Palm Beach Chic for the Showhouse

As expected, the Southeastern Designer Showhouse & Gardens does not disappoint.  It could only succeed with the heavy list of incredible designers invited to add their mark of excellence to this over 20,000 square foot home located in Tuxedo Park in Atlanta.  The house officially opened on Saturday morning and I was treated to a sneak peek on Friday morning as part of the press brunch.  

I have more photos and still need to take more, I have to admit that I have made three trips to the house and still haven't seen it all.  It is massive and each space is even more fabulous than the last.  I get sucked into a room and then start chatting with friends and designers and forget to take all the photos I need.  #oops. I have amazing pics, but need to gather way more to share with you.

But, of course, I have plenty of pictures of the Parker Kennedy Living space.  I mean, you knew I would. This bedroom, just like all of their other spaces, is To Die For.  With the combination of Carleton Varney for Dorothy Draper fabrics and the incredible Palm Beach chic pieces it is PERFECTION. 

Don't you die?  Lance said his inspiration was "old money Palm Beach summer home style.  A collected and layered 'more is more' look with a nod to Mario Buatta and Carleton Varney.  Bigger, better, more style".  I say he hit the nail on the head!  It is absolutely exactly what they hoped it to be.

Pinky swear I will gather more pictures for you!  And if you are in the area, make the trip and see it for yourself.  It is incredible!!!

Packing for Charleston ... I am so excited to get to The Southern C I can hardly stand it!!

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