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Inspiration du jour ... Fresh Flowers

(flowers from a PKL photo shoot)

Happy Monday!  

I start out each week with trip to the flower section of the market to add flowers to the house.  I am sure its an expense we don't need ... however, its so important to me.  I will give up dinners out and date nights outside the house for flowers in my world!


Haven prep ...

(My new business cards compliments of the amazing Emily McCarthy!!!)

You may or may not have noticed the blog is undergoing some changes.  

I was a blogspot and now I am a

Let me pause for a moment and take that all in ... 


Signs of Summer ...

Summer is in full swing now that the kids have been out of school for a month.  We are almost at the half way point of summer vacation.  How can that be?  


Hump Day Eats & Drinks ... #chilirubbedflanksteak


The hubs LOVES to grill.  He actually loves to cook ... but grilling anything is his specialty.  


Tuesday Thrift ... my favorite Etsy finds

I love Etsy ... its the next best thing to a day thrifting!  I have found amazing things over the years from Etsy and met some fabulous sellers along the way!  Currently I have 215 items saved in my favorites and a few items I have on my "must buy ASAP" list!

Here are a few items from my favorites list ... 


Inspiration du jour ... Blue & White Picnic

(via Pinterest)

We have a house full this weekend as Lawyer's brother is staying with us while he house hunts.  They are relocating from Palm Beach to Georgia later this summer.  I have noticed that when we host company or guests for dinner I gravitate to all blue and white.  This time was no different as I pulled out my blue and white plates and trays along with my bamboo flatware. 



Hump Day Eats & Drinks ... #tomatosandwich

Hello tomato ... it's been a long winter waiting for you!

Nothing says summer to me more than a garden tomato!

And the best way to eat them?

Tomato sandwiches!

If you have never had a tomato sandwich make one today!

You can thank me later!!  


Southern Tomato Sandwich

  • 2 slices of bread, toasted
  • mayo
  • thick tomato slices
  • salt and pepper
  1. Spread mayo on toasted bread.
  2. Cover with tomato slices.
  3. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.
Close sandwich and enjoy!


Tuesday Thrift ... Charlotte thrifting!

For many years I have been a fan of Emily A. Clark's blog.  I have always loved her very "doable" design.  I read her blog daily and enjoy each and every one of her posts!  I followed along when they moved into their new house, when she gave up her "business", when her Dad started hoarding light bulbs (single smartest move ever) and when she revealed they were having baby #4.  The day she posted about being pregnant with twins I remember being just as shocked and excited as they were.  She is the sweetest girl and I thoroughly enjoy each and every one of her posts!


Inspiration du jour ... #home

home ... a familiar or usual setting, the place where one lives.

(Our house in February via Waterlogue)


Thursday happenings ... Photo Shoot!

I am in Charlotte today helping out on a photo shoot with Parker Kennedy Living.  As I have mentioned before ... it is my most favorite thing they ask of me.  Playing with props and flowers all day ... yes, thank you very much!  I thoroughly enjoy playing the part of stylist!


Hump Day Eats & Drinks ... #fancyashley

I absolutely ADORE Ashley of Fancy Ashley.  She is darling, fun, festive, a smile to kill for and one of the all time fanciest people I know.  She is always fun to follow on Instagram with her signature pink lips and top knot having the best time with her two precious children.  I love her smile and her zest for life complete with glitter and fancy sunglasses!  I am completely sure that if we shared a cul de sac we would have the most fun cocktail hours and impromptu get togethers!!  And her quiet times ... I am so thankful for her reminder of how amazing my Jesus Calling devotional book was.  I have now downloaded the app and have thoroughly enjoyed discovering this amazing daily devotional once again.  I swear they were written just for moi!


Tuesday Thrift ... #craigslist

Sunday afternoon Lance asked me to ride with him to pick up a set of bamboo flatware he wanted to purchase from Craig's List.   $50 for 59 pieces of mint condition Japanese gold bamboo flatware.  $50!!!  The score of the month.  

An hour one way and one trip to the QT and we had scored his new flatware.


Inspiration du jour ... #monograms

 LOVE monograms!  New, vintage, antique ... my own and someone else's ... it truly doesn't matter.  A monogrammed item speaks to me!


Happy Friday ...

The second week of summer is coming to an end ... I have committed myself to writing all the things we do during the weeks down so I will recall all the amazing memories.  Here are just a few things we did!

Week 2 of the summer in review ... 


Teenage room redo ...

The older teenager's room needs updating.  The one at the end of the hall who's door is always closed.  

The one who freaks out if he finds evidence that his younger siblings have been in his space. 


Hump Day Eats & Drinks ... #champsglasses

Last Sunday I was invited to dinner at Houston's with the Designer Stock Exchange crew + Parker Kennedy Living.  I was thrilled to be included and for the evening away since the hubs had already left town!  It was a win, win for moi.  

As soon as I arrived I spotted an amazing stemmed bee glass on the table and I had to inquire what was served in this glass.  Learning it was champagne I knew I would be drinking nothing else that evening.   And after three glasses I may have had a wee bit of a headache on Monday am.  I said maybe. 


Tuesday Thrifting ... Designer Stock Exchange

Last weekend was the Designer Stock Exchange at the West side Market here in Atlanta.  I had been dying to go all week considering two of my favorite dealers would be bringing their loot.  The sale was marketed as a "pop-up designer & blogger tag sale" and it was this and so much more!


Inspiration du jour ... Ikea Hacks

Dorothy Draper chests.  Easy to spot and highly coveted pieces.  Hard to find and even harder to part with the cash to make them yours!  Unless of course ... you make your own!

(via Pinterest)

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