Marge + Rita

Is there anything better than fresh lime + tequila?  Maybe some chips, salsa and guac?  I think I could live off of this combination and probably did in my early 20s.  It just seems like the perfect meal somedays ... and a distant cousin to the wine and cheese board.  Right?

All good classic recipes start with fresh lime juice.  Add in Cointreau and good tequila.  Layer on a salt rim and a fresh slice of lime and you are set and ready to enjoy.  My brother in law who worked as a bartender for many years makes the best frozen margarita I think I have ever drank.  He swears by a splash of orange juice at the end for an even fresher flavor.  I don't know what he does to the rest of it ... but it is perfection.

But, why stop at the traditional lime flavor?  There are so many amazing varieties and more that seem to pop up daily!  In honor of National Margarita day yesterday I have searched and found the best recipes for margaritas.  Skinny, lime, grapefruit, pomegranate ... the options are truly endless it seems.

I am recovering from a horrible case of bronchitis that seemed to show up out of nowhere so I won't be indulging in any of these this week.  It is a tea with honey mixed with chicken soup and my favorite cups of jello.  But ... I see one of these with my name on it this weekend. 

And that will keep me going until then!

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  1. We created a pink lemonade margarita that has been a favorite of our readers. Be sure to give it a try sometime. Delish!