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Keeping green ...

Keep the comments coming ... I am not up to five resolutions as of yet.  And I am not giving in to the lightbulbs although I may try a new kind.  We shall see.

Little Mister came home from school with a great idea.  A basket for computer paper that we use for scraps.  So once the paper we do not need (and we all have these random pages) comes out of the printer it goes into a basket to be used on the other side again.  Great idea.  I would put the paper right back into the printer but then I envisioned Lawyer printing off a pleading on these "used" sheets and skinning me alive.  Not a good plan!

I am happy to report that I purchased two more reusable Lilly Pulitzer tote bags yesterday and I recommend you do the same.  They are to die for ... super cute and Lilly to boot!  I purchased the strawberry print but here are the photos of both of them ...

(photos courtesy of

I have only picked one winner ... keep the comments coming!


Going green ...

Every year on Earth day I attempt to do more for the environment.  We are conscious at home in some areas but I feel like we completely miss the boat in others.  I do not use paper napkins we use cloth ones.  I do not buy water bottles we use glass or acceptable plastic ones.  My husband has a love affair with his cast iron skillet, although I am not sure we have removed the teflon pans from the house.  I buy organic almost everything.  Although expensive it is well worth the trade.  When running errands I am very careful to do so in a circle route to save gas.  I will say that even though I own a Yukon XL I do only need to fill up about once every 10-14 days.  We wash most of our clothes in cold water and I do own a energy efficient washing machine.  Our thermostat is set at 78 in the summer and 68 in the winter.  I own green shopping bags although I forget to use them all the time and then I have to recycle the plastic ones.  We recycle anything we can at the house.  My kids are very focused on recycling and they do a great job in public remembering to bring bottles and cans home.  I will never forget the summer my oldest brought home all of his water bottles from camp to recycle.  And why do I worry about that kid?  Although I did draw the line at bringing home a beer bottle from Willy's a couple of weeks ago.  My middle child was completely appalled at my "bad" behavior.

I still feel like there is so much more I can easily take on ... and I am asking for suggestions.  But I will warn you ... do not suggest I buy energy efficient light bulbs ... I draw the line on that one!

And as a reward to you ... I will send out five green prizes ... and adopt five of the suggestions you make!

Suggest away ... 


She is at peace ...

Yesterday at noon our sweet grandma passed away.
She was with her husband of 51 years and they were holding hands when she passed.

She is now at peace.


The end is here ...

The end of spring break is here and I must say I am sad!  I love having my kids home and getting to do fun things with them.  Since my MIL is still in hospice we went the route of the staycation.  Not my first choice but we quickly got into a routine of fun things!  I must say they are sick of me and ... shh ... me of them!  hee hee!  Back to the grind for all tomorrow morning!  At the crack of 6:30 am ... ugg!

In preparation for summer I have been cleaning out!  Oh ... so many bags stuffed with things to go so many places.  Donations, Library ... and Ebay!

Check out the listings here ...

And if you see something you want ... let me know!!!

Happy Sunday to all of you!
Smooches ... MPM


Happy Birthday Little Mister!!!

Nine years ago I was holding a new baby in my arms as he was born at 11:52 am.  My husband got the best present ever for his 40th birthday ... a baby!

The sweetest baby who has turned into such a sweet boy.  He struggles more than I do each and every day.  On most days he never even complains. 

He is strong, creative, funny, charming, thoughtful, sensitive, perceptive, adorable and stubborn!!!

I love you dearly!!!


Happy Birthday Lawyer !!!!

It's a special week for us ... and today we celebrate our Daddy!!!

and here are the 49 (OMG!) reasons I love him ...

1.  He is the smartest person I know.
2.  He is loyal.
3.  He tells me No.
4.  He is funny.
5.  His impressions make the kids giggle!
6.  He loves babies.
7.  He is an amazing cook!
8.  He has the prettiest blue eyes.
9.  He is very preppy and loves to wear pink.
10.  He was Alex P. Keaton in his last life.
11.  He fights for the little guy and wins.
12.  He can clean my house better than me.
13.  He's an amazing photographer.
14.  He makes coffee for me every morning.
15.  His ass is bigger than mine.
16.  He has pretty feet.
17.  He can sing and did every night to the kids when they were babies.
18.  He loves antiques just as much as I do.
19.  My head fits perfectly into his neck.
20.  He likes both chick flicks and action films.
21.  He likes Harry Connick Jr.
22.  He likes to vacation both at the beach and in Colorado skiing.
23.  He wants to learn to fly fish when he grows up.
24.  He stays away from me when I'm bitchy. 
25.  He puts up with my very anal side.
26.  He doesn't try to use the pretty towels and pillows.
27.  He looks great in his Jeep.
28.  He loves his parents.
29.  He comes from good people.
30.  He let me break our family only rule when naming our children to use my BFF's name for Babycakes.
31.  He has cool family names and wouldn't make me name our children horrible names like Thankful or Herman.
32.  He laughs at me when I send the kids "untradeables" for lunch.
33.  He's a softie.
34.  He likes to nap on rainy days just like me.
35.  He doesn't make me iron his shirts.
36.  He loves to have a house full of people.
37.  He adores my best friends as much as I do.
38.  He looks amazing in a tie and suspenders.
39.  He keeps everything.
40.  He knows when he loses his crap I know exactly where he left it all.
41.  He likes clothes more than me.  (and I am completely addicted!!)
42.  He was wearing Lilly Pulitzer when I was just a babe.
43.  He loves to eat outside.
44.  He is fine with the fact that meat makes me nauseous.
45.  He doesn't hunt and expect me to cook the meat he brings home.
46.  He has always accepted our children for exactly who they are.
47.  He doesn't judge anyone.
48.  He rarely gets angry.
49.  He adores me!

He's a keeper ... xoxo


Happy Easter!!!

Happy Easter to all of you!!!

The Lawyer family is celebrating today with church, a family lunch and a late afternoon movie!!

Hope your day is filled with love and hope!!!


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