Chic Face Masks

Wearing a face mask is now a common practice for my family.  We have a box of them in the car at all times with two bags, clean + dirty, I have two in my purse at all times, we have a basket of them in the house, and the kids each have two on hand for them to grab.  As this virus climbs once again going out in public with other people near it is just a fact for us ... we wear our masks.


Homemade Salsa

Homemade salsa is a favorite in our house.  If someone spies a few of the ingredients on the counter they always say the same thing ... OOOH, are you making salsa?  I got the recipe years ago and it is a easy thing to make the day before and keep in a glass container with a lid for a weekend, trip to a friend's house, or even a trip to the lake.  We love it so much.


All The Sneaks

I think I have mentioned before that I do not wear socks.  As in do not own a pair and hate the idea of them, truly its a real thing for me. They literally make me feel claustrophobic and I get really uncomfortable.  I know, its odd, but it's true.  There are occasions where I am just freezing and a slipper won't do, but the second I warm up its goodbye to the socks. In this situation I have to go into my daughter's room and take a pair of hers and I always get busted. In that same scenario I do not wear tennis shoes.  I own a few, hardly ever wear them and when I do it is barefoot with powder every single time.  I was never athletic, and I grew up in Florida so I am very comfortable being barefoot and wearing flip flops ... it just is what it is.


Home Of The Brave

Can you believe it is already Wednesday?  What the heck ... I hope your weekend was amazing and relaxing and filled with yummy food and lots of fun.  We had a great weekend ... I was ready for the weekend to start on Thursday to be honest.  When Friday came I was literally dancing in the kitchen ready to get the fun going.  I think I put flags in every single plant on the porch, added a bow to the basket of flags on the door and managed to find all sorts of cute patriotic items for our barbecue.


Imaage by Andrea Cipriani Mecchi

I absolutely love this story and was thrilled to read all of the details.  This story, along with so many I read, makes me so hopeful for our future as a country and community.  The youth is so hopeful, so smart and ready to make some serious changes.  

I can't get enough


All The Red, White + Blue

top + shorts + shoes (sold out) + sunnies (Celine, but don't see white)

I realized yesterday when I put on one of my favorite August Morgan caftans (sold out sadly) that I definitely get very patriotic this time of year.  I find that I just gravitate toward all the red, white and blue with the beginning of July.  The hydrangeas are in full bloom and I want to wear all the Americana I can find.  Anyone else? So far it is July 3 and I have worn a navy shirt with jeans shorts, a red, white + blue caftan, and today I have planned to wear blue seersucker shorts and my summer Friday t shirt.  Yep ... its a problem. 


Holiday Menu

Can you tell I am planning to celebrate the heck out of this holiday this weekend?  Yep, all in for all the extras and over the top-ness.  Just prepare yourself ... I am here for it all. This morning I am hanging bunting on the porch and I have already placed way too many flags in the pots, on the front door and in the planters ... I am feeling 1000% patriotic and I love it. If you are like me and love to place flags in any and all things ... head to Home Depot and stock up on all the sizes.  


July 4th Table

What the heck happened to the rest of June ... I feel like it was crawling along for a bit and then BAM it is now July??  What??  I am watching the weather closely to see what the forecast looks like for this weekend, it seems that every afternoon this week we have had a thunderstorm.  Luckily our plans are simple for this weekend (isn't that the story for every weekend now?), so we can adjust ... but I am still wanting to dress our outdoor table for the holiday. 


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