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Like, shocker!!

So is reporting that Taylor Swift and her Kennedy beau have split up.   Not that I am shocked in the least bit, I still have some thoughts on the matter.  

First, I am not sure who would line up to date her since every person she dates gets raked over the coals in her next album and then every one under 20 (and me) will be singing about them for many moons to come.  

On the other hand, she is making money hand over fist writing songs about each and every romance.  Her recent album sold 1.2 million copies in the first week.  Clearly she is brilliant.   

Since she is adorable and young I don't see any foreseeable end to this money making roller coaster.

Like, ever!




Here is a collage of two photos ... 

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West and Reggie Bush and his new girlfriend.  

photo via the Hollywoood Life




A new venture!!!

As I have mentioned too many times to count I am besties with LB Originals.  We met about 8 years ago and it was love at first site ... at least for me!!  Hee hee!!  We share so many interests and spend so much time together we know finish each others sentences.  Last night we texted each other the same thing at the same time.  It's just wrong!!

One of our shared interests is anything vintage.  We are known for heading our for the day to locate new stores and have more than once made it into a road trip.  We find some amazing things.  Our houses were filling up as were our drawers and closets.  We could no longer bring our finds home!  It was time to share this love with others. 

We are two gals who spend most of our down time running all over the place collecting vintage pieces and constantly redecorating our homes! We LOVE to find that ONE unique item and mixing our love of vintage with the new of today! Whether it be china, silver, toleware, lighting and more...we are crazy for the diamonds in the rough and will search high and low, fill carload after carload with all things vintage! We have been doing this together for the past 8 years and are so thrilled to actually be putting it out there for all you! ENJOY and grab it up when you see it!!

We hold a flash sale each Tuesday night on Facebook and what is left after the flash sale is loaded onto our Etsy shop!  We have found some amazing things!!  Some are great staples for your house (and bar cart this week) and some are more fun and great to add to your book cases or give as gifts.  In last night's auction alone I would say there are some great hostess gifts for the upcoming holidays!

Vintage ice bucket ... I love this item as a hostess gift.  I am sure your hostess will only get one vintage ice bucket and how adorable will her bar cart be?  She will think of you each time she uses her gifted bucket.  

This set of 6 silver and glass coasters is a great gift!!  Vintage coasters are one of our favorite finds.  They look so good sitting out and are so incredibly functional.  Wrap these up in a cell bag with an amazing plaid ribbon and you are set for a gift for your next party!!

This divided glass dish is stunning!!!  We love it for any occasion.  You can fill it with candy, nuts or crackers to accompany your dip.  Fill it with something your hostess loves, wrap in cello and present to her at the next  party.  You will certainly not be forgotten!!!

I love this silver plate basket.  The shape and size are just too cute!  It is perfect for every day use in a powder room or sitting on a set of books in a book case.  Fill it with some amazing wrapped soaps and gift it to your hostess the next time you are invited for the weekend.  I promise you it will be one of many invitations to come!!!

To view our items still up from last night's auction ... just like us on Facebook.  Then join us each Tuesday night at 8 pm for our week's finds!!!

We are so excited about Turquoise and Tartan!!  I hope you will be to!!




Fall is officially here in Georgia and it was about time I embraced it and started adding touches of the season to the house!  My kids so wish I was the cool mom ... the kind that fills the yard with blow up pumpkins, ghosts and spiders.  Sadly for them ... I am not.  I probably should add some spider webs and big spiders on the side of the house the night of Halloween.  They would love it and it would only be up a short time so it would be a win, win for all!!!

Of course the first touch was a few bunches of sunflowers!!  I love these I grabbed up from Trader Joes!  I love the yellow centers.  I will need to make sure I grab new ones in a few weeks ... but until then these are holding up nicely!!

Our front door needed an overhaul and I grabbed up some new urns at Scott's this weekend!!  Lucky for me I asked on Thursday.  It was the very last set the dealer had!!  Note to self ... lift them with your legs not your back.  I did not do so and my back is not happy!!!

My sweet friend Maggi helped me style the pots and I moved the boxwoods into the urns and then filled the lower pots with trailing white pansies.  I think they are amazing and I love the results!!!

I just need some pumpkins from the state farmer's market to finish it off!!

I fell in love with a wreath at Scott's on Thursday but did not like its $130 price tag.  And I was sure those leaves would mildew and/or fade over time.  Our front door gets full sun ... and needs something that can take the wind, rain and sun daily!!

I pulled out last years model and realized I loved it just as much as I did when I made it.  And it was free so it became my new favorite!!

The table got a sprucing with some straws, sunflowers and pumpkin tea from Trader Joes.  I haven't tried it yet but it smells amazing.  I found the pitcher in my pile of vintage finds in the basement.  I have been collecting vintage happies for ever and have decided to stop.  Or at least turn my hunting into a profit!! (More on that later!!)

I love fall ... actually I have realized I love each season.  Fall for us means crock pot dinners, fires, sweaters and boots, football games and beer.  And of course ... lots of snuggles with my babies!

Happy Fall!!


Wednesday date ...

One of the things that I have learned lately with my grandmother's health scare and losing two people I know is to treasure the time you have!  Do not expect there to be a tomorrow since we are clearly not promised one.  My friends mean the world to me.  They smooth out the wrinkles in my life ... they provide me with endless supplies of love and laughter!!!  They are irreplaceable!

One of my long time relationships is with David.  He and I met my day on the job at Structure way back in January of 1994.  He was tall, blond, impeccably dressed and perfectly gay.  I adored him from day 1.  I had only been in Atlanta since October and knew basically no one.  We became fast friends.  

Fast forward through my marriage, his marriage, my babies and 18 years and he is still one of the dearest people to my heart.  He threw me a party the week before I got married complete with bar hopping and gay men galore.  He freaked out with me in the middle of Lenox mall when I realized I lost Lawyer's wedding ring after I paid for it and picked it up just five days before my wedding.  And I do mean freaked out.  I am positive he can take drama to a level only most women dream of!!  He changed my name in the computer at work so when I clocked in after my honeymoon my new name appeared on the screen.  He was always my first visitor when my babies were born.  He makes me rosemary shortbread each Christmas.  He taught me how to dress a bed the Ralph Lauren way.  We will be friends until the day we both grow old in the home.  Him always holding the door for me and carrying my shopping bags and telling me my shoes are fabulous!!!  He is the best and I love him dearly.  

His husband died of a massive heart attack last December.  In his grieving we had lost our day to day contact.  It was more than time to change that.  We decided on a weekly hair/lunch date.  He works at a salon in Atlanta and I go every Wednesday for a blowout and lunch.  I am his standing noon on Wednesday.  It is two hours of uninterrupted DT and me time and my week is better because of it.

I am lucky enough to see David twice this week and just when I needed some big brother love it popped up on my calendar.  His big bear hug today and compliments are just what the doctor ordered!! I might be a little giddy today!! 

Hope your Saturday is fabulous!!!



Some catch up pics ...

A month is quite a while to be gone from blogging ... so here are some pictures from the last 
month ... 

Lauren went to London for a week with her mom and we kept her dog, Charlie.  This is the best dog ever and I did all I could to try and keep her.  Lauren wouldn't have it .. boo!!!

Drove this crazy baby back and forth to swimming three days a week.  She is one feisty girl!!  I love her spunk!

Started spending every Wednesday lunch with the gay bestie, David.  If you recall he lost his husband in December and we haven't seen each other much since.  It was time to have a weekly date again and I am more than thrilled with our Wednesday tradition!!!

Organized the house in some spots.  The school supplies needed an overhaul.  This fabulous bamboo shelf is the perfect solution.  

Cleaned my closet ... it was a dump nightmare. 

Caught up on my basket of monogramming ... it was over flowing.  I can report that it is empty and  I am short on cash.  But all is good!!  MHM is currently wearing a monogrammed tennis skirt, a light pink tank and a zip up fleece, also monogrammed.  I LOVE IT!

MHM turned 8!!!

We celebrated with a roller skating party!  We had so much fun!!!  It's the perfect party for eight year olds.  (And me ... who loved the music!!!)

I had my first Octoberfest of the season.  By far my favorite beer ever!!

We went to the Fair.  Where else can you find fried everything and chocolate covered bacon??

I left my sunroof open in the car and ruined a fabulous Erin Condren planner.  I tried to dry it out and after a week of waiting I gave up, sucked it up and ordered a new one!  Sigh ... 

MHM had her first swim meet.  Her times are amazing and she is over the moon!!  I love the t shirt and the motto ... Respect, Honesty, Discipline, Dedication, Loyalty!  

Nursed this sweet dog back to health.  Miles, our white and black Jack Russell got hurt last weekend.  His leg got caught in a grate in the ground.  It took both myself and a neighbor to get him out.  No activity for two weeks and lots of love and he should be good as new.  Only one problem ... he's a Jack Russell and activity is his first, middle and last name!!!  He has been very cooperative so that has made it easy and Lawyer felt sorry for him so he has been snuggling with me at night.  Lucky me!!!

I worked on the master bedroom, among four other rooms, and have so many pics to share with you!!!  I am the most proud of this room since it is my sanctuary in the house.  I love walking into a completed bedroom at night.  Along with the master I worked on the den, the kitchen, the bar, touched up the office and started MHM's room.  I told you ... I have completed a lot!!!

Took this sweet girl for a much needed haircut.  She was over the moon and it shows in that smile!!!  I told her after I snapped the photo that I could see a little sparkle in her eye.  It's coming back ... slowly, but it's there!!  She came back to work last Wednesday and is officially here again two afternoons a week.  Love, love, love our Lauren!!!

That seems like a lot to squeeze into a month ... and I guess it is!!

It was a good month and I am thankful for the time away and also grateful to be excited to blog today! 

God is good!!!



Hey ya'll!!!

First of all I am alive, well and feeling good about a lot of things!!!  The last time I posted I was feeling overwhelmed with life and still struggling to comprehend the loss our sweet babysitter had suffered.  I honestly felt like blogging about my life was silly and inconsequential.  My mind was foggy and I just needed to pull back and regroup.  I still feel like talking about my life may be silly but I am a lot more centered than I was a few weeks ago!!!  And truth be told ... I have missed my blog!

On top of it all ... my house was a mess and my schedule seemed to be sucking me in!  When we prepared for our move last summer we painted the house in neutrals and traded out a lot of our charming accessories for more neutral ones, user friendly ones.  When the house was pulled off the market I did not have the energy or the desire to change anything.  I just wanted to feel like me again.  Summer started this year and I wanted my house back.  I wanted the charm back, and the neutrals and boring accessories gone!

I started way too many things at once.  I would paint one room and then find the most amazing thing for another and before I knew it I had five rooms under redo.   Oh, and Lawyer was on the road every week and I was way in over my head.  It was time to pull back, say no to the blog and get some sh*& done!!!

I am feeling a whole lot better!!  I have busted my hump and finished a lot around the house.  (Like, a LOT!!!)  Lauren has come back to work and my Monday and Wednesdays are a lot smoother.  This is the first week I did not have to take MHM to swimming and then after dinner and tucking her in have to start homework with WPM.  Both kids were done with homework, activities, dinner and baths and in bed by 8 pm.  All seems right with the world when I am on schedule!  

I have a lot to share, a lot of photos to post and news to share!

I have missed you!!


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