Spring Shopping 101

The weather is starting to change ... I can feel it.  I think Old Man Winter might actually be packing his bags and heading home. Can I get an Amen ... that was a cold and hard winter and I live in the deep south, I can not imagine how the people in the north feel.  I have so many friends still getting so much snow, it is crazy!!  I am ready for spring, for blooms galore and lunches alfresco with white jeans and sandals with a light jacket.  I am ready for windows open and car rides without the heated seat.  Bring on the warm please ... and thank you! 🌞


Lake Pajamas ... on sale!

As I have mentioned many times ... I am a huge fan of Lake Pajamas!  If you have touched a pair of pajamas you will instantly fall in love.  They are made of the softest Pima cotton and remind me so much of a brand of clothes by children wore when they were babies.  I would call them soft but that word doesn't really do them justice.  I would say cozy + soothing + relaxing.  Basically they are perfection stitched into pajamas.


Celebrate Every Single Day

You may or may not have noticed that I started posting scripture every single morning on Instastories.  I started because I needed it and now it has become a routine.  I didn't stop needing it (and never will) but now I find myself looking for daily scripture that speaks to me as I am starting my day.  It has been a rough couple of months for our family and I have found myself leaning on my faith more than ever before.  The details don't matter but I will share that we are on a long road and one that some days has sucked the wind out of my sails and literally the energy from my body.  I found myself a few days in needing to feel joy in the hard and immediately opening the note section of my phone and jotting down a few things I was grateful for. The first day it was simply "sleep, hope, love" and each day it became easier to find.  I was determined to live each day with some sort of celebration and I still feel that way.  No matter what comes my way I will absolutely find the joy in it. ❤


The Southern C Summit 2018

Photo by Kelli Boyd Photography

Spending three days in Sea Island two weeks ago for the 2018 The Southern Coterie Summit was all I envisioned it would be and way more.  I always look forward to the Summit for so many reasons and I always take so many things away but this year was even more special to me. I had a list of things I wanted to accomplish and I knew what I wanted to take away but what I didn't realize was how much of a family The Southern C family had become to me and how much being with them would feed my heart and my soul.   I came home with a scratched off to do list ... but I also came home with a happy heart and some amazing time with people who mean a lot to me.  I would call that major WIN. ❤


Cocktail du Jour ... Blood Orange Bourbon Smash

When I shared our bourbon bar last week I shared that we love our bourbon cocktails, but that is kind of a given, right?  Lawyer prefers his on the rocks or neat and I prefer to fancy mine up some.  Since getting a bottle of my new favorite bourbon, Blade & Bow, I have been playing with some fabulous new cocktails and trying some I have discovered.  One of those would be a Blood Orange Bourbon Smash which I had seen on a menu of a new restaurant in town. I love blood oranges (they are so yummy and the fun surprise when you cut them) and orange + bourbon is one of my favorite combinations.


Introducing ... Girls In Madras

I am so inspired by fellow bloggers and amazing accounts on Instagram and these are two places I go quite a bit to feed my creative soul.  One of my favorite Instagram accounts and fellow bloggers is Summer who is the precious and very talented writer of Girls in Madras.   You may recall I have featured Summer before during my Bar Cart series but I have been dying to get my hands on photos of more of her apartment as it is just as beautiful and amazing as she is.  You will absolutely love her home ... the photos are truly incredible and she is one talented and inspiring girl.


Valentines Dinner For ... 4

Happy Valentines Day!!!  💓 I am super excited today to shower those I love most with some handwritten notes and a yummy dinner.  Nothing more than a simple meal, but one made with love for my sweet little family.  Since the meal and the gifts (all love notes) are simple I decided to set the table in the dining room and treat them to a fancy evening in the pink room.  I am so excited ... they know nothing of my plans!


Galentines Coffee Bar

As I have said many times over the last few weeks Valentines Day is a favorite holiday of mine.  I don't know how it began but I don't think it was due to some amazing experience as a young girl, that is for sure.  I was the tall skinny girl that never really had a date.  At the time it was awful ... and now I am so thankful it is the story I can tell because I truly value my forever Valentine so much more.  I just love the pink and red and all the love.  I am a girl who loves deep and wide and loves to love on others and I truly adore any reason to make that happen.  💕


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