Summer Dessert Soirée

Happy first Monday of summer!  Anyone else love summer as much as I do?  I don't think I am ever happier than I am during the summer months. Every single thing about summer makes me so very happy and reminds me of every single thing Florida and I am just giddy. I am sure I have told you this once (or thousands) before.  This year to celebrate the official first day of summer I partnered with my amazing friend Steve McKenzie to create some amazing desserts for a dessert party using our favorite china company + some delicious Jackson Morgan Southern Cream flavors + some candles from my Summer Collection with Creative Candles. 

We were both really excited to try some new things and have some creative time together.  I always love my time with Steve, he brings his A game every single time and I always learn a thing or three from him.  That is always a win, win. 


12 Happies du Jour

The last week or so I have been off my game.  Part of it is because we had a scan this week and those always put me in a weird head space.  The other part is due to a number of things.  Life is so complicated at times and messy and it is hard to navigate.  Our girl is a rising high schooler (is that even a word?) and that comes with its own set of emotions for all of us.  I am working this summer more than I like and I am doing my best to be very present.  Also, some life changes have been going on and they have had me all up in my head.  They are really good changes, thank you Jesus, but trusting when you don't want to is so very hard.  I have never trusted more or been more grounded in my faith and at the same time walked through a harder season of life, and its not going anywhere any time soon.  Lots of feelings, lots of emotion, so many blessings and so much love.  We will be victorious.


All The Aldo Goodness

I mentioned last week that I had found a great new source for some great bags and shoes and I was not kidding.  I popped in for one clutch and ended up leaving with three pairs of shoes, two bags and the most epic shoe clips.  I was completely clueless that Aldo's selection was so good, but now I know which means you must know as well.


Starfish And Stripes

As you know I am a huge fan of all things Giddy Paperie.  Leslie Chalfont has been the focus of a number of blog posts and honestly I just adore her.  Leslie is a great supporter of mine and the admiration is mutual.  She is a darling friend, lovely hostess and a fabulous wife and mother.  Can you tell I think a lot of her??  I think one of my favorite things about Leslie is that she is a true artist.  She is always creating and if you follow along with her Instagram stories you will see her sketching and painting all the time.  I love to watch her create and see the inspiration behind her drawings and paintings.  As someone who doesn't even draw a heart that well I think it is pretty magical.


Entertaining For July Fourth

The goal for my time at Hazen & Co. was to speak on entertaining and, more specifically, for July 4th.  When Taylor and I set up the event I pulled together three different things I could share to make entertaining for one of my favorite holidays easier.  I shared three different things, how to create a red, white + blue charcuterie board, a fun punch to serve, and two ideas for a centerpiece.  I love all three of these things since I am the one who is responsible for these things when we have people over.  My husband is a master at the grill and loves to cook so he delegates the table, the drinks and the decor to me.  It works out perfectly and we consider it a win, win.


August Morgan In Dallas

I am home from Dallas but the memories and the adventure are still swirling in my head.  We had such a fabulous time and, even though it was just two days, we filled it with all the events, amazing people, fabulous food + sips, and all the giggles.  It was such a fabulous two days and I can't wait to share more of it with you tomorrow.  Just envision all the red, white + blue plus amazing people and an incredible event and you pretty much hit the nail on the head.


All The Love For Flag Day

It's Flag Day and I have all things red, white and blue for you today!!  Flag Day celebrates the anniversary of the Flag Resolution which was signed in 1777.  On May 30, 1916 President Woodrow Wilson set aside a day to celebrate the anniversary and President Truman signed an act of Congress proclaiming June 14 would be known as Flag Day.  The American Flag is so special and truly does deserve its own day.  I love displaying our flag hanging to the left side of the entrance to our home.  While today's post does not celebrate the Flag with all the items included, it does allow you to dress the part to celebrate the Flag the way it was meant to be celebrated.  Let us all fly our flags today with pride to be a American. 

Americana Love

So many amazing pieces that are perfect for your summer celebrations and are full of all the red, white + blue goodness ... 

Happy Friday! 🎇


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