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Printfresh & Pencil + Paper

I will save my repetition and just know that you know I LOVE Printfresh pajamas.  My collection ... well, it is large, but I wear them all the time.  I even wear the bottoms when I am in comfy clothes with sweatshirts, sweaters, and the like.  They are just so good.  When I was in Philly I visited their offices and got the sneak peek of all sneak peeks.  I was able to see prints for so much of the year and I am telling you this collection with PF & P+P is the best.  I love hearts and love wearing them all year long and this collection just feeds that love.  

They are all so cute!


Beauty Routine, An Update

I mentioned yesterday that I am still using clean beauty, but my products have changed a bit as I think my skin needs and requires.  I am committed to using clean products any time I can, as our skin is our largest organ, and everything we put on it gets absorbed into our bodies. After listening to my husband's oncologist talk during our first meeting, there are many things I can never un-hear, and that day, I started my journey into clean products for our bodies and our home. First, I began with our cleaning products, food storage items, skincare, and makeup.  The best part about switching to clean products is how well my skin responds to the items I use.  Fewer additives mean my skin absorbs what it needs and shows major differences. 

That makes me very happy


New Year, New Goals

Helllllooooo.  I am thrilled to be back to work today after a fantastic holiday.  With my daughter home, my parents here, and just unplugging to spend the holidays together it was a really nice break.  I am back this morning with a long list of ideas for the year, blog posts to write, and so much to share and do. Does anyone else really love January and its clean slate.  I will share I am not a fan of the grey weather, but I do love the ability to really tackle some goodness along the way. I started a new challenge, which I will share, and I love it.  I love how it is helping me with some items on my ongoing to-do list, and I love focusing on one area at a time.  


Merry Christmas + Happy Holidays!

I wish you all the happiest holidays, peace, and joy from spending time with those you love most. 

I am taking some time off to spend with my family but will be back in January with some new ideas, refreshed and renewed. 

Thank you for following along; you truly are the best followers around. 


(artwork via Evelyn Henson)


Last Minute Gift Ideas

Did anyone else look at today's date and sort of freak out?  No matter how organized or scheduled we are, there are always last-minute items that we forget or realize we need to add to, so last-minute gift-giving becomes an issue.  Also, shipping is basically a bad idea at this point so we have to get creative.  I have five gift ideas for you that can be accomplished without shipping and give you the accomplished feeling we are all looking for with those holiday to-do lists. 


Stuff Those Stockings ...

Does anyone else wait until the end to stuff their stockings, just me?  I know these usually stress me out so I am doing them first instead of last!  Not exactly first, but you know what I mean. So ... after working with the darling Laurin Collar with her fun suggestions, I have a great list for you to knock them out.  With some online shopping + a trip to your local market, you can get them done now and not later. 


Gift Guide For Her

 How about we treat her like the Queen she is?  I think it makes perfect sense to me!!  


Pledge Class of Ornaments

I shared a week or so ago that I was sorting our ornaments to ensure I had the ornaments I collect for our children ready when they have their own homes and trees. Since our oldest just got his own place I gifted him a box of his pieces. Inside that box was an ornament I purchased for him each year.  So he would not wonder about the meaning of the ornament I always wrap them and then note on the box or bag the meaning of the piece.  One year, I bought him swim flippers for his first year on the swim team.  Another year a stuffed moose for his trip to Yellowstone National Park with his grandparents.  The year he got his driver's license, I bought a traffic cone ornament, and the summer he spent in a leadership program at Georgia Tech, I bought a bumble bee.  As he decorates his tree, a little bit of his life will be in a story, and I love that he will be able to look at pieces and have them strike a memory.   This year his ornaments were a first home + a new car. My daughter got a football and a big Al, and for our middle son, I chose a getaway car as his best friend just got married.

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