What Is Selling Fast From The Nordstrom Sale

Today the Nordstrom Sale is now live to the public even though card holders have been able to shop for about a week. I posted my choices in this post and I am back today to let you know what sold from my list, what is really popular and what may or may not be a great deal.  I am just like everyone else, and when I spot a sale I really want to check it out.  This sale was no different even though I didn't need anything specific from the sale.  The more I looked at my list I realized there were three things I wanted to buy and I grabbed those immediately.  The sale is good, really good, but things sell out really fast.  There are some things that interest me, others (like sweaters and jackets) I can't possibly think about right now, and others that don't fit my needs or style at all.  It can be tough for me to make wise choices, but after cleaning out my closet time and time again I realized I need so little and just need to be really particular when I buy things.  I see so much good stuff and it is hard not to just buy it all, but no one needs that kind of inventory in their closet.


Palm Beach ... The Guide

I am equally thrilled to share this post with you and sad this might be the end of the group content I have for my time with Caroline + Mary in Palm Beach.  We had such a great trip which was so good for all of us and I don't want the sharing to end.  I do have one more post to share, but for the most part I have given you almost all the details.  Just like everything that was perfect, you never want it to be over.  I hope you fall in love with one of my favorite places to visit and plan your own trip.  I have all the best details for you ... where to go, what to do and where to stay and everything in between.


Beauty Regimen Upgrade

As you all know I love my Beautycounter products. I have used the products consistently now for a year and my skin is completely different than it was a year ago.  I love how it feels, how it looks and how my makeup goes on my skin.  It is so moisturized, looks younger and plumper and is such an improvement from when I began.  I use Beautycounter exclusively as I love using clean, green beauty and makeup.  There is not one ingredient in my beauty products that I am concerned about and that is a great feeling.


12 Happies du Jour

Happy Tuesday!  I hope your week is going well, honestly ... I hope it is AMAZING.  My dad is in town and has been helping me with some things on my to do list that always bug me.  You know the ones, you keep moving them from one to do list to the next and they never get managed.  Yes, those!!  So far we have killed it and I have a second day of items that we are already working on.  This may be the best week ever just crossing things off in Sharpie.  Yesterday we tackled everything from gluing items back together (antiques always come with these items) to repairing a piece of glass to having a camera lens repaired.  Good stuff!


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

It's that time again, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!  I am sure you have heard the buzz this week as a lot of people are super excited about the selection and the darling pieces for fall and winter.  For me I am only shopping a few things, and all of them are favorites and go tos, staples for sure. I honestly do not need anything but I do love to check out the shoes, the pajamas (comfort clothes for me), the candle selection and all the UGGS.  It is so easy to be excited about the sale and then purchase things I do not need or won't wear more than once so I try to be extra picky during this sale.  I love Nordstrom as much as everyone and their sales and customer service are truly top notch. This year I needed so little, but did find a few things I either needed to replace, would be amazing as a gift for Christmas (yes, I just said that) or are truly a great deal.


Introducing The Palm Beach Collection

I said it this morning on Instagram and I think its so true.  One of my favorite thing about my collaborations with Caroline + Mary are the custom paper suites that Caroline creates.  For our Palm Beach table Caroline captured the way I see Palm Beach perfectly.  With all the pink stripes, cabanas, the addition of a beach buggy and chinoiserie + bamboo details I think she truly nailed the design.  I am thrilled to share the collection in full with you, and offer you a one day discount for shopping.


All The Lilly Please + Thank You

Can you even go to Palm Beach without wearing Lilly Pulitzer?  Is that even allowed?  I know I can't do it and I feel the need to wear a lot of it, buy a piece or two, and make sure I pack all of my favorite older Lilly pieces.  Since this was the first time exploring Palm Beach for my friends I immediately told them to "Pack your Lilly + add "Shop at Lilly" to the agenda. There really isn't any other way to do it.


Perfectly Palm Beach

We are back at it and I could not be more excited to share this table and this weeks content with you.  My girls (Sweet Caroline Designs + Mrs. Southern Social) and I headed to Palm Beach for a few days, some quality girl time and all the creativity we could make happen.  I was so excited for this trip for a couple of weeks and when it finally came down to the day we were leaving it could not have come at a more perfect time.  The kids were off to camp, Lawyer was busy with work and I needed some girl time and creativity on the road.

And oh did we create.  

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