Monday Goals

Racing around today to knock out my long to do list.  We have one week until spring break and we are all so ready for a vacation.  Just popping in to post some inspiration for your day.  Make Monday amazing and know you are the best around!!

Happy Monday lovies ... 


TPC Loves Hazen Jewelry

I think I fell for Hazen Jewelry at first sight and then I read about the darling Taylor Miller and the rest was history.  This amazing powerhouse has been designing jewelry since the age of 9 and has really never stopped.  As a mother of a 12 year old I would be beyond proud to see her be so passionate about a calling.  To me Taylor does have a calling to create such beautiful pieces and run her company the way she does.


6 Things That Mean Spring to Me

After a long fall and winter with sweaters and fires and warm drinks for days I am always ready to embrace the new season. There is something about spring that makes me so excited each year.  I think it is the promise of new growth and new life along with the vibrant colors that remind me it is a fabulous time of the year.  The boots and coats are packed away and changed out for gingham button downs and white jeans with sandals.  The long days remind me that summer isn't far away and the quality time with my loved ones will be here before I know it.


Getting Ready For Bed ...

I love pajamas and the whole evening routine.  Don't get me wrong, I love to get up early and fully embrace the day, but there is something amazing about getting ready for bed.  I think it is the thought of a full day spent well and being ready to refresh my mind and body and prepare for another full day of life.  Well, that and cute pajamas I know are waiting for me.


Table Tuesday ... Spring Soiree

Since yesterday was the first day of Spring I decided it was time to host my first soiree of the season.  It is time to put away all things winter and dust off everything spring.  I found a fabulous Kate Spade tablecloth at Home Goods and the rest immediately came together.

Bring on the warmer temps and long sunny evenings ... 

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