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Summer Dress Addict

This summer has been warm in Atlanta and I find myself wearing more dresses than I normally wear this time of year.  I usually have a uniform of about 25% dresses and 75% shorts and tunics or polos but this year it has been very dress heavy, and I definitely don't hate it.  With a few days of rain our temperatures dropped and I grabbed the dress above which is so cute and so cozy.  A perfect fit for yesterdays chilly temps.  I have been wearing this dress quite a bit, but at the moment it is sold out.  It is so very cute ... hopefully it will come back in stock.  I have picked some of my other favorites and some new ones for you (and for me) so we can both add some cute ones to the mix since I can't seem to quit the dress addiction.


Oh Fiddle Fig!

Well, I am sure you aren't going to be shocked when I tell you that my beautiful and luxurious fiddle leaf fig didn't make it.  It was so big and gorgeous when I brought it home and now it is sad and brownish and only have a handful of leaves left on it.  I can't say I am surprised but I really had hoped this stunner would make it and live a long, happy life.   I did listen to others when they gave me advice and I tried to stick with it, but it didn't work and I am left once again with a very sad and dying plant.


12 Happies du Jour

Happy Tuesday!  I have a fun filled holiday inspired post of happies for you today.  Everything from what to do, eat, sip and wear for July 4th which will be here by the time I blink. I know I was gone for a week and then sick for almost a week, but wow, June is FLYING by. I love that July 4th this year comes in the middle of the week.  I love a long weekend, but who doesn't love a week interrupted for a holiday.  Thank you, thank you very much July calendar!

Refill your coffee, sit back and let's discuss summer's best holiday.  Ps, how cute is Teggy French?  That dress, the fabulous truck, does it get any better??


Hi ... It's Me

Happy Monday ... I am starting off the week super early.  I was up before the sun, already had three cups of coffee and I am ready to tackle the day and the week. Last week was super interesting for me, I was trying to get back into a schedule after a week of service and I felt so bad with on and off fevers and a cough I couldn't shake.  I slept a lot, sat quietly a lot (so much to process) and spent a lot of time snuggled up with my sweet husband when I was fever free. At times it felt like a long week, and other times it flew by.  I am happy to say I am now cough free, fever free and very well rested.


Introducing The Wölffer Kitchen

Anyone else a huge fan of Wölffer wine?  I absolutely love Summer In A Bottle and it is hands down my choice for a glass of rosé if I can.  In my opinion it is the best rosé I have ever had.  I hear it is very hard to find but easy to spot in this very beautiful bottle.  I was a little surprised to notice it had a screw top but I very quickly learned it is ideal for having just a glass in the evening.  No worries of it changing flavor once the cork is popped and easy to have on hand for sharing a glass with a friend.  I truly can not recommend it enough. 


12 Happies du Jour

Happy Tuesday!  It was so fun to scour so many sites and blogs to find some fun things to share with you today.  After being unplugged for more than a week it was fun to see what was new and exciting and to find some things that caught my eye.  Some of them are things I used while we were in Haiti which were lifesavers and some of them are brand new to me today.


Au Revior Haiti

We are home, catching up on our rest with overflowing hearts from our incredible week in Haiti.  I don't really have words for everything I feel and every single thing we experienced and as I am told that may take a while to completely process.  What I can tell you is how filled up I feel after spending seven days serving, way more than I could have ever expected.  We may be tired but we are most definitely not one single bit drained, truly the complete opposite.  Even after two long days of traveling home both my sweet girl and I wanted to turn right around and go back for more time with the precious community of Figuier and all of the lovely people who instantly captured our hearts.  They have so little and love so much which is most definitely the biggest lesson we learned.


Introducing Barbara Cobb Sun Hats

I have such respect for a woman who takes charge of a situation that isn't working and makes it into a huge success which is exactly what my sweet friend Barbara Cobb did.  Unable to find a sunhat that fit her properly she designed one.  Not only did she design a sun hat for herself, but she made the world a better place by starting a company that sells stylish, custom sun hats that are quite possibly the cutest hats I have ever seen.  Oprah thinks so, recently adding them to her favorites list.


Pimm's Cup

To watch the Royal Wedding I planned a morning of tea, biscuits and fruit for my family to enjoy while I was drinking tea on repeat and taking in all the coverage of the magical day.  I set it up in the kitchen pretty fancy (it was a special day 😉) and the boys all wanted to know who was coming over.  No one silly ... we are celebrating the wedding of the year!!  Of course they thought I was worth the eye roll but they snatched up the yummy blueberry biscuits in no time flat. 


Father's Day Shopping Ideas

Wow, Father's Day is just around the corner and will come super quickly for me since I will be in Haiti the week before.  I needed to get my ducks in a row since I had to ship my Dad's and have Lawyer's ready for the day after we return.  😳


The Most Perfect Collaboration

I have such a treat for you today, I am introducing to quite possibly the most adorable collaboration of all time. Two of my favorite brands have partnered up to create the most amazing and beautiful pieces for both moms and littles. What results is a collection of the cutest clothes and the most precious photos, you will love each piece as much as I do.


12 Happies du Jour

Happy Tuesday! I have so many fun things to share today ... starting with our deck which we have been working on, along with the porch, for a while now.  This new rug (on sale!)  and these fabulous chairs (also on sale!) just took our table to the next level.  If only I could figure out how to add some cafe lights above.  I see us eating dinner here more often than inside ... don't you?


Orangery Love

On a walk in Thomasville, Georgia in February I spotted an old house with this amazing room. I could not stop staring at its beauty.  It was old and stunning and so full of character. I had no idea what the room was for, what it would have been used for but I knew I truly loved it.  I took this photo so that I could remember it in every detail.

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