Six Things I Bought + Loved ... Vol. 8

While pulling this post together I realized there were a number of things I bought recently and really, really love, so there will be more than six items plus a few things that are on my radar.  Spring is in full swing and there are some darling dresses on the market + sandals + a few things I have seen and am completely smitten with.  So, all of that to say, this post will be longer than usual because I have so much to share. 💙 


Sephora Sale Time

It's that glorious time of the year where all the Sephora goodies are on sale.  I will admit I stretch products around this time knowing I can restock while they are sale prices ... so let the restock begin.  I don't buy a ton of things at Sephora, but what I do buy I am committed to repurchasing.  I am a loyal girl and don't change up my routine much, but here and there I will come across something that I see another friend using and want to try.  The best part about Sephora is that they have an amazing return policy so you can try different things and what doesn't work you can return. That makes trying something new easy peasy. 


Bring It On ...

It is a Monday after a great week of vacation and normally I would be super down and sad that the week is over.  Don't get me wrong, I am sad the week is over, but the gratitude is larger than the regret and I am thrilled.  I am so thankful that we had the ability to get away, I had an amazing four solid days at the beach, and that the world is beginning to come back to a normal space after a year of fear + isolation.  Just being able to sit on the patio in St. Simons (where it was chilly) and see so many people walking and hanging out with their families and their pets brought so much joy!  It was a great week, and I am ready to use that time of refueling for good. 


Meet Me At The 19th Hole ...

I am beyond excited for this spring.  We are getting vaccines, the world is starting to celebrate again, and The Masters is on.  As soon as the azaleas begin to bloom I begin to dream of Masters weekend where we watch golf on repeat and our lunches consist of pimento cheese sandwiches with endless Arnold Palmers.  Last year my friend Mary and I planned some darling content to share during this week, but of course, it did not happen.  I have been so excited to share this with you, and hopefully just in time for you to gather some fun items for Sunday's round. 


Trim Upgrade


One of the easiest tricks I have in my arsenal is also one of the best, in my humble opinion.  A few years ago when I was working on my master bathroom I decided that the bamboo blinds that were hanging behind our tub looked boring.  I thought about adding a valance, small drapery, and then settled on gussying up the blinds themselves.  In a matter of minutes I had gathered some trim tape, some glue, and come up with a plan. Also, in my opinion, the blinds look way better than they did before the trim update and the whole process could not have been easier or more fun to do.  In just minutes the blinds went from simple to fantastic ... and I did not need to add anything else to the window to give it some depth. 


Sterling Silver, What's Not to Love?

I am really so very excited for this post today.  As you know I have a friend here in Atlanta that I estate sale with and run my shop alongside.  It has been a blessing to have another shop owner to chat with, shop with, and learn new things from the last six months. Nicole Letts is wicked smart, she is witty, and she has become a dear and treasured friend.  Her passion for things is similar to mine, but she has knowledge in areas I do not and this makes us truly helpful for one another.  One of her areas of expertise is sterling silver as she is an avid collector and hunter for the finest pieces.  I have learned so much from her about our own collection and how to spot and hunt for the best pieces.  I asked her to write three articles for you on sterling ... and today is the first of three.  You will truly love this piece. 

With that ... here is Nicole -


Salt Cellars With Eddie Ross

image via Eddie Ross, Modern Mix

I love using a salt cellar ... I think it adds something a little extra to the table, and of course, is very user friendly.  I think the first time I even knew what a salt cellar was happened many years ago.  My grandmother had small dishes that she would add Jordan almonds to and I just assumed that was their use.  Now that I look back on it I am pretty sure they were meant for salt but because Nana had a great Tupperware set she used them for something else. 😂 Fast forward many years and it was an event at Atlanta's Mart that I was attending to chat with Eddie Ross after that I saw him use them with darling Lucite pieces underneath.  Having inherited some from my in laws I immediately stared using them.  


Cute Spring Pjs For You

Yep, I am a pajama addict, but we all know that.  There is something to being able to slip into a pair of pajamas, top and bottom, and slide into bed.  I think it makes me sleep better, but that may just be all in my head.  I prefer a two piece set over a gown, I get all caught up in a gown when I roll over. I really like ones with a collar and buttons, but I will easily sacrifice that for softness.  There is always a time of day when my outfit turns into whatever top I was wearing + pj bottoms or shorts and then transitions into a full set of pjs sometimes right about dinner.  Have I said I just love them?


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