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PSA ... Must buys for Spring!!!

I have bought three of the most amazing things this week and I had to take a second and share.  I mean, that is what girls do, find something they love and tell everyone they know.  Sort of like the old school shampoo commercial.  


Ave Home

My first introduction to AVE Home was during the Design Bloggers Conference last month.  I immediately spotted their incredible logo and then my heart almost stopped when I saw their furniture.  Ave Home, based in New Orleans, is a specialty furniture company producing high end reproductions of historical pieces with incredible attention to the details that made the pieces famous. Including pieces from timeless periods like Mid-Century Modern, Swedish Gustavian, Hollywood Regency and French Rococo.  I literally stopped walking to take in all they had to offer. 

AVE Collections are a "mix of occasional, dining and living room furniture in a range of mediums". Founder Lisa Rickert says "I want to bring approachable elegance to every piece we create.  AVE Collections offer an element of elevation and sophistication.  We believe that stylistic range is key". I think she hit her goal out of the park.  As you view each collection you can see her vision come to life.  


Easter 2016

I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend. Ours was nothing short of perfect ... well, it did rain, but otherwise we had a magical weekend. Easter is my favorite holiday, followed by Christmas.  I love so many things about Easter.  I love that my Savior rose from the dead and is a living, breathing God. #AMEN!! I love the incredible spring weather and the glorious colors blooming everywhere I look. I love wearing short sleeves and white jeans. I love this time of year when every thing is anew and fresh and fabulous.  Have I said I LOVE Easter??

After church on Sunday we dyed eggs and then had a yummy lunch.  I had set the table on Saturday to prepare for our family time together.  The entire table stemmed from the green tablecloth I found on Thursday at At Home.  Just like every other design aspect of our home and lives, I start with one piece and then expand from there.  I spotted the tablecloth during a visit to At Home and immediately knew I wanted it and the fabulous turquoise hemstitch napkins I also grabbed during my shopping trip.  It was my first stop in to At Home, but it won't be the last.  My wish list is a mile long.  They have so many amazing things and get shipments weekly.

I added my antique Limgoes plates and my darling monogrammed Sasha Nicholas salad plates. From here it was grabbing this and that and I love the outcome.  The only thing I left the house for was the amazing flowers.  I love the mix of yellow, pink, green and orange.  Absolutely perfect for spring.

I am a huge fan of mixing patterns and colors as you well know.  I love mixing my china patterns and using those I love again and again.  I don't believe things should be seen and not used.  I do take the chance that pieces will be broken, but I refuse to own things I don't use.  The kids are older and love seeing me use what we own.  Hopefully one day they will love these pieces as much as I do.  And you know, a good story always starts with "you know where this chip came from?"!

Happy Tuesday ... the weather is amazing and the sun is shining and everything just seems more glorious this week.  I can see Spring Break waving its fine hand from Friday already!



Design Feature: Jenny Tamplin

I honestly don't remember when I was introduced to the darling Jenny Tamplin but I can tell you it was via a photo and I recall every single thing about it.  I spotted the picture of her office on Instagram and instantly starting following her and spent way too much time down the rabbit hole of her feed.  I just could not get enough.  I was immediately struck by her love of full, glossy color.  It was like we were meant to know one another.  I could not stop staring at that shot and to this day I still think it may be the most amazing office I have ever seen.  

See what I mean?  I could live in this office all day every day.  It is nothing short of incredible!  Those green cabinets ... #yesplease!!!

In her own words Jenny is "a mom of four, designer and connection expert" and after reading her blog for some time I could not agree more.  She and her husband and four children live in College Station, Texas.  College Station is the home of Texas A&M.  For four years in middle and high school we lived in Dallas and then San Antonio and I was sure I would be an Aggie.  I don't even like maroon but I was all in, and pretty sure I would have had the best time. She uses her passion for design and for keeping families connected to "create welcoming spaces for food, fun and conversation".  Her blog is a daily read for me.  I love how she shares her love for her Jesus, her family and her incredible eye for creating a bold and welcoming space. 

I just love Jenny's home.  The whole home is so warm and inviting.  I can just imagine being invited for the weekend and feeling like I was part of the family.  I have already decided which rooms I would visit the most while taking full advantage of her back yard!  Three of the rooms she has designed speak to me.  Actually they scream; her master bedroom, her office and the game room.  You will soon see exactly what I mean.

Her office is just incredible, that amazing green lacquer paired with the wallpaper and that amazing light.  I mean, I die, just die. I will let you soak it all in ...

Her game room is absolutely incredible!  Those pink walls and the details, she has simply left no stone un-turned in creating a space her kids and their friends will crave to spend time in. It is simply perfect!!

And her amazing master suite ... the green and blue is the perfect mix for me!  I am craving a room with those incredible blue stripes!  Doesn't it just play off the incredible green floral perfectly?  Oh, Jenny ... it's sooo good!!

Since I love to get to know people that I inspire me I asked Jenny if I could get to know her, along with you, for the blog.  She and I chatted forever on the phone in such a natural call that I could have held for hours.  We share so many of the same loves and as you see more of her home you will know why I am positive we would make great friends!  

First of all, tell me about Jenny Tamplin. How did you start decorating and how has it grown?

I remember changing things around in my childhood home as early as 4 years old!  I remember the yellow gingham curtains in my bedroom as a toddler.  When I was a young teenager I designed my summer camp cabin in green and pink!  Design is innate in me!  I did my first full service design when I was in High school.  I drew a pattern out for my mom to sew onto a custom bedspread.  I wouldn’t let anyone sit on it!  I made paint selections and painted my walls.  I went shopping all over for art and had it all framed.  My first apartment was a hodge podge collection from my parent’s house but it was planned carefully and combined with the pink and green pillows I found at JCPenney for my green leather sofa (It was the 90’s). I was so proud of my first space!  When my kids were babies I would scour the pages of design books and study different ways to decorate their rooms.  Through the years I have dreamed and schemed and designed and built and reconstructed so many times I can’t count and I NEVER tire of it!

Would you do anything differently?

I would believe in myself and my abilities more!  Looking back, I always had pretty good ideas, but I think I always questioned my skill and undermined my own abilities as a young lady.  I would also embrace the things that resonate with me and not worry about how everyone else will feel about it!  

Share two people who have influenced your life and why?

My friend and mentor, Janice Henry is not only a FABULOUS and fearless one-of-a-kind designer, but showed me early on what it is to be a designer for God’s Kingdom.  She never misses an opportunity to share Christ via her actions and love for her clients!  She has taught me that we need people in every profession (not just missionaries going to foreign countries) to sell out to His purposes and share His love via our different occupations.

My daughters have also influenced me to be creative in my own unique way.  All three of them are SUPER creative and so so special in their talents!  They have taught me so much about being true to myself and my own personal skill set!  They’ve encouraged me, in their actions, to believe in ME and GO FOR IT!

Where does your incredible love for color come from?

To me a space lacking color is sad and blah.  I began to understand a long time ago that color actually causes a reaction in my soul!  People ask me all the time, “How do you use color so fearlessly?” But to me, the fear comes when there is no color.  I just don’t see much reason to design and spend money on a neutral space!

Favorite room in your home?

My favorite room in the my house is probably my bedroom!  I absolutely love how it feels like a garden (but air-conditioned).  It truly lifts my spirits!

What inspires you to create?

Families honestly inspire me to create!  It is very important to me personally for families to have a space that each person can thrive in!  I love helping families find their collective sweet spots and making that come to life!  The goal is peace, love and ultimately positives healthy connection.

You have a large family, how do you manage it all?

I do have a large family!  It seems the brunt of the work is done as two (and almost 3) are in college now.  One of my strengths is time management and I can quickly calculate and keep tabs of the time each given task will take this family.  If we ever push the line of too much, my inside alarms will sound and I’ll know where to pull back.  It’s important to remember that everything (activities, laundry, meals, exercise, down time) needs a designated time slot and there is a finite amount of time!  So, every decision must be made from the view point of time.  “Do I really want a 2 acre lot?  Do we have the extra time to take care of a yard that size?” When you begin to think in terms of time, it is amazing what doesn’t seem so important on the “want” list anymore!

What is your favorite way to unwind?

My favorite thing to unwind is to float in the pool!  Honestly I come up with my most profound design ideas floating in the middle of my pool!

Five must haves.

1. My All-Clad Crockpot!  I seriously use it several times a week!
2. My Style Book app!  I started using this app last fall and I found that I have countless cute outfits already living in my own closet!  It fully removes the stress of getting ready every morning!
3. Fresh Flowers - Love bringing the outside in!
4. A fridge/fridges 100% dedicated to drinks so that visitors feel they get a special treat every time they come over!
5. Laughter - I know this is not a tangible object but I just don’t want to live without it!  I have been in the worst day of my life and the best day of my life, and laughter is equally refreshing on either side of the spectrum.

Isn't she precious.  I love her heart and her story.  She is a must follow for sure.  You will instantly fall in love with her love of color and the way she strives to create a place where all families can connect.  In the world we live in where time is so hard to come by with busy schedules and busy families it is so important to truly BE together! Check out the rest of Jenny's home on her website and make sure you follow her on Instagram.

I adore you Jenny, truly adore you!

All images via Jenny Tamplin Interiors and photographs taken by Fidelis Studio.  


Shopping with Eddie Ross

Eddie Ross is the East Coast Editor of Better Homes & Gardens, stylist, author and self confessed “extreme hoarder of  beautiful things”.  Best known for his impeccable styling tips and as the master of mixing high and low, he has released his book Modern Mix: Curating Personal Style with Chic & Accessible Finds.  As you peruse the many photos of his tablescapes and styling projects you will notice a theme.  He uses things he finds on his thrifting finds to create incredible spaces.  It is a talent I aspire to in my own home.  I am a huge fan of the hunt and displaying the things I love mixed in with the things we have inherited.  

I recently interviewed Eddie for my series "From The Desk Of ..." for The Southern C.  It was so much fun to chat and dig into his creative mind.  He and his darling partner Jaithan have just closed on their new home, Edgewood Hall, and I can not wait to watch the transformation.  It will no doubt be the subject of his next book.   The interview can be found here.  

I first met Eddie Ross in March 2012 during a shopping trip at Scott Antique Market.  I had been reading his blog for quite some time soaking up every single bit of knowledge he would share. When the release came out that he would be hosting a shopping day here in Atlanta I immediately signed up.  I have always had a love of the hunt and his shopping venture only set fire to my already deep love affair. He shopped with a group of us sharing his tips, tricks and favorite vendors.  It was love at first shopping date for me.  I just adore his incredible eye for all things old and dirty and for his impeccable style and way of setting the best table in town.  He very well may be the definition of the word host.  

Eddie is coming to Charlotte to shop the Vintage and Antique Show at the Metrolina.  He will be shopping and educating others on what to look for, how to shop and what to do with the amazing things you find.  I am thrilled to be attending and would love to shop with you.  These shopping trips are so much fun and not to be missed.  You can sign up for the event here RSVP to and purchase your tickets from Eventbrite.  Your ticket includes the shopping trip and a signed book.  Can you say ... #yesplease?

Make sure you let me know you will be coming.  I want to make sure I look for you ... I love shopping and shopping with others just makes it better!

Make sure you sign up!!  I will see you there!

Chin chin lovies, it's Friday!!


TPC Loves #barringtongifts

I have loved the look of Barrington Gifts bags for a while.  They are large and roomy and not to mention fabulous looking.  I contemplated buying a tote and then would look at my darling Louie and promise him I wouldn't cheat.  After collection after collection was released, each one better than the last, I finally took the plunge. 


TPC Travels #seaisland

Me, Natalie, Iris, Kelly

So, let's just go ahead and say I had the best weekend in just about forever.  I think it was the combination of girl time, pure relaxation and celebrating an incredible woman.  Three besties and I met up in Sea Island to celebrate our dear friend Iris for her 75th birthday.  Iris is one of the most amazing women I have ever known.  She may be 75, but she can hang just like any other young girl. Both full of life and wisdom she is quite the spitfire.  We laughed, cried (ok, it was just me), ate, giggled, celebrated, ate, relaxed, ate, hung by the beach and the pool ... and did I mention eat?  It was an incredible three days and one I will remember forever!


Design Feature: Evelyn Henson

If you aren't familiar with the darling Evelyn Henson you are in for the biggest treat today.  Evelyn is a bright and happy burst of color in the art world with her darling depictions of the ordinary things in life.  The first time I spotted Evelyn's work was on Instagram and I haven't been able to quit her since.  I currently own three pieces of EH art and have no plans to stop there.


Designer Spotlight: Eric Ross Interiors

The first time I saw the name Eric Ross it was on my Instagram account when I was deciding whether or not to replace the expensive white blinds in our home.  I hated them and wanted them gone and replaced with bamboo instead.  I posted a pic and threw it up for comments.  Eric responded and simply said ... "you and I both know those need to go".  I laughed, followed immediately and a friendship began.  


Green Envy with Tiffany Erickson

St. Patrick's Day is very special in the Minear house!  March 17, 1993 a cute lawyer in the office invited me out for a green beer after work.  The rest is history.  Something about this amazing little day of celebration in the middle of March still makes me a little giddy!  With four kids and his travel schedule we don't have time to walk downtown as we did that night for a green beer and a plate of nachos, but we do make time to toast to our life together!  Here's to 23 years!! 


Random Thoughts ... #03162016

I love that the caption on Pinterest says this ... 
You can either chose to live life in the front row or the third row.  
Look at those ladies loving life!!!


Skipper turns 40!!!

My darling bestie celebrated the big 4-0 last week and I can't possibly let that happy event pass without shouting her from the rooftops.  Amanda is such a fun and perfect addition to my gaggle of besties.  Incredibly smart and equally goofy, you can find her most days planning incredible adventures for herself and her darling family.  To celebrate her big day I felt it only necessary to carve out a day that would just be us.  In typical Paige and Skips fashion we ate, shopped and had another fabulous adventure!


TPC Travels ... #palmbeach

The coast is just in my blood.  There is never a trip when I think to myself, ok ... that was plenty of time, I am ready to go home.  I think it comes from spending every single Saturday as a child at the beach.  I don't ever tire of the salt air, the palm trees, the warm air and the vibe. I am truly the happiest barefoot and in the surf.


Happy Dance! #friyay

Happy dance for sure!  It's the best day of the week with nothing but possibilities for the weekend!  I can't wait to have nothing on my to do list but family and besties!  Is there anything better?


Nancy Reagan ...

Former First Lady Nancy Reagan's passing was such a loss for our country.  A woman with a life well lived who loved so passionately is such a rarity in the public life today.  Nancy had such grace and poise and conducted every aspect of her life with such elegance.  


White House Wednesday ... Issue No. 4

You guys know I am a sucker for a white house.  I mean every single thing about it just speaks me. I think part of it comes from a grandmother who lived in a darling white house.  That white house with its black awning was what I considered to be the perfect home!  Oddly enough it is the only house with an odd number I have ever connected to.  I have a thing with even numbers, I just love them. Odd numbers are hard for me, but #119 will forever be my favorite house number!

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