Banana Bread Pudding

I honestly don't think I have ever been more proud of myself in the kitchen.  I baked something and it was incredible ... and turned out perfect the very first time.  If you know me in real life you understand this is a major feat for me.  While I was preparing it my oldest walked in the house and asked me if I was planning to bake something and the commented ... "who are you"?  It isn't his fault, I am not accomplished in any way at all in the baking department.  I have burned many things, had cakes fall and once even baked a cake for a family member for their birthday only to be asked not to do it again.  It was awful and bless her for even trying it. 🤣


Pink + Palm

As we all know I am completely obsessed with all things pink + green and have been almost my whole life.  I think it is the girly part of me paired with the prep + a little bit of growing up in the 80s and 90s when preppy was at the highest point.  Add in some navy and gingham and grosgrain and I might just dance all day.  When I spotted Barrington Gifts newest patterns I knew immediately that I needed some palm print in my life.  I travel a lot and I always have a Barrington bag (or two) with me.  I absolutely love my plaid tote, but I was sure this palm print would make all my spring and summer traveling even more fun.


Callie's Hot Little Biscuits

I have told you many times I am not one who feels confident in the kitchen.  I have plenty of things I make and know they are great, but all in all I am not a kitchen master.  My husband, however, is fantastic at every single thing he does in the kitchen and outside on the grill.  When we first started dating I told him I would make him dinner thinking I would make lasagna, the one meal I knew I could make and do it well.  He, instead, insisted he would cook for me and honestly, the rest is history.  He is an amazing cook and finds it so relaxing to cook for all of us.  The man makes homemade bread, the best pizza dough, can grill chicken and fish like a pro, and even makes the most incredible cupcakes.  We have been married almost 24 years and he still does most of the cooking in the house.


Towels For Mom

When I was asked what I wanted for Mother's Day I quickly responded with three things ... my porch cleaned for summer, my car detailed (it has pollen in every crevice), and new monogram towels.  As you can see I am a person who prefers things done for her versus gifts on Mother's Day, but who can resist a set of Weezie Towels


12 Happies du Jour

image by Angie Webb Creative

I think I say this every single week, but this is my favorite blog day.  I collect little tidbits all week long to share with you today and I am usually bursting with excitement when I sit down to compose this post.  It may seem silly, but to me it feels like I am sitting around with my besties sharing a ton of new things I found or fabulous things I just purchased.  I do really Tuesday blog posts!


Easter Basket Shopping ...

I love Easter.  Not only is it the first real holiday of spring, but we are celebrating the resurrection of our Savior.  Is there any better reason to celebrate?  Since the children were very little we have always separated Basket Saturday and Easter Sunday for a number of reasons. First ... they always had egg hunts on Saturday and would need their baskets and secondly, it made it easier to separate the two events for us and for them.  There is nothing harder, or crazier, than finding a basket full of happies and candy and hidden eggs hours before having to pull yourself together and head to church.


Masters Ready

Anyone else love watching The Masters?  I love watching the rounds with Lawyer, the golf is so good, the grounds are impeccable and the people watching is so fun.  I have never had the pleasure of going, but it is most definitely on my bucket list to attend one year.  Lawyer has been twice and loved it so much and I really would love to go with him maybe next year.  It is only a two hour drive from Atlanta to Augusta making it a great full day trip.  The Masters for next year ... I think I need to put it on my wish list for sure. 🏌


Add To Cart Please!

shoes sold out ... similar pair
image by Angie Webb Creative


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