*One Room Challenge* ~ Week 1

It is that incredible time of the year again known as the One Room Challenge!  Honestly my favorite time of the year in the blog world.

If you aren't familiar with the One Room Challenge, let me help you out.  Five years ago Linda from Calling It Home created a six week challenge to get a room finished in her home.  She invited 19 of her friends to play along as encouragement and for accountability. Since that time many, many rooms have been completed and the ORC has become "the thing" to do twice a year.  

This isn't my first challenge, its actually my fifth, BUT it is my first challenge as an invited guest.  The ante was just upped by quite a lot.  To say I am excited really doesn't even scratch the surface.  I am excited, over the moon, giddy, nervous and did I already say excited!  My fellow designers are nothing short of top notch and I am thrilled to be paired with such incredible talent!

I have six weeks to makeover a room in my house and for this challenge I chose a BIG room.  Or maybe I should say BIG project.  

Any way ... here we go!

The kitchen and breakfast room are the most used and visited spaces in our home.  And quite frankly they are the dullest.  The Lawyer house is a home filled with color and treasures and the kitchen just sort of falls short.  When we almost moved to Kansas four years ago I painted every room in our house beige except three.  I have worked quite hard the last four years transitioning them back or to an even better version of their past lives.  But the kitchen ... it just sort of stayed in its light yellow and white boring state.  It is crying for some love.  As in #helpme #please.  

Our kitchen and breakfast room are one long L shaped room.  Plenty of space and tons to work with for sure.  Quite a simple back drop to start with and one I am trying to enjoy since it will never be in this simple state again.  


Before ...

These first two shots are from a few years ago, but still very much current.  The only thing different would be the back splash that I could not longer stand and painted white.  #longstory

I tried so hard to get good shots of these two angles of the kitchen, but with the rainy weather it was just a no go.

So ... here are great shots from December (please ignore the decorations!) ~ 

Here is the inspiration I gathered when putting together the space  ...

My vision ... 

Amazing wallpaper, bright lacquered bamboo furniture, brass fixtures, incredible lighting and, of course, fabric covered lampshades to come!  Goodbye boring kitchen ... hello bright new happy space!

Next week I will be back with the massive to do list and some updates!
See you next week ... I hope you will be following along!


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