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All The Black Friday Goodness ...

Even though the Black Friday sales started a few days ago I have not shopped any of them yet, for me Black Friday still happens today! I love getting up early on the day after Thanksgiving and heading out with my list in the dark and a big coffee and tackling it with the great sales happening.  Since things are so different this year we can both shop it together.  

First I would suggest you check out my Small Business Gift Guide.  I am currently updating it with the sales they are having now and you can see the newest information in green.  I shop for gifts by first making a list and then checking for the best deal on each item.  I find I can always get a happy or two to add to my gift while the sales are happening. I love to be almost done with gifts by December 1 so I can focus on the season and being with family and not rushing around.  As always, I try not to get wrapped up in the sales and buy what I truly do not need. 


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!  I am so very thankful for each and every single one of you that reads the blog and follows along daily.  Without you I would not have the space to share my inspiration, my favorite food + drink, fun decorating tips, and sneaks of our home and our life.  I would also not have the space to ask you to stand in the gap for our family and pray when things get hard.  I am so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to write for you, share with you, and have you share with me daily.  It is really a gift I do not take for granted. 


Gift Guide No. 4 - Small Business

I have been working on this list for weeks, its one of my favorite things to talk about and, most definitely, this time of year.  A small business means a family or a person who works their fanny off each and every single day to create a life for themselves and their families.  Small businesses have taken a huge hit this year with closings and quarantine and my heart goes out to every single one of them.  I work with so many, am one myself, and I will support them over a big box every single time.  With the ease of big box shipping it is so tempting to just point, click, and order but I am committed to shopping small every single time I can and would love for you to do the same. 


Advent Wreaths With Eric Haydel

I was talking to one of my closest, and funniest, friends yesterday and we were just catching up. Eric was in the car and headed to work on a project and we got chatted while he was driving.  When I finally got around to asking what he was heading to do he told me he was heading to make a video for the church on making an Advent wreath.  Since Advent begins this Sunday, November 29, he was making a video for an event he would normally hold in person.  Eric does all the setup, flowers, and staging for the church and this year, with all of the events being held more remote, they have had to get creative with sharing.  When he told me he was creating a video I asked if he would share it with me so I could in turn share it with you.  


Holiday Inspiration via Southern Home

Scot Meacham Wood

On Friday afternoon I stopped at the market to get a few things and ended up throwing a current copy of Southern Home magazine into my cart.  I love to peruse books and magazines and find it very relaxing.  My friend Mary-Anne stops by quite a bit and her request is always a glass of iced tea and a stack of current magazines.  When my mother comes to visit I see her reading all of my magazines as well and I find it so wonderful to see people enjoying a great stack of good items to read.  I think there is so much inspiration in print even though so many items are going digital.  For me a good magazine is a true treasure.  



Are you hosting Friendsgiving this year?  With things so different and unusual this year I am relishing in the small and precious moments like spending time with those I adore so much.  Being able to FaceTime with friends, family, my parents, and friends far away fuels me so.  I was toying around with hosting my girlfriends in the backyard for a Saturday late afternoon gathering and think that will be our plan. I bought some darling Spode paper plates a while back that would be perfect for snacking and eating with friends. I played around a few weeks ago and set the table to see if I would like it and spoiler alert ... I loved it!


Gift Guide No. 3 - Girlfriends

Happy Wednesday!  I am sitting in my office all bundled up, its so cold today, and loving the view outside my window of the amazing leaves.  I feel like I am in a Hallmark movie with the colors I can see outside my window, and I most definitely am soaking it up. I am in shock that we are almost a week away from Thanksgiving, the second half of this year seemed to fly by in warp speed, am I right?  I am here with another great gift guide for you  ... for those of us needing gifts for girlfriends.  That could be your sister in law, best friend, carpool buddy ... any of the people in your life that classify as a girlfriend.  I am excited to share this guide, there are such cute things on this fun list.  So grab a fresh cup of coffee and let's shop together!


Blue Willow China

The ever popular Blue Willow china has made a resurgence in the last decade as more of us are completely leaning in to our "old is new again" desires. For me I have always loved blue and white china having seen it in a cabinet in my grandmother's breezeway for many years.  She collected two different items, amber glass + Delft.  I loved the beauty of the blue and white and how stunning it looked together and next to all of her beautiful wicker pieces.  It was something I stared out with my nose pressed to the glass for many years.  


Bourbon Apple Cider Goodness

For me apple cider is the ideal sign of fall, when the markets start carrying it I know fall is coming quickly.  The best apple cider I have ever tasted is found at our favorite apple orchard which is about 90 minutes away, but I think Trader Joes comes pretty close.  I like a cloudy cider with lots of crisp flavors + cinnamon ... and I like it ice cold. Since you know I love bourbon and we drink more of it in the fall the apple cider makes a perfect base for a cocktail if you are entertaining.  I make a batch of punch and then you can serve it as is for a group, and add spirits to it as you wish.  It is so very yummy!


Cornucopia Goodness

This fall may be the prettiest I have ever seen.  The trees are in full color and driving in our area is just magical with all of the gorgeous colors in full show. I think the seasons this year have been my favorite, the spring was stunning, the summer was perfect, and now the fall is just as amazing.  I do love a crisp morning seeing all the trees blowing and the leaves falling.  It has been true magic. 


Gift Guide No. 2 - Decorating

Happy Wednesday ... I am back with another gift guide.  I expected this week to have finished my small business guide, but I support and adore so many that I am still compiling.  I will have it ready for you next week. It will be sooo good. 


Gift Guide No. 1 - Monogram Gifts

(adorable bag from Crab & Cleek)

Holy present time!!! It is time to start sharing my gift picks for this holiday season ... and I am both shocked it is here (already) and super, super excited to share.  I love to pick out gifts and try to go above and beyond when I give someone a happy.  When I pick it out I have already pictured it in my mind of how they will use it and, hopefully, love it as much as I do. Since I am starting earlier than normal I plan to share one a week with you, always on Wednesday, and that way we can both knock out our shopping a little at a time and get an early start on that holiday list.  Each week I will tackle one group of giftee with great picks for a number of price points to give you ideas and point you in the area of things I love to gift others.  Since some sales have already started it will be great to grab items while you can while the prices are great. How about we all finish our shopping by the second week of December ... don't you love that idea?


Don't Forget To Vote!


It's election day ... which means one thing only, don't forget to vote.  💙💗

(video courtesy of Serena & Lily + Jackie Greaney)


Plaid Season

Can you evenHow did it become November?!  It was a full and fabulous October so I refuse to complain ... but also, this year has flown by, wowza!! Since it is officially November it is officially plaid season for me.  I love plaid ... as in love it, would wear it every single day.  For me plaid is like the fall and winter version of gingham, which is one reason I love it so.  I grew up in the amazing high of Ralph Lauren plaid and it has truly imprinted on me.  It will never get old ... and if it does I may still love it. ❤

So with that ... I have gathered up all the plaid goodies for you currently on the scene ... and I may want it all.  For some reason this year plaid is even more special to me.  I happened upon a plaid mecca a week ago and can't stop dreaming of all the goodness.  I will be wearing it, using it, decorating with it, wearing it, and in case I didn't mention it ... wearing it.  

The stunning plaid picnic goodness from a wonderful Hazen & Co. fall photo shoot a few years ago has inspired my Christmas plan this year and I can not wait to share.  Can I move right into the photo? 

Bring on plaid season ... 


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