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Mental Health Map

I was asked by Carusele to participate in the #Genomind campaign, sponsored by Genomind.  Although I have been compensated, all opinions are my own.

As I have shared many times, our family has been dealing with some issues that have brought up the conversation of mental health again and again.  As someone who has dealt with some level of anxiety since having our second child I understand how much information and insight and tools bring peace of mind.  With the cancer journey our family is on plus the mental health issues my son has experienced the last couple of years we talk about it a lot.  I have said time and time again that mental health should be something people feel comfortable discussing and I really feel like our family has made progress in this area but I still see it as more of a stigma in society.  I will never stop sharing my personal experiences in the hopes that it helps one or more of you speak up, ask for help, or just share with another how you are feeling.  Mental health is definitely part of our overall health and deserves the same conversations the rest would receive.  If it had not been an open conversation in our home things could be oh so different


Six Things I Bought + Loved

 As you can tell I took off yesterday to kind of soak up every single minute of the day.  We were celebrating our 25th anniversary and since the last one was spent in the ICU I wanted to treat this year as if it was two years in one, and give it all the attention.  The day started off completely normal, the best plan EVER, and then we both worked all day, also the best way to spend it, and then the evening we hunkered in for take out Chinese and our favorite TV show.  After all the chaos from last year it was exactly how I would have spent it ... doing life things and starting and ending the day with big hugs and lots of love.  I am thrilled to be healthy, happy, and feeling all the blessings that have been poured on us.


Vintage Sheet Crush

When I was very little I stayed with my grandparents in the summer and during other times when I was sick and could not go to school.  At the time we lived about 30 minutes from them and my mother would take me half way and they would keep me at home.  I remember meeting at a certain chicken place somewhere in between like it was yesterday.  The things we recall, if only it was what I did yesterday, 😳.  My grandmother's guest bedroom was a light pink color that filled the whole room with light and fun.  I recall the way it looked, smelled, and most of all laying out on the twin beds she pushed together thinking it was just HUGE.  The biggest bed I had ever seen, can you even imagine how big a king size bed would be to a six year old. And the best part ... the beautiful pink floral sheets.  


Stripes + Gingham ... + A Sale

Happy Monday ... anyone else excited about a brand new week?  Last week was a dooooozie for me and I was so ready to flip the calendar to a new week and begin again! I am starting off today in a super cute outfit (if I do say so) and a great sale for you. I call that a double win ... and if you count the fact that I was also wearing makeup I would say it's basically early 2020 once again.  😂


My Favorite Devotional

I love using a daily devotional, I think it is the best way to start my day and keep my heart and mind on the right track.  For years I have used two different ones and moved back and forth between them and an app on my phone.  Just the time when I was yearning for a new devotional my friend Anna Louise shared an Instastory of hers and I quickly asked her for the title.  I could tell by the page she shared I would really enjoy it but I had no idea I would crave time with it and miss it when I was busy in the morning.  It is hands down my favorite devotional to date. 


Updated Entry

In March, actually two weeks before quarantine began I bought a beautiful chest for our home.  My original plan was to use it in our son's room as he took his when he moved out.  When I moved the chest in from the car I left it in the entry since it was heavy and I was tired.  The next morning, I came down and while staring at it with my coffee in hand I decided to give it a try as the piece in the entry way.  I decided to leave it there on a trial basis and move the white lacquered piece into the hall way to see which I like best.  I can say after five months of "trying it", it is official, we have a new piece in the foyer!


My Favorite Nightgown

 About a month ago I spotted Emily Hertz sharing a new to her nightgown that caught my eye.  I loved the idea of it, but thought it may be a little too frilly for me.  I checked out the details on her blog and quickly realized I was not only sucked in but found myself buying two different styles immediately.  Fast forward a few days later when the first one arrived and I knew the second I put it on at bedtime I was in love.


Cocktails For Two ...

Y'all it's Friday ... and I was ready for this day all week!! 😂 For anyone else that felt that this week was a long one I high five you, we made it, and it is time to relax and refresh for the week ahead.  I am really excited about today's blog post as I have partnered with the darling MK Hennigan to bring you two ideas for cocktails for two.  MK writes the fabulous blog In The Curious Kitchen, a food + entertaining blog that is new to me but quickly becoming a true favorite.  Her photos make me drool as I am reading each and every word.  I don't know about you but I am a visual learner so if you add photos with food descriptions I will order it immediately.  Long story short, you will love her blog!


Pearls Of Palm Beach

As a lover of all things Palm Beach and a huge fan of Holly Holden I was giddy to learn she was releasing a new book.  I have loved Holly Holden since she introduced herself via email to me a few years ago and find her style and etiquette to be addictive.  Holly lives in the most amazing home and had decorated it with so many incredible details, it is a space you will want to slowly take in again and again.  Her new book, Pearls of Palm Beach, is a wonderful treasure ... filled with beautiful images and the understated elegance that exists in the residents of this magical little island of Florida.  


What The Heck?

Or as Anna Grace would say ... what the hecky?  That is the way I feel since my girl started school last Thursday.  It was like time stopped on March 17 when we went into quarantine and then shot back to present on August 1 when some of the realness began again. Remember this post I wrote about what I would not be rushing back to ... yes number 1 is most definitely required errands and the busyness of the day.  Holy cow ... it is not fun. 


Six Things I Bought + Loved Vol. 4

Happpppy Monday!  I am so thankful for a brand new week, last week was so very hard for me.  My youngest started her sophomore year (gulp), the pup had a load of issues, and the anniversary of surgery, plus a very full moon and I was driving the struggle bus every single day. It became evident to me on Thursday that I just needed to lean in and let it all happen knowing that it would end and I would be thankful I felt all the feelings.  Thank you Jesus for your unending grace every single day. 💗


Nordy Sale Goodness

One of my favorite sales of the year starts today.  It opens different days for different tiers of card holders, but today is the very first day of the sale!  I am a loyal Nordstrom shopper as their customer service truly can not be beat.  There are some amazing things in the sale this year, all of which are really great prices. I scoured the preview and picked up all of my favorites and have them for you below!!



It has been a week.  Full moon, getting kids ready for back to school (one virtual, one in person), and just catching up on school paperwork, sports physicals, all the things.  I have spent so much time in my car the last week and it has worn me out.  Add in a pup with issues and I am spent.  I can recall a time months ago where this was a norm and I am truly thankful for the pause and rest Covid has given our family.  Wow ... so much has changed


Monday Blues ...

Happy Monday!  I don't have any Monday blues today (and normally I do) as I have spent all weekend tidying and organizing our house.  The past five months the house has taken a hit for sure.  It started with Lawyer unpacking his office at our kitchen table and really only spiraled from there.  There were piles everywhere, something to manage every single place I looked and last week the anxiety and dread hit me in full force.  I could not manage it one more minute and at the same time did not know where to begin.  I am more than half way there and feel like I am on a roll for sure.  We have moved Lawyer into a quiet space in the basement, and even though he's sad (he hates change), it will be so good for all of us to have some normalcy in the chaos.  So ... while I am still hair in a bun, t shirt and shorts on, and getting it all done I have some great images for you of blue areas in our house.  

So while it may feel like a blue Monday, let's embrace it in the best way, with photos of pretty blue things!

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