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12 days of gifts ... starts tomorrow!

MPM Designs is hosting 12 days of gifts!  Each day a different product will be on ridiculous sale!  Really on sale!  Like $10 sale!!!

Each day the product will be different and quantities will be limited to whatever is in the studio. 

New day, new product!

Stayed tuned!  But make sure you are following MPM Designs ... you don't want to miss these prices!



Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hope your day is full of family, friends and love!

I am thankful for my family, my dear friends and the the presence of all I love in my life!!!

p.s.  I didn't make that turkey!  The only one cooking for us this year is my sweet aunt!
(photo courtesy of


Boy soap ...

Babycakes takes her own showers.  I start the water and she takes care of the rest.  She is a very independent six year old.  If she needs something she beckons me (read screams) and I deliver the needed goods.  She even washes her own hair and uses conditioner!  I love that she can take care of it all herself!!!

Yesterday as we were preparing for church she called for me.  "There is no body wash in my shower."  I hunt around and produce a rather full bottle on the shelf in the shower.  She looks and me and states ... "I can not use that one.  Its for boys!"  I examine the bottle of lavendar scented body wash next to the Old Spice body wash and inform her that the lavendar is indeed her body wash.  She looks at me and gets quite upset!  "But right here on the bottle it says BOY WASH.  And I am not using boy soap!"  (Her Aunt Clemson would be so proud of her!!!)

Or it reads "BODY WASH" ... but great reading skills babe!!!


The path ... continued!

Apparently I answered all the questions with the exception of one.  Lawyer grew up in Jupiter, Florida.  He comes from three generations living in Jupiter and when we visit he still shares so many stories.  I can't imagine what it would be like to have my parents and my grandparents living on the same street.  I love the stories he shares and the strong sense of family he comes from.  His grandmother's house is located on the point of Jupiter inlet and we can see it when you fly in from Orlando. 

He settled in Orlando after law school and we met at a law office.

And that is a story for a whole separate post!!!


The path ...

To answer a comment I get a lot ... I grew up in Lakeland, Florida.  I am a beach loving Florida girl at heart.  I wear flip flops more than nine months of the year and I am currently sporting them with a turtleneck and yoga pants.  I went to college in Orlando and loved my time in Winter Park during those years.  I still feel extremely connected to this quaint community.  Shopping on Park Avenue and brunches at Briar Patch are my favorite things to do in town.  Winter Park gave me my first home (many darling apartments), a life long best friend and eventually the man I would marry.

I moved to Atlanta on a whim after breaking up with a boy I was madly in love with and who was sure he would never marry again.  I literally gave notice at my place of employment, took a job I had always wanted and moved the next week.  I didn't know a single person in Atlanta or Georgia for that matter.  It was the bravest thing I had ever done.  Thinking back I am still shocked some days I really did it.  Something inside of me just said GO.  My BFF and I were sure the move would only be for a year or two until I was sure he and I had both moved on.  Oh I was madly in love!!!

I arrived in Atlanta in October of 1993 and watched the Georgia-Florida game on my tiny tv with aluminum foil since the cable was yet to be hooked up.  I will never forget the first time I sat on the ice cold seat in my loft apartment.  It was freezing and I was in shock.  Cold in October in Florida ... never!  I had a standing order at the coffee shop behind my house every morning.   A large coffee and a toasted everything bagel.  I was 23 and discovering who I was.  It was a time I would never replace.
Oh ... the good ole days!!! 

What happened to that boy who was sure he would never get married?  He got the shock of his life watching me pack and move.  We both needed that time to grow and change and make sure it was the right relationship.  He flew into town on a stopover during trial and proposed a year later.  We were married on August 26, 1995 and as they say, the rest is history.  

I hoped and prayed he would come around ...

A royal wedding!!!

Am I the only one filled with excitement today over the announcement of Prince William's engagement?  With all going wrong in the world today it feels magical to me.  A royal wedding ... oh how very exciting!!!

Who doesn't remeber Princess Diana's wedding?  It was the most amazing event I had ever witnessed.  I remember thinking as a child that fairy tales did exist and she was the luckiest girl in the entire world.  Of course I was completely wrong on the magically happy part ... but I still think she was the most amazing bride I have ever seen!!!  I promise you I will be planning a party to celebrate the upcoming nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton.  That is of course if my invitation to the royal event gets lost in the mail ...

As a mother it makes me proud that he is remembering his mother in such an amazing way.  Proposing with his mother's engagement ring is so incredibly touching!  His mother would be proud!!!

Oh ... so many months of exciting details to read about ... so many fun posts!!


A fabulous fall day!

Lawyer took the kids on a hike yesterday through the National Forest next to the neighborhood!  The kids love to hike to the creek and Lawyer loves to take photos.  It was a win win for all involved!  He brought home these fabulous photos ...

I love fall in Georgia!  I will never forget moving to Atlanta in October of 1993 and really enjoying fall for the first time in my life.  Growing up in Florida the only glimpse we ever had of fall was not sweating to death in September and October.

The photos are fabulous and I just told Lawyer I love them so much he needs to take all three kids back today and capture our Christmas card photo! 

I will keep you posted!!


The new me ...

Hope you love the new header ... I am madly in love with it!!!  And I absolutely adore its designer ... Ashley Brooke of Ashley Brooke Designs!  She is so talented and so incredibly fast!!!  She had to wait longer for me to get started than it took her to twinkle her nose and create my new header.  The whole process is so incredibly easy.  You literally email her with a request, fill out a simple questionnaire and attach photos and ... poof ... you have a new design!

She uploaded it to my blog and fixed all the errors I seemed to make yesterday prepping for the install all while I was antiquing this morning with a client.

I am telling you it was as easy as pie and just as sweet too!!!

I have prepared a little box of happies to thank her for all her hard work!  I hope she loves it!!!

xoxo to you Ashley!
You are simply the best!!!



Under construction ...

Please excuse the blah of the blog today ...

I was getting ready for my fabulous blog header to be installed tomorrow and I completely messed up my current blog ...

So we are stuck with the blah today and the fabulous Ashley from Ashley Brooke Designs will be making it fabulous tomorrow!!!

Pinky swear!

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