not receive the proper diagnosis and she boards a plane five days later for a three week trip to Germany.  She travels ok ... but clearly something was way off!  It is not until early Jan that she gets a proper diagnosis and her medical history has complicated the situation. 

December 12 ... Lawyer's mother is diagnosed with dementia.  He takes the news pretty hard.

December 20 ... close family friends received a stage 4 diagnosis of metastic melanoma for their precious husband.  My heart was broken ... this one was too close to home.  I can not imagine receiving such bad news but I have watched and prayed with hope as our dear friends walked with immense grace during this very scary time.  We are praying for a miracle!

January 6 ... MPM turned 40!  Wow that was a big one!!!  Time to change the wording in the header!  I celebrated with dear friends, loved ones and a weekend away to Serenbe with Lawyer.  It is by far my favorite place to get away with him!!  Who could ask for more???

January 29 ... My mother in law falls and hits her head needing quite a few stitches.  While she is at the hospital we discover she has a brain bleed that has been bleeding for about 6 weeks.  She is immediately transferred to ICU in another hospital and we begin a very long month.  We have become primary caregivers for his parents as my sister in law and her family deal with the news that her mother has 3+ months with her brain tumor. 

February 5 ... MIL has brain surgery

February 11 ... she is released from the hospital and we say goodbye to the ICU.  She moves into an acute  care rehab facility and we begin rehab to see if she will become strong enough to come home.  She is so weak physically and in spirit!

March 3 ... She is transferred to the hospital and ends up back in the ICU.  She is septic and so incredibly sick.  And this is where we currently stand. We (Lawyer has two brothers and his Dad is still with us) all take shifts, pray and wait ...

Please know I have missed blogging.  Please know I am so tired most days I can barely walk to the bed ... I usually crawl.  I am relying on my faith to carry me through most days.  But my spirit is strong and I am trusting in God with each and every step.

I promise to keep you posted ... I promise not to disappear again!

Pinky swear ... MPM


Why oh why ...

... do my scheduled posts not post when they are supposed to???

Any one???

It was so sad to take some time off and come back to your blog and see you have no comments.  My first thought was that everyone else was also on vacay.  And then I realize ... no ... my posts never posted!!!  Sheesh!!! 

Oh well ... I am here and posting and another year older!!!

So much to share!!!


Why oh why ...


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