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Five Ways to Revamp a Room Today with Deep South Details

I met the darling girls of Deep South Details when I attended The Southern C in April.  I have said it many times but it is so very true.  The Southern C is the perfect place to connect with and meet so many amazing creatives.  The conference draws incredible people hoping to connect, collaborate and create with others.  Meeting Dana and Kendall was a huge treat for me.  This duo of creative energy is rather new to the scene of podcasts but has quickly busted into the arena with their weekly dose of inspiration.  


TPC Loves Lettermade

You know of my obsession with all things monogrammed.  I have confessed and the collection grows daily.  It is something that I truly just can't seem to get enough of in my life.  A personalized item just takes it to the next level for me.  Since I owned a monogram business for a number of years I am constantly seeing items and thinking to myself.  That is darling, but what it needs is a monogram.

Yes, it might be an issue.  



Table dreaming ...

I absolutely love styling tables.  I love to play with all of the elements and change it out until I find just the right combination of plates, napkins, flatware and glasses.  Adding in the center elements and flowers is just icing on the cake.  Truly it is like styling an outfit or anything else, you start with one inspirational piece and go from there. 

For the Fourth of July I am leaning toward a simple table with a statement element.  I am not sure what that element is quite yet, but I am searching and scouring my stash for just the right jumping off piece.  I have some amazing plates I picked up the other day that I am dying to use and some darling napkins I can't wait to style, but the rest of the elements are escaping me.  

I need some serious inspiration ... 


Three Cheers for COFFEE!

Coffee is the best friend who greets me every single morning when I wake up.  My alarm goes off, I lay there for a few minutes, I read my devotion for the day and as soon as my feet hit the ground my first thought is coffee.  A hot, steaming and perfect cup of coffee.


Bar Cart Series ... No. 3 Mallory Mathison

Happy Friday!  I am back with another fabulous bar cart from another amazing creative.  This week's bar cart is from Atlanta Interior Designer Mallory Mathison Glenn.  Mallory created this bar cart for the 2015 Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Home for the Holidays and I love every single thing about it.


Bar for Dad ...

Our home is just that ... ours, but I do notice that my husband speaks a lot of a space that is just his.  I think sharing a home with five other people can be a lot and after a long day at work he probably would love a space to retreat for some time to himself.  I truly need to make that happy for our sweet Daddy.

In the mean time I did create a place that is all him, well, sort of.  To celebrate Father's Day and the amazing Daddy we have I created a bar area just for him!  Top to bottom all his favorites including his favorite drinks, glasses just for him and all the necessities he would need to create a drink after work and relax for some much needed down time.

I came up with the idea while shopping recently in At Home.  I spotted these amazing ebony Fitz & Floyd glasses and my wheels started turning.  They were so manly and fabulous and I knew the Hubs would love them and he needed them immediately.  I snatched up the glasses and added them to his Father's Day gifts and then truly started thinking.  The idea for the Bar for Dad was born.

My husband is a bourbon drinker and easy to please so I just purchased a bunch of his favorite things to combine for a bar area that is all him.  His favorite bourbon, some amazing decanters from At Home and a quality ginger beer for when he decides that a mixed bourbon is more his taste.  

I ordered the monogrammed decanter from Emily McCarthy as one of his Father's Day happies and it pairs perfectly with the two At Home decanters in the back.  And of course, it is filled with his favorite Woodford Reserve.  Isn't the bamboo monogram incredible?

I also scored the tray while shopping for the decanters.  I love how it keeps it all tidy and then when he slides out the tray to be able to access all of his supplies I can easily slide it back and keep it all tidy.  I mean, he is cute and super sweet but he does leave things out all the time and a plan is always smart on my part.  

Since I am very traditional when it comes to monogramming the bar area and all of his bar glasses will have his monogram.  My first step was the monogram decanter and monogram swizzle sticks from Emily.  

All of the glasses now housed in the bar area are for him and all of his friends and family that come to visit.  Vintage beer glasses, ebony Fitz & Floyd glasses and amazing heavy old fashioned glasses. I plan to add an etched monogram to the old fashioned bar glasses.  The vintage beer glasses were ours but both the F & F and the new old fashioned glasses were purchased on my return trip to At Home. I was thrilled to be able to snag almost every single thing I needed to make this a reality in one place. 

To round out the area created just for him I added in a coffee table book on Whiskey and our collection of Palm Beach books.  I also snatched up the Professional Mixing Guide for him.  I like how it is basic, no nonsense and contains a number of classic cocktails which are something we both fancy. The amazing set of vintage tortoise cocktail tools is from the amazing girls at Indigo Market in Charleston.  They have a bunch of fabulous things!  And of course all the Palm Beach books are perfect for our wallpapered bar area.  The Meg Braff Sampan wallpaper is so happy in this space. I am not sure I ever met such a fabulous print ... I mean pink and bamboo?  #perfection

I have to say I am super proud of myself for this fun little idea.  He does need a space just for him and this is a great start.  Plus with all of the fun bar carts I own I can easily create a space for the rest of my amazing glasses and bottles.

I am thrilled with the outcome of the area ... it is just what I was hoping to create for him!

bourbon, bitters and a fabulous glass ... the makings of an Old Fashioned

And clearly he loves it as well.  Cheers Shug ... we love you!!

Happy Thursday ... I can see the weekend from here! xo


Gin Lessons with Eric Ross

I am a creature of habit.  I like the same clothes, I am drawn to the same flowers and I order basically the same thing from my favorite restaurants.  The same can be said for my taste in cocktails.  I am a girl who loves her bourbon and champagne and is known to order a vodka and never passes up a fabulous margarita.  One drink I know very little about is gin.  I don't drink it and don't think I have ever served it in our home.  But there is someone rather summery about the idea of a gin and tonic and when I decided to try this new drink I knew exactly who to ask about where to begin and how to purchase a good gin.


TPC Travels ... #savannah


Lawyer and I snuck away for a quiet weekend for two on Friday to one of our favorite destinations, Savannah.  With his crazy travel schedule over the last two years our travel together was at a minimum.  The last thing he wanted to do after being gone for five days a week was head off for another city and yet another hotel.  Now that he is home for the time being I am doing my best to make sure we get some quality time together squeezed into the busy lives we all lead.


Bar Cart Series ... No.2 The Chinoiserie Collective

I absolutely loved last week's launch of the Bar Cart series and I am back this week with another darling creative and her amazing bar cart.  I met Katie last summer when we launched The Cellar. She was our first purchase, buying the adorable green lamp you see on her bar cart.  She was supportive and purchased quite a few pieces from us and I noticed her immediately.  She had recently started her Instagram account, The Chinoiserie Collective, having a small following at the time. Since then she has exploded posting incredible chinoiserie images and being known for spotting and sharing her amazing finds.  Katie has become a dear friend and I am thrilled to feature her darling bar cart today!


Guest Room Prep ...

Aren't guests so much fun?  I get so excited when we are preparing to have company ... I love having people in the house.  I have a little routine.  Head out for fresh flowers, chocolates and snacks.  Grab a tiny bottle of champs, or two, and stock the coffee station.  Pick up a couple of new magazines and make sure everything is in order for our upcoming guests.  Honestly I am getting a little giddy talking about it and no one is currently on the books to pop in for a few weeks.  #hurryplease


Million Dollar Decorating

I was so honored when James Swan of Million Dollar Decorating asked me to participate in a podcast interview.  He reached out via email and to be completely honest I had to read the email three times to make sure I could take it all in.  I am thrilled he asked and it was so much fun recording our podcast which went live this morning.


Summer Must Haves ...


As I mentioned yesterday we are in full swing with summer here in Atlanta ... and it is getting quite hot really quickly.  Why does that happen each year?  It gets warm and then summer begins and ... BAM its SUMMER!!!  Our schedule has been pretty chill with plenty of down time and pool days. But isn't that the way it is supposed to be?


Father's Day Shopping with Emily McCarthy

The summer is rolling along and Father's Day is sneaking up quickly.  I have done almost all of my shopping and I am sure I am not the only one who needs something more.  My issue with Father's Day is truly finding something special ... that says, "You are amazing and we wouldn't be the family we are without you".  Let's face it ... Daddy's are just about everything and they should be spoiled to the core. 

My darling friend Emily has some amazing Father's Day finds in her Shoppe that can be ordered today to arrive in time to celebrate with your Dad this weekend.  I will be snatching up two of her items to go along with a little something special I am planning for our Dad.  If I didn't already have a theme I would have struggled a little more to decide between all the fabulous items she has for sale. 

Take a look ... 


Bar Cart Series ... No. 1 Sweet Tea Heather

I am thrilled to launch a new series today, one I have been working on for a while.  With the amazing comeback of the bar cart in the last few years there are incredible styled bar carts practically everywhere I look.  As a girl who is passionate about her bar carts I love to style mine for every day and special occasions. I even make up reasons to change up my carts.  And yes, I do have more than one.


TPC Loves Jord Watches

I was recently introduced to Jord watches and to say I am a huge fan is quite the understatement.  I spotted a friend wearing one and quickly asked her to share her source with me.  I remember noticing the watch and then realizing it was made of wood and then completely falling in love.  


Gingham Obsessed

A fabulous little email popped onto my radar this weekend letting me know that JCrew was having a sale.  And you know how that goes ... you pop over just to look around and before you know it your cart is quite heavy with all of your impulse must haves.  I mean ... it's like a rabbit hole.  Once it starts it just doesn't end.


Hydrangea Love

our entry 

My love for hydrangeas runs deep and wide.  They are just the perfect summer flower for me. Driving past yard after yard with large bushes full of blooms makes me crave to have a yard of the same for myself.  Something about that large white, pink or bluish purple bloom just makes me want a sea of them.  Add in a white fence and I am a goner.


Chin Chin ... Its Friday!

Did that short week feel super long to anyone else but me?  I swear I was just relaxing with my family for Memorial Day, but it also feels like three weeks ago.  #wow.


TPC Loves Nest Studio

One of my favorite parts about creating rooms with the One Room Challenge is being able to work with fabulous companies.  Building relationships with incredible people is so exciting for me.  One of my favorite collaborations was with Nest Studio who designed the incredible satin brass pulls for the bookcases.  I had not previously had the pleasure of meeting Jess but I was immediately in awe of her and madly in love with her hardware designs.

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