Saturday Scores Vol. 14

I spotted this image on Pinterest earlier this week and completely stopped searching and stared it at for ever!! And then I read every single word of the blog post quite possibly twice.  Isn't it incredible??  It started my mind spinning about anything I need to add think about adding to my blue and white collection to be able to create something similar for Thanksgiving.  I have never done an all blue and white table for the fall and I think it would be perfect!!

As I was sourcing ideas for myself I decided to share my finds just in case I'm not the only one who wants a blue and white table!!  The first thing I bookmarked were these amazing blue and white candlesticks.  Going to need those for sure!  Also I love these monogram dinner napkins which are currently on sale.  That will definitely help with the budget!!

I have linked the rest below ... some amazing pieces to mix and match for all you blue and white obsessed just as I am.

Happy Shopping!!


A Gentry Bourbon Date Night

I was researching tailgate parties for a friend the other day on Pinterest to collect some images for a photo shoot she is working on and was immensely inspired by all the amazing classic preppy photos. It was one monogrammed button down with pearls after another.  Add in a little plaid and finish it off with a needlepoint belt and I was completely smitten.  My preppy heart could hardly contain the goodness that was all over my screen.  As sad as I am to see summer come to a close I was slightly excited to see some plaid goodness everywhere.  Maybe in a month I will be ready to embrace the fall.

Just maybe ...

Until that point I will be working the summer vibes until way after Labor Day since it doesn't really cool off here in the south until way late into September.  At the moment it feels like 100 and the humidity is out of control, but I am still happy it is truly still summer.  In the spirit of a new season slowly approaching I can, however, set up a cocktail hour and bar cart fitting of the feelings the search invoked in me.  A little fun for our regular stay in date night, a classic cocktail with all of his favorite things complete with a small dinner of cheese, crackers and nuts for two.

I think this sounds absolutely perfect ... which is why I made it happen for last night's date night. I gathered his favorite drink (Bourbon) and made one of our favorite ways to enjoy it, the mint julep. While he and the boys were in South Carolina last week he snagged a bottle of Gentry Bourbon which I have been absolutely dying to try.  I added in a few of my favorite classic pieces, pulled in some of my monogram favorites, snagged some white roses and some snacks from Trader Joes and it was ready to set.

Easy peasy really and so fun to set up for the two of us. I was literally dying to make the Mint Juleps and may have stalked him to find out when he would arrive.  They were delicious and the whole evening was just what we always want Thursday nights to be, relaxing and low key.

Cheese Crisps via Merry Cheese Crisps ... there were more and the kids snagged them!

Cheers to Friday!!  

Mint Julep recipe ...

This is a robust drink ... one will definitely set you back, just beware, and enjoy!!


Coffee Please ...

I know without a doubt you are with me on my excitement over the first cup of coffee of the day. I wake up to my 6 am alarm each day and after stretching for a minute my brain immediately starts thinking of coffee.  I literally get excited about that warm cup of strong yumminess. It may be my favorite part of each day when I wake up. 


Feeling Like Me ...

We all have bad days and some of those bad days extend for more than just the day and we end up with a bad week.  It happens to everyone and sometimes it takes a little more to get back to feeling like yourself.  Last week was that way for me.  It started off emotional with my youngest starting her 7th grade year and then hit me hard after losing a large and ever present member of my family and I was left feeling drained and lost and totally in a fog.  Part sad, part grief and just completely and totally drained.

We can all relate.


Introducing LBH & Co.

As you may know I write a monthly installment for The Southern C titled From The Desk Of.  For the last 18 months I have had the pleasure of interviewing some incredible creatives to learn more about their business, their path to success and what drives them personally.  It is one of my favorite things to do each month.
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