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A radiation celebration!

My amazing friend Lee ... who was diagnosed with breast cancer in April ... is finished with her radiation treatments.

She has taken on a double mastectomy, radiation and an upcoming reconstruction surgery with amazing strength and grace.  She impresses me each and every day!  

What better reason to get together and celebrate?  

I sure can not think of one.

... and how about we make a surprise!

Even more fun!!!



Bangle love

Guess who is in love with Lulu Frost collection at JCrew this fall ... 

That would be me!

Aren't they fabulous!  
I would love to have the entire collection ... but that would be crazy!

So I had to whittle down the list just a smidge ... 

comes in tortoise and navy ... tortoise for me!

comes in navy and brown ... and I love them both but I will stick with navy!

available in yellow, white, green and navy ... I am for sure on the yellow and the white ... maybe green?

Simple perfection!!!
These are the ones on the wish list ... I am hoping to walk out with nothing more! 

And so is Lawyer!



Under the weather ...

I had big plans today.  

A load of laundry ... plans with a bestie ... a quick trip to the market and some tidying to the house.

But at the moment I am snuggled in bed with my cute middle child.

It's Nanny McPhee Returns for us.

Today is about the important things.  There is always tomorrow for the rest!  



A perfect evening!

Lawyer's gift and two funny cards!  (The 16th anniversary is sterling holloware)

As I shared on Friday, Lawyer and I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary.  We had planned a low key, read regular night shuffling dinner and three kids, evening as we had tried and failed to find a sitter!

As luck would have it a sitter emerged about 2 pm and quickly we planned to head out for quick dinner.  Hair Girl was cutting Lawyer's hair about 3:30 and suggested that he take me to Chicken and the Egg.  I owe her for the suggestion and of course ... the amazing friendship!!!  

I love this restaurant and its amazing farm style fresh cuisine.  It reminds me of my favorite weekend gaunt Serenbe in Palmetto, Georgia.  Every thing they serve is fresh, local and organic.  The flavors are unbeatable!!

Lawyer arrived home ... showered ... waited on me to get ready and we head out.  He might have even grabbed a cat nap while I dried my hair.  Oh, the things that men wait on us to do.  

As we were heading out Lawyer asked me if I wanted to drive since I knew where we were going.  I agreed.  As I opened up the door and got into the car I noticed a happy waiting on me in my seat.  

Insert squeals of excitement and even a few tears.  Hugs and kisses and more hugs ...

I am one lucky girl!

We started with drinks, pimento cheese and crab cakes.  He ordered the strip with macaroni and cheese and greens.  I ordered the sea scallops with pimento cheese grits.  Every single thing I put into my mouth was simply over the top.   

We left and I was quite tipsy from the not one, but two glasses of Berry Fizz ...  hangar one raspberry vodka, lillet rouge infused with lavender & pink peppercorn, blueberries, raspberries, 
blackberries, topped with prosecco.  


Such a fun evening with one great man!!!  Here's to 16 more years!

Hope your weekend was just as lovely!


It's true!!!

If you are close to me you know this statement is very, very true!

I saw this on Preppy 101's facebook page while I was vacationing in Amelia.  It was so perfect for me.  I asked if I could have it and she sweetly agreed!

I love a polo shirt!  And I love the color popped!  They are perfect in the summer matched with my Lilly shorts and Rainbow flip flops.  It is my summer uniform.  I am also likely to pair a polo with a Lilly skirt in the heat of the summer at church.  It works for me!

In the fall I pair them with JCrew or Canvas khakis and, once again, my Rainbow flip flops.  I love a polo almost as much as much as my Rainbow flops ... its a perfect love affair.

The proof!  And this is just the short sleeve collection.  

It's an obsession ... I am aware!  And I am ok with it!

And if I look closely it looks like I could use a new white one.

Or two!



Happy 16 years!

(excuse the horrid photo ... taken with my I phone of the photo on Lawyer's bedside table)

Sixteen years ago in the middle of a hurricane Lawyer and I were married.  
It was an amazing day.

Sixteen years, three amazing children, lots of laughs and plenty of crazy stories!

I would do it all over again today if given the choice!

I love you Lawyer!!!



A happy list ...

I have been so tired lately.  So incredibly tired!  I think its the combination of the hot days of summer, the early morning alarms and running around like a crazy girl.  I also need to have my iron checked ... I feel like I could fall asleep all day every day!  ugh ... When I get this tired I found it hard not to be grumpy.  Who wants a grumpy mommy?  

While reading blogs yesterday I was inspired to make a list of things that have made me happy 
in the last week.  Remembering then makes me smile!

1.  packages that arrive in the mail ... I love a box waiting on me!
2.  sweet tea with crushed ice ... Sonic ice is bar far the best around!
3.  pj pants and comfy t shirts ... I think my Harvard t shirt from Target makes me smarter!
4.  a cupcake ... lemon lavender is my new favorite
5.  lunch with a friend ... the best pick me up around!
6.  Lawyer making the bed for me each morning!  
7.  a good night kiss from my teenager ... that he still gives them makes me happy!
8.  the tv free afternoons ... I love the quiet!
9.  lavender ... I love the smell of the laundry products I paid to much for!  The were so worth it!
10.  cooler mornings ... fall is just around the corner
11.   my happy teenager 
12.  an ice cold Diet Coke in the can 
13.  a large iced coffee from Whole Foods ... amazing!
14.  Lawyer leaving each morning in a suit and suspenders ... still makes me swoon
15.  the dawn of a new day with new possibilities!

What makes you happy?


Tiny little pieces of happiness!

I had a date yesterday with my friend Maggi on the Marietta Square.  It was a gorgeous day, we ate outside, the food was fabulous and they served me an orange slice for my tea.  What else can a girl ask for?   I adore Maggi and she swears the feeling is mutual!!  xoxo 

On the way home I stopped in at one of my favorite cupcake joints for a sweet treat!

After I left I swung in the CFA drive thru for a sweet tea.  The manager leaned out and inquired if I had just been to Miss Mamie's.  

Why yes ... yes I did!

Then he asked ... Is that a blueberry cupcake I spy?

And yes ... you are correct again ... it is a blueberry cupcake!  He looked a little disappointed when I didn't offer it to him!

Fast forward 2 hours ....

I was prepared when the kids arrived home off the bus ...

Which was good because my hot, tired and full of emotions baby girl was done!!!

Insert a cupcake ...

a glass of milk ... 

10 to 20 minutes ... 

and all is right with the world once again!

At least until she breaks down at 5:00 pm when she is tucked into bed promptly at 6:00 with her beloved blanket and a kiss.  That baby girl is amazing but when she is tired she is a mess.  The girl loves to sleep!

My favorite part of the afternoon was when the teenager asked which cupcake he could have.

I responded ... the blueberry one!

His question ... which one is the blueberry?

Um ... long day sweets?

Hope your day includes a sweet treat!!!


ps ... of course I should say the best part of my day was the lemon lavender cupcake!  To die for!!!



Calypso at an extra 60% off ... crazy!!!

You might want to check out their final sale ... 

I know I will be!!!

Everything I already own I love!!!!

Of course ... after you shop the Lilly sale and ... if ... you have any money left!


ps ... check past posts if you have left me a question as a comment ... I am working on answering all of them!



For every birthday you must buy an additional product!

I swear this is true.  I seem to acquire more and more each year.  Ten years ago I was simply using shampoo on my hair and bar soap on my face and my body.  When I turned thirty I visited the Bobby Brown counter at Nordstrom and purchased an entire line of face care products.  At this time I was now using shampoo on my hair and  face wash, toner and moisturizer on my face.  

for my face ... 
minus face wash which I am currently out of & adding Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer which I love!!!

Enter conditioner and body wash.  I was a new woman.  Who knew you could feel so good after getting out of the shower?  This took the after bath Body Oil to a whole new level.

Then I decided to grow out my hair.  Hair Girl keeps adding steps and products.  Now my shower looks like the  health and beauty section at Sephora.  Not that I am complaining ... I am just shocked at how much I use know that I swear I could not do without each and every day.  

for my hair after its shampooed and conditioned ...
Thanks to Hair Girl for the salon quality shampoo and conditioner I adore!!! xo

I thought I was complete!  I had all the products shown above plus good sunscreen, good lotion and what I was sure was good anti aging creams!

Then I read this post ... 

And I was drawn in by this sentence ... 
The face, neck, and back of hands are the first places a woman shows signs of aging so take particular care.

And then I tweeted this photo to Alice for her advice!  I had not even given a thought to the back of my hands but when I looked at them they instantly looked old!

her response ... 
good sunscreen every day, moisturize throughout the day and retin A fades sunspots.  I am also big on cuticle cream 2x daily!

One visit to and I should be good to go ...

I will need to reorganize my cabinets to hold all my new products!



Amazing grace!

The service today was amazing!  It was about recovery!  Our nation has so much work to do in the recovery department!!

Before the sermon one of our praise songs was a favorite of mine ... Amazing Grace!  I found myself shedding tears I could not control as I sang the words ... I am so incredibly thankful for all I have been given!!!

Amazing grace
How sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me
I once was lost, but now I'm found
Was blind, but now I see
'Twas grace that taught my heart to fear
And grace my fears relieved
How precious did that grace appear
The hour I first believed.
My chains are gone
I've been set free
My God, my Savior has ransomed me
And like a flood His mercy rains
Unending love, Amazing grace

The Lord has promised good to me
His word my hope secures
He will my shield and portion be
As long as life endures

My chains are gone
I've been set free
My God, my Savior has ransomed me
And like a flood His mercy rains
Unending love, Amazing grace

The earth shall soon dissolve like snow
The sun forbear to shine
But God, Who called me here below
Will be forever mine
Will be forever mine
You are forever mine

My favorite part of this song states ...

My chains are gone, I've been set free
My God, my Savior has ransomed me
and like a flood His mercy rains
Unending love, Amazing grace!

Think about those words!  I am free!  The words give me chills!  I am not sure I will ever be able to completely understand the price that was paid for my salvation.

But I am grateful and I will continue to cry each time I sing those words!

And I am reminded each morning with the sun rising, a new day and a new slate!!! 

Hope your rest day is a good one!



Pioneer woman = happy family!

Wow!  The chicken with tomatoes and garlic was amazing!!!  I did not eat the chicken because Lawyer did not bring anything home from the store without skin and bones .... but the sauce and the pasta was to die for!!  The smell in my kitchen alone was worth the effort.  It smelled like Bistro Lawyer!!!

The family loved it!  My choice for dinner finally earned the "gofer" title.  This phrase in the our house is a coveted title.  If your meal is dubbed "gofer" you have arrived.  Of course more than one of my children asked if it was take out.  I tried not to get offended!  

Hubs tells a story of when his parents were first married and his mother made dinner.  She asked his dad at the end of the meal how the meal fared.  He smiled and said ... "it tasted like gopher".  She burst into tears and fled the room.  He was confused.  He simply meant it was so good he planned to go for seconds.  To this day if someone states this meal is "gofer" you smile and say thanks!

I am planning to venture out with even more of her recipes and see if I can keep the gofers coming!  We shall see!!!

Today I am brewing iced coffee.  My teenager walked by, peered in and reported ... 
"it looks like a vat of poo!"  Nice ...

But he might be right ... let's hope it tastes like heaven!



On the subject of the frig ...

Let's once again discuss my distate for making dinner.  I simply do not enjoy it.  I have done all I can to make it the most appealing to me and it is a little better.  But I have to say at the end of the day (errands, laundry, cleaning and kid corraling) I am not in the mood to make dinner.  I would much rather sit down to a meal made for me with my loving family surrounding me and enjoy the time together.  But .. since the cook has yet to show up for work I am still responsible for preparing the evening meal. 

Sigh ...

I got a little adventurous and checked out the Pioneer Woman website.  I will say it is not at all what I thought it would be.  It's pretty faboulous.  Every recipe comes with amazing photos and they all make the food look amazing!!!  I spent way too long perusing the site this am and ran out of time to hit the market before my lunch plans (with Lawyer and his boss) so Lawyer is the one who will be doing todays marketing.  We are having Chicken with Tomatoes and Garlic for dinner. 

I will let you know how it is.  I will say ... I do not like dark meat and I do not eat anything off the bone so there will have to be a s/b breast in there somewhere!

During my perusing I found many yummy things to try ...

Avocado Egg salad ... this is a complete no brainer!  I love egg salad and I am a huge fan of avocados. 
The only question in my mind is how many different ways I can eat this!!!

Vegetable Lasagna .. it looks delicious!
I can see this becoming a staple for the winter.

Chicken Tortilla Soup ... another staple for winter.
I could eat this twice a day!!!

I swear anything you can add cilantro to I would eat ...

well almost anything!

And then this recipe stopped me in my tracks!!!

Iced Coffee ...

... does that not look like the most delicious thing you have ever seen???

You make the coffee and store in the frig and then you can have iced coffees on a whim!  Or have friends over for iced coffee.  Or offer someone an iced coffee when they pop in.  The options are endless!

I may save one million dollars by giving up the Lucky Buck! 

Although I can't completely give up the Lucky Buck yet ...
unless I found out how to make a "venti Shaken Black Tea no sugar".

Hope you have a good one!!!


You asked to see the fridge ...

Here you go!

Now let me preface by saying a couple of things ...

I go to the market (that's fancy for grocery store) almost every day.  I used to go once a week but by the time the latter part of the week came I no longer wanted to eat what I had planned.  I am not a fan of the store or cooking really but I seem to do better when I find something I want to make and shop that day.  I usually buy that days dinner and any supplies we are low on or out of.  Today my basket contained peanut butter, Clif junior bars, peanut butter crackers, milk, lunch meat, granola and some additional school supplies.  Lawyer is handling dinner so I did not need to to grab those items.

I try not to keep too many fresh fruits and vegetables on hand.  I buy what we need and we use them quickly.   Two days ago I bought apples and pears.  I have found that if I only buy a few of each they don't fuss when I serve them what's available. 

My drawers in the frig are really deep.  In the left drawer is all of my salad fixings and in the big drawer on the bottom is full of cheese, meats, cream cheese and sandwich supplies.  The middle drawer is full of yogurt tubes.  The kids go thru these like mad.  Those boxes drove me crazy.  The right drawer is Papa's. 

And remember when you email me to comment on the craziness of my organized frig ... more than one of you asked to see it!



My organizational OCD

I love to be organized!  I love knowing things have a place and they are easy to find for all!  It makes me happy!!!

This is the desk in the kitchen ... all the binders are organized and labeled!  We have binders for each childs current year and one for each as a permanent record.  I keep things like report cards, awards and special notes and keepsakes.  It is hard to whittle down but totally worth it in the end.

The right side ... the red bucket is for homework.  All the needed supplies are ready to be used and returned for the next days work.

And the drawers of the desk.  I need to find a great pencil sharpener that works.  We have had plenty that eat the heck out of your pencil and then the lead breaks when you try to use it.  Any ideas Preppy 101?

Of course when you purge each year before the school year begins .. there is a major pile o'crap to clean up!  It always amazes me how much I think I need only to realize I was drinking when I thought it would be necessary a year later!

And if you are wondering if the organization just exists in the kitchen ...

I can assure you its not!  It is kind of everywhere!

Lawyer thinks its a sickness ... and I just think it makes sense!

He calls me Monica Geller and swears just like they did on Friends ... I would love a tiny vaccuum to clean the bigger one!

And I would ... do they make that?

Don't even get me started with my obsession with the fridge!  My father in law has started moving things around just to see if I have noticed ... and then he giggles when he sees me fix it!

Crazy little man!



Checking in ... how am I adjusting?

I still get emails and comments asking how I am and how we are all adjusting to our new status.  The answer ... truly I am good and we are all well!  Yes, the plans have changed (temporarily) but we are adjusting and all is great!

I truly am so incredibly thankful for your concern and your comments.  I consider my blog and its readers to be a village that I am blessed to have surrounding me.  I do not write my blog for any other reason than to have a creative outlet and to journal my life.  I never expected to have a "following" of any kind.  I am thankful for the blessing it has brought me.  

The sermon yesterday was on small groups.  The question posed to us was ... When we fall down and we all do ... who is it that picks us up? 

First and foremost ... my God.  I have become more and more dependant on my Savior for everything.  I would not have it any other way.

Secondly ... I am blessed with amazing and supportive friends.  And above that I have not one but two of the bestest friends a girl could ever ask for.  One makes me laugh when I only want to cry and the other one continually points me back to my Savior.  It is this friend who has been instrumental in the growth in my faith.  I love you more than lattes and cupcakes!  And you know I love cupcakes!!!

Lastly I have a wonderful dad and a sweet and supportive father in law.  Without their calls, emails, cards, notes and shoulders I would be a pile of mush in the corner of my room.  I am truly thankful.

So yes ... we are adjusting and the days are passing.  With each new day I feel more and more like me.

This too shall pass ... and I will be challenged in other ways.  I am ok with that.  I am thankful for the growth and strength I have achieved.

I am proud of me!


It's official ... summer is over!

I love summer.  I love everything about it.  I love trading out their backpacks for pool bags, their tennis shoes for flip flops.  I love the stack of pool towels on the dryer and the market list that every week says "pool snacks, diet coke, sunscreen".  I am not one of those mom's who begs for summer to be over and the kids to rush back to school. 

I love summer!

But ... to keep my children educated and balanced ... they must go back to school ...


And today is that day. 

They left this morning at 7:30 off to start 1st, 4th and 9th grades.  I am not sure which one saddens me more ... the thought of my baby going to 1st grade or my oldest starting high school.  Truth be told ... they both stink!

The kids however were all very excited!  They were all up before their alarms.  They were dressed and their beds made before I asked and they scarfed down their breakfast before I finished making my coffee.  When I finally told them they could go outside for the bus you would have thought I told them they all won the lottery.

That is not the shirt I ironed and laid out for him ... but he said he looked cooler wearing it.
I tried to add the teenager to this photo ... he rolled his eyes and said sweetly ... no thanks!

Baby girl and one of her besties!

As the bus pulled away ... Lawyer turned to me and asked ... did they even say goodbye?
I am not sure they did!

I did get a photo of my high schooler!  But I am not sure he even noticed!

Sweet boy!

Have a great day!
Mine will sure be quiet ... that is until 3:30

eta ... yes Babygirl is tall ... she is taller than all of her fellow classmates.  I am hoping she will be happy about it one day because right now it makes her mad.  She wants to petite like all her little friends.  Oh baby girl ... this is just the beginning. 

Thanks for the compliment! I adore Little Mister's glasses.  He looks adorable in them!  The frames run $450 and I am so glad I was not made to pay anything close to that amount.  He would not be wearing them if they did!



I have a serious love affair brewing ...

With colored bottoms!  The love is intense and will only be fulfilled with purchases of many pairs ...

(courtesy of

I have been eyeing the J Brand skinny fit colored jeans all summer.  I love the fit and I love the colors but I am not in love with the price. 

How do you decide between hot pink, blue, red and then how about yellow? 

Or think about how many things I could wear with the green?! 
Love them all!!!

And then there are these from JCrew.  Hold on to your wallet Lawyer ...
its gonna be bad!  
I like the matchstick cord in vibrant flame ...

and graffiti green!

And do not even get me started on the Cafe Capris ...

At $118 each that purchase is gonna hurt the wallet!
I love the blue and the camel!!!

And oh Lawd ... do not even bring up the Banana Republic Mad Men collection ... that whole collection makes my heart skip a beat!!!

Ahh ... dreaming of colored pants makes me take in a deep breath and sigh!

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