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Let's Prep For Fall ...

Since our Georgia weather will not be above 80 degrees, let's get prepped for fall.  I found some darling things for your house, a sweatshirt or two you can cozy up in, and some darling earrings.  The first day of fall is officially 4 days away ... will you be ready?


Gameday Dress ...

It's college football season ... which means a few things.  One Saturday's in the south with SEC football is huge.  Second, college football means tailgates and games.  And lastly, that means game day outfits.  For all from the tiny to older crowd is very serious about what they do and what they wear on game day. We love to find things that are comfortable and cute, and we hoard gameday clothes. I was absolutely thrilled when Never A Wallflower reached out to ask if they could send me one of their Game Day Dresses.  I think I said yes in ALL CAPS


The 'Easiest" Cheese Board

Since Mandy Rye created her Build Your Own Cheese + Charcuterie Board I have wanted it.  It is such a great piece, its long and its marked with for the placement for cheese (and which kinds), meats, vehicles (for your cheese and meat), nuts, fruit, and extras.  Basically ... it's a fail safe way to create a fantastic charcuterie board.  A week or so ago I took advantage of Waiting On Martha Home's buy more, save more sale and snagged the board and a number of other amazing things to be able to create amazing boards all fall.  I immediately came home and gathered all of my favorite cheeses + fruits and extras and put together a small, but delicious dinner for us.  I added a slice of pie for dessert (I am doing my best to lean all the way into fall) and it was the easiest, and best dinner outside for the four of us.  


Monday Thoughts ( + The Lilly Sale) ...

Another great weekend on the books, I am truly loving taking time off of social media and truly just relaxing, organizing, and spending time with my family on the weekend.  This will now be a permanent thing, which I love.  Not that I wasn't all in with family before, but somehow I felt like I needed to document weekends, which was truly silly.  Stepping away from my phone on the weekends has been a gift and one I will keep. If you haven't tried it I highly suggest it.  So refreshing.  I also have now set aside Sundays to regroup around the house and organize for the week and the anxiety I have had for years on Mondays is slowly fading away.  I think we have found the recipe for a great week over here. I highly recommend it. 


Citrus Garden Obsession

I have been in love with Schumacher's Citrus Garden pattern since the moment it was released.  I think it is just the most perfect wallpaper, and reminds me so very much of my childhood in Florida. As a child my grandfather would drive through citrus groves to inspect fruit as part of his business.  We played in the groves, we listened to music in high school at grove parties (probably a bad idea) and since they were literally everywhere in central Florida a citrus grove is one of my favorite sights. I have no idea where I will use this pattern or where it will go, but mark my words ... I will absolutely have a space in my home with something using Citrus Garden. 


Welcome, September!!

Yep, September is really here.  I think for the first few days, before Labor Day, I was like ... it is coming and now that the long weekend is gone and I have flipped my calendar, it is really here.  August was so long and so full I felt like it was going to last forever.  But ... the weather already feels a little different, so it is time to embrace it and invite the upcoming fall in for coffee and a scone. 😉


LDW Sales ...

Happy long weekend ... and the last long weekend of summer. #sigh I was checking my favorite retailers for sales since I seem to have some carts filled and found some amazing ones to share, so the list I shop is below.  I have also included every single thing that is currently in my cart and most of what I have pulled as ideas for outfits for fall.  There are some darling items coming out, and I am here for the cute! All of the items below are part of the sales I have listed for you, so nothing is full price. 


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