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Happy New Year!!!

Hopefully you are going out tonight and this won't be your house in the wee hours of the new year.

We are!!!

Happy New Year to you from us!!!



Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas from the Lawyer family to yours!!!

I hope your day is filled with Joy!!!

We are enjoying our family time celebrating the birth of our savior!!!

See you in the new year!!



A little post of pink and green

Did you see these gingerbread houses on the Lilly Facebook page?  There are two houses and each one is absolutely amazing!!!  Can you see the monogram on the door knob?  I die.

I am in awe of the creativity involved and the detail in each house.  Those trees, that snowman, the wreaths ... I could go on for days.

I sent the photos to the bestie this weekend who quickly responded ...

"OMG ... did you buy that for me???"

Oh so I wish ... although if I had purchased either of them I am not sure I would have been able to part with it.

So her next question was ... "Can we make a pink and green gingerbread house next year?"

Oh sweets, that's a tough one.

At least I will have a whole year to figure it out!!



A little soiree ...

Soiree ... noun.  a gathering or party held in the evening especially for one particular purpose.  

I am hosting a soiree this evening for two purposes actually.  The first being able to spend some quality time with those who make my every day better.  A girl can not survive in this world without her girls.  You could make it ... but why try?  And two, to play some games and kick some tail!!!

I love game night and game night at Christmas will be nothing short of fantastic!!!  There will be ten of us tonight for some cocktails and nibbles, laughter and giggles!!!  Doesn't that punch look amazing???

What could be better?


We live in a magical place ...

Our neighborhood is a great place to live and this time of year it is nothing short of magical.  We saw Santa at 3:45 with no waiting.  We were in and out in less than 8 minutes.  

As I am finishing up some holiday cooking and making dinner we heard the doorbell.  

It was about forty people caroling.

Dressed head to toe in their holiday best, some even with plaid scarves and and all the kids shaking bells.


Ahh ... simply magical!!!!

Happy Sunday!


Life changing list ...

As always I am smarter when I read blogs.   Whether it be a new style, a great recipe or a great tip ... I find the most amazing things on blogs, well blogs and pinterest.  Oh the time suck that is pinterest.  This time I discovered this list from reading KAG's blog.  All I have to say is WOW!!!

I may have mentioned that I started therapy about 18 months ago.  After some urging from a bestie and being sick and tired of being angry and hurt I sought out some assistance from a very talented therapist.  In a sentence ... she taught me how to be me.  The real me.  The happy, content, released from most of my growing up crap me.  It was the best thing I have ever done ... I have never been happier!!!  If I could sum up the last 18 months it would look a lot like this list I have referenced.  She is no nonsense and no fluff.  She does not blow sunshine up my derriere.  She simply tells me my issue ... we talk about it until I get it and then she helps me work on how to change it.  

As I look over this list of 30 things I have a heard time picking out my favorite.  They are all good.  As a mother I will be printing it out and handing to each of my children one day.  

 A few of them were huge for the "old me" ... 

#1 ... Stop spending time with the wrong people.
#20 ... Stop wasting time explaining yourself to others.
#23 ... Stop trying to make things perfect.
#25 ... Stop acting like everything is fine if it isn't.

And I love the quote by Maria Robinson at the top ... "Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending."

I am 100% confident that the last 18 months I have done that ... I do not have the same life I had before and therefore I will not have the same ending.

Hell yes!!!



The magic that is C Wonder ...

(courtesy of

"re-imagining retail with an experience that most women never imagined could exist—extraordinary products at an incredible value with luxury service in an inspiring environment—plus a little unexpected 'wow.'" (

Unless you live under a rock you have definitely heard of the new store C Wonder.  It has been all over the news and of course all over the blog world.  C Wonder is the new endeavor of Tory Burch's ex Chris.  Clearly he is a business genius.  He hit preppy square on the nose and made it affordable for all!!! wrote ... Everything in the store has a decidedly preppy feel, from the printed button-ups to the grosgrain dog leashes, and can be monogrammed or engraved on the spot. (Burch showed off his own initials on the pair of velvet slippers he was sporting.) Taking customization one step further, shoppers can also adjust the music and lighting in the dressing rooms. But for all the custom options, the prices stay firmly within reach. The average hovers under $40.  How could you not fall instantly in love?

C Wonder is nothing short of fabulous!!!  I have not had the opportunity to set foot in the actual store in Soho ... however, I have had not one but two experiences with the fabulous entity online.  The first box came in record time and the presentation I received was over the top!!!

The receipt was packed in that gorgeous envelope!

The package included a great C Wonder tote ... complete surprise!

Under the receipt and tote the entire box was wrapped in tissue and sealed with a gold seal ...

And then each thing I ordered was carefully wrapped and then wrapped again in tissue with gold seals.  Seriously?  The time and care for each shipment is divine.  And I only spent $120.  

Unfortunately I can not blog about all I purchased.  My friend Charlotte reads my blog and her gift among others was tucked away in this box!  You can spot WPM's popcorn maker I ordered.  $29 and adorable!!!

I have to make one last purchase (today) for Christmas.  It will no doubt be here by the middle of next week looking ever the fabulous shipment!!!

C Wonder ... A+!!!



Blog world fun ...

I saw this little ditty on Design Darling yesterday and loved it!  It allowed me to give you a little tidbit about me in six short questions. 

Where you spend the holidays:  at home in Georgia
Favorite indulgence: a new accessory, usually shoes or a bangle
Heels or flats? Heels if I am going out but flats if I am staying in or hanging with besties
Next home project you're tackling: My basement!  It needs a fresh coat of paint and some new accessories
New Year's resolution: be less anxious and live my life to the fullest
Blog(s) rocking my world lately: Summer is a Verb always rocks my world, Little Green Notebook

And then I reread my answers and thought about it.  I have had a lot on my mind since the funeral on Sunday.  Mostly about really living.  Not just talking but doing!!!  So ... I added a few questions of my own ... mostly so I would think about the responses!  

 What would you do with a million dollars: Donate 1/2 and travel!!
If you knew you only had a little time left what is one thing you would really want to do: 
Take my kids to Europe
Any regrets:  none

What about you?



The list of ten ...

My kids have been out of control.  It's just that time of year.  Lawyer is traveling a lot ... I have been preoccupied and its the time of year when they get over excited and act like complete crazies!  I will say that the Santa threat is working like a charm for me.  Too bad that will end pretty much the minute he drops the gifts and bolts out of town.  Boo!

WPM was whining like mad on Saturday and I made him sit down and write five things he was thankful for ...  he whined about it, so I made it ten.  He started to whine even more but then realized I would just keep adding five things.  Whining is pretty much nails on the chalkboard for me.  I despise it.  I am working on a way to completely remove it from my life, but I am doubtful.  I will let you know how that works out for me.  

He sat down at the computer and made his list.  It was pretty much a list of ten words.  No thought really ... just ten words so he could move on to other things.  Notsomuch little one.  I made him add adjectives and he could not use the same one over and over again which he attempted to do with the word lovely.

Here is his finished list.  (this is the exact way he typed it ... 
all I did was copy it over to the blog and put it in italics)

my loving family.  my nice mother and father.  me funny friends.  me cut sister.  my supper nice brother and me cousins.  my awesome ankle and my super nice aunt.  my loving grandfather.

Ps ... his ankle (uncle) was in the house at the time which made his list even easier since it was one thing he didn't have to stretch his brain to think about.  

He's pretty stinking cute.  

And he will live to see another day!



Scared straight!

Crazy week ... busy and not much to tell for it!  Spent a lot of time with the gay bestie and was physically and emotionally worn out.  He is life one day at a time and it is heart breaking to watch him suffer.  Snuck off to Scott's on Thursday for a two hour excursion.  Paper Girl and I scored some gifts for her list and of course had a few hours of quality time!!!  Dirty Santa party on Thursday night and then another party on Friday night where I was over served at both.  What can I say ... it was a long week and a good cocktail seemed appropriate!!!  

My youngest, MHM, has been quite the naughty girl lately!!!  She tends to have quite the edge when she is sleepy ... but this is a whole new level of bad!   Her room is a disaster and she has been quite sassy.  And to top it off she was docked twice this week at school for not listening to directions.  All in all ... not good!

I am attempting to scare her straight today with a hand delivered letter from Santa Claus.  I have just typed up a letter complete with Santa clip art and details only he should know.  She made a Santa list and hid it to keep it safe until she sees him but in trying to find something in her room I stumbled upon it.  She does not know I discovered her hidden treasure so the letter will be even more "real" for her.  It will be placed on the door step after school where I will be ding-dong-ditching.  I know its crazy ... but I have to reign her in some way.  I am thinking of sealing it with red candle wax to add the extra level of authentication.  If I only had an S stamp to take it to the ultimate level of fear.  Oh well ... better planning next year.  

I will keep you posted on her progress.  Next step ... the naughty list delivery.

Mama ain't playing!



Things that say Christmas to me ...

There are certain things to me that just say Christmas.  Here are just a few ... 

1.  The Real Simple Magazine ... 50 Gifts under $50. 
I love to grab the magazine and dog ear the pages.  I get great ideas for the hard to buy fors in the family.   
When I bought the magazine last week I found a needlepoint Kindle cover for my mother.  Sold Out ... of course!  Back to the drawing board for her ...

2.  The Red cup at Starbucks.  
I know it simple ... but I love it!!  A latte and a Cranberry Bliss Bar ... perfect little treat for moi.

3.  Packages piled up at the front door.
Ebates is inspiring me to do most of my shopping online and nothing says Christmas like a pile of boxes stacked up at the door waiting for me.  So much fun!!!!

4.  The mailbox full of Christmas cards.  
 Don't you love it?   I possitively love getting mail and Christmas cards are by far the best.  And all the photos ... its like having friends in the house at all times.  This was a party invitation ... even better! 

5.  A list written all in red.  
I make a list of all the items I purchase so I know who gets what when I wrap.  I have been know to have a gift and not remember who it goes to ... which is bad bad.  I love to make the list in red.  It's festive!!!

6.  Peppermint bark ...
This is basically just crack.  I make bark to give out to teachers and friends but peppermint bark is a little treat just for moi.

7.  Vanessa Williams Christmas CD
I have a lot of holiday CDs.  But this one is by far my favorite and can be found in my car cd player from December 1 until I feel its inappropriate to keep playing it in January.

What gets you in the Christmas spirit?



Still working ...

I didn't get very far yesterday but I have a better plan today.  I did not have any luck with the boxwood wreath so I just bought a regular one and embellished it.  I am still trying to replace the topiary (x2) at the front door and I am headed to Pike's Nursery today.  Thanks Aunt Grits, you always know where to find dirt stuff.  (Call me for the best sales and to find out how many plaids you can successfully mix together and call you for outside stuff, xoxo)  I am planning to take my pots and pay extra to have them planted.  I despise dirt and its drizzling outside so the only way they will be complete and fabulous is it they do it for me!!!  By the end of today I should have the front decorated and the tree up from the basement and at least lit.  I have decided to place it in the entry and the lights from the tree will shine thru the front door.  Pinterest, of course.  Still feeling blah so I am planning to start the day with a holiday Lucky Buck and some Vanessa Williams.  

It is hard to decorate when your best friend keeps calling and texting and you know he is heartbroken.  

I am trying to splash some Christmas up in here and he is planning a funeral.

It's wrong ... very wrong.

But ... I will do it!!!  He would want my house decorated.  His house has a wreath on the door and evergreen and holly sprinkled all around the house.  I made sure of it before I left Sunday night.  I tied his wreath with burlap ribbon and it looked amazing on his red door.  

I will have better luck today!!!  I am determined!


6:00 pm ... 
wreath finalized with glitter bow (and now I am covered with glitter)
tiny boxwood bushes planted in pots at the front door (and I am in need of a mani)
side of garage decorated (I like!!!)
spot light located and ready to be plugged in the am when it hopefully isn't raining
Lunch and 2 hours of quality time with the BFF
tree will be pulled out and dressed with lights once kids are nestled in their beds
all in all ... a great day!!!


Time to get it going ...

I hoped to get the house all full of Christmas love this weekend but my plans got cut short.  Instead I spent the day yesterday with the gay bestie.  Much needed and time well spent.

Today its time to bust a move on the Christmas decorations before the neighbors think the Grinch lives here.

Be back later with pics ...



Another day to be thankful!

Lawyer and I got into a fight yesterday.  It happens ... we are human.  Sometimes you just need a good fight to air out some bad air.  I cleaned the house yesterday, still looking for a housekeeper, and he did his thing.  

About 5:00 pm I got a call from the gay bestie.  He had horrible news.  His husband had passed away very unexpectedly.  He was devastated.  My heart is incredibly heavy for him.  

As I laid down very late to try to get some sleep I looked over at Lawyer who I was still mad at.  He was adding a Home Depot app to his I phone to be able to find out what time they opened this morning.  He had heard me telling the bestie's sister that I would bring a wreath for their front door.  And that is why I adore him. We had taken separate paths all day out of frustration with one another and his last thought before he fell asleep was to be there for David.  

I have another day my husband.  David does not.  As any other issue we have we will forgive one another and move on.  David's story is over.  Life is incredibly fragile.  

Lee and David

I love you David!  I can't wait to see you this morning.  



Santa arrives in Marietta!

We were at the Marietta Square last night for the festivities!!!  Santa arrived on a fire truck promptly at 5:20 pm ... which we missed because of the traffic ... and the tree was lit at 6:00pm.  We watched Santa's arrival online and the kids did get to see him sitting in the gazebo.  It is a beautiful tree and the lighting was magical.  I love attending events on the square.  It makes me feel like I live in a small town.  I run into friends and people we know and the events are always planned perfectly.  Of course, it doesn't hurt that the event planner is one of my dearest friends.  She is truly fabulous.  But ... anyone who knows Aunt Grits would completely agree!!!

Of course we had to take our elves with us.  MHM insisted on being able to thank Santa for Candace.  
So sweet!

Thanks to the teenager for the great photo!

WPM's elf Ollie peeking out of his pocket.  He was so paranoid that he would lose Ollie so he borrowed a sweatshirt from his older brother with a big pocket to store him in just to be sure he would be safe.   

My kids LOVE Aunt Grits!!!  And she adores them ... its a mutual love!!!

She is adorable!!!  

The tree before the lighting ... 

... and after!  So beautiful in person.

And of course I was thrilled to score our Christmas card photo ...

It only took me four photos to get one I liked ... not too bad for my crew.  

It was a fun evening ... almost magical!

It is time to decorate the house ... December has arrived!


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