One Room Challenge || Spring Week 3

Holy week 3!!  What is happening here ... time seems to be flying by at a rapid pace!  I better get my booty in gear or it will be week 4 way before I am ready!!

Week 3 it is and it is officially the half way point of the One Room Challenge.  If you happen to just pop onto the blog today I am in the middle of a six week challenge to transform our den.  She started out as a 1982 Georgian dark paneled room and will end up as a 2016 lacquered white stunner.

Well ... that is the plan anyway!!

She is going from this ...

To this!!!

Last week was all about fabric and this week was supposed to be all about paint.  That didn't quite work out as I had scheduled it and we are still a plain room full of brown wood. The first painter didn't work out and I am on to painter number 2.  He is nice and very trustworthy and promises to have it done as planned.  Every single time I walk by I get a little overwhelmed, a lot overwhelmed, but I am deep breathing and trying to stay focused on the fact that I am in good shape and the room will come together perfectly.

Cross your fingers and think happy thoughts please ... I could use it right about now.  

Let's chat about all the things that went right and all the things I have crossed off the list.  

Paint - 

The paint has arrived and its absolutely fabulous.  I am once again using Farrow & Ball paint and I am thrilled to get their fantastic paint up on my ceiling and walls.  For the walls I chose the same full gloss All White from the kitchen and we both know how incredible that paint job turned out. #wowza #fabulous.  Six months later and the paint still looks as good as the day it was installed.  It is by far my favorite white paint made!  The ceiling will be Nancy's Blushes, a perfect shade of pink, and I can't wait to see them matched together. 

Furniture - 

The green velvet for the sofa has been ordered and should arrive any day.  The sofa is a vintage piece and is already at the upholstery spa waiting to be recovered.  For some reason I can't locate the photo of the sofa on my phone.  Think tufted, curved and fabulous.  I will head over to the spa to snap a pic later and share it on Instagram.

To compliment the amazing yellow CR Laine leather chairs in the room I chose two smaller scale chairs to serve as ladies chairs.  I have been hinting around that I am using Tailored by Taylor Burke Home and today I can finally share with you the picture of the chairs. I chose the Evans chair in Blush Label Bombay with hot pink piping.  They are to. die. for.

OMG!!!  Aren't you dying??

I received this shot from Julianne as they were leaving the factory and I almost dropped my phone!  I can't wait to get them home and love on them!!  The description sold me in an instant ... "this feminine elegant chair features a streamlined profile".  Umm ... #yesplease.  I will take two!

The coffee table base needed a dose of high gloss paint and I left it up to the masses to help me chose. I was trying to decide between pink, orange, yellow, turquoise and white.  I was pretty sure I was going to paint it turquoise, and after all the amazing comments turquoise it is.  It is a fabulous base and will look amazing painted!!!!

Art -

I have chosen a number of fabulous pieces from Minted.  I am madly in love with their new brass frame and I may or may not have ordered every single piece of art to arrive in it.   I love Minted's amazing collection of art, they have so many styles and artists to chose from.  I tried to stick with my Palm Beach vibe and chose a bunch of pieces that immediately made me think of a tropical locale.  I can't wait to get them home and hung!!

Along with my Minted pieces I have a number of original pieces to hang in the room.  The first arrived yesterday and I am beyond excited!  I can't show you the whole piece but here is a sneak peek of the piece for over the mantle ...

This piece is divine and you will die when you see it hung!  I love it Paige!!!!  

Accessories - 

I have sorted through all my books and fabulous items from the before shot and have chosen all I want to reuse again.  In addition I have been stockpiling amazing things to style the bookcases and other areas in the room.  Why oh why are the accessories the most fun to shop for?  My dining room is beginning to look like a store.

I am doing well ... keeping on task and crossing things off the list!!  This time next week there better be paint on my walls or you will find me breathing into a paper bag on repeat here on the blog.  I am keeping the faith and pretty much every single thing I have crossed!

I am joined by an incredible group of designers this round ... I am pinching myself that I am part of this amazing line up.  Make sure you follow along with their journey, that is by far my favorite part. Each week it is like Christmas watching each room transform. 
You can also follow along with our journey on Instagram using the hashtag #oneroomchallenge. And, make sure you are following House Beautiful magazine on Instagram and Pinterest.  They will be showcasing bits and pieces along the way along with live pinning!  This will be an incredible round, and I will be sharing tons of sneaks and pictures during the weeks as the room comes together.  The good, the bad and, yes, the ugly.  Yep, it will all be there for you to see.  You can read about week 1 and week 2 on the House Beautiful home page here.  I am still so excited reading their thoughts from our first week.  It's so good!!!  

And check the 249 incredible rooms in the Linking Participants.  Holy fabulousness!!!

Off to get more things knocked off the list ... time to tackle the window treatments and anything I can paint! Coffee table I am coming for you!!  

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