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Summer Cocktails ...

Summer was made for relaxing.  The long days and lack of schedules are perfect for family and friend time.  It is my favorite time of the year since it is built for soaking up quality time with those you love.


Inspiration du jour ... #colormehappy

Clearly I am driven by color ... it exists in everything I buy, wear, do and in every room of my home. Neutrals just don't work for me ... and I am perfectly ok with that.  As I type this am I am wearing blue and pink leopard pjs, surrounded by yellow pillows in my bed, drinking coffee out of a green Kate Spade mug and wearing my red glasses.  

Color is in my soul.


Chasing your dreams ...

I have always been drawn to being creative.  As a young child I can recall rearranging my room and dreaming of new colors to paint the walls.  And shopping?  I think I had the bug before most of my friends.  They wanted to play outside and I wanted to rearrange their rooms and shop their houses to find amazing things to make their perfectly darling rooms even more so.  


Salad inspiration ...

When I was diagnosed with chronic migraines last month the doctor told me I would need to cut certain foods from my diet along with adding certain vitamins in ... my diet would change drastically.  He assured me I wouldn't regret it ... even though I was to give up a few things I love to eat. 

I was frustrated at first ... but then a week in when I felt so much better, I was a complete believer!


Haven roundup ...

Haven was incredible!!!  Way more than I could have ever imagined it would be.  I am home and catching up on life and sleep, but it was worth every single second of learning, fellowship and late nights!


Hello from Haven ...

I am spending the weekend at the amazing Haven Conference with my bestie Skipper!  It's a great group of bloggers all yearning to grow their brand into something more.  Tons of informative break outs, networking and lifting each other up.  Sprinkled in with bestie time, glasses of champs and memories made. 

All in all a complete win, win in my book!


Inspiration du jour ... #family

I have put off writing this post for three days ... honestly half in shock and half afraid to share our family news.  I think part of me is so nervous that if I share it will end and I will be back to the same scenario du jour.  

 I am choosing trust over worry and trust over fear.



June Roundup ... #0615

Seriously ... this year is flyingggggg by!  Oy ... I probably should start Christmas shopping next week.  

Am I right?


Vintage Swap ...

I hope you had an amazing holiday weekend.  Ours threatened to be icky due to rainy weather and yet we just swapped the pool for hours of cards and Scrabble playing.  It turned out to be just what we all needed!  And with my cast ... easy peasy for the Mama!


Happy 4th of July!!!

Happy 4th of July from the Minear house to yours!!

We hope your day is filled with celebration, family and besties!  

And of course, some pink and green!  Muah!!


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