Nordstrom ... And On Sale!

As you probably know by now Nordstrom is currently having their Anniversary Sale.  It is the time of year to purchase things that you have had your eye on.  I snagged three things that I had hovering in my cart for a bit and I am super excited to get them.  Since I am currently in Winter Park and it is super warm (read HOT) I am not thinking about fall, but there are some things I have bookmarked for you that are perfect for fall.  Gotta plan ahead when a major sale is on, right?


Ballard Designs Atlanta

I have loved Ballard Designs for many years.  I can't tell you how many catalogs I have dogeared over the years.  I would sit down in the morning over coffee and take in every single page.  I am sure if you spent some time looking around my desk you would fine a copy, if not two, of the current catalog.  I am sure I am one of many people who would say the exact same thing ... Ballard Designs is a fabulous company and an Atlanta staple for sure.


Summer Playlist

I love music, like I really love it.  I think music is so good for so many things and for me it is definitely a major mood changer and the perfect pick me up when I need it.  I think music is like a photograph (also love pictures!) for me, I can listen to a song or an album (do you say that anymore?) and I am right back where I was when I listened to it the first time.  When I worked retail we always had music playing on a soundtrack that would come from corporate and we would get so attached to them.  I have one soundtrack that played in the summer of 1994 that I wish I could get and play it now.  I am sure all the memories and moments would flood back with each song that played.  I can even remember a new playlist coming in the biweekly box from corporate and all of us giving it the side eye wondering if it would be as good as the one we currently adored.


12 Happies du Jour

Happy Tuesday!  Did anyone else feel like they needed all weekend to recover from July 4th.  I loved having the holiday in the middle of the week but I can tell you I was getting confused not knowing what day it was.  After a good relaxing Saturday I was back on track Sunday and ready to tackle the week yesterday.

I am back with another edition of Tuesday's 12 happies ... and this week is a good one if I do say so myself.  😉


Vintage Matchbook Love

I love candles which means I like matchbooks.  I recall when restaurants had them at the hostess stands and most definitely in hotels.  I remember seeing them everywhere and not being of an age where I needed them.  As an adult I love a good matchbook and think they are definitely more of a lost art when it comes to marketing.  It is easier (and cheaper) to sell your business on social media than to print custom matchbooks, although I am always so impressed when I see people take the plunge to invest in them.

They instantly have my attention. 


Grownup Cherry Limeade

Anyone else a huge fan of Sonic's cherry limeade?  I can recall as a child going to Sonic with my parents and always ordering a grilled cheese, small tater tots and cherry limeade.  I think I loved it most when they would come out of the building and roller skate over to the car and hang the red tray on the window with our order.  To this day when I am traveling I keep my eye out for a Sonic for a travel treat and order my go to order.  It takes me right back to being in the backseat and taking my first sip of the delicious drink.


Our Fourth

As I mentioned yesterday we completely changed up how we celebrate the fourth of July this year.  I was honestly a little bummed when I first thought about it, but it turned out to be so sweet and so fun and I did not miss our old plans one single bit.



Happy Fourth!! I love this day of the year. I love to celebrate the birth of our country and I love a day that starts with all things red + white + blue and ends with fireworks. don't you?  When I was a little girl we spent many July 4 evenings watching the fireworks at Disney World with my grandparents, and even though the fireworks here in town are not as good, they instantly take me back to those amazing hot July nights. I am a girl who loves a fireworks show! 🎆

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