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My new hair ...

About 18 months ago I was encouraged to grow out my hair.  One of my besties, Hair Girl, encouraged me to let it grow ... and that I did!  It went from a super short pixie to a long stacked bob that hits just below my shoulders.  I can now pull it back, put it up or flat iron it and wear it down!  I absolutely love it!!!

Last Tuesday I had a visit with the very talented Hair Girl where she cut, colored and blew it out.  I left for Kansas City looking fabulous.  It is the blondest it has ever been and it is my favorite cut and color by far.  I fussed at her while she trimmed it wondering if she was cutting too much and she just laughed at me.  Her response ... I am cutting off less now than the length of your hair when we started this process.  So very true!

I adore my Hair Girl.  She is amazing!!!  She makes all five of us look amazing and she is the only one Little Mister will let near him.  He did hit her on the first couple of cuts but they have worked it out and now he will even let her shampoo when its done.

Your the best HG!!!  And you know I love you!


Home again

I arrived home early this morning ... and I was ready to be home and see the kids!  I arrived to a huge red fold out sign in the den stating "WELCOME HOME MOM" made by the two youngest.  I must say I should go away more often with that kind of homecoming!

Lawyer and I had a great couple of days together.  He is getting settled in to his new job and we explored the surroundings some.  The midwest is very different from the south.  The people are kind and keep to themselves where in the south we tend to be nosey.  They are focused on their family time and being outside even in the notsolovely weather I was greeted with upon landing.  I think I might like the midwest if I gave it a chance.  It will never be the south ... but nothing ever will be.  The south is my home and has been for most of my life ...

... but I think its time for a change!



Once again a shout out to Nordstrom!

As Lawyer headed to a meeting yesterday morning he handed me a handful of shirts to take to the dry cleaners.  My goal was to find a dry cleaner close to his hotel (who launders but does not dry clean) that he could use regularly during his stay here.  He handed me seven shirts and I quickly calculated that was not near enough shirts.  Who wants to dry clean that often when you are out of town?  Not me!!!

I located the Nordstrom and quickly set out to find him some suitable dress shirts.  Lawyer is so picky about his clothes.  We have been together for 19 years and he has the same requests for new clothes he did on day 1 of our relationship.  He is truly Alex P. Keaton.  All his suits are navy or grey only.  His shirts are white or blue and all patterns must be subdued.  Ugh ... he is so hard to buy for!

I found a Nordstrom at Oak Park Mall and headed in.  The mens department is quite small so I was concerned I would have trouble shopping for my picky husband.  Why oh why do I ever question Nordstrom?  They never disappoint!

I quickly located their Smartcare dress shirts.  You simply wash and dry and they are perfect for wear.  If you send them to the dry cleaners you request they launder and don't use starch.  How easy are these?!  I located two patterns but did not see Lawyer's size.  While I headed out for a meeting of my own the salesman found Lawyer's size in one shirt, located the second shirt at another store in the country and even suggested a fabulous third shirt in the perfect size.  I left hours later with two shirts and one on the way.  I simply adore Nordstrom.  They have impeccable customer service and it never wavers!

Yesterday was a great day ... started out super cold but warmed up to a beautiful day.  Successful shopping, a yummy lunch at the Nordstrom cafe, a great meeting for me and a yummy dinner at Blanc Burger's and Bottles.  Alone time with a very happy husband ... who can ask for more?

He left this morning wearing one of his new shirts, a conservative blue and grey plaid.  He looked fabulous and I am simply thrilled!!!

Love, love, love Nordstrom! 


Toto ... I don't think I am in Atlanta this week ...

My parents arrived on Tuesday evening and I flew out early yesterday morning to spend the rest of the week with Lawyer.  After leaving the always chaotic Atlanta airport I was shocked to arrive at the very small and quite quaint Kansas City, Missouri airport.  Five gates for Delta and from the gate I could see the parking lot.  Wow ... what a difference!  I gathered my rental car with GPS and set off for Overland Park, Kansas.

So ... Kansas is very different from Atlanta.  Having never traveled to the mid west before I was overwhelmed by exactly how different it was.  The people themselves are lovely and the city is quite clean but overall it has a feeling I can not quite describe.  As I got off the exit I passed a Chick Fil A, Jimmy Johns and Sonic ... so it can't be that different than my every day.  I gathered lunch at the Whole Foods and I spent the late part of the afternoon at the hotel resting and reading.  Lawyer arrived after work and we had a fabulous dinner at a local Italian restaurant.  The sangria and I are now best friends!! 

I am so incredibly thankful to my parents for giving me and us this time together.  I am here until Saturday morning when I return home to my babies ...

Have a good week!


This is for you Lawyer ...

As I posted on Friday Lawyer is gone from home for the next month.  He left on Saturday and drove to Missouri.  He loves to drive ... me notsomuch!  Give me a quick plane ride any day!!!

He posted this on facebook yesterday which I will share with you ...

His comment ... "On the first day of spring I pass the gateway to the west for a new beginning.  Pretty stinking cool."

I agree babe!  It is cool. 

Today Lawyer starts a brand new job.  A job he has hoped and prayed for his entire career.  He has worked incredibly hard and he deserves it!!! He is more than over than moon.  Me ... I am still getting there.  But I am 100% sure that this is the right thing for him and therefore the right thing for us. 

I am proud of you babe!  Have an amazing day!!!



Busy, busy, busy!!!

I have been meaning to post all day and I have yet to have the time I love to devote to my blog and all of you!  I am busy packing for Lawyer who is leaving tomorrow for a month.  I am not even sure how to pack for a months time ... but I am muddling my way thru.  He is leaving in the am and will return on April 15.  Sheesh ... that is a long time! 

I hope you are having a lovely day and enjoying the same georgous spring day I am.  The sun is shining and the birds are churping!!!  It is simply amazing outside ...

See you on Monday ... I have so much to tell you!



Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Happy day to you!!!  Have a green beer (or a green chardonnay) ... I know I will be!

March 17, 1993 an attorney in my office invited me out for a green beer and two years (and a long road) later we were married!  This is always one of my favorite days!  It always gets me in the mood for spring ...

Have a great one ...


Table inspiration

We are currently redecorating our 1/2 bath on the main floor.  When we moved in the bathroom had dark grey metallic paper on the walls.  Even though the wallpaper made the room really dark I liked it enough to leave it alone.  It wasn't my choice but we kept it in the spirit of "making do".  I accented it with tole trays and brown transfer ware.  It worked.

Fast forward eight years ... I despise it!!!

Since one of my dear friends removes wallpaper for a living she popped over and started the removal process on Monday.  With the exception of the wall area above the sink she has removed the paper.  Now the fun part begins.

I had originally wanted to repaper but when the paper came off so easily she recommended I paint instead.  I do not like to change plans mid project and I have spent a lot of time since yesterday wondering how to make it all work.  I popped into Pottery Barn late this afternoon after having to run out for a bookstore run for the oldest.  I was hoping to see something that caught my eye and the inspiration would come. 

I got lucky!  As I walked in the door I spotted fern pillows in amazing greens and instantly fell in love.  They were so fresh and screamed spring.  As I walked around the store I found a table runner in the same pattern for $29.   As I picked up the runner I realized it would make the most amazing kick pleat valance.  I was instantly inspired!

I came home with my treasure and spent an hour pulling together the bathroom which I am now madly excited about.

Wall color ...

Light fixture ... recycled from a replacement in Babycakes' bathroom
Standard issue silver fixture I had painted by the Lamp Lady

artwork ... moved from the master bath

of course a tole tray ... they hang all over the house

And the curtain!

It was a table runner and now it's a valance!!!  And it makes the perfect valance ... its completely hemmed and lined ... all it needed was to be stapled.

Just need to paint the vanity black and grab a mirror and the project is done!!!

(so many have asked how I made this valance.  It is quite simple!!!  The board was already cut for this window from a previous dressing.  I started stapling the runner at the edges of the board where the valance would touch the wall.  I then worked my way out to the corner where I added a box pleat  and then worked my way to the front.  I stapled the center of the board first and then made two kick pleats on each side of the middle and worked with them until they used up the remaining runner length.  When I was sure the valance would be flat I then stapled the rest of the runner to the board and finished it all with a coat of starch and a quick iron!)



Rainy day

It is a wet one here in Atlanta and I am snuggled in for the day at home.  I am making to do lists, doing laundry and not thinking about the hot tea I would love to have!!!  My pj pants are still on, my hair is up in a pony tail and I am loving this day!  So far I have managed the paperwork on my desk, tidied up the main floor and caught up on my blog reading.  I will most likely watch Oprah on time instead of DVRing it. We will have soap and salad for dinner and I will feel great about the day when it is done!

It may be wet outside but its still a great day!

Here is hoping yours is too!!!



She's ba-nan-as!!!!

I adore Rachel Zoe!  I love every single thing about her!!! 

The name, the show, her addiction to fashion ... every single piece of it!!!

The article in The Hollywood Reporter is fabulous!!!

Hope you enjoy ...



New discoveries

Since embarking on lent I have found some new yummies to share with you!  It is quite a committment to give up one thing and I gave up three ... what in the world was I thinking???  But I am committed and will not give up!  I have discovered some great things to add to my days.  The days are not as bad as they were on the first day when I thought the mind blowing headache would do me in for sure!  I will confess that during a late night visit to Target with a bestie we both admitted we were dragging!  But a quick run through the Sonic for crushed ice and a cherry limeade will fix all I assure you!  And you may be up past midnight from the sugar but that is a whole different post!

This yumminess consists of cranberry juice and sparkling water.  It will take the drag out of your caffeine withdrawal!

Love, love, love these!!!  They are yummy and low in calories!!!  The granola thins also come in dark chocolate but I do not want to even attempt that one!

If you head to the Nature Valley website they have a 75 cent coupon to boot!  YUM!

I love granola bars but I had never indulged in the roasted almond flavor.  Add a banana and its perfect!

Rice cakes have always been a favorite of mine and now they are making a come back in my life!
One of these babies with natural peanut butter or red pepper hummus and I am feeling better in no time!!!
I really enjoy a bowl of oatmeal but for it to be super yummy it needs to be steel cut oats!  I eat them so many different ways ... maple syrup and almonds, berries and pecans, agave syrup and cran raisins ... yum!!!!

They take a while to cook but you can always soak them overnight and warm in the am!  So much faster!!!

Greek yogurt!  What can I say ... simply divine!  Must be non fat but I will eat it with just about anything on top!  I lean toward the honey, pomegranate and black cherry but I will eat any of them!

I will admit I am feeling so much healthier.  I am not a terrible eater but I will chose bread and caffeine over a healthier option.  I am hoping this time of refocus will change all that!!!



My tiny little problems ...

After posting this morning and then moving on about my day I received a call from a dear friend who has stepped in as my in town mother.  She is simply the best!!!  She told me to turn on CNN and tried to catch me up on the devastation that had and was occurring.  I was overwhelmed by the photos and the reports.  I have no idea how those people will ever put their lives back together.  But they will ... by the grace of God. 

As I went about the rest of my afternoon it came time for me to get the kids from school.  Today they were walkers.  When they walk I meet them at the school and we walk the path from the school to our neighborhood next door.  It takes us across the field and into a cul-de-sac.  As I drove into the cul-de-sac I heard a helicopter but didn't think much of it.  Then as I walked onto the path I realized the helicopter was on the field and worst of all ... it was a Life Flight.  My heart sank.  The path was blocked for a few minutes as they loaded in the person needing care and took off.  The leaves blew up and they were gone.  But the impact on all of us gathered there was huge.  The fireman on the sidewalk next to the school quickly reassured us that no one from the school was hurt.  It was just the best place to land for a person who needed to get help immediately from a nearby accident.  All afternoon I felt myself smiling at my husband more and holding on to my kids a little tighter. 

And as I tuck them in and head up to my room for the night I realize that I started this day thinking my problems were huge.  And then God showed me, more than once, that my problems are tiny.  There are people with real devastation that need our love and support. 

And I think Him for that gentle reminder!

Crutches ...

Yesterday was long and wretched.  I have had these days before but always had the crutch of a Lucky Buck skinny latte and an everything bagel toasted with cream cheese and tomato to get me started on a day that I knew would be long and difficult.  But since I gave up caffeine, bread and refined sugar up for Lent I had to rely on water to carry me.  It was not my favorite day.  Nor is today for that matter.  But I am a fighter and I will make it!

Life is rough and unexpected ... but without stretching and challenges we do not grow.

I know one thing for sure ... I'm growing!




I have never posted about Lent.  And to top off this awkwardness I am feeling I am sitting at my computer with a large glass of ice water instead of my usual hot cup of coffee and splash of cream.  So my eyes are a little out of focus and my mind a little fuzzy ... but here goes!

Lent is a special time.  According to this website ... lent is defined as the "forty-day period before Easter. It begins on Ash Wednesday. We skip Sundays when we count the forty days, because Sundays commemorate the Resurrection. Lent begins on 9 March 2011 and ends on 23 April 2011, which is the day before Easter."

He goes on to say ...

"Lent is a season of soul-searching and repentance. It is a season for reflection and taking stock. Lent originated in the very earliest days of the Church as a preparatory time for Easter, when the faithful rededicated themselves and when converts were instructed in the faith and prepared for baptism. By observing the forty days of Lent, the individual Christian imitates Jesus’ withdrawal into the wilderness for forty days."

For me lent is just that ... a time of reflection and taking stock.  Where do I need to focus, what could I do without it my life and lastly ... what do I need to spend more time doing?  After much consideration I deciding that I needed to spend 40 days without caffeine, all bread products and all refined sugar.  Although I am not so much dependent on caffeine I do LOVE my morning coffee and I have been living for my Lucky Buck trenta shaken black tea no sugar.  Loving and living for are not good.  We will take a break from one another for 40 days and hopefully will have a more balanced relationship when we meet again!

Bread and sugar and a whole different ball game.  I am addicted to both.  Addiction is bad and I am going cold turkey.  At the end of lent I will eat both in extreme moderation.  It will be a huge treat instead of a daily indulgence. 

I am taking on a couple of things ... and so far I like them all.  Since Papa moved in I have once again picked up cooking.  I do not mean prepping something easy for dinner ... I mean full on making dinner.  I used to prepare "dinner" every night with the exception of the night the house was cleaned.  But therapy for the middle child and life got in the way and we began to indulge more in easy dinners and take out.  Neither are good for the waist line or the budget. 

I have also been spending a lot more of my days at home.  There is always a lot to do and I feel so much more accomplished at night when they are done and the house is tidy and organized.  This is a gift I am giving to both my family and myself.  I feel better and they love a stress free mommy!!!

Lastly I am reading.  I love to read and I never indugle myself in this area.  I currently have four books on my bedside table and I am looking forward to finishing each one of them. 

I hope your day is a good one.  As I sit at my computer with the rainy, dreary day outside I would love an everything bagel toasted and a hot cup of coffee.  But I will refrain from both and be a better person in the end for it!



Kings cake

My oldest son needed a Kings cake for spanish class.  It seems he go the baby Jesus during the Epiphany celebration in January.  Of course he reminds me after dinner last night so he and I head out to find a Publix who has still has one in stock.  Lucky for me ... actually him ... I found plenty of them in stock at our first stop! 

I had to do some researching last night to learn all about the Kings cake.  It was not a tradition in my house to have one even though I grew up in a Catholic ... no meat on Fridays or Wednesdays during lent home.  Not to say that Kings cake is Catholic ... but you get where I am going with this.  After doing some research I learned that the baby Jesus is supposed to be baked in the cake not given to you in a plastic bag in the box.  Insert panic as how I was to get the sitting up baby Jesus in the flat Kings cake without everyone knowing where he was!!!  Lawyer stepped in ... performed a little surgery and even he couldn't tell where it was when all was said and done.

So as I was headed up to bed I decided to sample the extra cake we bought for us at home.  Holy slice of crack!!!  That stuff is sweet and pretty much amazing!!!!  It is so packed with cinnamon, pecans, sugar, icing and more sugar I was up way past midnight and all of my besties know I go to bed no later then 10!  I had another smaller slice this morning with my coffee and thank goodness that bit of Satan is almost gone!

Happy Fat Tuesday to all!  If you see me running around like my hair is on fire you will know I polished off the very last piece of the crack cake!

Ha ...



Wedding planning ...

My nephew is getting married in July.  This is the same nephew who just two summers ago almost lost his life in a terrible car accident.  We have so much to celebrate!!!

Babycakes has been asked to be the flower girl.  She is absolutely over the moon!!!!  As the party invites pour in and the date creeps closer I need to plan on her attire.  She is wearing a dress chosen by the bride for the actual wedding but we need to chose what she will wear otherwise.  And she wants to grow out her hair a little so I am relying on Hair Girl to help me with that one!!!  So far we have three events to attend ... maybe more to come!

For the first shower ...

from Papa d'Anjo ... paired with a pink sweater and ballet flats
(this one is before Easter so no white shoes)

For the bridesmaids luncheon ...

from Lilly Pulitzer ... also paired with ballet flats

For the rehearsal and dinner how about this ...

from Lilly Pulitzer ... paired with a white cardigan and white sandals since the dinner is more casual
(she can also wear for Easter ... I love this dress!!!)

Ok now for my wardrobe ... hmmm ...

I'll think about that tomorrow!


The start of a brand new week!

I do love a new week ... a new to do list and seven days of new possibilities!  My week always begins on Sunday.  Leisurely morning with two cups of hot coffee ... a little computer time ... church at 11 and then a long lunch.  The rest of the day is spent watching over the kids as they do their laundry and hanging out.  Before I turn my lights out on Sunday night I make a to do list for the week of the things I need to do.

I just pulled out last weeks to do list and doublechecked everything was done.

Here was the original list ...
Make two lamp shades
Buy fabric and trim
Make Babycakes curtains
Pick up bird prints
Move twin beds to storage
Sell biscuits for 8th grade fundraiser
Add remaining fundraiser dates to calendar and schedule all childcare needed
Oversee kindergarten kidstown for Babycakes' class
Meet Hair Girl to find vintage clothes
make birthday present for kindergarten teacher
Finish buying furniture for Babycakes' room - side tables and two more lamps

And here are the things I added in ...
Late night phone call with asst principal
add asst principals cell number in my cell phone
three more trips to Good Will
four trips to resale shop to gather the rest of the costume for me and two others
eat slice of coconut cake after spur of the moment trip to Piece of Cake 
grocery store more times than I planned
part time job as seamstress
improntu dinner at mexican restaurant

wow ... no wonder at the end of the week I am pooped!  We all do so much.  Life is crazy and there is much to do!!!

As I make this weeks to do list I am thankful for my ability to stay home with my kids.  I am thankful for the sweet man who has joined our house!  His cheerful face is a delight each morning!  It will be another crazy week ... but a good one!



Celebrating 70's style ...

Last night my friends and I celebrated one of our own with a 70's surprise party.   We all had an amazing time and no one disappointed in their attire.  It was a sea of hippies, gogo girls, leisure suits and platform shoes!  We ate amazing food ... danced under the disco ball until early in the am and sang until my voice was hoarse!  Truly a fabulous night!!!

And a sneak peek for you ...

Doing the hustle ...

Birthday girl in the middle ... me on the far right

Check out my earrings ... bigger than oranges I assure you ... and the baby blue eyeshadow ... wow!!!  I picked up this vintage polyester maxi dress at a vintage clothing booth.  Paired with lime green Dr. Scholls sandals it was a hit!!!  And a plus ... the shoes were super comfy!

Had a great night ... hoping you have a great weekend!


March is here ... bring on Spring!

I am shocked that January and February are already over ... time truly flies by!!!  One of my friends, Snow White, always says that February is such a short month ... and it is but only by two days!  Seriously ... it was just Christmas and my birthday and now the birds are singing and the sun is warming up the afternoons and before you know it I will be shopping for bathing suits and shorts!


Speaking of bathing suits ... I spotted this one in my blog reading this am courtesy of Mrs. Lilien ...

Oh yes ... this is such a me suit!!!  I love the orange but it also comes in black and nude!  Love, love, love it!  It will be in my wardrobe before long as I will need it for an upcoming lake trip!  Matched with Tory Burch flip flops and a great hat and shades and I will be in heaven! 

Babycakes room is almost ready for the reveal!  I have purchased lamps and I am in the process of making curtains and then it will just need a quick paint and it will be ready to show off!  I was so worried about making her sweet little room into a part time guest room but the Lilly Pulitzer linens have definitely bridged the gap.  It still is perfect for a little girl and transforms so quickly as a guest room.  I am truly liking it more every time I pass!

Hope your day is lovely ... I am off to tackle my laundry and make some lamp shades!



The Bachelor

Once again I am hooked on The Bachelor.  Every single time it airs I swear I will not get sucked in.  It works for a while and then before I know it I am tuning in just to see what's up after reading about in online. 

I am a sucker every single time!

And once again I am hooked!  I hate it but its true. 

I am counting the days until the next week.

Ugh ... I have no willpower!


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