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Biscuits ... on repeat order!

We all know I love Callie's biscuits.  I love taking friends and family to the shop in Virginia Highlands and I love serving them at home.  But ... did you know that you can subscribe and get them delivered to your house regularly?  I know ... so good and I am here to share with you how much of a blessing it has been for us when I was strapped for meals.  Having them in my freezer is the perfect answer when I am looking to make a quick and yummy meal for company, which we are all doing again. Hooray for company ... and biscuits on the ready


My New Sandals

A while back I asked a question on social media about which new Sarah Flint sandal I should order and then sorta left you hanging, how rude.  I completely forgot to share my new goodies when they arrived because I was so happy to have them.  I tore into that box and immediately started wearing them.  The best part about Sarah's leather is it is comfy from the first wear and only gets better from there.  These sandals, like all of her other shoes are so good. They are so well made, will last forever, and are so amazingly classic.  They literally look good on everyone.  I love them so ... 


What To Do For Others

Good morning ... and happy Tuesday to you.  This may seem like a complete out of the blue post, but it has been on my heart for quite some time.  I remember when we were in the hospital I would think to myself ... "one day I will write about this" ... and I guess today is that day. Having just experienced a hard time for us I think the time is prime as I am the one who is trying to figure out the best way to help my parents.  So ... let's chat. 


Beach Bound ...

In exactly seven days I will be on my way to the beach and I literally can. not. wait. It will be the next to last week of summer for us and I am ready to unplug, insert sand and water and truly relax.  It will be our first trip post cancer and I can not believe that my husband will be sitting next to me while we travel for the first time in over three years. The last trip we took was in 2018 for Memorial Day to a friends lake house when he started chemo.  He was so sick and we were all just trying to soak up our new normal.  It was a good trip, but so hard. This one will be so different.  

It is time. 


All The Tonic Please!

Happy, happy Friday!  I hope your week was good and if not great, then swift!  It is the beginning of the weekend and I am 100 percent here for it.  I plan to be sipping one of my new favorite drinks thanks to a cocktail I ordered at Superica a few weeks ago.  I decided to order the Tequila + Tonic and was immediately smitten with the flavor, presentation, and smell of it.  I enjoyed every single sip and since then have done my best to recreate it at home.  


Our New Powder Room

While it appears that my work in the kitchen has taken a small turn I thought it would be the perfect time to share the completed powder room and her new updated photos. While Angie was here shooting the collaboration between myself and Carrie I had her take some other images.  I just love getting photos back and seeing all of the hard work done and completed in Angie's amazing work. This room is one I always loved but also was ready to make a few small changes to allowing it some extra love.  


On My Radar

Happy Tuesday loves!  As you may have spotted on Instagram it was a weekend, and a hard one.  My parents brought our daughter home from a week at their house and while they were here my mother went for a walk on Sunday evening and was injured.  It was awful to wake up from a nap in the rain to hear she was in the road and bleeding and my post traumatic stress kicked in quickly.  When the ambulance and firefighters arrived they decided we both needed treatment, me just some space and breathing exercises, and her so much more.  She will be fine, praise Jesus, a cut on her head and a broken shoulder that should heal with no surgery ... but it was bad and awful and I am taking a few days to take care of me.  They left this morning to see her crew of doctors at home so I am tidying the house, taking lots of deep breaths and letting the emotions flow when they need to.  After many months of therapy after our hospital ordeal I have learned that I need to process my emotions and feelings when they happen and not let them build.  Self care is a real and vital portion of life and should never be ignored.  



Our Organized Pantry ...

I don't know why this didn't post on Friday ... but here you are!  Sometimes planning ahead and scheduling things just doesn't work as planned!  😘

As you read yesterday we enlisted Carrie Peeples to organize our rather small but very disorganized pantry.  Since it was simply a cabinet with shelves it had no definition at all and over time became a clustered mess on each shelf. With all of us home during Covid we were overbuying due to the fact we had no idea what was on each shelf and there was quite a bit that was expired and needed to go.  Carrie was amazing.  She took every single item out, disposed of what was expired, donated what we had too much of, and then organized the rest. It was truly magical. 


Introducing Carrie Peeples + Neatsmart

Oh my pantry, it has given me stress since the day we moved into our house.  For a house with such a large kitchen area the pantry and food storage is most definitely lacking.  When we first moved in it was a strange pull out cube situation and then my dad came to my rescue and removed it and installed shelves for us.  Once again, my dad to the rescue.  But ... it still didn't work.  Over time the deep shelves led to overbuying and losing items and then just a huge mess.  So ... with the room to room cleanout and refresh I decided it was time to let a professional tackle it and tackle it she did.  Why oh why did I wait so long to finally let an expert help me?  


Our Favorite Serena & Lily Item

It may surprise you, and did me, when I was asked this question how quickly I responded with the answer ... our dog bed.  I guess I am a little surprised I didn't respond with one of the bar carts or even the pillows on the porch, which I also love and clearly use often.  But ... to the benefit of our sweet pup it's her beloved bed.  I think it is so cute and so useful and I promise you there is not one day that piece is not used.  If I am downstairs then Millie is as well ... and curled up in that sweet bed.  I just love walking in the room and seeing her snoozing. 🐶 


Little This, Little That!

Happy Tuesday to you!  I hope it was a good start to the day and not one that we all normally feel after coming off of a great and long weekend.  If it was hard, guess what ... the week is a short one. I am here just to update you a little, tell you what is coming this week and let you know the status of some of the things I have on my plate.  So ... basically a mix of things for you today! 😉 


Happy 4th To All ...

I hope your weekend has been incredible and you are still enjoying some relaxing family time today.  We have had the best weekend spending it with family, friends, lots of great eats and sips and some incredible fireworks. Today I am taking my youngest to meet my parents for the week and then I am spending the evening eating left overs and hanging with my cute husband. 

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