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Emily McCarthy Collection

As you may know Emily McCarthy expanded her lifestyle brand to include clothing a bit over a year ago.  It was a longtime dream of Emily's to create clothes and I was absolutely thrilled to see her dream come to life.  She has just released her 11th collection and with each and every one I say it is my absolute favorite.  I stopped into her Shoppe yesterday on my way to St. Simon's Island and had a bit of time to hug her, shop, and catch up on our respective lives.


Serena + Lilly Sale

One of my favorite stores, Serena + Lily is currently on sale!!  I love shopping a great sale, this is the time I usually purchase something I have had my eye on for a while.  Serena + Lilly is so good about keeping their new collections cohesive with their older ones which means anything I buy now will pair well with something I had purchased before. If you are feeling the Coastal Grandmother vibe the collage above is definitely going to be for you.  Can you even with those darling striped towels and that scallop cart?


Bathing Suit Season

It's about that time.  I plan to take some time this summer to soak up my family, which will most definitely include the beach and the pool.  I am a Florida girl, and we love to be outside this time of year, no matter how hot it is, so being near water is a must for us. So ... a bathing suit and a darling cover-up are a must-have. As I was shopping yesterday, I realized I am not the only one who craves pretty and coverage-appropriate cases, so it seemed perfect to share this week.  A great bathing suit + coverup combination is hard to beat when you are poolside or at the beach. 


Coastal Grandma Aesthetic

If you haven't heard, the new buzzword in clothing and lifestyle would be the "coastal grandma."  The definition of this term is... "based on the clean and classic style of middle-aged, wealthier women living in luxurious oceanfront properties, similar to that of Diane Keaton in the Nancy Meyers movie, and Something's Gotta Give, set in the Hamptons. Coastal grandmothers wear cashmere and linen; they love to garden, take leisurely walks on the beach when slightly windy, and sip white wine while reading on their wraparound front porch. They cook fresh meals with goods they picked up at the farmers market in their open concept kitchens accessorized with neutral and natural elements like butcher block and rattan. And, naturally, they listen to soft jazz and the oldies while doing so." (source)

Being a big fan of all Nancy Meyers movies and their sets, I am very intrigued by this concept and its appearance in society.  The short story ... I am here for this. And before I type any more, you must read the blog post that goes with the image above, it is so perfect and I am in love with her kitchen!!


The Summer Edit

Y'all. Summer is almost here.  My girl gets out of school in exactly 15 days.  I am not ready, yet I am prepared to soak up some serious quality time.  I am working very hard the rest of this month, so I can take some real time off this summer and spend it with her.  She is only home one more school year before life really changes, and I am absolutely soaking up every single second. 


Six Things I Bought + Loved Vol. 15

Happy happy Monday
!  I hope your weekend was terrific, and if you are a mother, you were spoiled rotten.  I had a wonderful weekend with many things to do, including time with my friend Mary Huddleston. We were at both etuHOME + Dillard's, and it was the most fun. Two events, lots of friends, chatting, eating, and some shopping. I have a great new release of your favorite blog post, and it is perfect for a Monday.

Let's start the week with the good stuff. 😉


Spring + Summer Uniform

For years my summer uniform was a pair of Lilly shorts and a polo.  While I have not entirely abandoned that look, especially for the beach, I seem to be in a dress moment of late. The ease of one-piece vs. two, plus the beauty of a dress, has me almost converting full-time.  I have recently purchased and been gifted such unique dresses that I have loved wearing.  It has become apparent that I am leaning more dresses than anything else in my closet.  

So, let's talk about what makes a dress perfect.


Garage Organization

I shared the other day on Instagram that I am working on organizing our garage.  It is a long process and a really hot one, but I absolutely love every step.  Our garage was a hot mess and in major need of some sort of organization.  Honestly, this is something I should have done when we first moved in or any year since, but I finally got to the place where I could no longer deal with any of it.  Running a small business from our home needs organization and it had been spilling into the garage one too many days.  So, I finally made the decision I was done with the clutter and dove in to get it organized. 


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