Vacation Essentials

I have started to pack for our trip to the beach. We leave bright and early on Saturday for a week in Sea Island and we are all so excited.  A week away to relax, refresh and regroup ... is there anything better?

Let's get this week started!

I am a crazy packer.  I pack well in advance so the fact that I just started is alarming. I have lists galore for everything from the camera (old school for Lawyer) to daily snacks and every single thing in between.  We are renting a house so that makes our trip a lot easier, but I still like to have so many things from home.  Let's just say the words ... I am an over packer.

When it comes to vacation I spend more time packing stuff than I do clothes.  I am pretty simple when it comes to my outfits; shorts with pattern shirts for the days with either flip flops or converse and white jeans and simple tunics for the nights with my gold Jack Rogers. Since we are heading to the beach and the pool I have pulled a few swim suits and a variety of tunics to wear over.  My goal is to completely relax, so my hair will be up on top of my head 90% of the time and I will fancy it up with a scarf for the evenings.  It is time to truly take a vacation!!

Follow along on Instastories today and tomorrow to see how packing comes together for the Minears. I have some fun tips that work for us along with some questions for you all.  I have snagged a Elin Hildebrand book for myself, but I would love a few more to read while we are gone.  I read in the car so I need one for the ride down, one for the ride back and two to read while we are there.

I am off to get started pulling this vacation together.  Need to wash some clothes and pull some cute outfit combinations.  If you have book recs, let me know!

Happy Thursday!!


Introducing Room 422

One of many amazing creative companies I met during The Southern C Summit this year was the amazing duo of Room 422. As I shared on The Southern C blog I was first introduced to this company during a newly introduced pitch session.  A limited number of companies were chosen to pitch their business plans and introduce themselves to a well chosen panel of media.  I had seen the session on the agenda and decided to use the time to regroup at the table and make a plan of attack for the rest of the day.  Approximately five words into their pitch and my well planned out time was thrown aside as I was determined to hear every single word Frances Lacefield and Pierce Persons had to say.  I was completely sold before their pitch was over and I knew immediately I wanted to know more about this company and these girls.


Tabletop Tuesday ... Breakfast For One

Since I vowed to work on my health this year and make some life changes I have taken on eating a full and healthy breakfast.  For me this is usually a waffle with peanut butter and a banana or oatmeal with berries and almonds.  In the past I have just had coffee and maybe something small as I was rushing around for the day, but now it is committed time to sit and start my day with a full meal and do it right.

My favorite part of breakfast now is setting the table and truly enjoying the time.  I love to mix and match all of my things and truly use what I have.  The sun light pours into the kitchen even on a grey day like today.  I love how I am greeted while I sit with the sun, the birds and all of the beauty of the day ahead. 

Having coffee in a true cup with a saucer is the perfect way to start the morning for me.  Adding a book or magazine to read assures that I will make the time to sit for a while.  We have a no phone rule at the table so sitting here for a few without technology is a true blessing. 

None of our pieces are new to us, a little collected here and there and the shell dishes meant for berries are the newest addition to my collection of tableware.  I only have a few of them, but that is all you need when setting a table for two to four.  

I love gingham, as you know, and these monogram napkins I have owned for a while but I never tire of them. We also own them in green with a navy monogram with is super fun to set a table with them mixed together.  

Individual salt and pepper shakers are so fun to collect.  When you set the table you can use a set for each place setting.  I love a table where so many pieces are used, it starts so many conversations of where each piece was found.

When you set a table it doesn't have to be a formal setting for six or more, set something just for yourself or even more fun, for two.  Treat yourself to a fully set place setting for breakfast or lunch.  You are not only worth it but the meal will be so much more satisfying.  Even better, add in your favorite Pandora station.  I have discovered all the time I set aside to treat me comes back to bless my family trifold.

Happy Tuesday!


Monday Goals

Racing around today to knock out my long to do list.  We have one week until spring break and we are all so ready for a vacation.  Just popping in to post some inspiration for your day.  Make Monday amazing and know you are the best around!!

Happy Monday lovies ... 


TPC Loves Hazen Jewelry

I think I fell for Hazen Jewelry at first sight and then I read about the darling Taylor Miller and the rest was history.  This amazing powerhouse has been designing jewelry since the age of 9 and has really never stopped.  As a mother of a 12 year old I would be beyond proud to see her be so passionate about a calling.  To me Taylor does have a calling to create such beautiful pieces and run her company the way she does.

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