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Memorial Day Sales

Oh, the sales are so good this weekend.  If you have an eye on anything, this is the time to check the price.  I am not shopping for anything specific but I will say I have been tempted by so much.  I made a list of sales for you, all of which are amazing.  As in, epic. 


My Itinerary For Palm Beach

As you well know, Palm Beach is one of my favorite getaways.  Whether for work, a girl's trip, inspiration, or just a few days to myself, no place gives me the same peace and glow.  I love it so much that I can't stop talking about it.  When I talked about it in the past, I got questions about how I would spend my time while I was visiting.  I have listed all my favorites but have not mapped out a dream trip until now. 

So here you go ... my perfect four days in my favorite place


Palm Beach ... Travel Guide

Any time I get to spend in Palm Beach is a dream come true. There is something about driving over the bridge onto the island that instantly brings me joy. A lot has changed in the area since I made my first travel guide in 2019, so I have a new and fabulous updated guide for you today. As always, reach out via email if you need help or have any extra questions. It is definitely the happiest place on earth for me. 


Amelia Island Travel Guide

Mayberry with fine dining, this is how Wilson Tennille, Jr., owner of The Plantation Shop described his beloved Amelia Island.  After he said it, I could not agree more.  Simple, beautiful, historic, fantastic food, wonderful people, and never-ending views.  


Heading to Amelia ...

I am headed out this morning to a favorite travel spot of mine, Amelia Island.  I have shared this before, but this is a favorite spot of mine from my youth.  My mother, grandmother, and I have been many times to celebrate many things.  My favorite would be a trip my mother and I took after college graduation while living in Atlanta.  It was the summer of 1994, and I met her there. She was attending a conference and I was along as a plus one.  I walked, biked, and relaxed during the day and then we met up at night for dinner and a view of the ocean.  After that, I drove to Orlando to see my then-boyfriend, now husband.  It was a time when we were living a long distance away and trying to figure out if a life together was feasible.  

Oh,  look at us now!! 


Mother's Day Edit

(all others linked below)

I listed my favorite things that would make fantastic Mother's Day gifts.  What any mother wants most of all is to be loved, appreciated, and celebrated for the woman she is and the sacrifices she makes. 

But, a little present always ups the ante. 


Mother's Day With Lake Pajamas

The most important gift you can give any mother is to show her she is loved and appreciated for everything she does. Often, I feel like the sacrifices I make go unnoticed, and I know I am not alone in this feeling.  As mothers, we are the first to scratch off our wants and needs to ensure our people have everything they need. I have plans, but you need me; those plans are now nonexistent to me. I think working mothers must feel this so much more.  Oh, the struggles we face.  And Mother's Day is the best time to show your mother that she is loved and appreciated. 

My favorites are as simple as ... "I never tell you, but you mean everything to me". 


Six Dresses I Loved, And Bought!

Spring has sprung, which for me is dress weather!! I have mentioned that I am traveling a bit over the next few weeks, and a dress is a great item for day and night and transitioning from day to night. That said, here are six I have purchased recently and absolutely love!

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