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Mother's Day Edit

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I listed my favorite things that would make fantastic Mother's Day gifts.  What any mother wants most of all is to be loved, appreciated, and celebrated for the woman she is and the sacrifices she makes. 

But, a little present always ups the ante. 


Mother's Day With Lake Pajamas

The most important gift you can give any mother is to show her she is loved and appreciated for everything she does. Often, I feel like the sacrifices I make go unnoticed, and I know I am not alone in this feeling.  As mothers, we are the first to scratch off our wants and needs to ensure our people have everything they need. I have plans, but you need me; those plans are now nonexistent to me. I think working mothers must feel this so much more.  Oh, the struggles we face.  And Mother's Day is the best time to show your mother that she is loved and appreciated. 

My favorites are as simple as ... "I never tell you, but you mean everything to me". 


Six Dresses I Loved, And Bought!

Spring has sprung, which for me is dress weather!! I have mentioned that I am traveling a bit over the next few weeks, and a dress is a great item for day and night and transitioning from day to night. That said, here are six I have purchased recently and absolutely love!


The White Uniform ...

Any day you stand in front of your closet and struggle with what to put together, it can be fixed with two pieces: white jeans and a great white shirt.  This base will instantly set you on the path for a fantastic day.  You can build anything with a great pair of white jeans and a fabulous white top.  I have found it to be my favorite outfit, especially when the weather is crazy, and you don't know if it will be chilly, warm, or all the temperatures.  

With that excellent base outfit on, you now get creative.  Are we adding a pair of sneakers and a great baseball hat? Do we need to meet someone for lunch and swap those two accessories for something more, maybe a great sweater tied around the neck and a cute pair of flats?  Does it need to be styled for travel, and then do we need a warmer layer on top and some comfy but chic shoes?  I am telling you the options are endless, and the chic base is the key. 

I have linked my favorite white jeans and tops below, but honestly, any combination you have will do.  And if white isn't your color try it with another monochrome look.  Black and white are always chic, and navy works and ivory or tan are another fabulous combination.  The key is the simple and tailored look the two base pieces provide. 

Give it a try and see what you think. It is, hands down, my favorite uniform!

Happy Friday ... 


Masters Week

When you live in Georgia, this week is the topic of conversation in every setting.  Are you going?  Have you been?  What is your favorite lunch item?  Who did you go with?  Who won that year? Since we are two hours from Augusta and the prettiest course in the south (IMO) everyone is talking about it.  I have yet to go, but my husband has loved it twice.  It is a bucket list item for me, and I hope to get to go one day. Sunday would be a dream come true!


So, Why The Break?

Why did I take three months off? What happened? Oh, so many things, but I will try to write them out. Maybe you have been there, too. Perhaps it will help me sort some of it out. We shall see. 


Travel Planning ...

Well, hellooooo!  It has been three months since I sat at the computer and wrote a blog post. I will post more about that this week, but I am jumping in with exactly what I am currently working on today.  We have so much to catch up on, but I am planning three trips and gathering necessary items.  This is my last whole week at home for almost a month.  I am in a wee bit of a shock but also really excited. I have a feast-or-famine style of travel this year.  I have been home for a long while or gone a lot.  But with travel always comes inspiration and new adventures; I am ready to go after three months. 


Printfresh & Pencil + Paper

I will save my repetition and just know that you know I LOVE Printfresh pajamas.  My collection ... well, it is large, but I wear them all the time.  I even wear the bottoms when I am in comfy clothes with sweatshirts, sweaters, and the like.  They are just so good.  When I was in Philly I visited their offices and got the sneak peek of all sneak peeks.  I was able to see prints for so much of the year and I am telling you this collection with PF & P+P is the best.  I love hearts and love wearing them all year long and this collection just feeds that love.  

They are all so cute!


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