Vintage Swap v.2

Happy Friday loves!!

Isn't there something just magical about Friday ... the possibility of the long, relaxing weekend is just magical!
It is that time again ... the announcement of the Vintage Swap ... round 2!!

You guys know how much I love to shop and hunt ... I mean, I do co-own a resale business!!

We had such a wonderful time this summer and since we are in a new season, it;s time to swap again!!

How it works ...

Sign up with your email address and let me know you want to participate!  Sign up ends on September 27, 2015 at midnight!  If you don't want to publicize your email address ... pop me a note at paige@thepinkclutchblog.com and I will keep your addy to myself (oh, and your partner)!

I will pair you with someone with your similar tastes and you will each shop for the other.  You will send one thrifted item (pick something you would really want to keep for yourself) to your partner, and they will do the same.  I would check your local thrifts, Good Will, Restores and the like.  The better item you get for the least amount is the key!

Ship your item no later than Monday, October 4.   You don't have to wait until the partners are annuounced to shop, I surely won't be!  The faster you have your item, the quicker you can send it once the partners are announced on Monday, September 28.

Once your item arrives, style it up, take pictures and Instagram about your experience, your partner and your new happy!  Please do not sign up if you aren't willing to ship your item. There is nothing worse than expecting to participate in a swap and having your partner bail on you!!!

While you are shopping remember to buy something you would love to keep for yourself!!!  Those are the best happies to send to others!  Think blue and white, brass, lucite, bamboo and the like!  If you have any questions ... pop me a comment and I will reply!

Happy Friday!  


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