Sale Shopping For MDW

I love Memorial Day ... it is the unofficial start of summer and I do not know about you but I am ready for a new start!!  There are some amazing sales this weekend and after polling you on Instagram you stated you wanted to know what I would chose.  Some great things for the best outdoor months and some great swim options.  I grabbed some shorts, some new beach towels, and some great swim shirts!  There are really some amazing sales!!


Rattan Love

I think rattan is synonymous with summer.  From the wicker my grandmother had on her breezeway to the endless rattan bags we all use to the darling pair of rattan earrings that makes your dress just feel even more like summer, it is just so good. I have gathered up some amazing rattan items to check out, each one prettier than the last one! I am dying over the darling shelves! 💙


Bathroom + Closet Organization

Organizing and straightening is one of the most therapeutic things for my mind.  I find such joy and peace when things are organized and every single thing has a space.  I don't know if I have always been organized but I can tell you that having my own home definitely created a need for me in keeping things tidy and having spaces for things.  My mother is incredibly organized and puts me to shame so I am sure I inherited it from her.  I so wish I could share her pantry with you, its alphabetized by category and makes me swoon when I see it.  Her love of things in order, her love of her label maker, and her love of plastic containers ... yep, I have it all.


Wedgwood Obsession

image by Lele Fain Photography

I have a true love for Wedgwood Jasperware and am slowly building a great collection. I started with a collection of small plates I found at Scott Antique Market a number of years ago and slowly have added pieces to the collection over the years.  My favorite pieces may be my vases, and I love to add beautiful colorful roses, tulips, and other flowers to them.  I have a pair of them on my bedside table and I keep flowers in them as often as I can. There is something about Wedgwood blue that just makes me so happy ... it seems like the true perfect pale blue. 💙


Graduation Gifts For All

I think I mentioned that our oldest is graduating from college this year.  With all of the cancellations his ceremony was one of many that will not be happening and it has made me so sad for all the students who have worked so very hard and have a very different, or in some cases, no graduation. For my son there is nothing planned and when he took his last exam he simply received an exit email and seemingly that was it.  It is so hard to imagine graduating in this manner and so many students are in this boat right now.  There seems to be no closure, its just over.  Truly, my heart goes out to every single high school and college student this year and I think they need all the celebrations we can create for them.  For our son we are getting creative, and I hope he will feel celebrated and the closure that I know so many need.


Six Things I Got + Loved

Anyone else living for the once or twice a week little package that arrives in the mail.  I heard the doorbell ring today and literally tried to beat someone else to the door just to see what the UPS guy delivered.  Yes, it has come to that, but it's ok.  I have really been careful about what I buy recently but I will tell you if I think about something for more than a day (with the exception of the shoes above) I consider getting it.  Prices have been so great, I am trying to support the economy, and we all deserve a happy or two a couple times a week.  Today I am sharing six things I got that I really love and think you will love as well.  💗


What Are We Rushing Back To?

I saw a post on someone's Instagram with this statement a few weeks back and it stuck with me.  I have thought about it a lot with all my extra time and I think I have made some really good headway on my answers.  This time has been a true reset for so many of us, and a lot of that was really needed for so many reasons.  I have friends who had been working tirelessly and needed a real rest, I have some who have lost serious work and their answers are so different, and some who have had a true reality check on their priorities.  I don't think there are right or wrong answers and one persons answers are so different from another.  I can only share mine ... and maybe you will glean something from it or it will validate something you are feeling. My word of the year was intentional and I can tell you I am definitely getting the chance to live out every single letter in that word. This is definitely a very personal post for me and maybe for you as well.


Wallpaper In The Closet

I am finding my groove again after last week, and fumbling through being able to use my left hand more than I did before.  Completing projects and being creative has most definitely helped my thoughts during this crazy time and last week I was definitely in a funk.  This week I have already worked on a few outdoor projects and now I am once again focused on one I have wanted to do for a while ... wallpaper the guest room closet. 💚

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