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Inspiration du jour ... #blueflow

I recently purchased my first piece of Blue Flow pottery and it was love at first touch.  The rich blue colors that bleed into the edges speak to the navy lover in me.  

I think this is a love affair that will quickly grow into an obsession.


Lake House Dreaming ...

After spending an incredible day with dear friends a few weeks ago at their lake house, I have a growing desire to own one as well.  It started with a little inkling, and it has grown quite a bit over the last few weeks.  Now ... I think about it quite often. 


Weekend details ...

I promised you a post on our weekend ... you didn't think I would leave you with that one post.

Did you?

Oh no, I have pictures galore and some of my favorite details.  


Inspiration du jour ... #annyweekend

We are home.  Rested, relaxed and renewed for sure.  I am here to report to you that one long weekend can change the course of your entire marriage.  

Of course, for the better!


Weekend getaway ...


I am out of town for four days with the Hubs ... celebrating 20 years of marriage!


Random Thoughts #82015

Can I get an AMEN?  

I have seen so many amazing things lately ... sometimes you just have to spill them out.


White House Wednesday ... Issue No. 3

A white house is a white house.  It doesn't need to be big to be perfect for me.  

In fact ... sometimes the smaller houses seem to be the most charming ... don't you agree?



The Creamsicle!

Happy Creamsicle Day!

Do you love a creamsicle?  It is hands down my favorite popsicle and my choice every single time I get stuck blessed by the ice cream truck in the neighborhood.  The kids will waiver in their choices and I am committed to my creamsicle.


Five Elements of Our Home ...

In making our house into a forever home I have learned that using the same elements over and over again in each room is what grounds me.  I don't feel weird about having one room bright pink and another room right next door bright turquoise as long as I use the same repeated elements in my rooms to bring the whole house together.


Inspiration du jour ... #celebration

OMG ... after a week of AT&T craziness and absolutely no internet or cable I am finally back online!  I thought for sure you guys would think I skipped town!  xo 

My precious friend Rachel wrote the most fun piece on The Cellar last week and I am so excited to share it with you today!  


Organization 101 ...

With back to school right around the corner, or here for some of us, the time is perfect to chat about getting organized!


Inspiration du jour ... #sassypants

Ever feel like this?  I am super sassy today ... ready to tackle the days and have an amazing week!

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