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Will work for pjs ...

Who does not love to come home after a long day of running the kids around and put on a great pair of pajamas. I have to admit, I am a pajama addict! I love a great pair of pjs. Even better are the flannel pairs I have for the winter! So imagine my excitement when my friend Shopgirl gave me a pair of Nick & Nora cherry print capris for Christmas. I was so overjoyed I almost stripped down in the middle of the restaurant to put them on! They are simply adorable and my favorite part is the ruffle on the end of the capri leg. Super cute! I had to wait until getting home to down my new gift and I did so in the middle of the living room while my husband, Lawyer, watched very confused. He looked at me stripping all of my clothes off, tilted his head to one side and pronounced ... "this must be a girl thing". Nick & Nora is my favorite pj designer and used to only be carried in boutiques. They have recently branched out and now can be found at your local Target. The best part about Target is they also carry children's sizes. On a lucky day you can pick up a pair for you and matching ones for the kids! My three year old, Babycakes, and I have a matching pair of flannel Nick & Nora's for Christmas eve. You know I am looking forward to that super cute photo moment!

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