Merry Christmas!

I hope your Christmas was full of magic and you all had such a wonderful holiday.  We gathered as a family plus my parents, as it usually is, and had a fabulous and relaxing day.  I was recovering from a bad virus so my goal of staying in my darling Christmas pajamas was an easy goal to meet.  I had planned to be able to share two more posts with you ... our kitchen and front door ... but due to a high fever and losing a few days that was quickly put on hold.  Never fear, I will have them for you to peruse and pin from next week.  Since epiphany is still days away I have plenty of time to get it all to you.

We are having some fabulous family time and I will be back before you know it with new and more amazing things to share, including what I purchased for my family and best friends! 

Til then ... happy Christmas to you all!


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