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Masters Dreaming

This is the week we all start thinking about the Masters golf tournament.  Whether you play, or not, watch religiously, or not, most of us are thinking about this iconic tournament which would be happening next weekend. My husband loves golf and loves to play, although he hasn't for a number of years know with work, cancer and life.  He does, however, always, always watch the Masters tournament. I remember when we first started talking about staying in and hearing the Masters would be postponed and thinking how different the first week of April would be without our favorite golf weekend.  Now that it is here it still feels weird ... but I am sure I am not the only one who loves to celebrate this fabulous weekend of golf.  He watches religiously and I plan all the egg salad, pimento cheese, Arnold Palmer cocktails and we hope for a fabulous match that we can talk about for weeks after. 


His + Hers Burgers With Laura's Lean

If you know me at all you know that I do not eat red meat.  I have never loved it, even as a child and I have struggled to make burger night special since I always had a aversion to red meat.  Yes, I have had turkey burgers in the past but it is hard to train your children to eat what you make for dinner with no complaints when I am the one complaining about a certain meal.  I know I am making it sound more than it is but I am being really honest. I have always struggled with burger night and since it is such a hit in our house I am thrilled to share I have found an amazing solution to one of the favorite meals in our home.


Needlepoint 101

I learned to needlepoint last summer from the master Jessica at Lycette Designs.  We had planned on meeting for more than two years and last June at the end of a week long trip to Palm Beach I popped in to meet her and learn the craft.  I was really thinking it was going to be hard no matter how many people told me it wasn't hard at all.  In less than 30 minutes she taught me a basic stitch, and I was sitting next to her while we chatted stitching away.  I was thrilled and looking back it was such a God moment since needlepointing would be such a source of peace during Nathan's horrible surgical recovery.  I can tell you for sure, I am a believer in the statement that it is relaxing and so very therapeutic.


Gluten Free Granola

Right after we started staying in one of my friends texted me to let me know she had left a happy in my mailbox.  A happy?  I think I immediately ran out to check and found a darling glass jar filled with homemade granola.  I love granola and eat it all the time on so many things.  Most often it is on my oatmeal and mixed into my cereal but I also at times just eat it as is.  I was so excited, especially when she told me it was gluten free.  I immediately opened it and tried it and was absolutely in love.  It is sooo good.


In The Meantime ...

Anyone thinking that a lot right now?  I find myself saying it a lot.  As in ... I need to have the dutch door ordered and cut ... but in the meantime I will clean out the laundry room. And also ... I can't wait to have friends over on the deck ... in the meantime I will sort and clean out the bar area.  Yep, I say it a lot every single day.


Shopping Small Means Everything

I can't not think of a better time to support our community than the time we are in right now.  It is definitely unprecedented and scary and I worry about all the shops and restaurants and how they will make it work for them.  Will my precious family owned donut shop be ok?  Will my family owned dry cleaners with two darling girls fare alright?  Will the restaurants we love so much in our neighborhood be able to make it?  How about the small stores and businesses?  I know they must be heavy with thoughts about their people and their bills. I think about them all the time.  ❤


Quarantine Q +A ...

Just as you all are I am truly concerned about life right now.  It is weird, strange and truly has no rule book or manual.  Just like you I am taking things one day at a time and some days are good, some are odd and some are not the best.  I am truly so thankful Nathan is home and safe and his first doctor visit showed a solid and wonderful blood report as he was suffering from sinus stuff with the pollen.  I let my mind run the course and it was not fun.  I have had to remind myself many times that I am called to live in the day and if I need more to just live in the moment I have.  I have had to redirect my mind and my attitude a lot, but I am ok with that, since that is where the growth comes.


Dress To The Decor ... Blue + White

If you follow my friend Mary Huddleston then you know I just "borrowed" her saying, but I didn't think there was a better title for dressing for an event.  She pretty much nailed it with her Dress To The Decor phrase and I most definitely borrowed it.  When working with other creatives we always try to coordinate our outfits to make it cohesive.  For yesterday's spring table with Frontgate both Mary and I wanted to wear blue dresses.  I am not going to lie, there was some serious contenders for the shoot and I will share them all with you.  As you can see we both loved our choices ... but I bookmarked some great options for later, which I am sharing with you today.

Because ... a blue dress literally goes with anything at all!


Frontgate Blue + White For Spring

The moment my Frontgate catalog came and I spotted the new table linens I immediately started envisioning it as a fabulous spring table.  Those amazing blue flowers with so many shades of blue included were just calling for some pretty dishes and an outside venue. With a trip to Nashville planned I could not think of a better reason to pack up my new linens and set a table with my dear friend Mary in one of the prettiest outdoor settings I have seen. Now that we are all staying in I keep going back to this table in my head ready to plan a spring dinner with all our friends enjoying the weather and the peace of knowing the worst is behind us.

It will be a few weeks or more, but I am holding steady to the vision. 💙


Irish Mule

Anyone else ready for a yummy drink right about now?  I recall about this time yesterday after my son had asked so many times if I could explain something geometry to him that I was zero percent qualified to help.  I am sure my oldest who I made him call needed a cocktail about that time too.  Bless his electrical engineer, physics and math loving heart.   Sigh ...

Irish Blessings For All

We may not be Irish but you can definitely count on us celebrating every single St. Patrick's Day as it is the day our love story began.  In March of 1993 a cute co-worker popped his head into the door of my office and invited me out to share a plate of nachos + a green beer at the nearby Church Street Station.  I remember looking at him and thinking ... why not?  Well, one large plate of nachos, two beers later and a walk back to the office and I may have fallen in love.  I had known this co-worker for more than a year at this point and watched his incredible work ethic and loyalty in action and I recall thinking he would be one of my friends for life.  

Little did I know ... 😉💚


Always Hazen Happy

I love jewelry ... doesn't ever single girl ... and I think it is the best way to add fun and color to each outfit.  I have my go to earrings, a few necklaces I love, but when it comes to bracelets I am very loyal to my friends at Hazen & Co.  I own and wear a number of Hazen bracelets all the time and I get so many compliments and questions every single time I wear them.  I love how classic they are and how I can change them up for my need and outfit style.  Whether I am wearing a cute shirt, jeans + ballet flats or a darling dress and mink stole you will see a stack, or two, of Hazen bracelets on my arm.


Bed Refresh For National Sleep Day

Can you think of a better time for National Sleep Day?  With all the virus craziness, rest is quite possibly one of the best things we can do to keep healthy.  I love to climb into my bed at night, dressed in amazing pajamas and prep for a wonderful night of rest and refuel for the next day.  I have said it many times and it is most definitely worth saying again, the master bedroom needs to be relaxing, refreshing, and needs to refuel us for life.  Our homes are definitely our place for solace and the master bedroom for Nathan and I brings so much peace.  I absolutely love our room, the chocolate walls, the green and blue details and all the things that we love so much that provide relaxation.

Have I mentioned I love our room? 😉


Serena & Lily Spring Design Event

Yesterday marked the beginning of the Serena & Lily brand wide Spring Design Event and I immediately popped over to check it out.  As I mentioned Monday I have a list of projects that I am working on and what better time to check out a 20% off sale?  With all sorts of projects on the list from the very small "hang plate above painting" to "start over in basement" it seemed the ideal time to be checking the sale.  I have really found a love for all things Serena & Lily with all of the pieces we have purchased and acquired. From the first piece ... this one ... I was completely smitten.


Introducing Hunter Blake Designs

I had the pleasure of being introduced to Hunter Blake Designs last summer when Mary, Caroline, and I were heading to Palm Beach for work.  We were all chatting about what we were packing and Mary shared she would be bringing Hunter Blake earrings for each of us.  Of course I immediately popped open my laptop and typed away to learn more about this company she was raving about during our conference call.  It was the words "darling earrings" and "amazing pieces" that most definitely had me typing quickly on the keyboard.  As soon as the site popped up I was smitten.  The earrings were each so darling and we all decided to chose different styles so we would be showcasing a different style in our photos.  I chose the lucite hoops in the photo above and have loved them since she handed them to me our first evening. 


Dining Room Dreaming

Today is starting slow ... but that is perfectly ok.  We had a long emotional weekend and I am perfectly fine starting today a little slower than most and soaking up all the pretty sun shining in my windows with an extra cup or two of coffee.  I spent a little time this morning tidying the house and purging a cabinet or two which is always something I really feel good about.  We are trying to adjust to a house with one pet again, and it is strange.  I miss Murphy's little feet right on my heels no matter where I went.  He lived a great and long life and I am thankful we had him as long as we did. 🐶


Beauty Additions To My Life

As we talk about a lot beauty products have become a big part of my life in this last two years.  It was January 2018 that I looked in the mirror and was shocked to see the woman aging in front of me.  I had never paid too much attention to beauty products and to my skin if I am being very honest and I could see the results.  My mother has incredible skin and she takes care of it like its a full time job and I was clearly not doing any work at all.  So enter the journey for me at that point.  Fast forward 25 months and now I am a beauty junkie and also the girl telling people they should try all my newest things.  It is crazy to me how much has changed.


11 Things At Shopbop

The sun this weekend most definitely gave me all the spring thoughts and desires.  I can't wait to be outside in the sun, amongst all the beautiful flowers and having so many outdoor adventures.  I may have some home to grey and rain but I am most definitely ready for spring.  Cue the perfect timing of the yearly spring sale at Shopbop, where all the cute full price items are on a tiered sale.  All the cutest goodness is ready for all spring break, Easter and all the amazing plans for warmer weather. 


My Favorite Tray

When my dad made our farmhouse style table years ago I envisioned it just the way it is ... gathered around, well loved, and treasured. I always love to keep something in the center of the table with flowers, a candle, some napkins, extra plates ... a collection of things I use and enjoy daily.  I have a lazy Susan I use (also made by my dad), a variety of trays, and always a collection of vases.  For a while I have been searching for something I could leave on the table and add things to as the seasons changed or as my needs changed and I finally found the best option, the Bedford tray from Serena & Lily.


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