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Palm Beach Sandals + Susan Albright

I was very honored to meet
Susan Albright during my trip to Pawley Island.  Susan is a fantastic artist that creates fashion, home décor, and accessories from her stunning one of kind designs. When I met Susan at her store in Pawleys, I was introduced to her lovely patterns and beautiful clothing item.  I tried on several of her pieces and found them all unbelievable.  They fit like a dream, can be customized according to your needs, and are indeed works of art.  I know that seems extreme, but it is absolutely true. I noticed her impeccable work the second I took the first dress off the hanger and was completely smitten when I tried it on.  Her handmade items stand out in the fashion industry.  They are made to enjoy while living your days from casual to more formal.  


It's The First Day of Autumn!

We have had a BIG week.  Our daughter turned 18 on Wednesday, we have Senior night for fall sports tonight, and tomorrow we head to HHI for an overnight tournament.  I am genuinely just trying to keep my head above water this week; it has been a lot of emotion and excitement all at the same time. Why do our babies have to grow up?  She is having the best senior year, and every time I think I will break down in tears over it, I see her joy, and I am once again filled up. 💗


Fall Classics From Talbots

I think I re-discovered Talbots about 4 years ago when a fellow blogger friend posted a fall round-up from the local shop.  I have to say I was shocked as I had not visited Talbots as an adult and really felt like it was more for my mother's age group.  But, I was very wrong and have since taken a page from my mom's handbook and shopped Talbots consistently from that day. I remember the first thing I bought was a denim jacket and a pair of their Ponte leggings, both of which I still have and wear all the time.  Talbots is known for its classic and timeless clothing, allowing us to build a wardrobe we can be proud of and go back to time and time again. 



image + recipe

I am super excited to be traveling to New York City in two weeks to help Better Homes & Gardens celebrate 100 years of publication.  I remember my mother and grandmother reading BHG, and now it is one of the magazines I look forward to receiving in the mail each month. It has been a few years since I was in NYC, and I am looking forward to starting the fall season in a great location.  As you can see, I have already planned my outfits and have purchased a few new things to make the trip feel even more special.  Spoiler alert, I hit up the new Emily McCarthy collection + Talbots, and it was easy to pull it together from there. 


It's Almost Sweater Weather ...

We are just 10 days from the first day of fall, and I definitely have sweaters on my mind.  As I looked at the new arrivals, I spotted a few that would be just darling.  I also checked out some cardigans and some cropped sweaters to wear over my Nap Dresses making them great for fall as well as the warmer months. Does anyone else love a great sweater paired with a pair of jeans? I have been wearing them more around my shoulders than I used to, and I enjoy having options for a sweater in the cooler weather.  


Shift Dress For Day + Night

A shift dress is truly an excellent piece for your wardrobe.  You can dress it up, dress it down, add a sneaker and a baseball hat for a day out, add a cute dress shoe and a clutch and head out for date night.  Holly Shae has created the Arden, my favorite shift dress, perfect for all these needs. This fall, she has released two solids, navy and black, along with a few gingham options, and I love them all.  Is it wrong that some days it is all I wish to wear?


Orange You Glad?

I have wanted to paint my front door a fun color for about seven years.  Every time I tried to pair a fun color with our brick color, it was hard to make it work.  I tried blue, green, and orange, attempting to find a color that worked and complimented our reddish-orange brick. I genuinely want to paint the brick white, but that is an expense I am not ready to undertake, so for now, I am focused on transforming the door. I used the interactive Sherwin-Williams website to see what the result would be.  After testing about 45 colors, I settled on Obstinate Orange. 


LDW Sales 2022

I hope your weekend was so perfect.  Ours was low-key, but after a few busy weeks with school, I was ready for some family time.  I spent Friday in Charlotte for a styling project and then spent Friday night and Saturday in Greenville and shopped my way home Saturday afternoon.  It was terrific, and I still had two solid days with my family. Honestly, I feel like I am getting more into a fall-ish routine so this Tuesday start of the week is a blessing. I will also share that we had the best summer I can recall in a very long time, so seeing that end is bittersweet. 

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