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A fabulous little upgrade ...

I have been trading out handles on the potties in the house all day.  I love how they look.  It is a simple transformation that took little time to complete.  I grabbed the appropriate colors (2 rubbed bronze and 3 brushed nickel) at Lowe's this morning and installed them in the coordinating bathrooms.  I am very pleased with the result!!!

If you trade out your faucet or towels racks or both, I would recommend trading out the handles on the potty as well!

It gives it a great polished look! 

Happy Saturday!


Simply beautiful!


Of course I was up promptyly at 4am.  Texting and twittering with my bestie at the beach.  We were dreaming that we were sitting next to each other with tea, scones, berries and cream.  We talked about that hats we would wear if we were there and why you would attend without a hat.  It felt kind of like going without mascara.  Oh, if we only didn't have busy lives and could have snuck off to England for the festivites. Sigh ...

It was a simply beautiful affair.  The church, the groom, the bride and the whole affair.  Simply beautfiul.

And now I will be sneaking an afternoon nap.

And they will live happily ever after ...



a little about me ...

I saw this on Monogram Chick's blog and I thought it would be fun to answer ...

A-Age: 41 (and loving it!)
B-Bed size: King
C-Chore you hate: Grocery shopping ... I am now calling it the market to change it up
D-Dogs: two jack russells, Miles and Murphy
E-Essential start to your day: My morning cup of coffee
F-Favorite Color: Chocolate brown
G-Gold or Silver: Silver
H-Height: 5'6”
I-Instruments you play: Clarinet. I wanted to play the drums but my mother insisted girls don’t do that
J-Job title: Mother and store owner
K-Kids: Three, 14, 10 and 6
L-Live: Georgia ... soon to be Kansas
M-My mom's name: Judith
N-Nickname: Lawyer calls me Honey ... if he uses my first name I am usually in serious trouble
O-Overnight hospital stay: Many times ... I have had three kids, one very complicated pregnancy, and both my tonsils and appendix removed
P-Pet Peeve: people eating nuts in my presence
Q-Quote: “You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face ... Do the thing you think you cannot do.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt
R-Right/Lefty: Right
S-Sibling: none
T-Time you wake up: My alarm goes off at 6:30 and I usually get out of bed right before 7
V-Veggies you dislike: none
W-What makes you run late: Three kids and two dogs usually
X-Xrays you have had: Oh my word ... no idea if you add in sonograms
Y-Yummy food you make: I prefer to make reservations
Z-Zoo animal: Giraffe

My heart is heavy today for all the people who suffered because of the horrible storms and tornadoes that ripped thru the south yesterday.  I am blessed to report my parents and their house are safe in Tuscaloosa but there are many others who did not fair so well.  My prayers and my quiet time today is for their peace during this terrible time!



Randy rando ...

When you are having a bad day do not ... I repeat do not head to Verizon for technical assistance.  Although you are holding your current BB and your new BB in your hand they will probably transfer the email and the contacts from your hubs BB who is currently in Kansas.  WTH?

A cold iced tea in a monogrammed glass with a colorful straw will cure any ill you have.  Pinky swear.

A bestie that calls you from the beach after seeing a photo of your bed posted on twitter and makes a suggestion will encourage you to go right out and remedy said problem.  Because if it was bad enough to call you from the beach it must be immediately rectified!

Wearing pj pants with large ruffles at the feet will make you feel youthful.  Every. Single. Time.  Which is why I own two pairs and alternate them.

Seeing your youngest clutching her beloved blanket at bedtime will make her seem years younger.

Making your bed will make your whole house seem cleaner.

Over priced lavendar dryer sheets will encourage you to do laundry.  Even if they are ridiculously over priced.

Little Bill and Miss Spider are the best kids shows on TV ... hands down.

Take out is the best thing to make for dinner.

A gay man telling you that you are beautiful feels so much better than a straight man doing it.  Unless of course it is the love of your life.  Nothing is better than that.



My God is in the details ...

The other day I posted one of my favorite verses ...

Look down at the path before you.

You will see the print of My feet.

"I will go before you and make the crooked places straight"
Isaiah 45:2

This day has turned out better than I had hoped or dreamed it would this am when I posted about my struggles. 

The home we have settled on was not one that we had seen or even thought about.  It wasn't in the area we chose or the school district that was chosen for our special ed child to attend.  It was completely outside the circle we had drawn.  But it is the home that was hand picked for us.  I have no doubt about this fact.  It is as plain to me as the freckles on my face.  God chose this house for us!

All of the confirming signs were coming in that this was the house except one.  We were still waiting on the special ed coordinator for the district to let us know it would be a good fit for him.  When I met with her she had read his IEP and spoken to his team and his case manager and picked the school that would be perfect for him.  We were overjoyed.  He would be in the perfect place.  Now to just find a house ...

Two weeks later and we had settled on nothing.  There were good houses but nothing to fit our needs as a household of six.  (Yes ... Papa is going)  Then I spoke to Mike the contractor.  He listened to me and then quietly asked if I had prayed for a house.  Of course!  No .. he said .. "Did you ask God for a house?"  Of course!!

But wait ... had I really asked in those words?

I sat down that night during my quiet time and asked for a house.  Forty five minutes later the email came.  We had a new house to investigate. 

I love the house.  Lawyer loves the house.  Papa loves the house.  But the elementary school would not be the one the coordinator chose.  I emailed her the following morning and asked for her thoughts.  Would the programs he need be offered?  Was it a good fit? 

It took all Easter weekend for her to respond.  She called me early yesterday with her response.  No ... it wasn't her first pick.  Yes, they had the programs he needed but it was her unspoken words that truly bothered me.  She wasn't sure if it would be a great fit.  She was uneasy.  My heart sunk.  All of the progress he has made over the last year was up in the air.  What were we to do ... was this the house?

She encouraged me to call the principal and just talk to her.  She told me I would know immediately if the fit was there.  She kept telling me that for all the uncertainty she had she was confident in the principal.  We would either love her or not and if she loved us and him all would be perfect.  She would bend over backward to meet our needs.  It would work.  She hung up repeatedly encouraging me to call.  I didn't have the heart to tell her I had no plans to call.  I was not ready to start over with another house and I didn't want to not make the connection she said I would need.  I just wanted to firmly plant my heels into the ground and be mad about moving.

This morning Lawyer made the move on the house.  We take possession early June.  My August 1 moving date just moved way up.  I was in shock.  He was confident it was our home and that all would be perfect.  I wasn't confident at all.  I was sad and simply depressed!

At 4:42 pm I received an email from the coordinator.  This is what she wrote ...

I talked with the principal of the --- Elementary School.  She has all of your paperwork.  She would love to talk with you about Little Mister's placement.  She is excited about having him and can't wait to meet all of you.  Is it ok if I give her your cell number?

Um ... really?  The first principal of the hand picked school wouldn't even let me call, or visit or anything until the house closed. 

I instantly started to cry.  God made a way.  He chose the house, he worked out the school and he even brought the principal to me when I was too scared to go to her. 

My God is in the details.  And I am incredibly thankful.


A new home

The last piece of our moving puzzle is now in place. 

We have found our home. 

It is happening so quickly and faster than I originally planned!

It's time for me to truly embrace leaving.

It's like a bandaid I am too scared to pull off.  I know how much it will hurt and how sad I will be to leave my home, our friends, our church and my besties!!!

It's a rough day for me ...



Half bath ... all done!

Remember this ugly photo? 

It has been replaced with this ...

(ignore the faucet ... its on its way out of there!)

(remember the runner from Pottery Barn ... there it is hanging as a valance!  Love it!!!)

I am thrilled with this room.  The dark wallpaper is gone and it is fresh and new.  I have to remember as we are cleaning up the house and readying for sale that I need to pick clean colors and pieces that others will love.

It's hard to shop for someone you have never met before ... but I am muddling thru it!  I love that the bathroom looks bigger and the celery green is fabulous!!! 

It is ready for you to pop in for a visit ...

And as soon as the UPS truck arrives with my faucet it will be perfection!!!

Happy Saturday!

eta ... finished the bathroom!!!

the new faucet installed

and some new hinges complete the bathroom!

come on over ... the 1/2 bath and I would love to have you!


Happy Resurrection Day to all!

For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.

John 3:16

The Lawyer family


Happy Easter to all!

I know its a day early ... I am not crazy! 

In the Lawyer house the Easter bunny comes on Saturday so we can celebrate the resurrection separately on Sunday!!!

Hope your day is lovely!  We are headed to Serenbe this am for an egg hunt! 



In awe ...

Look down at the path before you.
You will see the print of My feet.
"I will go before you and make the crooked places straight" Isaiah 45:2

I am overwhelmed and speechless of the path that has been laid out for my family.  Every detail has been handled.  Every T has been crossed, every I dotted.  Every worry I lay at his feet is dismissed.  I have been blessed more than I could every ask for or dream of.  I am simply put ... in awe!!!

Thank you Jesus!



All is right in the world ...

Lawyer is home for the weekend.  He left March 20 and returned about 20 minutes ago. 

We will be enjoying him for the weekend as he leaves again on Monday morning.

Have a great weekend!  We sure will be!!!



God's grace is amazing

So as I posted last night my heart was heavy.  I was sad, I felt helpless and I was weary.  My friend did not receive the all clear news and I felt useless.  As luck would have it my sweet contractor was here working.  He arrived at 4:30 and did not leave until way after 10.  He was litterally staining the deck with flood lights and way after dark.  He kept asking me if I was ok ... he thought that my weariness was upset with him.  I finally shared after the kids were in bed my day and just told him I was tired, sad and weary.  He went about staining the deck and I came inside.  A few minutes later he appeared in my den with a cd.  He handed it to me and told me to pop it into my laptop and listen.  What he gave me was the music from his church a few weeks ago.  He plays percussion and they happened to record the praise music that day.  I popped the cd into my laptop and let it play while I played a few games of Spider Solitaire.

About 40 minutes I was a different person.  Gospel music will do that to you.  I felt like I had just watched to the last 30 minutes of The Preachers Wife.  I was uplifted and my heart was singing.  I was still incredibly sad for my dear friend but God had turned that worry into praise.  I had a peace and calm that only comes from God.  My heart was calm in the storm around me. 

There is no coincidence that Mike was here.  There is no coincidence that he asked me why I was upset.  And there is no coincidence he had the cd in his car.

God is amazing and I am incredibly thankful I can call him my savior!!!

Matthew 17:20


eta ... just read a comment pointing out that Mike is a carpenter.  There are no coincidences!  Thank you for bringing it to my attention!



Hoping today is a great one!

This morning one of my friends has a doctors appointment.  She sits down with her doctor today to find out if the biopsy they took on Friday shows she has breast cancer.  I am waiting on pins and needles to hear great news or to rally up as part of a village if she gets bad news.  Ten years ago last week she was diagnosed with cancer.  At the time she was pregnant and was admitted to the hospital with a very slim chance of survival.  She lost the baby but she walked away clean and healthy.  Ten years later ... almost to the day ... she found a lump.

I know this isn't happening to me but I feel like it is.  I love my girlfriends.   When they hurt, I hurt.  When they celebrate I feel high on life.  They are my girdles.  They are the support system you can pick up any time and will be there for you without question.

Today I am the girdle for my dear friend!  I have prayed for her ... texted her with support and love and will be here for her outcome!

... simply because that's what a girlfriend does!!!

I love you Lee!!!

eta ... It is 8:00 pm and I am tucking the kids in and headed for some quiet time in my room.  My heart is heavy for another.  I am relying on the truth printed below!  xoxo to all!!

Matthew 17:20 ... He replied, “Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”


A perfect weekend ...

I had an amazing weekend!!!  I am currently recouperating from too much laughter and way too much wine ... but I wouldn't trade the sore laughter muscles or the slight headache for anything!!!

I am blessed to be surrounded by amazing women.  I have the greatest friends.  Some of which I hardly see and some I see weekly.  But put us in the same space and we pick up right where we left off.  They are great girls and I love them dearly!!!

We started the weekend off with a champagne brunch at Beth's house and then headed up to Lake Blue Ridge.  We arrived around 4 and dived right into happy hour and appetizers.  We all take a meal to prepare and the food never disappoints!!!  Hair Girl and I are always responsible for Saturday morning breakfast.  I make Eggs Brushetta and she always makes something different.  This year she made Maple Cinnamon Bread Pudding which I can promise you is truly sinful!  We topped it off with Mimosas to kill the hangover from the night before and the day was off and running!

Just to recap ... here is the fun we shared ...

ziplining ... photo above
dancing til our bodies ached
starting and finishing a bottle of silver Patron (mix it with Simply Limeade and fresh limes ... wow!!!)
watching Sex, Love & other Drugs (if you haven't seen it ... wow!)
the grand reopening of the local McDonalds
two trips to Ingles ... enough said
freezing the bra of the first to fall asleep on Friday (yes we are high schoolers why do you ask?)
Zumba lessons
life coaching
one insane thunderstorm
amazing friendship and support
a million and one secrets
... and more giggling than should be legal!

I hope your weekend was lovely ...
mine was perfect!!!



A long weekend off ...

After 25 days of parenting alone I am taking a long weekend off!!!  My parents arrive this afternoon and I am headed to a girls weekend at the lake in the am.  I have decided to spend the day outside the house today and escape the sawing and painting and tiling and dust!!!  I have taken a shower, shaved, blown out my hair and now am dressed in black spring dress and ballet flats.  Since the kids are off to school and my mother loves to be in control ... I am officially off the clock!  Woo hoo!!!

Although the days (and nights) have been long I truly can't complain.  My kids have held it together and only rarely have I had to pull them back into submission.  They are a little stressed about the changes and the move but they have all been great at communicating and we are taking it one day at a time!  And the contractors have been fabulous.  With the exception of checking my spanish/english dictionary hourly for conversation and one minor setback with the painter and the wrong color the entire couple of weeks have been without issue.

I am off to grocery shop for the lake and hang with my bestie! 

Hope your day is just as lovely!


oh how I loved Lipstick Jungle!!!

One upside to having an absentee husband at the moment is that I am in total control of the remote at night.  NO arguing and NO fighting.  Hmmm ... this is one part I love about the traveling hubs!!!

I found Lipstick Jungle seasons 1 and 2 at Target for $5 each.  I absolutely loved the show and was so sad when it was cancelled.  Yes, SATC is my first love but these characters are equally as charming and multi-layered and I was hooked on the first episode.  I am not sure if I have a favorite character but if I did it would have to be Nico.  I love her strength and equally love her weaknesses.  She is amazingly beautiful and I love what they do to her hair!!  Of course who wouldn't love Victory.  She's talented, funny, quirky and has the most amazing clothes!!!

And then there's Kirby ... ummm ... WOW!!!  I forgot how hot he was.  He is truly divine!!! 

I am not sure this is the best series for me to re watch as I am prepping to move.  Their friendships and time together makes me incredibly sad.  I will miss my quality time with my besties ... but I will have to make our phone dates and skype time meaningful!!!

Hope your day is lovely!


Here's something no mother wants to hear ...

I sent Babycakes upstairs after dinner.  She was supposed to put her pjs on, brush her teeth and get into bed.  She has been asking to sleep with me every other night since Lawyer is gone.  At first I declined but I finally figured life is short and why not!

She calls down to me from the back stairs a minute ago and reported this ...

"I was waiting for you to tuck me in and I was making a drawing for you.  I had a marker but now I lost it in your bed.  I have the top in my hand but I can't find the bottom."


My oldest looked at me and simply said ... "that won't be too hard to find ... just look for the big spot of ink".

Even better.

I'm off to survey the damage.


Babycakes finally had her turn with the stuffed class pet last week.  All the other children had their chance with Leo the Leopard for a weekend but we were cursed blessed with an entire week.  And to boot ... we were traveling out of state. 

Holy cripes ... I can not tell you how much keeping that stuffed leopard stressed me out.  I was sure we would leave the critter in some random place in city we knew very little about.  I found myself constantly performing the Leo check.  Do we have him?  Where did you set him down?  Did we get a photo with Leo in it?  I am so thankful that part is over!!

He arrives in a pet carrier which he spent most of him time in when he was not out exploring his surroundings.  Babycakes carried the carrier all over Kansas City and its suburbs for a week and I stressed every day all day that he would get lost.  Lucky for her me he did not!  If I wasn't worried about losing him I was reassuring some random stranger that it was not a real pet and "NO!  I would never let my daughter carry a real animal around like that"!  They were convinced as she twirled the carrier, threw it up in the air and managed to appear to be abusing a real animal that I was the worst mother ever.  My kids would probably agree with them but I in fact I am not! 

We I have printed 12 photos of the little bugger and we I have written five pages in his journal about his adventures.  Babycakes was so sad to return him.

Me ... notsomuch!  I gave him one last squeeze and sent him on his way!!



Prepping the house ...

I am outside my box.  I do not like people working in the house and I surely do not like dust or mess.  I currently have all three!!!

There is a 20 yard dumpster in the driveway full of all kinds of stuff ... the garage is full of tile from our master shower redo ... the deck has been torn up and completely rebuilt and currently we have had seven rooms painted and the contractor just added another ... sheesh!!!

I am being stretched beyond my limits and I am embracing it the best way I know how.  I hope I have told each and every contractor working in the house how much I respect and appreciate them for their work and the way they take care of me.  One of the men working for us has been in our employ/friendship for nine years.  I adore him and trust him with my house keys and truly my life.  Last week when we were gone he would text me and give me updates on our Papa.  He is truly a great man!  There is no one else I would let in my house at crack thirty or let stay until way after dark.  Mr. Mike we love you!!!!

Photos to come ... but I will preface it by saying that a lot of our photos and beloved items from the wall will be missing.  The letter from the corporate agents came with all of our to dos and to dont's.  I have been taking down items from the walls and the framed photos and packing them as they work in each room.  Why not give the home owner a fresh coat of paint and freshly repaired walls in the mean time!!!

Hope your day is lovely ... Spring is in full bloom here and my back yard looks like the botanical gardens.  Love it!!!



Kansas City!!!

Just to recap ...

... everyone had a great time!!!

We are home and getting settled!!!  And I love being home!!!

Just miss the hubs ... :(

Hope your Spring Break was great!!!



Dear Lawyer ...

Dear Lawyer ...

Thank you for being a great man.  For sticking with me and putting up with me thinking I am so low maintenance when I am in fact a woman which means I am some sort of maintenance.  Thank you for putting up with my bipolar mood swings lately.  Please know through all of my tears lately I am incredibly happy for you and your new adventure.  I am thrilled that your dream job has finally arrived for you.  You have hoped and dreamed for this opportunity as long as we have been married.  Thank you for driving 13 hours in your tiny yellow jeep to chart the waters for us and our new life.  I worried a few times that your precious little jeep wouldn't make the trip.  I should have know it is just as strong as you are.  I know it is hard for you to watch your family come and go back to the life you once knew.  We will be together soon enough. 

I am so incredibly proud of you.  You are leading our family in the way God has always planned for you to do.  You have been so strong and so brave in this new adventure.  You come "home" to a tiny hotel room and take out each night and continually listen to me unload the stresses of my day and tell me you love me and this is all temporary.  But please know I am hip to your indulgence of bbq more than once a week ... I know you are in pig heaven in the bbq center of the states!  Enjoy ... you deserve it.

Keep the faith and know that you are missed as we head out of Kansas this morning.  I already miss your hugs and your laugh.  I miss you You looked amazing this morning in your suit and your suspenders.  I always love you dressed up for the day.

Til the next time I see you ...

I adore you Alex P. Keaton ..



Happy Birthday Little Mister!!!

Our middle child is 10 today!!!

We will be spending the day at the Marble Museum, Winsteads for burgers and shakes, mexican for dinner and bowling for a finale ...

Isn't that the perfect day for a ten year old?

He thinks it is ... and he planned it himself!!!

I love you baby!  I can not imagine one day of my life without your smile and your sweet spirit!  No one in the world makes me laugh harder than you!!! 



Happy Birthday Lawyer!!!

Happy birthday to the hubs!! He is a half a century today and is loving his brand new life.  After a great day at the office he met us at Oklahoma Joes in the Shamrock gas station.  I have never seen a restaurant I could pump gas and wait in a long line to eat BBQ ... but this is Kansas!  He loved the brisket and I loved the onion rings and the seasoned fries.  YUM!!! 

After dinner we headed back to the hotel for gifts and cupcakes I picked up at a yummy local joint called Cupcake a la Mode.  It reminds me of Cami Cakes in Atlanta that Paper Girl and I stumbled onto for my birthday.  And Cami Cakes is pure crack!!!  And to top it off our agent in Overland Park treated him to toffee from Christopher Elbow.  Since I gave up sweets I have not tried either sweet but I am assured that both the cupcakes and the toffee is to die for!!!  The agent is fabulous and I am confident will be my first friend after the move!!  She showed up at lunch today sporting gifts for both Lawyer and Little Mister who turns 10 tomorrow.

We had a great day.  We spent most of the morning at the Liberty Memorial which an amazing World War I museum located in KC, Mo.  It is amazing.  The view from the top of the memorial is truly breathtaking.  I am not a fan of heights so I did not brave the 215 feet overlook to check it out but the camera made the trip so I have some great shots to share.  When you first walk into the museum you cross over a glass bridge.  Under the bridge is 9000 silk poppies.  Each of the 9000 poppies represents 1000 casualities.  It overwhelmed me seeing the see of red.  Those 9000 poppies represent the 9 million who gave their lives.  There was no way to make the impression I had on my heart with my two youngest children.  Such devastation.

Tomorrow we celebrate the birth of another in our family.  When Lawyer turned 40 we headed to the hospital to give birth to Little Mister who will be 10 tomorrow.  Where does the time go?

Hope your day was lovely!!!


Getting our feet wet ...

We have been tooling around the city and its surroundings for two, almost three, days now.  We have survived one wicked storm and are once again enjoying warm temps and blue skies.  All in all its not bad. 

On Sunday we drove to Paola (20 minutes south ish) to eat at The Barbeque Shack.  Its a quaint little restaurant that was featured on the Food Network's Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.  Since I am not a big fan of meat I ordered a yummy helping of fried okra and finished it off with the onion straws and an ice cold beer.  YUM!!!  The onion straws were a huge favorite at the table and the best I had ever had.  Lawyer and the middle child shared the ribs.  The oldest ordered a hamburger (I have no idea why) and the little one ordered the pork sandwich.  All were more than pleased with their choices.  My SIL indulged in the burnt ends which is a local favorite.  The ends of the brisket are cut and served as a entree all by themselves.  She reported they were divine.  There were signs everywhere advertising the kerosene cucumbers which I insisted we try.   They are fabulous but might be the hottest pickle I have ever smelled or eaten.  They advised us not to touch it but simply cut and enjoy.  Enjoy I did.  YUM!!

After a yummy lunch we headed back to Overland Park and drove the kids by the schools we have chosen for them.  They all seemed pleased and I was thankful for their positive attitudes.  Lawyer then took us into KC, Mo. to tour his office and treated the kids to ice cream.  They were so excited and he loved showing off his new work home.  A quick run thru the grocery store for some staples and snacks and we all called it a day.

Yesterday it was freezing outside and since we were all pooped from the ride, we stayed in.  A few million hands of cards and Farkle and Spider Solitaire for me and everyone was rested and ready when Lawyer returned home from work.  We chose a wing place for dinner where we happily played trivia and waited for the Championship game to start.  All in all a great day.

Today we headed back to KC, Mo. and headed for Union Station.  We spent most of the day in the Science Center and the Planetarium only stopping for lunch at Fritz's.  What a fun and cool place and one I am sure the kids will want to visit again!!!  I am now back at the hotel and resting while Babycakes is fast asleep next to me.  I mentioned she might get to stay up late and she was asleep faster than I could locate her favorite blanket. 

It's been a good week so far but I am continually reminded we are just visitors at this point.  The city is beautiful and the people are incredibly kind.  As I type now I realize it will take a lot of time and prayer before this new place feels like a home for me.  I am continually reminding myself that my family and my besties are my home and that will never change or go away.  And I know that we are doing what is being asked of us.  I am confident of that as the blessings continue to flow.  I am currently memorizing 2 Corinthians 4:18 to hide in my heart and bring me peace when I am scared. 

Hope you are all well and having a great week!!!


The reveal ...

I have told you that Lawyer has taken a new job and I have been a little lack on my posts lately due to a busy schedule and now it is time to pull it all together for you (and for me!).

On Christmas Lawyer told me he had found his dream job ... he had applied to go in house for an engineering and architectural firm in Kansas City, Mo.  It was perfect for him ... all he had dreamed and hoped for most of his career.  He had a phone interview in January and one in Mo in February and all the while I prayed for him to be granted his dream job.  He would be gone four, maybe five days a week but all would be grand because he would be doing what he loved.  We waited and he hoped and I prayed.

On March 9th he got the call and they offered him the job.  The job of a lifetime.  More than we ever hoped for or even imagined.  More than I had prayed for ... it was a dream come true.  Minus one element.

His hope of traveling back and forth was denied.  He was asked to make Kansas City his home base.  He was nervous to ask me and I was devastated.  Leave my home of 18 years, our team of doctors for the middle child, our church, our support group of besties and family.  I couldn't imagine even thinking of the idea.  Even typing it now I find myself tearing up.  I love Atlanta, I love our friends ... how could I think of leaving ...

He looked at me over coffee for him ... water for me ... as I had given up all my vices just that morning and said ... "either we are all in or I must be all out".  I answered without even thinking about it.  We were all in.

And then it hit me ... God was asking me to step outside the boat.  It was clear to both of us that this was where we were supposed to be.  All of my prayers for years were being answered.  My husband had been offered the job of his dreams.  We were being given more than I could have ever wanted or asked for.  We were being immensely blessed ... but yet I was more scared than I have ever been.  It was time to trust God more than I had ever even thought I could.  I was out on faith.

I do not remember all of the days from the 10th to the 19th when I packed up Lawyer's jeep and set him off for the midwest.  I remember crying a lot ... leaning on two of the most amazing friends anyone has even asked for and all the while praying without ceasing.  I was scared, sad and overwhelmed.  Our entire lives were being turned upside down.  All the while God continued to greet me every morning with grace, love and immense peace in my state of shock and fear.

As I reported to you earlier I boarded a plane on the 23rd and spent three days in Overland Park to meet with a special ed team.  I met with the agent our relocation specialist picked out for me.  In three short days I was able to chose a trio of schools that was perfect for my children and narrow down my home search to one neighborhood.  Lawyer and I enjoyed three days together and I tried to envision my life outside our "home".

When I returned to Atlanta the real work started.  We are doing all we want to our house before placing on the market May 1.  As I said before we are being blessed more than I could ever ask for or dream about.  The contractors are amazing, the relocation team is above my expectations, and every question and detail is being handled almost before I can even think of it.  All the while I am praying without ceasing and trusting God to replace the fear and sadness with hope and peace.  And it is happening one day at a time.

Yesterday I drove myself and the three kids from Marietta to Overland Park.  Thirteen and a half hours and three stops. It was easy and the kids were amazing.  Once again more than I could even hope for or dream of.  We are here for the week.  It is a huge birthday for Lawyer and one more year for Little Mister.  And time for the five of us (well 7 since my SIL and favorite nephew tagged along) to celebrate our daddy and get used to our new surroundings. 

I will keep you posted on my week ... but here is hoping yours is divine!!! 



I'm still here ...

I promise I have not been sucked up by my life ... oh wait ... I have been!

I am still here, still breathing, still resisting the urge to eat bread, sugar and indulge in caffeine!  (I have lost 8 lbs btw!!!)

I have so much to share ... soooo much!

Be back later today or tomorrow.

Pinky swear ...


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