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Introducing Libbie Summers

Libbie with her husband Josh and her pup, The Bitch

My monthly feature for The Southern Coterie blog is one of my absolute favorite things to write.  I love diving into the lives and careers of creatives and gleaming so much inspiration.  When I was thinking about a featured creative for the end of the year I knew immediately I wanted to interview the one and only Libbie Summers. Libbie is a fabulous and wonderful friend who has inspired me to think and work outside my box, to not take myself too seriously and yet to at the same time be the best version of me I can be. She is truly the definition of the phrase the


Adding Some Glam ...

What is it about New Years that makes me immediately think of sparkle and glam?  Is it the brand new year we are welcoming or is it that we are celebrating that we successfully (well maybe) made it through another year?  Either way I am all about a little sparkle and a whole lot of shimmer when it comes to the end of the year celebration!

We plan to watch a movie we haven't seen before which will be a new tradition since I usually twist the Hubs arm until he says yes to watching Sense & Sensibility for another year.  This year I am branching out and we will be picking something that will be a new memory for the four of us at home.  New year = new memory. Any great suggestions?


A Glam Gingerbread Party


Two weeks ago on a gloomy Sunday a happy Christmas elf appeared dressed in her best red and green to transform our kitchen into a magical party wonderland.  Each year I host something special for our youngest and her precious group of school best friends and this year she requested a gingerbread house decorating party. I invited the group of six girls for a few hours and enlisted the skills of the amazing Jennifer Witherington to help me pull off a party worthy of these precious teenage girls.


Merry Christmas!!

Taking a quick break from family snuggles, Hallmark movies on repeat and games to wish you all a very Merry Christmas.  I hope this morning greeted you with enormous love, much grace and the feeling that everything was perfect in this world, for even just a few minutes.


Christmas At Our House

I shared our dining room all dressed up for Christmas and then left you hanging with the rest of the house.  I didn't mean to let that happen, schedules got crazy and the photographer was booked and the next thing I knew it was a week before Christmas and we were all in the thick of the season.


Christmas Inspiration

At the beginning of the month I participated in a tour of our dining room for the Twelve Days of Holiday Homes.  As always it was an amazing tour and one I think you should take if you haven't already.  It would be a perfect morning with coffee and a fire or a great way to end your day on the sofa also with a fire but maybe a glass of wine or a yummy holiday cocktail.


Pajamas All Day Long Please

Anyone else love Christmas pajamas? I mean I love pajamas (as you all know) and adding in the word Christmas and it just gets better! When I was in Charleston at the beginning of the month I surprised my friend Krystine with this nightshirt (25% off with code PJ25) and clearly she loved it.  We both did ... but what's not to love with anything covered in champagne bottles.


Plaid Cape Perfection

I will admit that my favorite purchase this fall season has been this scallop hem plaid cape.  It is darling and the scallop details and gold buttons are so much fun.  Every single time I wear it I get so many compliments.  It is warm and can be worn so many ways so it has been more than worth the cost.  And today it is on sale which is my gift for you ... 40% off on the last Monday before Christmas!  So fun, right?


Stuffing Those Stockings

Image by Kristen Hechler via Dress For Cocktails

I am excited today to share the last gift guide for Christmas today as the holiday break begins for our kids.  The youngest gets out today at lunch and the oldest has already been done for more than a week.  That means that Christmas is just 10 days away and if you are like me you struggle some with gift ideas for those closest to you. Just when I think I have it all managed then I realize I still have stockings and the stress for fun items begins once again.  This year I tackled the stocking stuffing yesterday so this is completely off my list ... and I am thrilled.  I sat down and came up with some fun ideas for each of the stockings hanging on my mantle and I am excited to share some great ideas with you.


Introducing Ginny's Orchids

I have been a fan of orchids for a very long time as my parents always had one or two around the house.  They seem to have the touch to keeping them alive as their's are not only thriving but also blooming.  Since I am known for the brown thumb in the family I have purchased quite a few orchids in my time and most definitely the days before we have company coming.  I will rush out, trade out my brown sticks in a pot for a beautiful new orchid and smile the whole time as if somehow I kept that thing alive since the last time they visited.


Charleston In December

One of my favorite parts of visiting Charleston last weekend, other than the Jubilee, was truly getting to see it in its finest ... all decorated for Christmas.  I truly love Charleston and it has the same imprint on my heart as Savannah does since we visited both of them for the first time on our honeymoon.  I have been to Charleston many times since but I think seeing it in December might have been the best visit yet.  There is something about the magic of December paired with a favorite city and a favorite friend that just makes it incredibly special.


Hostess Gifts For All ...

It's a winter wonderland in Atlanta and Marietta received seven inches of snow this weekend.  It was a beautiful sight and so fun to watch the kids enjoy every second of the white gift they were given.  It was a sea of gloves, wet clothes, scarves, snowballs, snowmen and boots and I am thankful for every second.  


Christmas In The Dining Room

Happy Saturday!  I am excited to share our dining room all decorated for Christmas with you today as part of the 12 Days of Holiday Homes. I am starting with the dining room which has become the epicenter of our home for special occasions.  If we are all gathered in the dining room we are together as a family sharing a special moment.  What better time to make it all beautiful than to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  And with the weather currently happening in Atlanta we are treated to a white Christmas.

Insert squealing and pure joy here!


Plaid Cachepots For The Win

As we all know I love to use pink and green when I decorate for Christmas.  It is just me and I can't quit it, not that I am trying.  This year I vowed to take that same pink and green and add in multiple plaids to the mix.  I have purchased blankets, moved some pillows around and added in plaid ribbon to the decor and to the tree in the den.  I love the plaid mix with the pink and two colors of green I chose and to be honest, it may be my favorite mix so far.  I can't wait to show you the result ... and the peeks into our house start tomorrow with our dining room, so come back tomorrow and take the tour.


Garden & Gun Jubilee

I am so excited to write and share this post with you today.  I have said many times I had a wonderful time in Charleston last weekend for the Garden and Gun Jubilee but today you get all the details of the wonderful three day event. I can not tell you how incredible the event truly is, but I can say this.  If you google the words Southern + Christmas + Jubilee in the dictionary you won't even come close to the details included in such a fabulous event.  This was my first true taste of all things Garden and Gun and I can promise you it was more than I could have even dreamed of, and more.

Travel Shopping Por Moi

Happy Wednesday!!  I came home from Charleston late Sunday night after having a magical three days.  We ate, we shopped, we sipped and we soaked up all things Garden and Gun.  I can't wait to share all the details with you, it was the most fun event.  Garden and Gun rolls out the red carpet and I am completely in awe.  I am already making plans to attend next year.  Oh, and I will not be missing any single moment of the weekend.

On the calendar in sharpie!


Gimlet For The Win

When August Morgan launched their clothing line in the spring I was filled with all the heart eyes for their classic and incredibly wearable designs.   Each and every piece was more amazing than the last and I wore my pink and yellow caftan over and over for the entire spring and summer months.  It was amazing and made so well with so many details and I just loved how comfortable and yet still pull together I felt.  I was hooked.


My Favorite Holidays Picks

Did anyone else shop til they collapsed on Cyber Monday?  The deals were so good that I ended up doing most of my shopping and scoring a few things for me as well.  I mean, when in Rome, right?  Now that the cyber dust is settling I have pulled together a list of my favorite things I bought and where to find them just in case you also need some ideas for the people in your life.  This year I started with the hardest person in my circle to buy for ... and when I had that person covered it was easy to knock out the rest.  I have some fun ideas for you and while I can't tell you what exactly I bought (peering eyes from the Hubs + kids) I can tell you all the stuff that caught my eye.  I found some amazing ideas that I am super excited to share with you today.  😍


Cyber Monday Deals ...

Image via Kristen Hechler

I hope your Thanksgiving was amazing, I know ours was fabulous and per usual I ate my body weight in turkey, stuffing and sweet potatoes.  It happens, and I will be wearing leggings all week.  The only thing that would get me out of bed before the alarm on a Monday morning would be Cyber Monday sales and this year I was up before six shopping like crazy.  There are some incredible deals and sales happening today!!  I have linked all of them along with my favorites from each shop, which I also did for Black Friday, and they are still amazing picks!

Get an extra large coffee and turn the Christmas music way up because here we go ... 


So Very Thankful

As I mentioned this year we are celebrating Thanksgiving with Lawyer's family in the mountains. I am very excited to dine and spend time with family and do so in the crisp, cool air.  We love to travel to Blue Ridge which is the perfect little mountain town just a little over an hour north.  I will be squeezing my blonde nieces and making funny videos and s'mores for two straight days.  We will head home on Saturday to celebrate our oldest and then a family dinner on Sunday in our set dining room.  I can not wait to sit down with their beautiful faces and just revisit the whole weekend.

Family + Food + Fun is my love language for sure. 


Black Friday Goodness ...

Anyone else love some Black Friday shopping??  Even though I spent years in retail and swore I would never set my foot in any store the day after Thanksgiving I have clearly broken my rule to get up at zero dark thirty to shop with friends and family.  Something about leaving the house when its cold and dark and heading out to grab up some sale things with a large coffee in hand gets the blood flowing.  A lot has changed and you can now shop from home with your laptop in hand cuddled under a blanket with a glass of wine and a fire in the background on Thanksgiving evening.


She Took A Chance And Nailed It

I was so thrilled to open up the November issue of Veranda magazine and spy my friend Danielle Rollins and a gorgeous feature on her newly completed home.  Although I pass the home quite often our schedules have never worked out to pop in for a drink and a tour of the home.  I have watched the renovation from the time she purchased the home and I can tell you the before and after are drastically different.  Having the beautiful issue and seeing the home was more than a treat.  I am honored to be able to share these images with you today along with an interview with Danielle on renovating her home, the journey and this amazing new chapter in her life.


Friendsgiving Swoo-torial

Two weeks ago I was asked to teach some tips for hosting Friendsgiving at Swoozie's in Buckhead. I absolutely adore all things Swoozie's and I was so excited to host an event with this talented team.  I love a pop in to this fabulous shop whenever I have time.  They literally have everything you need for gifts and hosting and when you leave you have a pep in your step and a wrapped gift ready to give.

What more would you need?


Plaid ... And On Sale!

As you can see I snagged this cape which I told you I was obsessed with the other day on Instagram.  Honestly I love it more than I even thought possible ... I might wear it again tomorrow!  It is definitely a new favorite and it looks fabulous with every single thing I paired it with when it arrived and I insisted on a full fashion try on.  I love it so much I may name it and take it everywhere I go.  It is truly fabulous!



Fiesta Fifteen Bar Cart

When my precious friend Taylor Miller asked if I would style a bar cart for her 15 year celebration party I immediately responded YES PLEASE!  I mean, style my favorite thing for a fabulous event ... Fiesta Fifteen ... how could I possibly say no?!!


Random Thoughts #11142017

Is this room not just divine?  I can't tell you how much I truly love plaid and this time of year I am completely plaid obsessed!! Maybe a need a plaid headboard in the guest room.  Since I am still working on this space it could totally happen. Hmm ....

And of course this image belongs to the king of plaid himself Scot Meacham Wood.  No one else does it better!!  The entire article is fantastic ... you must check it out.


Introducing Elizabeth Wilson Designs

Immediately when I think of Elizabeth Wilson Designs my mind conjures up images of perfectly designed and well made clothes that compliment any woman or girl who wears them.  I can recall the moment Elizabeth's designs caught my eye and I immediately googled and researched to find out more about the darling clothes I spotted on a fellow blogger.  The ruffles were an immediate love for me and I recall vowing now to turn in that night until I had discovered the designer and source for the darling shirt I had spotted. 


Preppy Table For A Fabulous Cause

My dear friend Eric Haydel recently hosted a table at the Heading Home To Dinner design to dine event in Boston.  The event was part of a three day extravaganza to raise money for Heading Home, a Boston non-profit organization that "re-houses and provides a supported pathway to self-sufficiency for young families in the Boston area".  Each designer invited was given the choice of designing a bar cart or dinner table and in true Eric Haydel fashion he chose the dinner table and truly knocked the design details way out of the park.


White Jeans Every Day

As the weather starts to change and the mornings are crisp and clear with leaves falling to the ground most would think that the white jeans have been put away along side the Lilly Pulitzer shorts.  One would be very wrong in my case.  I am a girl who thinks white jeans don't have a season and, in fact, when traveling in fall and winter for work have to ask friends what their view is on white jeans year round. If they don't make the cut they immediately go  back in rotation the minute I return home.  


PKL Scott Antique Market Tours

Did you hearMy favorite design duo is headed to Scott Antique Market later this week for guided tours at the best location for antiques in the southeast. I am so excited to be able to share that this talented team is available for group tours to shop at Scott's this month, which just happens to be one of the best months at Scott's for the year. It is a well known fact that is it is the second weekend of the month you will most definitely find me at Scott's at least one day of the weekend.  And even more than that, hands down I will be with one of the PKL team.  Shopping with this duo is not only one of my favorite things to do but is also one of the best ways to find the best things out there.


Chin Chin To Dallas!!

I am over the moon excited to be heading to Dallas, Texas this week for a fun and fabulous event.  Think two amazing brands + new releases + shopping + signature cocktail.  Doesn't it sound amazing?  🍸


Book Obsession

I am pretty sure I have mentioned that I spent afternoons after school in the local library a lot of the days as my mother was getting a degree at the local college.  I would happily bound into the library and hang out for a few hours doing homework and scouring the shelves for amazing books.  I was the master of the dewey decimal system and could find any book I wanted.  After a quick browse through the card catalog I was off to browse the shelves in my uniform, knee socks and penny loafers.


Chinoiserie Pumpkins

Anyone else completely obsessed with these incredible blue and white painted pumpkins?  I mean, give them all to me and back away quietly.  Am I right?  🙋🎃


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