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Rainbow = promise!!

A double rainbow for our sweet Lauren!

Today will be a long day for her but I know she will be surrounded by family, friends and most importantly the love and peace that can only come from God.  "All things work together for good to those who love God and are called together for his purpose."  Romans 8:28

I love you sweet girl and hope to be in your vision any time you need me today!!



Weekend at the Ritz!!!

We had a perfect weekend ... but I expected nothing less from the Ritz!!  We arrived late Friday due to Lawyer's travel schedule and enjoyed room service in the room.  Nothing like a wine and cheese plate along with a Bourbon pecan tart to finish off the day!  When we arrived the fire pit was still going and families were enjoying their s'mores.  It was wonderful to be able to smell the fire from our room as we snuggled in with our room service.  A good night's sleep and we were ready for a fabulous weekend!!

Gorgeous morning ... started with coffee on the porch

followed up with breakfast outside and the best homemade citrus yogurt I have ever eaten

relaxed and smiling ... apparently the way Lawyer likes me the most 

he booked a massage and I headed to sit by the pool 

nothing better than a great book by the pool 

ok, well maybe a book, the sun and a yummy drink


after his massage Lawyer and I shared another drink and some yummy snacks before dinner


beautiful day gave way to a yummy dinner of filet and steamed spinach for him and scallops and grits for me ...

and returning to turn down service complete with my book on the pillow!!!  The Ritz does it right!!

Another wonderful nights sleep and another perfect morning!!

Our view ... the lake

the fire pit ...

the trees and the hidden pool ... 

a perfect cup of tea ... 

another wonderful breakfast ... I could not eat enough of the citrus yogurt!!


after lounging for a while on the patio it was time to pack up and head home!!

all packed up in the car ... 

and starting a new book ... 

We headed home!!!

I can not wait for our next trip to Reynold's Plantation.  It is possibly the most relaxing and perfect spot so close to home!

Until next time ...



Happy Anniversary Shug!!!

Today Lawyer and I celebrate 17 years of marriage.  We are currently driving home from an amazing weekend at the Ritz on Reynold's Plantation.  Two days of no kids, a breathtaking view, amazing customer service and uninterrupted time together.  Exactly what the doctor order after our schedules has us together only 3 days in 3 weeks!!!

(crappy photo but the love still shows!!)

Wow!  17 years of him putting up with me.  That is one good man!!!




Did you order from the Lilly sale??

I grabbed up a pair of shorts and a cute gold bow belt.  A little Lilly will surely brighten the day!!  I can't wait for my cute little happies to arrive!!!  

I so wish they were arriving in this cute little car!!



Making sense of the madness ...

(thank you Pinterest!!)

As I shared yesterday our dear babysitter lost her boyfriend.  Very suddenly, very tragically in a senseless manner.  He was killed sticking up for a friend.  I have truly struggled this week trying to make sense out of God's plan.  I know without a doubt he will work this together for his good.  I have seen a community gather to support her and both of their families.  As his life story is told I can only hope those listening will cling to his purpose in life and too surrender their lives to God.  They shared a deep love.  He was a true gentleman with a beautiful heart.  His smile is something I will never forget.  

With each tear she has shed my heart breaks a little bit more.  I can not imagine the depth of the pain she feels.  I can not imagine walking in her shoes.  

As I have walked through this week I have clung to my bible and the verses that provide me peace and comfort.  I have made a album of my praise music on my I pod to continue to lift my spirit so that I may be available for his use.  One song has truly spoken to me which I am sharing today.  

I can only say one thing ... I will never view my life the same again.  I can only hope and pray I will remember this feeling when I am whining and moaning about the dumbest things.  May God bring this feeling to my fore thoughts to remind me to be thankful for each day I have been given!!



All things work together for good!!!

Life is incredibly short and way to often terribly tragic!!!

My heart is heavy for our dear sweet babysitter this week!!!

Makes me hug my family tighter and think about the little things!  And most of all to remember that "all things work together for good to those who love him".  Romans 8:28.



Daddy day care!!!

Returned last night from five days in Florida.  It was my monthly trip to visit my Nana.  After all she has been thru in the last few months Lawyer is making every effort to give me a few days with her each month.  She is doing well but she is 91 and all of that could change quickly!  It is a sacrifice for all ... but sooo worth it!!!  When I called to tell her I was in the rental car and on the way to her she started crying.  I was worried but her response brought me to tears.  

"I'm fine ... I am just so excited to see you!!!"

Just a little snapshot for you today.  Don't want you to think Lawyer isn't a good provider ...

Here is recycling bin this am.  Piled full of pizza boxes.  Guess they ate a lot of pizza!!!  

But ... no worries ... they had drinks, too!!!!

That is one funny photo!!!

Guess I will be cooking this week!!



Scott's recap ...

 Scott's last Thursday was a day of magical happenings!!!  As soon as I got out of the car I spotted the most adorable blanket chest.  The perfect shade of pale green with a great place to add a monogram.  His price .. $55.  Sold.  He also had a bamboo bookcase.  Four shelves.  $45.  Sold.

When we arrived at the North building the Bestie spotted this set of racks of vintage linens.  It was at the edge of a booth in the front that we always refer to as the Palm Beach booth.  It is a bunch of guys from Palm Beach and none of them can be older than 26.  You never know how many will show up and they are always decked out in their preppy clothes.  In these racks of linens I scored three amazing things ... 

First would be this set of drapes.  Fully lined, vintage Brunschwig and Fils, and amazing!!  The perfect color combination for my den.  I immediately loved them!!  I wasn't sure about the length of them but I figured I could play with the rod a little and could always add a thick trim at the bottom if I need to make them longer.  Each panel was super wide and at least one and a half widths.  Two panels $50 each.   SOLD.

Then came these.  Holy fabulousness!!!  Another set of drapes but this time there were five panels.    Still unsure of the length but the colors were amazing for my new yellow kitchen.  Another vintage Brunschwig and Fils, fully lined and heavy as hell, $25 per panel.  We grabbed all five!!

The last score were twin bed skirts.  I mean seriously?  How cute are they??  MHM's room is very Lilly Pulitzer and I think the bed skirts will be a perfect addition.  $25 for the pair.  I told you ... I stole my goods!! 

As I am writing the check the guy tells me the linens are from his grandmother's house in Palm Beach.  If he had told me that in the beginning I am pretty sure I would have bought them no questions asked.  I am pretty convinced I left some goodies behind but I am not sure where I would have put any more.  They are simply divine and perfect for my house.  Of course I could have bought new ... but these have a story.  I love a great story.  They were made for me!!!

Friday night I hung the kitchen panels.  One minor injury and they were up easy peasy!!  I mean seriously?  Aren't they a perfect match??

They need to be lowered but as long as I have a bad dog they will remain that high.  If either one of them dares rub or God forbid pea on one of them I will go completely postal.  So until further notice they shall remain too high!!

Now to just paint that black fixture ... UGH!!

Oh and once I hung the den panels they were the absolute perfect height.  I hung them at the ceiling and then just puddled at the floor.  

Sheer perfection!!

I decided the blue pillows on the couch were not a great match with the new panels so I drug MHM back to Scott's on Friday to trade them out for a green gingham set.  I love the pillow lady in the back of the North building.  She let me trade the old ones and bagged up my new set and off we went!

It only cost me a hot dog, a bag of Sun Chips and a soda for baby girl!!

All in all one amazing Scott's trip.  I am sure next month will be a let down after this one ... but I can't always be that lucky!!



The first day of school ...

No matter how hard I tried to pretend it wasn't sneaking up on me ... it did, and school is once again back in session!  Luckily it was just me who was whining and moaning about it ... the kids are thrilled!!!

We are thrilled with our teachers this year and decided to show our love with candy grams!!

We showered, ironed and stuffed our new messenger bags with goodies and they were off to start a brand new year as a second grader, a fifth grader and a sophomore!!


When I asked the teenager to pose with his siblings he set up his backpack and told me to go ahead and take the photo ... "I will not be posing for any photos for Facebook or your blog".  

Hmm ... 

And WPM told me to make sure you got a close up of his T shirt.  He is hoping to win over his new teachers with his wit.

I am in mourning today.  It is another year and they are another year older and closer to leaving this Lawyer nest.  Another summer is ending and we are all getting back to the grind of schedules and events!!

Sigh ...

I will need some extra coffee and possibly a Lucky Buck to get me through this day!!



Off to Scotts ...

I am off to Scotts Antique Market this morning to squeeze in a few hours before Meet and Greet with the kids new teachers late this afternoon.  

I might be super excited this morning as I have quite a list that I am hoping to fill!

I will let you know what I find!!!



Bar makeover ...

I do love a room makeover.  I am currently finishing up the kitchen and dabbling in the den as well.  Just some new chairs, curtains and vases made into lamps and the den will be done. 

So ... why not start on another area??

(My dear friend M-A going to town on my bar removing the wallpaper.  She is definitely my favorite stripper!!)

Our wet bar looks incredibly out dated!!  The cabinetry is dark wood and the walls were covered with a dark vinyl wallpaper.  The opportune word being were!!!

I called in my favorite wallpaper stripper and she finished the job in record time.  She is one of my dearest friends and she travels non stop.  It is such a treat when I find a project in the house where she and I will be together for any length of time.  We met close to 14 years ago when I hired her to remove the wallpaper our old dining room.  She came for a week and basically never left.  By the time the job was over we were dear friends.  There is no one like M-A.  No one in the world.  I am am one lucky girl to be considered one of her girls!!!

She arrived at just before 11 and even with all the chatting and snacking we did she was cleaned up and gone by 5:30.  At one point in the day we were sharing a bowl of popcorn and watching trailers of movies coming out.  The day was simply fabulous.  If I hadn't gotten ill later in the evening it would have one almost a perfect day!!  I was secretly hoping she would be working for at least a week but since she has worked in almost every room in the house she said she was due an easy job!!  The walls just need some light patching over the nail holes and it will be ready to paint.  

I am so excited ... apparently I didn't have enough projects going on and needed one more!!

Looks like I will be making some trips to the QT for Diet Mountain Dew!!!



Home once again!!

We are home and to tell the truth not exactly excited to be here.  We have traded in days of this ... 

to this ... 

(Lawyer is on the road again!!)

and to do lists for school that starts on Monday!!!

Can I please be transported back to a stack of books, a cooler full of yummies and a day on the beach full of possibilities??

Pretty please!!



Instagram love

Instagram is one of my favorite apps ... next to Words with Friends it might be my favorite app.  

(my new favorite cup)

I love all the finishes you can add to your photos ...

(summer sitter!!)

I love how easy it is to post photos to Twitter and Facebook ...

(my favorite Florida treat)

I almost think that it makes me a better photographer ...

(My parents)

Of course we are talking about I phone photos ... 

(celebrating after the state qualifying meet)

But I am ok with that ... 

(my favorite lake in my hometown)

It makes me happy!!!



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