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All Hallows Eve 2018

Happy Halloween to all of you.  We are stocked with candy, dinner is in the crock pot, and I am putting the final touches on Little Bit's costume. I have a short but fun post for you today rounding up some of my favorites so you can pin and be inspired for tonight and next year. Here's to lots of darling trick or treaters, a crisp night on the porch, and some very fun new memories!  🎃


12 Happies du Jour

Happy Halloween Eve ... I can't believe it is Halloween week,  For our neighborhood it is a big week, with lots of decorations, lots and lots of candy, and a full evening of celebrating the night of Halloween.  This year we are hosting the kids and it will most definitely be a night of fun, giggles, candy, and photos galore.  Stay tuned for sure!


Friend Filled Weekend

Happy Monday!  I hope you are staring at the same sunny, blue skies I am this morning from my den.  I am a little sleepy today and fighting off something (bad cough + some nausea) so I am hanging out at home today with some fabulous couch time and some Murphy snuggles.  It was an amazing weekend beginning with a wonderful afternoon + evening in Columbia on Thursday and then some fabulous girlfriend time with my friend Maria.  Honestly, it was just the adventure + friend time I needed! 💓


Pink + Orange For Fall

As I mentioned here I am heading to Columbia today to teach tablescapes at my favorite signature Lilly store.  I am really excited and even though its going to be a quick trip it will be fabulous. I love all things table related and setting a table is so much fun for me.  Over the years I have learned I love to mix different colors + patterns and my most favorite thing to do is to pick colors that are unexpected and make them work for holidays. 


How I Fall

Happy Wednesday!  The sun is shining, the air is crisp, I may have let my hair air dry yesterday, and I absolutely love my new jeans.  Is there any better way to spend hump day?  How about pairing them with a fabulous pair of boots and a cute sweater and your favorite new bag?  I mean ... it just keeps getting better.  Right??


12 Happies du Jour

Yesterday was a great day ... very productive and I felt a little more like me, which is a good thing after last week. I got a ton done, ran a bunch of errands, and added some bows to all the things standing still in the house.  I hit Hobby Lobby for ribbon and came out with a huge bag of plaid, checks, solids, and even more plaids.  I should be set for this month and next, but we shall see.  When I got home I immediately added this ribbon to my Marshall's wreath and I loved it.  It feels very much like October and I am loving it.


Tablescapes In Columbia

It's Monday and a brand new week and I am tackling it with a BAM.  Last week was so hard but I am hoping this week is and feels so much better!!  The weather is a major plus as it feels very much fall like in Atlanta this week which makes this girl happy to be able to pull out a few favorite sweaters and to snuggle up in the evenings on the porch.  So far I give this week a solid 8/10.  💥


Customize Your Crest

I think I have mentioned a few times my love for Lettermade napkins.  I met Malia a few years ago and since then I have slowly but surely managed to collect a few of her designs to add to my ever growing linen collection.  Lettermade is just a step above.  Her designs are original, the napkins are perfection, and the stitching and colors are always spot on.  I love using her pieces ... they just make a table and cocktail hour a little fancier.  I have watched as she has grown and grown and yet still stayed true to her original commitment to her work, which makes me even more proud to own and use her products.  And a bonus ... she lives in Winter Park, Florida which means my adoration for her runs deep.


Holiday Beauty

The holidays arrived early this year ... well, they did for beauty anyway.  A few weeks ago an enormous box of Beautycounter arrived and I literally squealed.  I am so excited to be venturing into safe beauty and skincare and most definitely during the holidays and gifting season.  When I finally opened the enormous box of happy a few days later I could not believe all the wonderful goodness inside.  Beautycounter released 19 limited edition gift sets for holiday ... and when they are sold out they are gone.  There are so many amazing pieces in each set, some of them are brand new and exclusive to holiday, and when I tell you they are so good, I am not even kidding.  Each of the darling white and red boxes has gotten me in the mood to think about the coming holidays, all the lovely events that could be happening and all the wonderful gifts I have the opportunity to give to those I adore.  💓


Wednesday With Us

Wow, Monday slid into Wednesday and I am spending the day with a bit of a to do list and dodging the crazy chilly and wet weather.  It goes from raining to not to raining again.  I think it is a sweater, legging, Tretorn day, but I think I am more than ok with that. It has been a hard two days as we lost our pup on Monday.  I can't believe this is the first time in 15 years he isn't right beside me following me everywhere I go.  Even in the last few months when I could see he was fading he refused to not follow me everywhere and I tried to sit as much as I could since I knew he was so tired.  To say he was a trooper is quite the understatement.


Serena & Lily On Sale

Do you know the feeling when someone or someplace you love is having something special and you can't believe how excited you are?  Like you are so pumped you think about it all day long??  That is how I feel about Serena & Lily at the moment.  I am dying over every single thing they post, I am loving all their new products (especially the pajamas) and I am over the moon with the sale they are having!  It is so good and I may or may not have made two separate purchases for things I have had my eye on for quite some time!


Fall Feelings

I will declare it, I think fall has officially started in the south.  Of course, the minute I say it in print it will be in the high 80s next week, but I am making the statement anyway!!  I first noticed it last night.  There was a chill in the air, it was breezy, and to be very Lorelei Gilmore ... there was a cleanness I felt.  When we got up this morning and the chill was still around I was ready to officially think about it and plan a sweater day.


Chippendale Crush

image via Parker Kennedy Living

Anyone else have a crush on all things Chinese Chippendale?  Our new chairs on the porch allow me to look out the breakfast room windows every morning and take in the beautiful pattern. I feel like Chippendale has made a huge appearance recently and I am thrilled to see it in interiors with railings and staircases, and on front porches, and decks.  It makes me desire to use a Chippendale pattern when we finally decide to rip off our deck and rebuild it with new railings.


I Swiped Right

I have a confession to make.  Rent The Runway has been around quite a while but I knew next to nothing about the program.  For me the knowledge was limited to what I saw in the Sex And The City movie when Carrie's darling assistant rents her amazing bags.  I have known so many people who have used RTR and rented amazing pieces but I just never checked into myself.  I can tell you I finally took the plunge, swiped right, and we are now in a committed and fruitful relationship. 


12 Happies du Jour

Happy Tuesday!  I hope your Monday was a good one.  Mine was a lot better than I expected ... I took my own advice from yesterday's post and it was quite lovely after all. One of our precious neighbors brought us dinner and my whole house smelled of gumbo when I returned from running errands.  Can you imagine a better homecoming?  It is one of my favorite days of the week for the blog, I gather up fun happies all week long for this day.  I have so many fun things to share with you today ... and I think you will love them as well!  👍


Monday Blues

Top || Sweater || Jeans || Sunnies (similar)

I have said it before, and I will say it again ... Mondays are not my favorite day of the week.  I think it is all mental for me, if it is going to go wrong it will go wrong on Monday.  After two days of much lazier mornings it is hard for me to hit the ground running at 6:00 am on Monday morning.  I am positive it is all in my mind and how I approach it so I have some tips that are working for me to tackle Mondays with a more positive outlook.


All The Navy

About a year ago I was looking through photos from our summer.  I stopped on one photo and was really pleased with how my skin looked and the picture just looked great, as in one of the best photos of me and it was just a selfie.  I didn't think much of it until a few months later I was reading a blog post from Mackenzie Horan and she mentioned something about navy being a good color for her coloring and her hair.  I went back to the photograph of me and every other one I had of me in navy.  That was it, I was wearing a navy gingham button down and I was also wearing navy in almost every other photo of myself I considered great ones.  Navy ... it was a good color for me and right then and there I decided I would wear a whole lot more of it.


Talbots Is Turning 70

In the world of ready to wear it is hard for companies to keep up with the fads, trends, and the test of time, but one company has skipped fads and trends and absolutely thrived over time.  Instead of adding in pieces that weren't around in a year or two or slashing their prices to keep up, they remained steady.  What started out as a single store has blossomed into thousands across the entire the country.  In the sea of boutiques Talbots stands out as as much as their bright red glossy door.


My Favorite Travel Hack

I really love to travel, and more than that, I love to pack to travel.  I get really excited and pack at least a week in advance to make sure I have everything laid out that I need and want.  I think it builds excitement for me, which just makes it so much more fun.  When I was traveling this summer I needed a new bag for my liquids on the plane.  We were not checking bags and I wanted something that would be better than a quart Ziploc and hold up better than my drug store hack I thought was working for me.  I stumbled onto the best product which I think I may have shared in on my Instastories but didn't really share with you.


My Favorite Items For Our Home Vol. 1

Today I am talking all about my favorite things in our home.  I know that sounds like a super long post, which it could be, but I am breaking it down into six categories to keep it realistic.  There are so many things I love about our home, but there are a few select repeat things that I feel we have that make it the cozy place meant for us.  The list I made was longer than just one post, so I am breaking it up into two posts.  I have one for this week and one for next.  I love these posts and I hope you will too.  


12 Happies du Jour

I am obsessed with this whole outfit above.  I have been bucking the idea of fall coming but now that we are in October I can not push the idea off any longer.  I love the top and I love the shoes so very much.  They are comfortable and, oh so sassy!  I recommend you get the whole thing ASAP.


Two Of The Best Collaborate

I am so excited for this post this morning.  I am so proud of two of my friends as they have collaborated together on such a fun project.  Both of them are incredibly talented on their own and then to have them combine their talents is just brilliant.  You will be so excited about this collaboration, I know I am truly giddy and quite possibly dying to get my hands on my own set, or two.

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