Dinner Party 101

I love to entertain.  Absolutely love it.  I love having people over, deciding what to serve them, setting the table and choosing the appetizer ... truly every single moment of it.  When the weather turns nice in the spring I start thinking about alfresco dinners and porch parties.  When the weather turns cold in the fall my mind immediately goes to pumpkin carvings and crock pot get togethers.  If it involves having people over I am one hundred percent all in.

I have found that a few recipes in my back pocket along with some tricks have helped me so much when it comes to feeling confident about entertaining.  You definitely can't reinvent the wheel every single time, especially when it comes to an event that comes together last minute.  I have learned that keeping certain things on hand helps me in those spur of the moment decisions.  Its the feeling you leave your guests with that truly matters most.

 One tip I can share with you today that I do not entertain without fresh flowers and a candle or two. This is by far the first thing on my to do list every single time.  I have found that fresh flowers and a pleasing scent in your home makes people feel instantly welcome.  For the most part I grab fresh flowers every single week for our home since they are truly something that makes me so happy. Having them in the house helps when I want to have people over.  I just move my arrangement to the area I need it and I am good to go.

I am super excited to tell you I have partnered up with my friends at Steve McKenzies to share my tips and tricks for hosting others in your home.  It doesn't have to be difficult and truly should be something you enjoy with every single step.  We will be talking about everything from serving the first drink to go to recipes for success. Dinner Party 101 takes place on October 7th at 10:00 am. Space is limited so jump over to this link and sign up.

Let's get this party started!!

Happy Friday ... 


Little Bit is a Teenager!

I am quite possibly in shock that on this day at 12:20 pm thirteen years ago we were blessed with a tiny baby girl.  She was so much smaller than her brothers, quite possibly the size of a large Kleenex box when she was all swaddled.  The spitting image of her Daddy and her oldest brother she entered this world with a bang. So tiny, yet so mighty and truly a sweet baby.


Introducing Art By O'Neill

I had the pleasure of meeting Jessica O'Neill a few times over the last year at various events but I never truly had the opportunity to chat with her one on one.  I was thrilled to learn she would be creating a capsule collection for Waiting on Martha as the new artist in residence and they would be hosting an event so close to home.  I sharpied the date in my calendar and counted down the days until it appeared.


Fall Decorating ...

We all know I am a huge fan of summer.  I need to admit I mourn a little when summer ends. I feel like summer means lots of quality time, new adventures without busy schedules, wonderful alfresco meals and long nights of movies and games.  Fall is so busy and you have to hit the ground running when a new school year begins and it takes me a while to get into it.  I will admit I have a smidge of a bad attitude while I am adjusting.

Deep breath ... 


Shopping For Fall '17

Mug || Planner || Slay The Day Plaque (Michaels)

As I was calendaring things for late September and October I was a little shocked at how many things I have booked.  Between events and photo shoots and a video appearance I may have taken on a little much for this girl. It is high time I start deciding what to wear for each so at least that part is off my plate. Oh, and any volunteers to go along with me? 😳
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