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Sweater Weather '20

Remember last week when I was complaining about the seasons changing?  Yes, I do too, and now I am here to tell you I was wrong.  As sad as I am to see another summer go ... I am really enjoying the cooler weather.  We have had crisp mornings, warm days, and then cooler evenings and I am here for all the sweater weather!  Cue the cute sweaters, jeans, and loafers ... I am ready!


Creating Plate Walls

I love a great plate wall.  I will admit that I am a plate addict and have collected some great ones over the years.  I see a collection of plates and either immediately think they are perfect to set a table ... or think how pretty they will be hanging on a wall.  I am not sure exactly when I started hanging plates on the walls of our home, but it was early on right about the same time a plate I had put up on a plate stand in our kitchen fell over and broke.  I can recall thinking there must be a better way and then spotted an article in a magazine with a plate wall.  The plate wall instantly resonated with me and that began a lot history of plates hanging on our walls. 


Shopping Thredup

I love finding a deal and a great piece while hunting.  I think it is one of the best things I love about consignment and estate sales, you find a treasure and it is just soo fun!  I also love scoring something I missed out on the first, or even second, time and enjoying it for years.  With retail it happens a lot, you see something you want to try and it sells out in your size and you think you have lost it for good.  Finding it later at a consignment sale is so fun, and the piece somehow means more this time around. 


Staffordshire Dog Statue Calendar

I do not know about you ... but I may be pretty excited about the prospect of a brand new year.  Do not get me wrong, I am definitely embracing all that 2020 has blessed us with, but the idea of a new year with a clean slate sounds amazing as well. The only thing that makes me even more excited about a new year is a new calendar full of my favorite things ... Staffordshire pups! 🐶


First Day of Fall

original post

Wow, I can not believe we are entering a new season.  This year has both crept by like a snail and rushed past. I absolutely enjoyed every second of spring, loved every minute of summer (it is my favorite season), and hope to fall in love with autumn.  With the stunning show spring displayed in Georgia I am hoping for an equally beautiful fall.  I really experienced my first fall the year I moved to Atlanta, in October of 1993.  I was 23, ready for an adventure.  Oh, and also trying to get over a breakup ... I have told that story many times ... so the season really was a nice break from the endless Florida months which can feel daunting in the dead of summer.  That first crisp leaf, and the smell of fireplaces, it will forever make me feel like I am 23 all over again. 


Paige Minear + Buckhead Gift Co.

Happy Monday ... I so intended to share this post with you last week and with weekend planning (Covid makes all things hard) + me feeling not my best I got so behind with work!  So ... here we are with a great new week, all sorts of amazing things to share, a chill in the air and here we go. 


Six Things I Bought + Loved Vol. 5

Happy Tuesday ... I hope your day is starting with the sun shining.  It is raining here in Atlanta and all I want to do is hunker down with a movie and a great blanket but there are things to be done ... so fun music and coffee will have to push me through. I hope you found some goodies at the Lilly sale, I am waiting to see what is up for sale today, and I have my eye on a few goodies + accessories.  I so love the Lilly sale!


Lilly After Party Sale Tips

It is that magical time again, where you can shop Lilly Pulitzer and snag some amazing deals.  If you have shopped a Lilly sale you know to get online early, go ahead and create a profile and then stay online from about 7:30 am until your time to shop is up.  I usually get up early, get online and then as soon as the sale goes live I have about a ten minute wait time.  This sale is highly shopped as us Lilly lovers know so you go to be prepared! The sale will last two days, today and tomorrow, and they will release new items tomorrow so make sure you shop both days to make sure you see all the items available.  I usually shop both and snag about 4 items from each, last year I over shopped, but I did love getting some happy mail while Nathan was in the hospital and I put the cooler pieces to use in that cold hospital room.  


Entertaining Beautifully

image by Simon Upton

Stop the presses!  Ha ... literally since this post is all about a great new design book you need for your library, coffee table, gift giving list, and for your best friend.  In case you missed the news Aerin Lauder has a brand new book and it is good.  As in, really, really good and you are going to want it asap.  Think all things classically Lauder + entertaining tips and images.  It is really that good.


French Curtain Rods

via Pinterest

If you take notice in magazines and designers work you will see a number of French curtain rods emerging in the design world.  I had seen them here and there for a bit and then began to notice them more and more.  At first I assumed (silly me) that it was just a small brass rod and then with more detective work noticed that they have a return on the side and were much more classic than my first impression.  After going down a rabbit hole (anyone else do this?) I noticed that so many of the interior designers I love to peruse were using them quite a bit. With even more digging I found the proper name for the rods and the history behind their usage. 


LBD Sale Roundup

Happy Saturday!  I hope you are enjoying this amazing weekend ... and maybe even slept in.  #yesplease. I have my coffee, I am easing into today and I have even checked out some great sales happening this weekend.  I have not shopped online much recently so I found some great sales, and even more fabulous items to share.  Why is it at the end of the season that the clothes look the best?  Is it just me?

I have a list of amazing sales for you to check out ... here you go!

First up, eyebobs!  I posted on Tuesday all about my favorite eyeglasses ... and then see that eyebobs is having an amazing sale this weekend.  Everything on the site is 25% off and this includes readers + blue light glasses.  Use code LABORDAY25 when checking out to take advantage of this amazing sale! I have a few pairs of eyebobs and I love them all.  One of my favorite pair was a promotion pair to bring awareness to cancer.  Had I known when I received them that those Stand Up To Cancer glasses would mean what they do to me know I probably would have bought a dozen pairs.  If you are new to eyebobs you will love them! 

I mentioned Thursday on Instagram that all the sale items at J.McLaughlin are another 40% off and there are some amazing pieces to shop!  

J.Crew: 40% off your purchase with code BYESUMMER

Madewell: Long Weekend Sale, Up To 50% Off (Including some new cool-weather faves) Use code HIFALL

Factory: 50 to 80% off everything!

Elemis: Get 25% off select favorites with code LABORDAY

Shopbop: Take 70% off sale styles

Williams-Sonoma: 20% off Tabletop, Bar & Wine items.  I am in love with the Fiore Collection!

Wayfair: Take up to 70% off bedroom furniture, area rugs, storage solutions and more now through September 7.

Home Depot: Take up to 40% off select appliances, kitchenware, patio furniture and more.

Frontgate: Up to 50% off the entire site!

Serena & Lily: Living Room Furniture Event ... great prices!

Amazon: Save up to 50% on select items across all categories.

I hope you have the best weekend ... and happy shopping! 🎉


All The Blue + White For Labor Day

I for one am not ready for summer to end.  Honestly, I never am.  It is by far my favorite season and I truly soak up every single day.  This summer was much quieter and it has been amazing and I do not want the goodness to be replaced with fall, not quite yet. I have a quick little trip scheduled for this weekend and I know I will be packing all the blue and white pieces I have to be able to soak up the last full weekend of summer ... and can it please go super slow?


Hey, Hi ... What's Up?

How are you?  How are you doing, feeling, coping in these strange times?  I was sitting here this morning listening to Lauren Daigle as the sun poured into my otherwise dark office and just felt peaceful.  But I was also aware that I have had a few days very recently where I felt completely frazzled and anxious and uncertain. The struggle bus was very real and I had to use all of my tips and tools to control my anxiety. It made me aware that I am on a weekly, sometimes daily, roller coaster to have peaceful days and moments, but aren't we all?  These days and months are unprecedented and hard and we all need all the grace that can be handed out.  

So, on that note?  How are you? 


My Eyewear Collection

The number one question I get from readers and followers is ... where did you get your glasses?  I can recall many years ago when I had perfect vision thinking it was so cool seeing others wear different and fun frames.  Fast forward to turning 40 and the "dream" of wearing cool glasses and looking sophisticated became a real reality when my eyesight went from 20/20 to needing a pair of readers to now requiring glasses most of the time.  When I started wearing them I decided I would pick great ones, ones I loved picking up and putting on ... and I now have quite the collection.  This collection is one I get so many compliments on and questions about daily, so I decided the best way to help you all pick ones you love is to share details on where mine are from, how I order them, and what makes a cool pair for me. 

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