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Salt Cellars With Eddie Ross

image via Eddie Ross, Modern Mix

I love using a salt cellar ... I think it adds something a little extra to the table, and of course, is very user friendly.  I think the first time I even knew what a salt cellar was happened many years ago.  My grandmother had small dishes that she would add Jordan almonds to and I just assumed that was their use.  Now that I look back on it I am pretty sure they were meant for salt but because Nana had a great Tupperware set she used them for something else. 😂 Fast forward many years and it was an event at Atlanta's Mart that I was attending to chat with Eddie Ross after that I saw him use them with darling Lucite pieces underneath.  Having inherited some from my in laws I immediately stared using them.  


Cute Spring Pjs For You

Yep, I am a pajama addict, but we all know that.  There is something to being able to slip into a pair of pajamas, top and bottom, and slide into bed.  I think it makes me sleep better, but that may just be all in my head.  I prefer a two piece set over a gown, I get all caught up in a gown when I roll over. I really like ones with a collar and buttons, but I will easily sacrifice that for softness.  There is always a time of day when my outfit turns into whatever top I was wearing + pj bottoms or shorts and then transitions into a full set of pjs sometimes right about dinner.  Have I said I just love them?


Needlepoint Canvas List

This year I have taken my love for needlepoint to the next level.  After learning from the master in July of 2019 I completed four canvases while Nathan was in the hospital and recovering but last year I struggled more with finding time to stitch.  You would have thought that with quarantine I would have completed more than ever, but I just didn't.  This year I made a commitment to completing 12 pieces and so far I have completed four and am half way done with number 5.  What is the difference?  How I store it, honestly.  I use to put it away after working on a piece and now I have a basket on the table between the chairs at the end of our bed and it is ready for anytime I sit down.  I can spend ten minutes on a call or I can watch a whole movie (like we did last night) and stitch away.  


Easter Table Scheming

Oh Easter ... you will be here in a blink and I need to be ready.  This year we will be spending Easter at the beach since it is the beginning of our Spring Break so I will be planning a simple table and taking a lot of cues from a tablescape I worked on last year.  If you recall I was in Charleston last year with some besties shooting a great table and sharing some fun new paper products from Sweet Caroline Designs.  This was the first project that Caroline, Mary (Mrs. Southern Social), and I worked on and it was so good.  The colors and the citrus, it was a simple design but turned out to be more than stunning.


Spring Break Plans

After the longest year, for us all, I am thrilled to have a vacation planned.  One of my goals this year was to have two planned, safe vacations and I am so very excited to be heading out in two weeks for our first. We get our first vaccines on Saturday and the second in mid April and I am feeling so light knowing better days are just a month or so away.  With teenagers you get a very real sense of the end coming with them heading to college and pulling away from home.  The struggle is so real and so hard to process.  With mine getting older I have taken on a second "job" with the shop so the time away with my family will be so good for all of us. I truly can not wait


Short Sleeved Please

This time of year I crave a good short sleeve shirt.  It is chilly in the morning, pretty warm in the afternoon, and then chilly in the evening ... but that middle of the day is warm!!  I love popping a short sleeve shirt on with jeans and either sneaks or loafers.  In the summer that changes to shorts and flops, but the recipe is pretty much the same.  I have always preferred a woven over a knit when it comes to pairing with jeans and shorts.  I do love a good T, don't get me wrong, but I love the way a button down feels.  I think most of the time they are cooler and easier to wear and the collar is always a good idea.  You can do so much with them ... and I am a huge fan. 


Office Debut ...

Over the past couple of years you have seen bits and pieces of my office, but not a complete reveal, until now.  Recently the team at Hoffman Media reached out and asked me for images of my office for Small Space Homestyle.  The article is about home offices and I am thrilled to share that you can see five images of my favorite space in the issue out on stands now.  It is so fun to see a space that means so much to me in print and I can't wait for you to see it.  


Spring Wreath

Last year when I made this wreath a lot of you loved it.  It was so fun to take this wreath and add some lemons to it to create a fun wreath for the glorious spring weather. Since using fresh citrus isn't ideal for long term I found these faux lemons you can use to create a similar look. This year I will be using the same wreath and adding in some darling vintage enamel lemons I found while at an estate sale. I always add in a fun bow with either ribbon from Michaels or Hobby Lobby and both have amazing options each year.  You can search online, but if you are like me, shopping in person and seeing it for myself is the way to go. 


Revere Bowls

I find and sell so many Revere bowls in the shop and they always go so very fast.  I know when I find them they will not stay for more than a day or so before flying out the door.  Why?  I think the Revere bowl is the most useful piece of silver plate you can own. They come in various sizes, with and without plastic or glass liners, and truly are so very useful.  I suggest that people use them for many things, anything from dips to holding a collection on your bookshelf to holding jewelry on your vanity.  There is nothing you can not do with this very versatile piece of silver plate.  


28 Years Together ...

I share this story every single year, but it is so special to us I will keep chatting about it.  Our first date was St. Patrick's Day of 1993 when we were working together at a law firm in Orlando, Florida.  It was a long week of trial prep, I was working late and he simply said to me ... can I buy you a green beer?  Knowing how much of a simple man he is this may be the most romantic way to start our lives together.  That green beer + shared plate of nachos turned into a whole life.  Yes there were ups and downs, but as my friend Nicole told me once ... "you know how it ends, the rest doesn't matter"


Easter Wish List

I just found an old photo of my with my Easter basket sitting in my grandparents living room.  I remember the image, but was too young to remember the moment. It is one of my favorite photos and the little tiny me is so very excited about her Easter basket.  Do you remember being that excited?  I recall Easter being so fun as a child and not understanding the true meaning of the holiday that basket was everything. I stared at this photo for a while and just tried to soak it up.  The innocence of being so little ... the big gathering around my grandmothers table where we barely fit ... and the endless egg hunting.  It was a great holiday tradition. 


Gingham For Life

If you know me even just a tiny bit you know that I am completely obsessed with all things gingham.  If the color options are plenty and there is a gingham one I will hands down choose the gingham every single time.  I think my love for it goes all the way back to my Nana's kitchen with its yellow gingham wallpaper, I just think it is fun, fresh, and always a good idea.  The image above is one of many on my inspiration board ... and you can find gingham in all areas of our home and in an abundance in my closet. 

I just love it so


Serena & Lily Spring Sale

I am so very ready to fling open the windows, clean the house from top to bottom, and swap out all my winter linens and pillows for my spring ones.  We do not have travel volleyball this weekend so I think this is the perfect plan for my time on Saturday afternoon and Sunday.  I can't wait to clean and fold up the old and pull out the new.  It is such a great way to let go of the winter and all of its baggage.  So many months have been so bumpy for all of us ... and our winter brought Covid to us, a canceled Thanksgiving, and a very quiet Christmas.  Since my parents have now gotten their vaccines and are waiting to make some plans I feel like Spring will be oh so fabulous. 


Spring Table Dreaming ...

The warm weather has me absolutely craving an alfresco meal with a table set to the nines.  I mean, it may just be take out ... but I feel like the first alfresco table needs to be set to the finest of details, don't you think?  There is something about eating outside that just makes me oh so happy!  Since I have yet to set a table outside this year I thought I would showcase one I set this exact time last year which I think is still so very perfect ... I mean blue + white is always right!!


Five Things I Am Excited About ...

Well, hello ... how are you? 
I am up this am sucking down the coffee with the sun pouring into my window and feeling really good.  I say this because I have struggled some recently.  I am well aware that a good day is a great one, and I am here to enjoy it.  We have had some family stuff for a few weeks that has finally resolved and I could not feel better with that weight no longer on my shoulders.  I slept well, popped out of bed in full energy, and I am ready to tackle this day and this week. 


New Shades

I can recall before it was necessary for me to wear glasses + sunglasses daily craving to be able to wear a pair of stylish glasses.  I think it was an image of Dominick Dunne that sticks out to me with the tortoise frames and the stylish and iconic Jackie Kennedy with her amazing classic sunglasses.  Glasses seemed to be something of a studious look and I was all for it.  This was, of course, part of my youth, and now that I am 40+ and my vision is no longer 20/20 I rely on glasses to help me see 24/7.  That desire for stylish specs has not changed one single bit, and I wear what I feel like is the best of the best. 


Spring Inspiration with Mallory Mathison Glenn

When it comes to interior designers there are just a small few that I really fall in love with every single thing they design, and Mallory Mathison Glenn is one of those select few. I met Mallory five years ago when she was working on this room at the Holiday Showhouse.  I fell in love with her work immediately and her excellent use of colors and patterns.  When I interviewed her for the blog post she shared with me her vision for the room she had just completed, and I loved her work even more. 


Green, May I Have It All?

It always seems to me that when March begins I really feel like spring is on its way?  Like ... maybe right around the corner?  Also ... I am chatting about weather again, so does that show my age? 😂 I think maybe because I had my first date with my husband in March, or maybe because the world seems to come back to life in March, but I really just love it so.  It also follows February, which is my favorite month, so there is that.  The second that March arrives I am ready to fling the windows open, dust like mad, swap out all the pillows and throws in the den for spring options and truly just move on from winter. 

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