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TPC Weekend #5312016


Memorial Day Planning ...

I absolutely love a long weekend.  Any extra day I get with my loved ones makes my heart incredibly happy.  Add in a holiday and is there truly anything better?


Decorating with DecoratorsBest

I have absolutely loved using DecoratorsBest wallpaper and fabrics in my last two One Room Challenges projects.  With both the Kitchen and Den reveals behind me I love looking back at all the details that were truly my favorite.

In both spaces I started with one thing that inspired me and built the room from there.  I always have a jumping off point when designing our home.  For the kitchen it was the Clarence House The Vase wallpaper.  I had seen the paper in an episode of Lipstick Jungle about ten years ago and I never forgot it.  When I knew I would be using it in the kitchen I was thrilled to see it was available from DecoratorsBest.


One Room Challenge ... my favorites!

To say there are a bevy of incredible rooms from the last round of the One Room Challenge is truly an understatement.  It is one amazing space after another.  Eye candy that just doesn't seem to end.


Palm Love with Tiffany Erickson

Clearly I am quite a connoisseur of palm anything since I am a Florida girl.  Palm leaves, check. Palm trees, if only they would grow in Atlanta.  Palm prints ... oooh #yesplease.  Just yesterday I posted this incredible shot on Instagram after eyeing it on the feed of the darling Katie Kime.  I might need this canvas in my life in a big way.


Setting the deck for summer ...

I know it is hard to believe, but it will be summer here in Atlanta in just two weeks.  Seriously, where oh where did the time go??  My littles have exactly a week left of school.  Insert emoji scared face here!  How is it that will be another year older.  #wowza


One Room Challenge || The Details Vol. 2

Like I stated in yesterday's post ... the details are the thing that truly make a room for me.  In sharing the details in our den reveal I had to break it down to two posts to truly share the story behind all of the details.  Honestly I could have made it three posts but that just might be overkill.


One Room Challenge || The Details vol. 1

I can not even begin to tell you how excited I am you loved the Den Reveal.  The emails, the comments, the texts, the calls ... each and every single one means the world to me.  We absolutely love the new space and all the light it provides in the house.  I still can not believe it is done and we get to enjoy this room.  Every morning I am greeted with light and color and nothing makes me happier.  It is like a present every single day. I am grateful for each and every one of you and the dedication you have to me and my blog.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Laundry Room Upgrade with Persil ProClean

Our laundry room was completed for the Spring round of the One Room Challenge last year.  I was thrilled with the results and we have loved every single thing about it.  I dare to say I have even enjoyed laundry over the last year.  #mindblown


One Room Challenge || Spring Reveal

It is here ... it is really here.  I say it every single time a One Room Challenge ends and it holds true every single time.  It feels like Christmas morning!!  Six weeks of hard work, more problems than I care to discuss, a ton of hard work, and the support of every single person close to me.  The room is complete and I can not wait to show you each and every amazing photo.  I love this room so much, probably more than I should.  I can honestly say it is my favorite One Room Challenge transformation and in a few moments you will see why.  The change is incredible if I do say so myself!

Today is the day I have been working toward for six weeks, the day the den is shown in her newly transformed 2016 self.  I have worked with amazing sponsors and I am incredibly grateful to Linda of Calling it Home for asking me to be a part of this fabulous round.  The lineup this round was so fantastic and I can not wait to read each and every reveal of the other 19 invited guests and the more than 200 participating linking participants.  I mean ... how exciting is today?

Let's chat quickly about the journey.  When I began six weeks ago I started with a 1982 Georgian wood paneled den.  The wood was gorgeous and we had happily lived with it for 12 years but both the Hubs and I were ready for a change.  The judges paneling created a cozy space in the winter but other times of the year left us with a dark room always needing at least two more lamps.  It was time for a change ... and we decided the change would be a big one.

Before ...

And the plan for transforming the room ...  


White walls, a pink ceiling, tons of color and a fabulous green velvet sofa.  My vision came true in the best way possible.  I honestly didn't know how much I would fall in love with a white room.  If you told me I would be swooning over a white room I would have giggled and said ... I don't think so. I would have been very, very wrong.  I am absolutely thrilled with the final results.  Every single morning that I walk downstairs and round the corner is incredible.  The bright white room is the perfect greeting to start my day.  I know, I know I am stalling but you will forgive me in just a minute.  #pinkyswear

And the after ... our brand new den!  

(Items are sourced under each photo with direct links at the bottom in source listing)

Paint - Farrow & Ball (All White, Nancy's Blushes)
Chairs - Evans Chairs by Taylor Burke Home

Rug - Karastan Carpet
Drapery - Fabric by ClaireBella Studio
Labor by Drawn Company
Leather Chairs - CR Laine
Sofa - Vintage
Trellis Pillows - DecoratorsBest (Schumacher Zanibar Trellis)
Aqua Shagreen Pillows on end of sofa - Jana Bek
Pagoda finials - R Titus Designs

Gold Pillow - Emily McCarthy embroidered with custom couture monogram

Candlesticks, Lamps & Swan - Vintage

Elephants - Lilly Pulitzer Home Collection
Shell - my collection

Coffee Table - vintage
Orchid Bowl - The Enchanted Home
Books - my collection
Pups - my collection

Limoges Bowl - my collection
Matches - Annechovie

Blue and White porcelain - Parker Kennedy Living
Art hanging on bookcase - vintage 
Lampshades - Allen + Roth for Lowes

Brass Pulls - Nest Studio

Brushstroke Jars - Jana Bek 
Painting - Paige Gemmel 
Bamboo Candle Scones - Vintage

Chinoiserie Stands - At Home

Sun Baked art - Minted
Upside Art print - Minted
Double Tapping - All She Wrote Notes
Abstract - Kayce Hughes Art
Pineapple - Laura Dro

Table - Vintage
Lamp - The Enchanted Home
Les Touches Pillow - Arianna Belle
Evans Chair - Taylor Burke Home
Upholstered in Blush Label Bombay fabric
Pink floor pillow - Funky Wright Designs
Blue floor pillow - vintage

Yes Please - All She Wrote Notes
Original Sketch - Lance Jackson
Seaside art - Minted
Blue Lamp - Joss & Main
Monogram Finial - Moon & Lola
Tortoise Bar Accessories - Indigo Market Charleston

Stool - vintage
Game Table - vintage
Blue and White Lamp - my collection

Custom Art - Amee Calloway

Phone - vintage

Pillow Fabric - Funky Wright Designs

Drapery - Fabric by ClaireBella Studio
Labor by Drawn Company

Pink Stools - Target 

I hope you love the room as much as we do. To say we are excited is truly an understatement.  I would say pinch me, but if it is a dream I do not want it to end!  It has been a long six weeks but one I would do again in a minute.  Well, maybe without all the problems and delays.  #whoamIkidding

Top - La Rogue
Shoes - Nordstrom
Jeans - Old Navy
Jewels - Moon & Lola
Monogrammed Napkin - Winston's Collection

I wish I could have each one of you over to enjoy the room with me.  We could have cocktails, chat for hours and sit with my darling pup Miles.  He has become quite the ham!  

Thank you for following along with me on this journey and reading daily.  I am truly blessed!  xo

You can catch up here -
Week 1 ... Before 

I was beyond blessed to work with our incredible sponsors - 

I also had the privilege of working with these amazing companies - 

Photos by the incredible Christina Wedge who never worked so hard!

Thank you Linda for creating the One Room Challenge. You work so incredibly hard for each and every one of us that are privileged to participate.  I have six amazing spaces in my home that I can thank you for helping me and encouraging me to create.  Our house is so much more a home and we have you to thank for that!

Thank you House Beautiful Magazine.   It has been a pleasure creating this space with your amazing magazine as the first media sponsor.  I have loved and read House Beautiful for many years and this was truly a dream come true to design a space featured on both the House Beautiful website and Instagram.  No pinching please ... I don't want to wake up!  

If you need me the next few days I will be glued to my computer reading each journey of the other 19 participants.  After week 1 I lost the time to read the updates and I can not wait to dive in and read from beginning to end!  Make sure you do the same ... you don't want to miss out on any of this incredible eye candy and design inspiration!!  And then I will be diving into the more than 240 linking participants.  Can we just discuss this fabulous fact?  Bam ... that is a lot of changed rooms!!

If I missed a source let me know in the comments!  I will be soaking up the new den in my jams today reading every single update from each and every participant.  I truly can not wait!!  


No Place Like Home

As I mentioned before the Southeastern Designer Showhouse and Gardens is a must see event! MUST SEE before the house closes on May 15.  The house is so grand and then pool, the porches and incredible guest house do not disappoint one single bit.  It is truly so good and I still owe myself a visit to truly take it all in one or two more times.


Designer Spotlight ... Eric Ross "Missed Opportunities"

As I am scrambling to finish my punch list for the One Room Challenge which goes live in gasp ... two days ... I am thinking a lot about the decisions I have made for the space.  I tend to overthink and over add and I never seem to regret it.  More fabric ... yes!  More pattern ... yes!  Paint the ceiling ... but, of course.  I think I am rare when it comes to designing my home as I am not afraid to try just about anything.

I was chatting with friend and designer Eric Ross recently about this exact subject.  He had some fabulous insight which he shared with me and I thought it was too good not to pass on to you.  He has compiled a list of what he considers to be missed opportunities when it comes to design.  I think you will love his insight ... and hopefully it will help you when planning your own spaces to make sure you take full advantage of every single opportunity!


Margaritas + Must Haves with Huff Harrington

My favorite shop is having a trunk show and I am beside myself with excitement. Amazing shop paired with margaritas ... is there anything better than that?  Well, it is Cinco de Mayo so pair that with some amazing fiesta nibbles and you can bet I will be in attendance.


One Room Challenge || Spring Week 5

Week what??  I promise you when you are working on a One Room Challenge the time goes way faster than another other time of the year.  You are waiting to go on vacation ... time crawls by like a sloth.  One Room Challenge time ... blink and it is almost over. 


Still Breathing ...

I feel like this should be on my T shirt, my coffee cup and a sign I am holding right now.  I am buried in the last week of the One Room Challenge.  This week is all to do lists, punch lists, scrambling with early mornings and late nights. It is always this week that I wonder what I have signed up for and how will it all get done on time.  #patience #deepbreaths

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