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Where did July go ...

These eight weeks of summer have flown by!!!  (I completely disagree with only have two months off but that is a whole post on its own)  We have spent our days poolside, driving back and forth to camp, VBS, swim team, hanging out in Colorado (photos to come), Lexington and the kids spent a week at my parents in Alabama.  We are currently taking care of our Daddy (story to follow, pinky swear) and prepping for school to start in six short days!  With the help of Netflix I have watched movies I missed in the theatre and caught up on Glee, Lie to Me and am now working on Mad Men.  I have inhaled Steig Larsson's books and am now reading the last in the series.  Highly recommend!

It has been an amazing summer!!!  I have adopted a new lease on life and I am enjoying every minute of it!  I vow to be 40 and fabulous!!!

We are off to Firehouse for dinner and then home to play Apples to Apples (love it) ...

What have you done this summer?


So accurate I had to repost ...

So in my persuing of Google reader today I found this post from Puttin on the Grits!  I do love her!  She is darling and truly very honest about herself and her life!!!  Growing up in the exact center of the state of Florida, more namely Lakeland, I can agree with every single thing on this list!  You wear shorts 12 months of the year.  You only own jeans just to "change it up" at night!  You eat lunch at the lake and feed the ducks.  You know an alligator named "Blinky".  Your closet consists of 3/4 flip flops and the rest church and school shoes.  The only hill you can talk about is the one filled with ants in the back yard.  You are never more than 35 minutes from Disney and a half and 1/2 from the beach!  I can remember going to college in Orlando and leaving my last class early on Friday to be beachside in Cocoa by lunch.  Oh ... the good life!  I truly miss it at times and wish my kids had the surf in their blood as much as I do!  There is nothing better than heat lightning at dinner, staying up late to catch lightning bugs, eating oranges off the trees in the groves and falling asleep at night feeling like you are still laying in the surf at the beach.

I do love the seasons we have in Atlanta ... although I could do without the traffic and the smog!

I am just saying ...


Happy 4th!!!!

(thank you Martha Stewart for the photo!)

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!!!

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