Shopping At Walmart

Have you shopped at Walmart recently? Not in the store, but online?  If you haven't I am about to blow your mind.  Walmart has upped their game in a major way with the customer winning all day long.  They have so much amazing inventory and at prices that are hard to beat.  I have rounded up my favorite things I saw on the site today for either your family or any gift you may need.  It is a shopping day at Walmart today on the blog so get ready with your pen and list and let's see who we can cross off.


Those Hard To Buy For Males

Why, oh why are those cute boys in our life so hard to buy for?  I know mine make it a little tricky to find them unique gifts that I know they will love that doesn't include a gift card or another hoodie, which mine seem to love more than anything.  When I put the question out on stories Saturday asking if there was any help you needed with gift giving so many of you responded with either Teens, Boys or Teenage Boys.  I have some helpful hints for you today for boys of most ages, the teens and up that is, and I hope you will find a few great gifts in this mix to help you out.  I answered one of the most other asked for groups in yesterday's post and I hope you scored some great gifts for the Mothers + Mothers in Law in your life.  I really loved the suggestions I made, and even snagged one more small gift for my mother out of the mix.


Gift Guides ... Shopping For Your Mom + MIL

my inlaws on their honeymoon in The Bahamas

Happy Sunday!  I threw out some questions yesterday on Stories and learned a lot of you are still in need of some shopping ideas.  I asked what you needed and so many of you responded in one of three categories ... Mother In Laws, boys of all ages, + stocking stuffers.  I am happy to accommodate you guys in all three areas.  I am working on the male category ... really trying hard to gather up a lot of ideas for you with the help of my cute sidekick since this was the area that people asked for the most assistance.  I will have that for you tomorrow ... I am working this morning from home with Hallmark playing in the background.  Anna Grace had some great ideas and I am gathering all I can find.

Ask and you shall receive!! 🎁


The Most Amazing Wreaths

As we all know I love a wreath.  Whether its a simple boxwood wreath tied with a satin bow or an elaborate detailed version (these are my favorite), there is just something about that perfect circle of goodness that makes me very happy.  Imagine my sheer excitement when one of my dearest friends began to create the most stunning wreaths I have ever seen. Layered and colorful, with touches of new and lots and lots of shiny pieces of old, these wreaths are truly one of a kind.


It's A Colorful Life ... Our Den At Christmas

Happy Thursday!!  I have such a treat for you today ... a second home tour I have joined that I know you will love, it is all about color, Christmas and all things twinkle lights.  What could be more fun? 

Since a lot of you are coming from Pencil Shaving Studio (isn't her blue + red sooo good!) you may be new readers for me.  I hope you stay a while, or forever, I love gathering new readers.  A little about me ... I love color and patterns and mixing old and new to create a home for my family.  I love my home the most this time of year!  After reading this post you must check out the others in the tour.  Each of them loves color as much as I do and have really gone all out decorating their beautiful homes for Christmas!  You will really enjoy it all so pour a cup of cocoa and enjoy!


More Gifting Ideas + Current Sales

The goodness just keeps coming in the way of sales.  Wow, if I wasn't done I think I would have no trouble at all choosing gifts pretty quickly with the good stuff that just keeps popping up in my inbox.  I have added some fun things to each category of Gift Guides and I have all the additions to share with you today.  I also have been checking out some daily sales (I can't keep stop myself) just in case something inspires me to snag just one more thing for a gift that always seems to be forgotten.  Monday I snagged two of these party buckets for teachers.  How oh how could I forget my children's teachers??  😁 I will be sharing how I am filling them when then arrive this week.  I already picked up some cocoa, marshmallows and some other treats to spoil those who take care of my kids all week.


Cultivating Meaniningful Gatherings

I found so much inspiration on line and most definitely with those I follow on Instagram.  I take care to follow those I adore and who provide inspiration to me at all times.  I have carefully cultivated a list of people I really enjoy and who teach me and share so many wonderful things.  One of those would be my friend Alison of Cattlebaron In Cashmere.  If you are not following Alison you must immediately.  She has been sharing such incredible things lately and her great gift ideas + appetizer recipes are incredible.  (Her post yesterday for the "World's Best Brownies" sound like complete heaven!!)  I can't tell you how many I have written down for later use.  She is spot on every single time and you should be following her for all the goodness she shares!


Introducing Mille Minear

Happy Monday to you all.  I have been keeping a little secret, but it was a good one so I know you will forgive me.  Remember last Monday when I set off on a secret mission to Columbus, Georgia?  Well ... I took my girl and we set out to see if the darling pup on the internet was in fact what we were supposed to adopt.  And turns out ... she was!  I remember the first thing she did when we met was rub her head repeatedly on my leg and I just knew we had found the dog we were meant to adopt.

So we did!!


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