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Introducing Lake Pajamas

 I fell in love with Lake Pajamas the minute I touched them.  They are soft and probably the most comfortable pajamas I have ever put on my body.  And I am a confessed pajama hoarder!    The pima cotton is amazing and reminds me so much of darling outfits I put on my littles when they were babies.  Soft doesn't really even describe them.


Ends In Style

To say I was flattered to get a call from Christina Wedge to be featured on her blog Ends In Style would be quite the understatement.  I have known Christina for a few years and she is what I would call an expert in interiors photography.  I quickly said ... YES!  I mean, what an honor!!


Bamboo Bed ... #yesplease

I love our master bedroom.  It is calm and relaxing and the most amazing deep chocolate color.  At the end of the day it greets me with a big open arm hug and allows me to refresh and sends me on my way again at the beginning of a new day.

Of course because my mind is always spinning I am thinking it could use a tiny refresh.  Actually a really tiny one since I would only change three things.  Ok, four. And for me that is basically nothing at all.


Dinner Party Perfection

I have hinted a few times over the last week that I attended what may be the dinner party of the year. I still have to pinch myself that I was there and the memories are real.  What a spectacular evening!


Translating Color Trends ...

Wow it has been a whirlwind of a few weeks.  If January is any clue this is about to be the best year ever. Market, bestie dates, dinners, photo shoots and an amazing Trade Talk at ADAC


Valentine Shopping

It is freezing cold here in Atlanta and since the city was planning for a massive winter storm every single thing we had planned for the weekend was cancelled.  Enter jams, slippers, fires and crock pot meals on repeat.  Since I have some time on my hands I am making a rare Saturday appearance on the blog.  I get super creative and productive with a day in my jams with nothing on the to do list!  

It is time to think about shopping for Valentines Day.  I like to shop early and then use the time before the holiday to get extra excited about my soon to be gifted happies.  I am definitely a girl who buys happies for her family and best friends.  There is no better day of the year to let them know how special they are to me!

I am wishing for a bunch of things on this list.  Who wouldn't love to see any of these items wrapped with a large pink bow and tied up with a love note?  Honey ... are you reading?  I will happily take a new pair of boots, the tassel key ring and a date night with you!  Ps ... those pajama pants would be darling on me while we snuggle with a romantic movie!

Stay warm this weekend and safe if you were pounded with snow and ice!


Closet Envy ...

I have longed for an organized and pretty closet for so long.  Don't get me wrong ... I love all the items in my closet, just not its four walls and simple door.  It needs some serious organization, and probably a lot of purging as well.

I had the pleasure of having lunch yesterday with Leslie Wolfe of Benton Parker Design.  I immediately found her adorable but when she shared her closet designs with me I instantly fell in love. 

These photos are not her designs but instead my collection of closet inspirations.  Clearly I am looking for a bright and happy design along with some serious organization.  It needs better lighting, shelving, organized hanging space and chic design.

At the moment my little closet is a bad before pic of simple white walls and bars of clothes and boxes of shoes.  It could be so much more and work so much more efficiently.

Leslie and I are in the chatting phase of collaborating and I couldn't be more excited!  An organized, functional space makes my heart race.  In the best way possible.

I will leave you with eye candy on this gloomy Friday ... 

Your time is coming little closet ... pinky swear!

Stay safe this weekend lovies!


Pantone Colors of the Year ... thoughts?

After a full weekend at market I have so many amazing ideas running through my head.  So many incredible new products and, of course, the rush after meeting and seeing so many amazing people.

I had hoped to attend the Pantone Color of the Year launch party on Friday evening, but timing just didn't present itself.  With the party of the year (details soon) my time just plain ran out.  I definitely felt like the luckiest girl in the world to have a full plate.


New Trad Contest

Traditional Home is hosting a contest looking for the Rising Stars of Design.  My best friends Lance and David of Parker Kennedy Living have been nominated as one of Traditional Home #newtrads.  

Not surprising to me at all as this duo is incredibly talented and equally kind.  Their "preppy on the edge" style is easily recognizable in a hot second.


Silver for Bebe

I was shopping after Christmas in my favorite antique store and spotted the most amazing silver pattern.  I have wanted to start a pattern for our youngest for a while and just hadn't found the perfect pattern.  I wanted something simple and timeless but something that also reflected my style since I would be the one gifting it to her one day.

The pattern is Grosvenor by Community and it is a silver plate pattern from 1921.  I love that it is plate and she can use it daily.  This also leaves her with the option of choosing her own sterling silver pattern at any point. 

I love the simple details and the spot for a monogram.  You know that detail sold me in a New York minute.  

The day I spotted it I scored all 8 butter knives, 8 soup spoons and 2 dinner forks.  Since then I have collected a serving spoon, a lemon fork and 8 teaspoons. I am gathering a service for 12 with as many serving pieces as I can.  Those are the pieces that mean the most to me.  

Of course I love this collection, but buying it all at once just seems to defeat the purpose! 

For me its the hunt that makes it special ... 

and, of course, learning all the other pieces I can collect for my baby girl!

One day I will proudly hand over the collection I have spent so much time and love collecting for her to celebrate a major occasion.  Maybe graduating from high school. or college or when she finally becomes the teacher her heart wants to be.

Until then I will keep collecting and dreaming of the amazing woman she will be.  xo

Happy Friday lovies. 


Lilly + Boat = #yesplease

You know those thoughts you have in your head ... if I won the lottery I would ... 


Sweater Weather


Sweater || Gingham Shirt (old)  || Jeans || Leopard Flats 

It's breezy and cold here in Atlanta and I am bundled up with sweaters!  Nothing better than a thick sweater to make me all cozy and warm.


Coffee Tables ...

Coffee tables are just amazing, aren't they?  They are the accessory center of the room and the focal point of so many.  I just love how you can collect so many amazing things in the center of a room and take it to the next level.

I was working on my own coffee table yesterday.  I took everything off, cleaned it and started from zero.  Of course, I needed some inspiration so I pulled some pictures to get me started.


TPC loves Annechovie!

My first encounter with Anne happened about five or six years ago.  Etsy was new to me and I was scouring the site to find amazing products.  I think the moment I spotted the Annechovie shop I stopped searching for anything else.



If you follow me on Insta you know yesterday was a special day.  I am a newly minted birthday girl and the day could not have been more amazing.  With a traveling husband and the kids off to school I was a little sad that I could be celebrating all alone.  How silly of me considering I am blessed with the most amazing besties and BFFs any girl could ever know.  They swooped me up and it was not only a day of incredible fun, but a day of some firsts for moi.


New Year Feast

Since there is only a week between Christmas and New Years I enjoyed our Christmas table as long as I could before changing it over to celebrate the coming new year.  Dressing the table is one of my favorite things to do and it definitely gets me in the mood for a celebration!


New Year Goals ... #outsidethebox

As part of taking on a new year I have made it a goal to do lots of things I wouldn't normally do.  I am trying to make sure I live a little more.  I mean, none of us are getting younger each year, right?


2016 Goals ...

As I sit here in the beginning of a brand new year I can't help but think about my yearly to do list.  I am a to do list girl.  It's just me.

I don't have any change the world goals, but I do have some goals that should change me.  For the better, of course.

I have a policy of no regrets ... I apologize as soon as I realize my errors, I tell those I love them as much as possible and I try to live each day to the fullest.  In the end we aren't promised anything and I have learned regrets are just a waste of time.

1.  Weekly date nights
2.  Play Bunco
3.  Travel once a month
4.  Eat a healthy breakfast
5.  Tackle the basement den ... #ORC
6.  Manage my anti aging skin care
7.  Attend the Southern C again!
8.  Tackle my storage & studio and win!
9.  Write one interview piece per month
10. Finally go to the Botanical Gardens
11. Master biscuits from scratch
12. Learn to love green smoothies
13. Wear heels more
14. Read more (not just on vacay)
15. Make Sunday night dinner & enjoy it in the dining room
16. Learn to needlepoint ... finally!
17. Do 4 things that scare me
18. Read a classic
19. Make dinner 4 days a week ... hard one for me!
20. Save a chunk of money ... Mad money is a good thing!

Come on 2016 ... Let's do this!


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