Punch On The Porch

To kick off summer vacation my sweet friends and I gathered on our newly restyled porch. We are still waiting on a few things to call the porch complete but that doesn't mean we can't use it while we wait! I love to have a house full of people and I can't think of a better reason to celebrate than another school year said and done.  This one was a doozie and I can't say I am sad to see it go for our middle child but for our youngest I have loved every second.  I love her school, her precious teachers and most of all the darling little friends she chooses to share her days with while she is there.  End of school + punch on the porch was the best idea I have had in a while. 🎉


Red, White + Blue For The Weekend

I shared earlier that the kids last day of school is today ... officially at 12:30 ... so we are taking off tomorrow morning for the lake for a super long weekend.  I am so excited I can almost not stand it.  Family time + lake + relaxation for days = yes, yes please!  The younger kids and I leave in the am and then the Hubs and our oldest leave later in the day.  By the time we all head for bed we will be together and already enjoying the weekend.  I truly am so very ready for some serious down time!



12 Happies du Jour

Hi guys!!  I have swapped up my usual Random Thoughts posts a bit and now will be sharing 12 things I am super excited about each Tuesday.  With summer coming it is easier to corral all the things I am loving into one post per week.  These posts always do so well with you guys so I decided to make them a regular thing!

Today will be the first ... so welcome to 12 Happies du Jour!


The Duke & Duchess of Sussex

Just like so many others I was up while it was still dark on Saturday morning with a large cup of tea ready to take in every single moment of the royal wedding.  I was beyond excited and for so many reasons.  Harry has always been my favorite, the younger and almost rebellious son of the incredible Diana.  I love his zest for life, his fierce love which is so apparent for his darling Meghan and most of all that shy but darling smile.  The way Harry bites his lip just as his mother used to is absolutely precious.


Harry + Meghan ... Wedded Bliss

I am definitely over the moon excited for tomorrow's royal wedding.  I have biscuits ready for their lemon curd and jam, tea ready to brew and Pimm's Cup ingredients ready to toast mid day.  I have my alarm set for 4 am and I am hoping I can convince my girl to get up with me.  She watched most of the last wedding with me and I am hoping she wants to watch once again.  Now that she is a teenager getting up her early is like trying to wake a hibernating bear.  Bless her, mornings are not her thing!


The Best Scarves

I wrote this post about the most darling woven bags the other day and then posted the image above on Instagram and got a flood of questions about the scarf I tied to the bag.  As I have shared before I love to wear a scarf and have such a fun selection of them that I rotate between.  Most of my collection are vintage so it is hard to share a source, but I have in many posts shared some great sources for finding vintage Hermes, Gucci and Burberry scarves. Today I have the best source for new scarves with just as much character as a vintage one.  


Royal Wedding

As an 11 year old I watched every moment of the live coverage of Charles and Diana's wedding with eyes larger than me and completely enamored of the brand new princess.  I am not the only one who grew up dreaming of being a princess and watching the wedding from beginning to end was nothing less than a dream come true for my young self.  I did the same with my girl seven years ago in 2011 when Prince William married Kate Middleton.  I watched as she sat with the same wide eyes and open mouth as she watched the coverage of this next amazing royal wedding. We will do it again this Saturday as Prince Harry marries his beloved and I could not be more excited.  In America we don't have a prince or princess and watching these incredible royal weddings is the closest thing we get to living out the iconic fairy tale. 


Carolyne Roehm

Anyone else a huge admirer of Carolyn Roehm?  I have so much admiration for this amazing woman with such incredible designs. She is the best kind of classy, traditional and classic.  I truly do love every single thing she designs and creates.  This master hostess is the true definition of taste maker with an amazing attention to detail and design.  I can spot a photo I am sure is her work even before I see the credits.  She is pure magic, but what else do you say about someone who was mentored by Oscar de la Renta?


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