Home Sweet Home

I can't believe I actually get to type those words, but yes we are home and have been since last Saturday late afternoon.  Even though the medical team had been talking about it for days before the moment that our surgeon said today is the day it was incredibly unreal.  We have spent the last week just trying to set a routine, get him stronger, sleep, relax, soak up our family, and try to settle into a new normal.  I can tell you sitting here a week later and it doesn't feel any more normal, but we are taking it one step at a time. 


Friends + Family Event ... Serena & Lilly Sale

Did you hear the news?  The Family + Friends Event at Serena & Lilly started yesterday.  I love all the amazing things you can find at Serena & Lilly.  They have such beautiful and classic pieces that stand the test of time.  From gorgeous pillows to beautiful rugs, stunning sheets and bedding and the most amazing chairs and bar cart.  So many gorgeous things.  From now until October 14 you can get 20% almost everything online and in stores GUESTPREP.  There is so much goodness ... You can not go wrong with anything you purchase from Serena & Lilly.


12 Happies du Jour

Hi my friends!  We are still not home but I did splurge on this cute doormat this weekend with a thirty minute Target run.  I thought it was so cute and I am dying to be home and settled so it made it feel like it may be coming?   My favorite one was faded and no longer legible so I snagged a new one and immediately replaced it.  It just made me feel like the porch was a little more tidy with a new mat.  I could not find the door mat online, but it is available in the store.  Isn't it so cute?


Next Day Please!

With the crazy schedule I have had now for almost eight weeks (wow!) I have had to think quick on my feet more than once.  In this time we have celebrated a birthday for my girl, planned to come home, not once but twice, packed up one child to go away for fall break and had many volleyball snack days and little things in between. There has been more than once that I would think of something in the morning and need it by the next day.  Doesn't that always happen when you are stressed out or over busy?


Yellow Jeep

I shared this story on Instagram earlier this week but I thought I would go ahead and make it a full blog post since I get the question quite a bit and I think it is such a great story.  Yellow Jeeps are little signs from God that He is near me and us and it always makes me smile.  Since I shared the story on Instagram so many people have sent direct messages with the yellow Jeeps they have seen and thought of us.  It means the most, everything to us.


12 Happies du Jour

Happy Tuesday ... as you may expect I am drinking my coffee this am with my computer queued up to the Lilly After Party sale.  You may find that crazy since I shopped yesterday, but I have been holding out buying anything most of the summer anticipating this sale.  And, y'all it's good, like really good.  Today I shopped from my favorite summer release ... the rewind of some of the best prints released again. 


It's Party Time

It's here! The Lilly Pulitzer After Party is live and it is so very good.  I poured my coffee, got into the queue and after waiting 45 minutes was able to shop.  I got some really amazing things and the prices are sooo good.  I had to be careful to limit what I love since the selection is new each day of the sale.  So guess where I will be again tomorrow at 7 ish am ... yep, in the queue. 


Boozy Coffee Ice Cream

photo via Williams Sonoma

It is always a good thing when its Friday ... but Friday when its National Coffee Ice Cream Day, yes please!!  I love a good scoop, or two, of ice cream almost any day of the week but Friday after school is the ideal time for a ice cream treat.  Coffee is one of my go to flavors, it combines two things I just love ... coffee + ice cream.  Since buying our ice cream maker earlier this summer I have made many containers of ice cream.  Homemade ice cream is the perfect summer treat and ideal for dessert on weekends and super hot days.  It takes so little time and effort to create a fabulous result.


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