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Are You Getting Emails?

My email service for the blog has stopped working.  I am unsure how that happened or when, but several of you emailed me telling me you are no longer getting my blog posts in your email.  Well, that just will not do. 


Pray and Do!

 We must pray and we must do.  This violence and gun control issue must be changed. 



All The Pups ... In PJs

We all know I am pup obsessed, so there was not even a second delay before I began wearing the newest pup pajamas from my favorite pajama source, Print Fresh. It was a pup print, a collaboration with Anthropologie, that made me fall in love with Print Fresh and the comfortable pajamas they sell, so of course, every single pup print since has made that love only deeper.  I often speak of these pajamas; they are classic cotton that gets softer with time, making them more comfortable every time you put them on. Their newest print, a pair of white pups on a blue background, is just as cute as my favorite pink pair, and I think you should add them both to your pj lineup asap. 


Canvas Style Inspirational Collection

I do not wear many inspirational jewelry pieces but I have never found something I love.  I always look for the perfect cross and some darling earrings to match. So imagine my excitement to learn that Canvas Style was launching a great Religious/Inspirational collection.  What I love about these pieces, which hit the web this week, is their sweetness.  Nothing too over the top, and just some beautiful gold pieces to wear repeatedly and to gift to others. 


Current Crushes ...

Happy Monday morning!!!  I am super tired this morning but filled with excitement and joy after launching my collaboration with Anne Fisher Needlepoint this weekend.  It was four days of meeting people, showing off our work, walking The Atlanta Spring Needlepoint Show, and just trying to understand what was happening.  Anne and I have been working on this collaboration for months, and to see the pieces in real life and know I get to stitch them?  I just can't take it all in. 


Toasting St. Patrick's Day

Thirty years ago, my now husband asked me if I wanted to grab a green beer after work.  That single beer turned into us splitting nachos and another beer and talking for hours. Who knew a single "sure" would spark a whole life. We have been married almost 28 years, and every single St. Patrick's Day, I think back to that night and how I never saw it coming. We were co-workers, and little did I know he had a crush.  Per usual, he had kept that detail to himself and simply walked down to my office to ask another employee to grab a beer.  St. Patrick's Day had never been special to me before that, and now, it is truly one of my favorite days of the year. How can it not be? 💚


My First Needlepoint Collection

Today is the day!!  At 3 pm today at our local needlepoint shop, Nimble Needle, Anne Fisher and I will share our needlepoint collection.  You know I love to needlepoint, and you know how I feel about this fantastic hobby which has been a fun and therapeutic outlet. I can not believe that I have designed canvases that are ready to be stitched by me and so many others. 


My Favorite Jeans

Every single time I try on clothes or shoot an image I get the same questions, where do you buy your jeans.  Jeans are a hard thing, they are either a hit or miss and if you find a good one you better snag a backup.  Even harder, you will see a pair on a friend and love them, but they are a miss for you.  Right?  Isn't that the worst part?? I have found a few that really work for me and that I love, and I have backups in each pair ... for when these wear out.  I learned that lesson the hard way.  😉


Talbots x Dress For Success

One of my favorite things about Talbots is their partnership with Dress For Success.  DFS is an incredible organization that assists and empowers women in their pursuit of re-entering the workforce.  They provide all the tools to help women with the appropriate interview outfit, advice, and coaching to allow women to feel empowered in their pursuit.  To date, DFS has helped more than 1 million women with their goals of self-sufficiency. 


Introducing Susan Shaw

I was introduced to the beautiful brand that is Susan Shaw by my dear friend Anna Louise Carter.  As the epitome of a Southern woman, Anna Louise always looks effortlessly put together. When she continued to share her love for Susan Shaw I realized it was time for me to take a look.  After meeting Susan's team at the Southern C Summit last year I was even more intrigued.  I loved the pieces, I loved how easy they seemed to add to any outfit, and after buying a pair of earrings and two necklaces I was hooked. 


Serena & Lily Spring Design Event

Serena & Lily's annual Spring Design Event is in full swing.  This sale offers you 20% off everything, with the addition of items already on sale. I think that is huge, I am always sad when a sale doesn't include pieces on sale, sometimes that is the best time to snag great stuff.  We own a number of Serena & Lily pieces and love every single one of them.  Recently I moved our South Seas Rattan Bar Cart to the den to hold games for the game table I added. This piece is one of my favorites from S&L.  I love that it rolls, I love how much it holds, and I love that I can easily use it as something else in the same room.  You know I love a bar cart, and this one is fabulous


Day to Evening with Duffield Lane

I have mentioned many times I love a button-down.  The classic and timeless look can be worn in many different ways. Yesterday I shared a great oxford I snagged in multiple colors, and today I have two great button-downs to add to that list.  The shirts I have to share today from Duffield Lane can be worn in many ways.  As I get older, I realize the benefit of purchasing less that can do more, allowing me to curate the closet I will wear all the time.  Fast fashion doesn't serve me well, and I find I wear it once or twice and then don't want to wear it again. If I stick to what I love and feel comfortable, I do much better in the long run. 


Six Things I Bought + Loved Vol. 23

Happy Monday!  It is full-on faux spring here in Georgia, and we are absolutely enjoying it, knowing it will be cold again soon. My weekend was great.  Lots of sourcing for the shop, some needlepoint, and lots of porch time.  I am really enjoying March. I have some fun things to share with you today for today's Six Things post, all of which I hope you love. 


Preppy Toile Collection

A little over a week ago, a dream project I had been working on for a year came to fruition.  In February 2022, the darling Simple Jessica Marie and I began our discussions for a capsule collection of items.  We met for coffee one morning at The Southern C Summit and sat and talked about everything we both loved.  Jessica is absolutely darling, and we were able to mix my love for all things preppy and pink with her love of pattern and grandmillennial. We dreamed up a Preppy Toile, a take on vintage patterns with fun items mixed into a floral pattern.  I think the product, and the pattern, are better than either of us dreamed up. It is whimsical, grandmillennial, charming, and most of all ... it's so us


Lamp Shade Sources + A Sale

As I have stated, February's deep dive on Instagram was all about lamps.  I taught two classes, one about rewiring a lamp and one about making fabric-covered shades.  I love lamps and customizing them for your space, and  I love to add a great shade, a fun finial, and even an exciting base.  Lamps are one of the easiest things to customize, and the quickest way to do so is with a delightful shade.  I have some great resources for printed shades, one of which is currently on sale.  These are all resources I have purchased repeatedly and can easily recommend. 


Life Lately ...

I realized I last published a blog post over a week ago and figured it was time to address the elephant in the room.  I think managing it is more for me than for you, so this post may be a bit more of a stream-of-consciousness post than something we are both used to.  I seem to get writer's block when I am processing things, and I realized this weekend I am processing so much right now, and it was time to start talking about it, even if it was just out loud to myself.  

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