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It's that time again, back to school and, per usual, I am fighting the fuzz to get back into the routine.  I love summer so much, not just the season, but also the unending time with my children and the free schedule.  Who doesn't love an easy morning followed by a day at the pool and then long evenings siting on the porch?  Does it get any better?  The one thing I do love about the kids going back to school is the back to school shopping.  I am such a nerd for a back to school outfit with brand new shiny shoes and a backpack filled with supplies. I love a new set of pens, new sharpened pencils and, most of all, new binders ready to be filled with all they learn.  They had so many items on their lists this year but the one thing we didn't need to hunt for, a new backpack for the youngest.  Once again we got our backpack for the rising eighth grader (say it isn't so) from my favorite backpack girl and I am not sure who is more excited, me or my girl.


My Readers Collection

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I can recall as a young girl wishing I needed glasses.  There was a darling girl in my elementary school who had them and she probably disliked them greatly, but I loved them.  When I got to college I thought the smart girls wore glasses, so I wanted them once again.  At the time I had perfect eyesight.  My mother had better than perfect eyesight so I thought I would never need them, and honestly for a number of years I think I was sad.  So silly, but most likely true.  They seemed so fun and I wanted to be able to sport them just like the cool girl in elementary school. 😎


12 Happies du Jour

Image by Christina Wedge

Happy Tuesday!  I hope your week is amazing so far!!  Sunday afternoon I spied this image on House Beautiful's Instagram account.  As you can imagine I was thrilled, as they have featured the image before but it is always incredible to see something you worked on featured by a magazine you love. It most definitely started my week off with a BANG!  House Beautiful is hands down one of my favorite three magazines and one that I subscribe to, I have loved it for years and I don't see that love affair changing any time soon.


On Saturdays We Brunch

Anyone else love brunch?  I love relaxing over a good, hot latte with amazing food and my sweet friends.  I was so happy to be able to host my friends Saturday morning for brunch.  My time has been limited as of late and I have wanted some serious time with a group of friends.  I have so many people that mean so much to me, from friends I have known almost 20 years and some I have known just a few months. I thought it was the perfect idea to gather them all together, share a yummy meal, and have a amazing time of fellowship.


Beautycounter Sale!!

Happy, happy Sunday to you!  I am not sure if I have posted on Sunday, other than a holiday, but today I need to post and let you know about the amazing Beautycounter sale happening.  In the past month I have grown to really love my BC products, so much so that I have started to throw away and replace more and more of the products I was previously using.  As I use them up, I am replacing them with safe products that I feel great about buying and wearing. 


The Perfect Sunglasses

I love glasses and most definitely sunglasses and have quite a few of both of them.  Recently while I was packing for a trip I found a pair of my absolute favorite glasses left in a wicker bag.  I immediately put them on and have been wearing them on repeat ever since.  I love all things tortoise and these sunnies are the perfect color and shape.  It has been so fun discovering a pair of sunnies I had long forgotten about.  Since the weather in Cashiers was beautiful and very sunny I wore them almost all day every single day we were there. 😎


Croquet Brunch

As I shared here Lance and I had the best time in Cashiers.  The Showhouse was incredible and the events and weekend festivities were so much fun.  One of the highlights for me was Sunday's Croquet Brunch.  I have been playing croquet since I was a small child and I love the opportunity to play.  Playing in white while enjoying mimosas + incredible food was truly fabulous.  I felt like I was in the midst of something spectacular while I was there and the truth is, I was.


Cashiers Designer Showhouse

As you know from Instagram and Stories I spent the weekend in Cashiers, North Carolina to visit the 2018 Cashiers Historical Society Showhouse and to attend the weekend activities. I was invited by Domino Media Group to attend the weekend full of festivities.  I have never toured a Showhouse in Cashiers and I was thrilled with the opportunity. My best friend Lance graciously attended with me since my forever plus one is not traveling at the moment.  We had so much fun, but I knew we would.  Cashiers is one of the best weekend locations and how can you beat lovely, crisp weather in the dead of summer.  I could not arrive quick enough to take in all that was planned for us. 

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