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Random thoughts ... #22715

Doesn't that make you giggle?  It does if you are 40 something and feeling super old with a graduating senior in high school ... sniff sniff


Salmon & Kale ... #yesplease

I do not like to cook.  I have mentioned that many times.  I do however like to eat ... so if I don't want to spend way to much on restaurants and take out I need to make what I like to eat.  That at least makes it easier to prepare. 

Or that is the theory. 


Hmm ... #goodquestion

I read quite a few blogs along with my morning dose of every single day.  It's my "I am done with the morning of Mom and it's time to do something for me".  You can find me mid morning with a cup of coffee sitting at the computer.  


Kate Spade Madison Ave

Thursday morning I woke up excited about the day ... but having no idea how epic it would be.  Three of us had set aside the day and made late flights to be able to enjoy the city and take in some serious shopping.  And at the end of the day well after midnight when my head hit the pillow I remember thinking ... was this day real?


Inspiration du jour ... #NYNOW

I am madly in love with Kate Spade.  I have been since her very first bag design in January 1993.  I love every single thing about the designer and the brand.  It was simply put ... love at first sight!


Modernism week ... The Show House

There is a lot going on in California this week ... the Oscar's are in full prep mode for Sunday (beyond excited!) and Palm Springs is a buzz with Modernism Week's Show House.  All the vintage fashion and the modern elements are so intriguing to me.  It's something straight out of a Slim Aaron's photo.  And I absolutely love Slim Aaron!


Lent ... 40 days to a new me!

Today is Ash Wednesday ... the first day of Lent.  As a child my mother and my Catholic upbringing mandated this time to give something up (which I never understood) and to go without meat on Friday.  My meat loathing self always adored this part.  It was grilled cheese, fish or pasta all day!  Yummy!!


Kitchen Desk ... Organization Central

I was perusing my posts yesterday and realized I had not shared this amazing post with you!  It is perfect for organizing kids and their sea of paper that comes home from school!  I am currently dabbling in the thought of going paperless ... but until then I am still using this system I put into place in August!


Inspiration du jour ... #snowdays

Today the littles are home under the threat of winter weather.  For Boston that means another ridic amount of snow, and in Atlanta that usually means ice, sleet and the possibility of the smallest amount of snow ever shutting the entire city down!


Happy Valentines Day!!

Happy Valentines Day to you!

This is one of my favorite days of the year.  A day we shower those we love and adore with happies, hugs and quality time.  Since two of those are my love language I am in heaven today!  


New York ... the lessons

I truly believe that God teaches us so much through our friends and elders.  If you sit and listen you can gleam so many amazing lessons and words of wisdom.  Things that make me stop, turn and say ... that is GOOD!


PSA ... Must Buy STAT!!

Some things are just too good not to walk away.  This book was my must have for today!


Inspiration du jour ... #PINK

Happy Valentines Week!  Or as it is known in the Lawyer house ... happy pink week!!!

It is my humble opinion that every single thing just looks better in pink, flowers, clothes, books, bags, sweets, sursies ... pink is the happiest color in know!


Upstairs Hall ...

(via Kate Spade's apartment)

 I have been working on our upstairs hall for what seems like forever.  No matter what I did it just didn't seem quite right for me.  Since you can see it from the first floor and of course, it is the first thing I see each and every morning, I want it to be amazing.  


Happy Shoes-day!

Happy Tuesday ... or as we are celebrating today, Happy Shoes-day!

Is there anything better at all than an amazing pair of shoes?


Inspiration du jour ... #coffeetablebooks

I have become completely addicted to coffee table books.  So much so that I am trading my magazine subscriptions to use the funds to purchase books instead!  I have quite a good collection going and have collected my favorites for you.  The ones I have listed have one thing in common ... tons of color, amazing photos and inspiration for days!

This book is amazing and will inspire you beyond any expectations.  Our pink dining room is the exact pink of the room on the cover!  

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