You Asked ... Volume 1

I love my readers and followers so very much.  I honestly feel like a lucky girl every single time you send me a sweet message, a word of encouragement or even a question.  I get a lot of questions that I have noticed tend to either be the same or are basically similar so I decided to let you send some questions that you would love to have answered.  After putting it out to you on Monday and sorting through your questions (you sent some good ones!) I have a number of them to answer for you today.  I am excited about this post and hope to make it a regular thing ... if it is something you would like to see more of, you ask and I am happy to answer!

Here we go ... 


Brie + Prosciutto Crostini

I love partnering with other bloggers and do it as often as I can.  As a person who works alone most of the time it is always fun to partner with others and I am super excited about today's blog post.  I am part of a Spring Progressive Dinner hosted by the darling Heather of Southern State of Mind.  Heather has a darling blog and a beautiful home.  I love following and reading her blog and enjoy seeing her when we have the chance to meet up in the city for events.  I am thrilled to share my part of this wonderful group of bloggers for her virtual progressive dinner.

You will absolutely love this post today and all of the amazing links.  These women write amazing blogs and have incredible ideas ... it is like being invited over to nine different homes at once.  Can you think of a better way to spend a Thursday?  I know I can't!!


Introducing Audrey Durden

I love small businesses and I love finding new businesses to share and support.  The internet is filled with amazing small businesses with wonderful owners and fabulous products and I love when I discover a new one with unique products.  One of my new favorites is the darling shop of Audrey Durden.


Skin Care Update ...

As I shared in this post I am very focused on taking care of my skin this year.  I have been using a combination of products for almost three solid months and I can already notice real changes in how my skin looks and feels.  I am confident that my new routine will make a big difference in my skin and I am so happy about that fact.  I am very aware that I am at an age where how I take care of me makes all the difference in how I look and feel and I feel confident in the decisions I am making.

Good skin is always a good idea!


Brown Sugar Flank Steak

Happy Monday!  I hope your St. Patrick's Day was amazing and left you with just the right amount of celebration and sipping!  💚 Our weekend was fabulous, with just the right amount of busy and relaxing!  The kids all had fun things to do + church events and I had a security training meeting for Haiti that left me with very wide eyes but very prepared to travel outside the country.  I have a long to do list for today to get us ready for a successful week and I am ready to hit the ground fully caffeinated and ready to tackle the day.


25 St. Patrick's Days

I am pretty sure I have mentioned it before, but just in case I didn't St Patrick's Day is special to our family.  Lawyer asked me out for a green beer 25 years ago, and the rest, as they say, is history.  I truly love St. Patrick's Day, as I have come to learn, very special for so many people. For us it always signifies another year we are a family and another year to stop and be thankful for the gift we have in each other.  A green beer that turned into a "do you want to walk over and listen to the pianos play" and lastly with a sweet kiss. 

It is one day I shall never forget!  💚


Spring (& Summer) Bags

I am sure I am not the only one stalking the weather to see when the warmer temps are here to stay.  I really have no ground to stand on to complain since so many people just got snow again, but I am ready for the warm to stick around longer.  My last few weekend trips to Thomasville, Georgia and Winter Park, Florida have also sparked my excitement for spring. In both locations the trees were in bloom and the flowers filled the yards. Can spring hurry along, maybe even just a little? Maybe we can bribe a specific ground hog to change his prediction?  

Just maybe ...


Crock Pot White Chicken Chili

The weather dropped quickly here when the north got its most recent storm and I quickly turned on the heat and searched for something warm to make.  Am I the only one who wants something warm to eat when it gets chilly?  The second I feel a chill I am craving soup and chili thinking it will be perfect for lunches and dinner.


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