12 Happies du Jour

Happy, happy Tuesday!  This week is already so much better than the last two and I can't be happier about it.  It was a rough two weeks of just the craziest stuff, which was not good at all. I couldn't get in front of the stress which was the worst feeling in the world but that has passed and I am breathing so much better.  I really had to take a view days and refocus my mind and find the joy.  It was not easy, the stress sometimes just piles on, but I made it through and I am so very happy to be on this side. So very thankful for a new week with some crazy behind me.  ❤


Summer Items I Wore Time + Time Again

Since summer is my favorite season I am sad to see it go, but I always am sad to move on from the late sunsets and the quiet evenings. A few weeks into fall and I will be ready to enjoy the crisp mornings and evenings on the porch with a light blanket, but for now I am now quite ready to push the button on all things fall.  Since brown and grey are not my favorite colors I always struggle in this area and tend to stick to blue stripes and plaid to keep the color in my wardrobe and in our house.  After a number of years struggling to decorate for fall successfully I finally gave up and just embraced that it just wasn't me.  💙


Ralph Lauren Celebrates 50 Years

I have loved all things Ralph Lauren as long as I can recall.  I remember being in high school and tearing sheets from fashion magazines with classic RL looks and attaching them to a wall in my bedroom.  I made a whole wall of them.  I am sure my mother was not to pleased to notice it, but she let me keep it.  I was obsessed.  I have always been a classic prep, and my years in Catholic school with argyle knee socks and shiny penny loafers only further fed my obsession. My first boyfriend wore Polo Cologne and smelling it today reminds me of being a sophomore all over again.  My first friend after moving to Atlanta had just left a job at Ralph Lauren and we were instantly connected.  When my oldest left his crib he was gifted with an all plaid RL room, which he may still have in his new house.  I am telling you my love for all things Ralph Lauren runs DEEP.


What Is On My Heart

It is Wednesday and half of this week is already beginning.  It has been a week, actually two and I have honestly been on the edge of what felt like crumbling for a bit.  It seems like I can't catch my breath but I will not let it beat me.  Instead of giving into stress I am tackling a list of things that are bugging me about our house.  I am focused on playing my cards and not folding and I will figure it out.  I had planned a different post today and I put it back into draft so that I could share what is on my heart.  I know it seems a little much for a Wednesday (is there ever a good day??), but here we go.


12 Happies du Jour

The happiest of Tuesdays to you!!  I think I really love Tuesday since it might be the best day of the week next to Friday.  I have never been a fan of Mondays and so Tuesday just gets an automatic love due to the fact that you survived Monday and now you are moving on.  I have such great things to share with you today, I am going to get right to it.


Classic Design Channel

In the time of the "new thing" and "what's in style" I always seem to find myself gravitating to what I love.  I am not the person to jump on a trend, but prefer a style that is more me, and more timeless and something I will love year after year instead of something I will love just for a season or two. If I really like something I can dabble in it with a small accessory or a shirt or pant that is moderately priced so I will not be sad when the love has passed. I find the same to be true in the designers I love.  I am drawn more to those who produce work that I find more timeless and classic versus a trendy room with minimalist tendencies and clean lines.  Give me an antique chest any day with a blue and white lamp and more silver frames filled with photos than you can count.  Chintz + Gingham + Brass + Wallpaper .. all day long and send them all this way if you please.


Monogram Place Cards

When I was getting ready to host brunch for my friends last month I realized I didn't own any place cards.  I was sure I had at least one set somewhere in the house and after looking in every single nook and cranny I could have stashed them I had to settle on the fact that I was not in possession of any place cards.  After checking my local paper store I was sad to learn place cards are something they don't stock. How could they have 18,000 different silly napkins and not one place card pack could be find.  I ended up locating some at Michael's but honestly they were not what I was looking for and I was not happy with the way they looked on the table.  I vowed to make a purchase of some as soon as the event was over so I would not be left short next time. 


Face Oils

Top || Earrings || Jeans || Shoes 

I can recall being in college and freaking out about the idea of adding oil to my already crazy face.  I had combination skin and it didn't even break out until I was in my first year of college and I was so stressed about how to control the oil that seemed to pop up over night.  Since I started college as a newly minted 17 year old (started school early, was definitely not on a fast track 😂) I think I was just late to the game of hormones affecting my skin and I tried all I could to keep the shiny at bay and the extra oil from creating issues with my skin.

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