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First of all ... THANK YOU for your incredible support of my girl and our trip to Haiti.  We sold so many TPC + Willa Heart Love & Kindness mugs yesterday and when the shipping is complete I will be able to make a huge contribution to our fundraising account.  I am completely overwhelmed in the best way possible and can't wait to see each of you using your mugs.  I think they are truly just so fabulous!!


Love + Kindness For Haiti

Happy Monday ... I am thrilled to be starting another week, especially when I have such a fabulous thing to share with you today.  Monday's aren't usually my favorite days, so I am super excited to share something I have been working on for a while with someone I respect and adore so very much!  There is no better time to start something fun but a Monday ... and I will be training myself to do just that in the future. 😘


Vintage Style Luggage ... And In Pink!

It is no secret that I completely adore Elizabeth Wilson and her incredible clothes.  I wear them all the time and order them repeatedly.  She is not only darling, but so inspiring and one to keep your eye on for sure.  At her very young age she has accomplished so much and done it with grace and strength no matter what.  Elizabeth, I truly adore you! 😘


Barbara Bush

The world lost an amazing woman yesterday with the passing of Barbara Bush.  As a woman, wife, mother and someone we all looked up to ... she was incredible. Fiercely loyal to her husband of 74 years, her family, her country and her belief in all people she was someone I greatly admired. 💗


Spring Cleaning

I just adore y'all, like really truly adore you.  Thank you so much for all the love and prayers for our sweet pup.  We don't have any news and won't for a few more days, but we are home snuggling our sweet boy and enjoying him as much as we can.  It is apparent he has aged so much in the past few months and even if this episode isn't his last I am well aware he won't be with us much longer.  He is a sweet and loving pup and I adore him so.  I am so thankful for your messages, direct messages, texts, emails and love.  We all feel so much better about it no matter what the outcome.  ❤


Cocktail Accessories

I get a lot of questions from readers and followers and a lot of them are really good ones I want to share with all of you.  As you recall, I answered a bunch of them in this post and I hope to do it on a regular basis.  It was fun to answer them, it felt like I was sitting around and chatting over a cup of coffee and getting to know one another better.  One of my favorite questions recently came as a direct message on Instagram and it was so good I decided to answer it as a whole blog post.  Today's topic ... cocktail accessories.


Miles Dog Minear

My sweet pup, my side kick, my best friend ... he isn't feeling well at all and truly its been a really hard week.  I didn't think I could love and adore something with fur this much but I am very attached to my little guy and he doesn't seem to be doing well at all.


Shop Bopping

I am a new customer to Shop Bop and I would definitely say a satisfied one for sure.  I have purchased six different things from this fabulous site and have been super impressed and satisfied with each one of them.  Most recently I snagged these sneaks which I have worn every single day since they arrived.  But can you blame me, gingham + Tretorns, it might be the perfect combination.


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