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Hostess Gifts + Favorite Things

Happy Monday ... and happy second week of December!  Do we think time will ever slow down a little bit?  I had a really laid back weekend after hitting a major wall last week.  I am not sure what all contributed to the panic attack, but I know I have made some big changes since then.  I do know that I was in the middle of working on my advent posts for Influenced by Grace and talking about Mary and her heart and thoughts and at the same time staring at a very worldly to do list.  It did not make any sense at all and I had to make some changes and remove items.  This is the season of advent and I want to lean into that and to the blessings I have been given and not spend the season rushing from one thing to another and not enjoy any of it.  I laid on the couch on Saturday evening watching the SEC championship and snuggling with my family staring at the beautiful twinkle lights just taking it all in. It was peaceful and it was right where I wanted and needed to be. 


Amazing + Beautiful Homes ...

Happy Friday ... I hope your week has been incredible.  Where have I been all week?  Buried under boxes I need to ship for the shop and decorating for Christmas.  I will be back next week when both are done with so much to share and all the time to devote to all sorts of fun things.  Last minute shopping, tutorials, hacks, and the like.  I am so close to finishing all the things on my list this week ... so I can just write and play all next week.  


Jewels At The Greenbrier

It will be of zero surprise to all of you when I tell you that Hazen & Co. is one of my most favorite small businesses.  I absolutely adore Taylor and her team and their incredible customer service and philosophy of running the business.  What I love most about Taylor, beyond her precious heart, is her creativity, and her incredible collection photo shoots.  When she told me her newest collection was shot at The Greenbrier I spent all of one second before I said ... "I am going to need those images."  


Merry + Bright Entry

Happy Tuesday
... it's such a fun day!  I have the first peek into our home this Christmas and I am participating in one of my favorite things a blog round up.  I love these as you get to see the homes of so many creative and talented people, and snag some amazing ideas.  I always love partnering with others ... and this group is a fabulous grouping of incredible bloggers so I know you will truly enjoy today's hop.


Cyber Monday Goodness ...

I hope your weekend was incredible and this morning you are just like me, trying to decide if that last piece of pie can be considered a good idea for breakfast.  😋 I am working on decorating today and I could not be more excited, it is the most magical time of the year.  I am also shopping some sales today to be able to knock out some items on my list.  I am updating the sale list I made the other day for you, I hope you find some incredible deals. 

So, Happy Monday + Happy Shopping!!


Stuffing The Stockings

I really enjoy stuffing our stockings, I get a little crazy and most definitely over fill them, but I think the tiny fun gifts may be the best.  I always grab some candy, each of their favorites, some small bottles of bourbon, for those who can partake, and some scratch off lottery tickets ... because they are just fun.  I am almost done with the stocking stuffers this year, just a few more goodies to snag. 


Holiday Sale Time ... Master List!

What a week we have ahead of us all, family time, all the yummy food, and a time to pause and show all we are thankful for, sign me up for sure. I am really excited for this Thanksgiving after having to cancel it all last year.  My husband was in the hospital having emergency gallbladder surgery, we all had covid, and it was a huge mess.  I think back and am just so very thankful that it is behind us and this year we have the time to be thankful to be so very blessed. Oh, and please pass all the Thanksgiving sides and cranberry sauce to my end of the table.  

Anyone else most excited about sides?


My Favorites ... The Kitchen

The truth be told, I do not love to cook.  Most of that dislike stems from the fact that I do not feel accomplished in the kitchen while my husband is a true master. While we were dating we discussed of ordering pizza and then he proceeded to make pizza dough himself and the rest is history.  I am, however, a master of appetizers, drinks, salads, and setting a mean table.  So ... with his knowledge and mine combined I am sharing our favorites from the kitchen along with our go to orders for sending and ordering food online.  I have a list of favorite spots I order items to be enjoyed by our family and to send as gifts.  At the end I have a list of gift recommendations for all needing or wanting to gift anything kitchen and food related. 

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