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It's peach season and we are eating them at every single opportunity we can.  In fact, we are stopping on the way to Florida tomorrow to grab some from a friend who runs this orchard. This photoshoot was one of the favorites I have styled.  A late afternoon picnic in the peach orchard as it was blooming ... was truly magical.  The star of the show was the peach and I tried to incorporate it as much as I could in the menu.  I mean, you must eat peaches while lunching in a peach orchard, right?


My Journey With Clean Beauty

After tackling safe cleaning products for our homes, the next thing on my list for you is clean beauty.  I have now been using safe beauty products for four years, and I still love my products just as much as I did when I started using them.  I have added to my list of items I use but stuck with the basics, making me feel like I made the right choices initially.  You can read all about my journey in this blog post from early 2019.  As I stated from the beginning, I thought I was using safe products but was way off.  I assumed when I shouldn't have, and once I heard and read a lot, I could not unlearn and unread any of it.  It was a journey, but one I am super thankful for each and every day. 


Beach Edit

T minus four sleeps until we leave for the beach.  I am in full packing and organization mode.  I am equally excited and equally in shock that summer is over for us in 12 days.  

So let's focus on what I am packing instead ... 


Stocking Up On Beauty

We will deep dive into clean beauty this week, but before I do, I spotted a few items I regularly use that are currently on sale.  I did not cover the Nordstrom sale for many reasons, but I did spot a few things I used and ordered, which I will discuss later this week.  I am loyal to my clean brands, and I genuinely think they work well and must be shared.  So, if you are asking what I would buy from Nordstrom on sale for clean beauty ... the answer is below. 


Six Things I Bought + Loved Vol. 17

Happy Monday!  I think this is the best day for this type of post as I can recap my week and weekend for you and share things I love. This weekend was full of adventure as I spent it in Northeast Alabama in the darling town of Mentone.  I highly recommend you go and when you do, stay in the sweet home of Bee On The Brow.  You will love it and the darling hosts.  I can not say enough about them and their fabulous gift of hospitality. 

You must go. 


Clean Product Lists

I have been talking all week on Instagram about clean products for your laundry room, kitchen, and bathroom and I love the amazing feedback I have gotten. I also love the questions, I have learned so much researching items I did not know, and, for that, I thank you all. I have made a list of items I would and do use for you to trade out what you have in your home. With this list, you can clean your bathrooms, your laundry, your dishes, and every surface in both the kitchen and bathroom.  What I hope you remember is that you don't need to be spending a ton of money to make your home clean.  Yes, maybe at the beginning but these products are meant to last and clean well.  The number of products you will be using will be cut way down and that, alone, will save you time and money.  As always, I am here to answer any questions you have! 


How To Quickly Set Your Table

Anna Louise and I took a bit of a break in sharing content we worked on together, but I have to share, that this may be the best of the best.  In our series, How To Look Like A Pro, our goal was to share tips and tricks that would make your life easier and would cut down on time when doing things in your house and on the go.  One of my favorite things to do is set the table.  It was my chore as a child and it has blossomed into my favorite part of the meal as a wife and mother.  Sometimes setting the table can take a few if you decide to set it with a next-level feel.  That is unless you are using products from the likes of the darling RoseanneBeck


Diving Into Clean Living

I asked a question last week on Instagram prompted by a conversation I was having with my mother while I was with her.  The inquiry said ... would you like to do a deep dive into having a clean home?  99.9 percent of my followers responded and said yes. That was a massive response to me which is why I will be talking in-depth here on the blog in the next two weeks about creating a "clean" home.  And I do not mean one that is dust-free or always tidy; that is not the goal here.  Instead, we are talking about buying and using toxic-free products in your home in the areas of the laundry room, kitchen, bathrooms, and in the air. 


Factory Fourth Sale

All I can say is this ... I got a notification this morning about a fabulous sale and I hit the website quickly.  I just bought 10 pieces for under $250.  That, my friends, is an amazing sale. Run, don't walk and do not forget to use code YAY70 on all those clearance pieces!

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